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Posing a Bride and Groom

Now it's not a bottle it's a camera this is where I come alive um uh my camera is I hide behind behind my camera to capture the pictures. I'm like the realities ofthe all photograph for saar anyway spy or way look at other things and capture it so so I can express myself with my pictures when a bright when I work in the bright house I tell her your recorders she doesn't believe it she said that all you tell that to all the bright I say yes I do because all brides are beautiful you know every girl has her beauty many people ask me all how come your brides are so pretty because every girl is pretty it's how you discovered their beauty you know we can't we can't say because of girlie skinny and tall and beautifully she's not the only beautiful person every female has a beauty every female has his son something secret so it's it's matter of discovering that puree and it's my job she hired me and I'm going to bring the beauty the guy yeah he's the accessory I take the groