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Lexar yeah, I really don't like to advertise cos I only use my my equipment, my products because I loved him not because they say here is money and go out and enjoy I don't I don't get it, it's, because I love the product I like. I like to promote also I'm glad they're putting in beautiful cards. I use those cards if you don't have good cards, you're always going to take risks. You know there's so many chip cards out there. So a branded good card. You know, I had won a problem with the card it and it was corrupted. Somehow I send it back to lexa in two days I got all recovered and beautiful. So that's what? The service I require always, you know, because anything can go wrong. Anything can go wrong with the card so I have a big company. Breaking it up is a great thing. Okay? I'm going to talk now about my my equipment. Everyone asked me what camera use what it must be. The less you took. Great shot must be using the good leads or must be using a good camera. Yes, I love cameras. I near...

ly by everything. Like I said, I'm collecting cameras so I nearly by because I like to play with everything but my preference it has always been for many years can a since I lived rolling I used to shoot with roly roly wass my love I used to love really they didn't come into the digital industry and cannon was there and I picked up ten in I fall in love with cannon on dh and up to this day I have no desire to go anywhere because I love my equipment I love what I do with my cannon basically after upgrade I upgrade my equipment quite a lot because in my opinion before a new mother towns are before it's overused I can get sell it and you get good money value big from it from ebay or anything like that and it's it's a good cycle I can just when it's going toe be scraped or anything I said before it's it's it's out ofthe out of date so I get good value big I put put the money making to the new camera so I have always a returned that way so are we always upgrade people always are scared to spend money on equipment look guys this is our tool imagine if you were a dentist you would have bought a one million dollar chair x ray machine and are too cheap we're looking at three, four thousand dollars not one million dollars so we need this's our tool with this is our equipment we need tohave always afresh good quality equipment not because it's going to help me take beautiful picture it's just going to be reliable in good. So first of all the equipment I use the main to canon cameras, so my main camera is the one the x amazing camera you're talking about high, high resolution, high quality enough for what I required the size, the far sizes amazing light. Amazing to see most cameras have a software to teo to convert the filing toe into a digital format. So different friends different way the way canon does. My father is is amazing. So I get good good images out of the camera today. Unfortunately, when I do the shoot later on, I have to do it on is the j pick, but because I have my backup cardinal in the camera so I can shoot the role is a back up, and I'm going to shoot j pick for the visual because we were going to do kettering and if you do, if you should roll it's going to take too long, toe lot into the into the computer. So when to shoot for visual is ajay pick, but I'm going to bake. It also is a profile, so I have hardly had any problem with my cat cameras. The reason I liked the one deeks is the weight because I'm used to the heavy roll a large format cameras I like the balance off the way the heavier it is, the more solid you can hold the camera for the for the post shorts off for the main shots but if it if we come tto forty journalistic moment shorts are making a big discovery I love mei mei five d I love my five d d it's a great camera for waiting photographs you know, if you're using cannon the five demark tree, it is an amazing camera and it's not expensive for what it does. Let me go to the to the next stage this's the doors with my cameras. Let me talk to you about this little camera this little body this is the canon eos again it's the usm this is the mirror less camera all the brands are coming at the moment. Camera companies are not telling us that going by this because their interest is more in the bigger cameras. But I see the future I am enjoying so much using this camera for moments with this camera it's all the settings are exactly like my large use the screen, the setting so it's very much I'm at home, I'm good ofcourse the resolution is not as good but surprisingly is amazing my list I've got a one hundred millimeter fix linz I can put it on the camera with the help ofthe little adapter so all the functions off my normal aces our operator bill on this camera the amazing thing I'm going to do some shooting with this again later on what the amazing thing about this camera is that I can point where I wanted to shoot and focus it on the subject fantastic you know I can be the way I you like to use this camera is with a white lace forty millimeter lens or sixteen thirty five million mittal is for all the moments then I'm in the bride's house she's getting ready for the church shorts because I can do clicks like this first they say what's that you have on your hand because it's all of this little body with a big lead and then I can I can focus and take two short wherever I want yu know by clicking the screen I will take the short so it's it's like the old like us we're coming back to the old days guys this is amazing photo journalists used to love this because it's it doesn't have the mirror so it's very silent very fast and this is only the start I don't know anything they don't tell kanan although I'm a master they don't tell me it's gonna happen but I predicted the next version ofthe this camera with a viewfinder is going to be amazing you're right that's a regular one hundred millimeter that would go this is the regular one hundred millimeter I can't put anyone off my laces on the same camera and this is a great camera to hang it over your shoulder when you have the big camera and you do the shoot and suddenly bringing this out and they do another should carry casually and it's less interested because if you go toe too late say a shopping center you want to take pictures there and if I take this camera I'll give you an idea I went to beverly hills rodeo drive on shooting a couple and security kemp this is on the spit in the street nowhere in not in the shorts or entity excuse me sir do you have permission? I said what permission do I need? This is a private property I said the street is a private property yes sir please leave the location you can't use the camera because I had a the camera I go to my then I didn't have this camera I give her to my car grab a little mini camera come back to the same location take a lot of pictures and no one stopped me. So with this little camera put the wide lens and walk around in shopping centre and pretend you're not a pro we can take beautiful pictures in and it's not interest if it's it's amazing how this mirror les cameras are going to be the future off our industry because we had mirror in the camera because off there river you look through the lens and coming because the digital technology you don't need that anymore so if they've got rid off the mirror so that heavy equipment inside that clicks and clicks and weeks of movement doesn't exist in this camera so that's creating and for your ladies also you don't have to carry all this heavy equipment so it's great so I'm a big fun off the mirror les cameras and I love this kind of model but I know that it's going to be improving so that's a prediction in the future yes I'm going to use more and more I'm very technically I'm goingto have a website announcing all new cameras reviewing cameras and reviewing everything that I love to do I love to share with you guys so that block is coming soon I promised a few months ago but I'm a photograph for I can promise you but it can never happen but eventually it will happen a guaranteed joe and here she wass tracing government I want your keynote where is it where is a this is a profession and we need to I said join I'm a photograph for your asking too much from me you know I delivery don't worry so my laces, my leg I've gotten most of the cannon lances but these are the ones I use the most. Forty millimetre I love to shoot white I love to shoot what problem with the white if if your subject is on the age is there going to be distorted? So I tried to avoid footing landscape. I try to avoid shooting let's, skip, I try to use vertical and if I if I hold the camera law and shoot up it's going to make them tall and beautiful this is what the fashion industry does. If you look at the fatty fashion magazine, vogue or anything, if you see the more those legs are long and the short from I love that type of shot. I love to bring that statue look to the bright so I use quite a lot. White lace s oh, my favorite wide lenses the sixteen thirty five I used it quite a lot. I always when I go to a wedding I have took two lenses but my standardless, which is the twenty four seventy and my sixteen thirty five. So so it's very important it this'll aces are always with me and usually I end up using on only those lances, so the sixteen thirty five is great for the long shots the white shorts specially if I have buildings and things in the background just give this giant giant look thiss beautiful look and the twenty four seven seventy is the standard portrait lease which is good covered groups and it's good to cover a nice full links or portraits seventeen hundred that's an unusual let's not many people used it less this is it if you see that lends it is a green circle around it because this lens is a circle a preacher discover circle shatter so it's it's it's very lightly it's it's very smallest it's not as two point eight but it takes him I don't worry too much about those two point it anymore because I can push my eyes so high and get the same effect so this thiss this has a beautiful book baki effect you know the the art off sof soft so focused if it it's very compact it doesn't it doesn't feel like there's a photograph for coming it's the same size is my new normal twenty four seventy lens lately I'm enjoying quite a lot I I didn't have a micro lens and cannon can in australia they were nice and they gave me they said, why don't you try this list the one hundred millimeter and I fall in love with this list? This is such a sharp such a beautiful lands into to do close off in details amazing place to you know when you read the bright house you want to do the details you want you want to do details off the dresses and everything plus to try to background and think this is an amazing lengths to use the only problem we did because it's a fixed lens let me explain it clear when I go to a wedding I don't want to main equipment if I have all this equipment hanging on me first it's not going to look good on me that was the less flying out so if I go like this and another one I'm going to look stupid and I might rather have one camera and my best accessory I have is my assistant I can give away everything and keep my assistant my system will carry my light if I needed when will carry my second camera so when I would go to a wedding this is me one camera in my hand no bags because I'm going to walk also around the city and I don't want to take pictures and worry about also my equipment where is it is anyone going to pinch it or anything this is me this is how I work and this is when I see a moment capture it so basically this is me also hi guys let's go for a coffee I guys let's go for a walk I ge and the pictures happened no posing it just happened if I start moving them and I'm going to show you with the mother so I am big fan I'm bigot carrying just one equipment on myself assistant carries the rest s o that's the best accessory and they are system is there to help me with the dress setting because it needs to be happening quickly when anne comes with me she kind she came a couple of times and I said please don't come anymore because his perfectionist because they're fixes the dress and by the time she does all this I'm saying come on, I should have taken pictures and you missed the moment, but with my assistant they know how quickly it is it happens take the picture I don't like wasting too much time I want to take a lot of pictures many people say oh, I'm very confident I will take ten pictures and I'm going to great it's fine for date type of photographic but my style is I want to take thousands off pictures on the wedding day I want to give this bright variety if I give a variety and once I'd edit that thousand down toa a reasonable number it's going to be very hard for her to eliminate pictures so it's going to be all sellable awesome so you say your assistant carries other lenses and gear for you not all day okay none of the lenses do you have a second shooter people had asked that earlier or do you just have an assistant my assistant is issued so they are you have a second with me it's it's very important question my assistant first I don't want him to be heavily loaded with equipment so we don't have carry bags he carries one camera I carried the other camera when he's got the other camera he will use that when even if we see we don't need light we don't take our lights with us so we take the cameras so there's two photograph is there if I need his camera pick it out from him you know he takes the other one he should be the other one a to church for example we're in the middle is going to do the tragedy I led him to the traditional stuff then I go around and shoot from a different angle so it it gives me more freedom to move around the subject and take different style of pictures and I know that all the traditional stuff is being fought around by my mother sugar so my assistants are always good training you have one I have only one and I don't I don't need more than one because if I have more than one I'm going to be like for here is my my team what about the video guy he's going to have us behind these picture what about the guest is going to be too many of us? I don't want to disturb the day I want to be like a fly so having too many people it's going to kill it I'm happy to shoot by myself it if I don't have my assistant on the day I just take one camera I take my twenty four seventy and I'm happy to shoot all wedding with dateless and you never change lenses during never on my list I go to my car is ok here are the laces okay? Which one shall I take all will always take the same list twenty four seventy years toby in sixteen by and I think we did that I might decide to have something else but most of the time I used those laces to camera body's indebted I look outside and say ok what's the way the light what the light inside perfect I don't need I don't need flash leave that in the car also so I I go with two cameras are told so can I ask another clarification question so you have six lenses there you're talking about having the twenty four to seventy and the sixteen of thirty five is that just for the ceremony everything so you really only used two lenses technically technically yes okay, I have everything you see my my seventy two hundred is like a brand new enough gotti for ten years it's it doesn't have a scratch, I don't use it because it doesn't suit the way I should. I'm a shooter daytime close to the subject, I'd I don't shoot from a distance and also I like my deal. They crowns toby most of the time focused, I'm going to nice, beautiful location and that's part of the whole picture, so I don't want it to be out of focus if I if I go in the old days when I used to go in the with a hostile blood in cardinals in parks, then I I wanted to softened the background, then I used my long laces try ports and everything, but the way I work is different, you know, I can easily work in that condition, but I preferred this one. I want to show more into the pictures so my my standard, our picture is usually to point it. I used to point it for my pictures, so I stick with the higher quality lenses because the glass is always important for me more than the camera became by a cheap camera. But if you have the beautiful lands that's going to help you, to get this beautiful, soft, beautiful shots so that's my equipment, other than that I have everything you know, I I have a flash if I have to use I will use I don't say I don't use flash because I was grown on flash in the old days we used to do night shots you think you're working hard today in the old days we used to do the reception and after the reception the the bride and groom say we would like to go in downtown and take picture off the buildings in the background all right what time one o'clock in the morning so I used to go on a clock in the morning put the tripod on make sure that the background is lead correctly then fill it with flash so I can do that also so I always have a flush amazingly I have not seen big fun off flushed with digital era I don't like how the flash looks with digital pictures so I have tried to avoid flash as much as I came first of all I never put my flesh on the camera because if I did it god who would have talked thought like me and he would have put a light on our head so I didn't happens he said light is coming from the sun to you so that's how it should be so I tried to avoid to flash on camera because it's going to look flat and not directional so it's going to create ugly shirt also you can pound scenting the buses also shadow it's not really it's you're creating these are artificial not you can't pounds everywhere so with the new iraq off digital it's getting better and better a little bit of light also will give you that sparkle will give you that beautiful look so if I'm going to use flash thiscause this's when I'm starting to enjoy using flash again because cannon just introduce the six hundred it's an amazing flash it's not much different there's a power and everything but the way it works with with the remote I love it because I can control everything off the flash from here so I can control my on and and the way this operates the way they've perfected the flush I didn't I don't even need to use the flash is a manual it's giving me the perfect light so I used my camera manual okay let me explain that I love using my my camera manual setting yeah there are arguably you're going to say those cameras are so perfect the light meter we read everything and give you the perfect look yeah it's right if we shooting people with black dresses and black suits and beautiful landscape and everything it's correct but in my case or your case if you were waiting for your offer I have a bright and a girl did I say write his pride and no group okay bride is white most of the time at the moment, hopefully, maybe in the future it will be flowers or anything. But at the moment she wears white, the groom where's most off the time black. So if they're together in a frame, okay, the lenses, the cameras going to say it doesn't know what its photographing it's going to be. Okay there's light there and there's doctor so it's going to start balancing the picture picture one is good picture too is good also because the camera is adjusting all the time. But it's, what it's doing is every exposure you shoot is going to be different. Now. Post production is going to be a problem because the same location the same back around the same everything, but because there's more off the bride it's going to be different because there's more off the with the groom is going to be different, so you can't easily post produced eighty can run an action in this group of pictures, so I still use the traditional way, my house of blood or my roller iwas manual and I still use manual I love using manual because I want to control the picture, not the camera telling me what to do, so if you learn, or if you know how to use manual it's, the best way to shoot so the first thing I do in the old days I used to have the light meter I still have light meters but I don't use them that much I measure the light I measure the flesh and I said okay, this is this is right I can take the picture these days I just take the camera take the camera because I've been shooting so many years I can guess what for example I'm going to set it up on eight hundred and I'm going to say to fifty eight toe point and let's give it a try that's perfect my my casing was good my guess ng was good perfect if it's not if it's off half a stop one stop I'll look at the left image I say okay, maybe I need to change they are preacher and I'm done I'm done for the rest off the short I can't go here I can't come here it's going to be the same because light is the same on the subject so so that's it now I can shoot a lot of shots without changing anything and it's going to be exactly the same and then when I moved here and slightly different delight I just in start shooting so every location I go on quickly and most of the time I go close up so I can see the eyes take a sample shoot take it perfect now the rest I can go wide, I can't cause um I can take great pictures so when I do post production all my images are going to look constant the same very important if you're going to build an album, an album should flow there shouldn't be color changes here and there and it it should flow very nicely together so so that's the technical yells with the flash I take again manual exposure I take the shot exposure is right now all I need is a bit off kitsch light a bit of life into this thing so I'll get my assistant with the mona put put the flashier and put put put a position on my assistant but I'm going to shoot there maya system he's forty five degrees will hold the light slightly higher take another shoot exposed the picture perfect my assistant stays same position sometimes also manual adjustment is good so all I do is move the assistant forward and record that will make the difference so saying stayed off adjusting so that's that's a good way of shooting your wanting me ask a couple questions of course good lester m had asked and I think I know what your answer is going to be if you had to shoot an entire wedding with just one body and one lens, what would it be twenty four seven that's what I thought and won the eggs would prefer because it's more complete professional camera so I know I can rely on it versus the mark three mark is an excellent camera but let's face in marty was not meant for the professional industry ah it's it's a top and consumer camera so so it's if I drop it or something it's going to get damaged it can go wrong also it will the shatter will will go picker you know that's why if we're professional it's better to get to the higher cameras it will last you longer it will keep the value better and it's it's more profession so yeah every camera came will do the job but if you're professional go for the best you know don't don't um mario ro ask how do you feel about third party lenses? I'ii sigma tamron good question they're they're all the laces are good I tell you I'm going to review most off them in I have a turd party liz simply because I'm a big funnels lice laces zeiss laces have always been my love zeiss laces are always its softness that beauty I don't use them too much because they're not practical their manual focus but they are beautiful laces I feel that the camera less the original branded lens is always better than mortified third parking places so I will stick with the brand it friended lace pam hawkins would like to know if you could talk a little bit about that adapter. What is that adapter called that you use for the theodore actor? It it's canis canis supplies it it's it's amount adapter so you can use your normal lenses because thie yours lances, and I'm sure those are going to improve that's the actual lace for the camera, so I'm sure the quality ofthe those we're going to reach here, so but we need time for that, maybe in the next five years, and I predicted tool far away, we're going to start using those beautiful greatly in society, says just introduced one off those laces for the sonny and fuji camera and it's not going to be too long when they're going to yourself, so for cannon, but in the meantime, cannon and nick on are going to come with their version ofthe the better condolences. So so the future is is going to be quite interesting in this market, and also people are asking a lot about your settings. I don't know if we'll get into that when you start shooting, do you have settings that you always kind of your go to settings settings I usually I will explain you later on when I should also about settings are prefer to shoot usually two point eight when I do family groups either f eight or five point six why fate? Because if it is the most sharpest off the less any less use a faith is very sharp the best shutter so if you're doing families you want everyone to look sharp you don't want mom to come and say why I'm not looking out of focus or anything like that so it's very much a former shorts it's very important to use those sharp, beautiful lances but then even one point eight if you've got the right place but I'm not I don't do too much because I'm lazy with my cameras I will stick with one lens in one camera and I'm happy with that, so to point it is the one I used the most. Okay, great. Thank you okay, so the reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the hospital, then it wass so it's, so surreal always we think the past is better, you know? We always say, oh, those film, this film was beautiful or the record days you know, I've been in the film days. I've been in the record days. I've got so many records I've got so many cities, not even cities are history we always reminisce to the past, but if you go back to that, you will realize that it was not that great because I have those film cameras in my little boy's, so excited to see them. The other day I loaded my beautiful rowley with the one twenty relays, and by the time I loaded by the time I was careful not to light it and I said, oh god did I used to do this, you know, it's all technology and it's not going to make him my my image is different, but it's going to make my life easier if I use digital, so I loved digital and I don't see the point why I should not use it or why I should be negative. We can be negative about everything you know the president was better last year than d c and then next year, who knows? We can argue about everything else but it's it's a humanity for me, digital is amazing photo shop is amazing and everyone you know, people talk about photo shop and say, oh, it's it's not really it's artificial and, you know, all these photojournalists famous photojournalist took many pictures. Did you know what they did in the darkroom? We only saw the final picture, you know, even people like frank capra and things they've played with the camera they've created moments if they didn't have the moment because the newspaper was waiting for it so if they didn't deliver they were going to be out of job so so they created also moments and you could do the same with film days you know, in film days it was very popular to have a champagne bowl globe or something in superimpose the bride into that or or have the church short and the bride and groom looking at you you know super important okay that was the train but also it was possible to do things like that you didn't need photo shop it was harder to do it but it was possible you know I remember in the in the old days shift lance effect you know here we we've got photoshopped helping us to do in the old days I well I used to move the table the print when I was printing so it gave me that out of focus effect may leaving the bottom down so it was hard work in the dark um you were guessing what you were doing but it was possible the hdr effect it was possible everything was possible now it's much easier and thank god we have fourteen shot everyone is concerned about the photoshopped that it's going to be online and everything this company's spend millions of dollars to they invest toe produced us you know that the knowledge off those people who created someone needs to pay and what most pro photographs do they go and copy it and they use it and then when in there says I don't be it's gonna be monthly payment, we complain actually demand repayment is a good thing because I'm going to get updates quickly quickly and I don't have to fork out for enough to create three hundred dollars do we need upgrade? Not really we don't need upgrades, but those companies need to get there man it's like the medicine, if there's a new medical medicine, you have to pay high prices for it because they have to get their investment they take to get that's the reality so let's not be concerned about this thing, this shouldn't be our subject on forums on foreigners we should talk how to build our business, how to make our industry better don't complain about it and other people because if there was photoshopped, what are we complaining about? You know we need this too photo shop, I always talk fortune shop because for me light room or I use our preacher papa's a picture that doesn't give me what I want it doesn't stay think my pictures to the state I wanted to be it's very important we need we need to go to the next stage this's the changing our industry in the old days, film darkroom most people couldn't print it themselves, so they took it to a lab a love guy was perfect with color adjustment he did the color adjustment you get your print big wow I'm a great photograph it's beautiful but we didn't see what the guy in the lab was doing it did work hard to direct it to the state so now suddenly with photos so we have the tools ourselves instead off the lab guy so now we're saying we can do everything but we also complained that we have pistols so let's be realistic you know let's be let's make the industry fantastic it if you like four times your pusey if you like light from use it but don't talk negative give about it if you don't like it don't talk about it just this's what what I need to give a message to the forums that because we're talking about subjects that's not important we should talk about how we can improve our industry how we can make good money from what we are enjoying doing you know if you like photograph and you're doing it for the love of it I advise you not to charge you anything just do it for free but don't we chip it's it's it's it's very important for all of us guys all of us to reach especially the young photograph is that there on many towns I've off ask for people to come and work for me I get the unique kids they're great photographs but overconfident they come to the studio, sit down for an interview and say oh yerevan time here because I don't have a job but until I find a real job I will work for you oh I'm not a stepping stone you know this's a real job if you don't like it don't come here you know don't don't come here temporarily so it's it's very important it the industry grows corrupt correctly this is a revolution in our industry we have beautiful cameras were beautiful tools we have new people photographing you know who are the new people you girls you see there's only one man in tree girls this is new for us for a male dominated industry twenty years ago fifteen years ago I would have countered bambi and who is the next one? There was no way we used to go meetings it was male dominated and it's funny because look at my fingers they're they don't have rust on it or any marks on it it's a female hand I used cameras I don't use tools to dig the hole so so girls this's your industry you're welcome to this industry and most probably your your past girls the pastors who didn't come into the industry you were scared off the equipment were scared off this heavy tripods were scared off this heavy hustle blood you know this is heavy told men on lee can hold then I did the presentation from for kodak about eighteen years ago and I said digital is going to come so strong it's it's film is going to go kodak put poor mired pig and say everyone you can't say that because film is not going to go anywhere it's our product you know what happened the biggest mistake redacted sorry I have to say this because it's the reality don't pretend it's nothing is going to change it it does change so stick with what you believe in do it right so ladies are welcome you in industry you are going to be the future of the industry there's going to be less and less men because you're dominating the industry you are doing amazing work it's your bringing family feminine touches to the pictures which is which is really our client is the brighton are kind he's the bright so so it's great but now it was male dominated then the girls came in welcome then the students came in. The students came in because they can't find a job in other industries commercial aunty, they say I'll do temporary waiting until I find out this is the area where most ofthe themselves I'm happy with thousand dollars I'll just shouldn't give them the father until I find a real job so it's so suddenly in the last twenty years the the number ofthe photograph is in the wedding industry has tripled or quadrupled its huge number now around the world for the same amount off customers but what we don't realize is that there's a lot of extra customers out there who not hiring us so let's work out how all of us came bringing that other customers here how can we do that not by snapshots we need to create art you know northern europe northern europe for even france and germany and norway all the northern europe they are so much advanced it for dame photograph is passing no who cares about photographing get married I'm going to get married again next month okay so so they hardly have any wedding instructed waiting photographic industry doesn't exist and I don't know if there is they don't get enough pay so what the solution there isn't on the contrary there's an industry where there is a lot of money northern europe is rich countries and they have a lot ofthe people with money so educate your client this people will buy art if say they say because on the world they say that because I'm going to pay one million dollars and they will buy it so why don't you create because off their sell their images why don't you create people pictures that they're going to love it for the art not for the image so so this is where we're going to be separated this is where the future will go because I showed you an example thousand dollars with a lens to laces anyone can afford it and you know in the old days when I used to shoot at a wedding I'm ready with my camera going to take a shot and I'm always worried about uncle harry is going to come and take another shot next to me so this was poor uncle harry he was the bad guy he used to have his pentax hanging on his shoulder with a mental case he's to come carefully his his enthusiastic needs to open the case usedto clean his legs for a minute he used to touch my shoulder he was to take permission so if you can take a picture and he didn't pass my trapper too used to lean forward like that he was always a tall guy with the bow tie he's too lean forward take it flick and one more just lightly big take another click and he used to thank me and disappear that's all ahead off uncle harry and we were worried about this car that is taking pictures than I'm taking now when I go to the church and there's no uncle harry he disappeared he's gone many years ago there all these aunties that there quietly sitting down there the minute the priest or anyone says you can take pictures if you want to know suddenly there's all this beggs opening this pink cameras up you know, my mother in law has one of those those cameras come out and they all jump in front of me, even even they don't care who I am, what I'm doing or what I'm taking their start taking pictures and guess what they take amazing pictures the's are better equipped, better advancement on those little cameras than the big ones because this's consumer product it sells more so there's more technology in it. So what they click is going to be amazing picture. So did they get accidentally good picture it's going to be perfect? So if I give them if I was sitting there at the same time and I give my picture and their pictures it's going to be exactly the same because I set up the picture or not even set up it's it's happening. So why would a customer spend money on me? If a friend of hers is going to get the same result and if they're clicker, they're goingto go click, click, click, take a lot of pictures and say here's, I'm a great photograph or why do you need a pro photographer? You see, this is what's happening, so this is where we have to grow up this is where to to say fifty percent off the capture the next fifty percent is what we give to the customer the finishing something that they can tow the costume work or the there is the grameen things they get all this fancy stuff but I'm not talking about that finished pictures which I'm going to show you tomorrow go to the next state you know captured the feeling off the day thought so that's where it's going to put us into the artist department so we're going to become from awaiting for the river to the artists and each artist is in individual look at leonardo da vinci painted his beautiful post pictures he sells it for millions of dollars he's dead in but taste yourself look att pablo picasso different starting his only lines and see says it is good as leonardo da vinci some people love that some people loved it so so there's always market for each one of us if we bring out individuality if we do that we will all survive we will all make good living and we were you know we shouldn't also think temporary if I make thousand dollars I'm not going to make thousand dollars for the rest of my life things are going to change when you can become older you might not want to shoot anymore so if you haven't invested into the future when you become old you're going to say what's next how am I going to survive is that the government kind of payment pension look at it no one is going to pay your pension that the government doesn't have the money all over the world so we have to look after our future also not today today yes we're young we're eighteen year old or a thousand dollars great I can buy everything I want but what about tomorrow because you don't stay eighteen year olds forever I was eighteen year old one state so so you need to invest into your future you see I love my equipment I love my toes those are toys for me more than you know I have all those equipment by like I said I end up using only one I love my toes so have all those equipment I need to make the money so I can pay it if I don't make money how am I going toe fight but not everyone is about equipment you might like to make money and you might like to get beautiful dresses got and enjoy your life so you need to make a living so your future your future is set up you know monday you retired you know that you're going to be well off so think about your future not to take us today's too late already I just wanna comment paul mp from the lounge says I love listening to your bomb because he is passionate about what he does I am I am but I'm not it's it's, right? But I'm not passionate about myself only I'm not selfish guys if I was selfish, who cares? I'll be home with my family I earned more money staying home I have my kids there I can go out with my family and go on the beach or going on holiday actually I wanted to bring my family here by but they have school and everything so it's hard so so my my message to you guys all this's dead be passionate enjoyed make good living out of it and look after the industry let's work as a team, okay, the next day would you say then that actually the equipment itself is not as important as the person behind the camera then one hundred percent hundred percent the equipment doesn't make me a photograph the the the equipment is there to improve tto help me but this is only a tool it's like the brush to paint her head that if I give you now the exactly the same brushes leonardo da vinci hit the place ink or paint he head would you paint it to like him? Not it's the same too why not you see that that's where the secret is the equipment doesn't make your photograph for, you know and and also if your family say's or you're a great photograph are going take account by a camera and take pictures that doesn't make you a photograph for you need a little bit off education off the past of photography clicking the button does you see I see many photographs say oh I'm so good at photojournalism all I do is put to my camera on auto and just click the button always kept yeah you can't kept a beautiful moment but does the beautiful moment here is also beautiful light does it tell the story does it so a bit off education into the past or photograph it will help you to become a better photograph for so so give all your best learn as much as you came because I learned myself also I don't stop learning because if I say I'm the best number one in the world among the step on our meat there's no one better than me you know the next way up is up there and the worst is to do if I don't go up there I'm going to drop because you can't have that much confidence so my my my attitude towards world I want to be done number one how do I go to number one ok start going up up up up and suddenly I don't make mistake come down to get keep on going up up up again the steps come down again I face reality I say I love this picture but why don't you like it? Can you tell me so critiquing is a good thing and accepting criticism creating critic because it's it's it's very important it as much as you do you like what you're doing you should hear also other people because you see a picture or while it's a great picture I love it but you saw the whole picture maybe when you capture date it's not telling its story what's the reason for this so it's important that you get opinion also from other people my my best critic is my little boy ten year old he comes to me even my old order boy was not very much interested in in our industry is more like his mother business which is great you know have got one son whose business one son is artistic so it will work good together my little one since and yelling young age two year old tear off his doesn't sit on my lap and watch me doing fortune shop he always what now it comes and say they're the u misty's you see there's a wrinkle on her face or there's a there's a dot on the picture that did you city and and his critic is good so now this this days I call him robbie what do you think off the picture that it's okay okay I understand I take it hard but okay you're a good critic and that's that's how I improved my business in my life my capturing also when I went to awards you know, like w p p I I pee pee I sit down and watch the judges not only my pictures because I see it judge ings when I judge w p p I c two three thousand pictures photographs they entered the judging but there's only fifty people in the audience guys it's not the point off sending a picture in getting upset if you don't win anything, come and listen to judges why dating like your picture why they liked the other picture it's the best education because there's five people five different heads sitting down and saying and don't expect everyone to like it one will say this one will say that then oh you see that judge was good because he said he likes my picture yet by maybe he's wrong the other judge was right so that's the best education if you have a chance togo at judging or forwards to it because that's one off the best education for many years I have never missed those judging moments even if my pictures are not there I just sit on it okay, let me see what photographs are doing. Let me see why this is good and why this is not good sometimes also judging is not the best solution to your clients, you know, some off the mai mai best selling pictures haven't done very well with the with the judges, so we're looking at a professional who's looking at critical and then we're looking at the consumer who's looking at a different way. On the other hand also one off my most popular picture it's it's, it's, a jewish wedding and the men are separated from the woman and I've got the shot off the men and I said that all the time you noticed this this feeling is there you notice everyone is doing something everyone has had a feeling he can't interrupt it it's there you go there and say, wow, what a great any start watching and sometimes you should capture the mood that feeling and I took one off those shots it was if you see the picture it it will come up later on it's all this men, everyone is somewhere everyone is doing something else and the way I I converted their picture was I gave it a little bit of texture and everything and there was a plastic bottles in the picture to all of those at the front on there was a little kid. If I took the plastic bottles out of the picture, it could have been any century the picture could have gone twenty years, fifty years a hundred years you couldn't have recognized what year it was taken because the way people were dressed the way the feeling wass was one of those so I had to argue so I moved this plastic bottle or do I keep it? Many people said just remove it I said no the plastic bottle is telling us when it was the picture taken it was not a hundred years ago today so thatwas the only idea identified plus my pictures are so recognizable I have a star when I put those into an award they care about safe eighty point eighty five points it never goes hired ended you know you're a runt we give him a good point, we're not going to give him hundred so one year I decided in australia I'm a photograph for dead I can capture anything let's not qualify ourselves on the pga photograph for I'm a traditional photographs from that all stupid we don't need to qualify say what we are a photograph of a photograph we should be able to capture anything don't forget on a wedding day I capture the moments I captured the details I kept her the real moment I kept her I create the moment I pause I do everything in a couple of hours so I should be a complete photograph her in in my opinion awaiting photograph is the perfect photograph for there's no other photograph can work as much is awaiting photograph for you know if I was a commission photographic take a picture off this sorry guys I'm putting you down but you've been putting me down for many years the art director council says all year once can we move it here slightly okay it's theirs then another person can put makeup on it then another by the time I'm going to take the pictures going two hours they're marching then I come to my camera and say ok which angle take a polaroid this day's digital look at it have a coffee and come back to it take a take a picture you can I ask you a question I'm I'm looking at this quote and I just I want you to talk about this quote because you you say you know not know anyone can just pick up a camera and do what you do which is obvious but I guess what I'd like to know is do you believe that you have to be born an artist or can you learn to be an artist that's one thing I can teach you you can I can teach you I cannot teach you to become an artist that's should be new we can capture beautiful exposed perfect exposure perfect lighting perfect but if you're not artist you're not artists and the picture is going to show do you think you can learn to be an artist you think your blood do you think you're born as an artist you were born as an artist you can become an actor or you can become a doctor you need to have it is I do so that's where separation he needs to be done this is so it's it's it's very important that way discover ourself if there's a bit of artist in me then I can bring out the pictures I can create the pictures if there isn't don't try toe are the same with colors not everyone can see color especially men men can see color is good as woman and I would say seventy percent off men I have that problem so if you have that problem don't try our give the job to someone has to finish I mean color blind color from not color blindness sometimes you can't see all the details ofthe colors woman's today's better they've got better eyes I know you're perfect sorry guys you want to do q and a radio have smart car okay I'm I'm okay you're okay it's very important you just ask me okay? We're your bond you say that you're either born interest or not if you have that just that little spark of beat it artist do you think that would be expanded and can spend in my case that was the case actually you see give me a brush and I'm hopeless I don't know how to do pencil writing on I'll mess it up but I can see things I can hear I have the visual so you can discover that's all so even I'm sure there will be some artistry knew look for that discovered it what what do you see and go for towards they don't try to be everyone so it's it's very important is a pj photograph for that's different also my wife and I can seize those moment better she went she's next meet you missed that picture I say what and she's right she saw something that I go past there so that's, another talent that's another talent so it's but is a good photograph where you should be ever able to cover most of it? We'll be covering most of it in the same vein. Oh, we have another question. Maybe we'll come right back in the same thing to this whole artist artist for noticed all of that sunflower image ing keith asks if you're not born as a full artist, how can you encourage it to come out movies, art galleries? How are you? Yes, I keep on inspiring yourself, you keep on looking and you know that that was my initial initial may state, maybe it was not translated correctly don't look into negatives in life don't make nate negatives into life go in, enjoy things that go to music concerts goto art galleries just fight with the positive beautiful things in life and discovery discover being tried to bring it out because sitting in front of the computer and critiquing everything that other pitting is not going out you to reach where you want you know there's enough bet news on the news just turn it off go and look for the beautiful things in life and that will inspire you yes definitely and workshops you know workshops on sure you guys are in front of me have having me here in front of you and being equal it does inspire you more also hey, tv digital is all great because you're in your private area but it's going out and sharing and things with friends and families and famed for the graft is you know if your group of photographers make a group of yourself go out to a photo shoot stations you know I used to do this a lot with my partners. Okay andrew let's go for ah for ah weekend in the in the bush and let's take pictures next week will come and compare our pictures is fire each other help each other to become better that's why also awards will inspire you to become the next into the next day but luckily we have this digital era in the old days it was like this all you could see is a couple of magazine pictures or you had to go and what someone's window and then the owner will come in shatter the screen you know let me tell you a story about this this one off the pioneer off the location photograph er's his name was mark it mark wass didn't want to teach to anyone it was a great photograph for but he wanted everything for himself it was a great photograph her but we I admired him I admired him because he was doing something different I used to go in he has to change his pictures everyday eyes to go past the studio packed aaron foran hour watches I even went into his studio is a customer I pretend that I'm going to get married this was eighteen year old and I pretended I and I think he he knew that I was not a customer but anyway he was quite helpful and the funny thing is mark passed away a few years ago and it was one off the legends going we will market his name then last year or the year before last year a young man came to my studio and said I'm markets on and I'm getting married can you should my wedding and it was wow this was the best a feeling I had, you know that one person that I admired I respected his son is coming so I can photograph him and there was a picture. I wish I brought it. There was a picture off him sitting on the table and he said, can I have my father in the picture? So there was a beautiful portrait off his father with a house of blood on his scent, black and white in the frame. So I focused on him and his son it's it's. All those things is pay bick, you know, this's. What say? Okay, I achieve something, you know, this is beautiful. So I've done that many times in life is delivering pictures ofthe other photograph that there was a picture there off the bride holding a camera. I didn't put the camera in her hand in this he's an actual photograph for in the issues in miami and she said, yeah, runt, I have this beautiful camera. Can you take a couple of pictures so that's, why I had it's not I take cameras with me and put it in the bright and and take picture she was a photograph of that's. Why I took that moment. I kind of changing the subject if that's all right, kind of going back, teo earlier discussion about the studio and its importance, and I and I was wondering how, um, how you like as faras priorities go, where does that rank you know, on your look as far like equipment you know there's a whole bunch of stuff to do in your case you're a young girl you're maybe how many years you you're working it's a photograph for three years your baby you're a baby once you go five years that's when you start becoming an are printed so you're a baby you're still learning you're still making something and it's hard for younger like you if you don't have the bake up it's hard to put you know even money for the camera is going to be hard in my recommendation start to build up equipment have a good good equipment don't overspend if you have a good lesson good camera and a good backup camera that's a start but have a target I have a target in your life I say ok three years I don't want to be here six years time I don't want to be here ten years time so target yourself what am I going to do next and save money for? Did you know the next thing should be really a location for you? Although I understand the united states is such a big country, such a big population, you know australia smaller, I came photograph people, but why not? We can do that also if you're good and you're your site is good your work is good why can't you shoot a wedding in new york or in australia are all over the world so so you should target for what you want to chief having an address even if it's a small box is good because you have a permanent address you have you don't have a post office box or you don't have people coming to your house why I say house because houses where you you should relax house is something where you should not being your customers I have they experience midnight people knock on the door we were in the area can we see the pictures you know you re private life and your business life mixes together it's important that you have an address when you have an address you become more confident more more you got to the next level always try toe have that if if a dressmaker has a shop why can't the photograph here have a shop? Why what is the reason? You know we should look you always look when you have a shop you don't have to spend millions of dollars you can my first shop wass set up with the nike our furniture I put an expensive norm noble need so I looked at different I put a nice vase on it look make it look different you know it's it's simple is that you know go buy the furniture by an expensive diamond, no bonnet and it's going to look expensive, so make it look good, make it look very well coming once you've got that next stage, next date always looked. Chain. Don't don't say, oh, wow, uncomfortable. Now I'm going to sit here and no always, because if you stay in the same place you get till they don't. You don't have what you want, so always inspire yourself to become better, always, never stopped it, even if you're hundred years old.

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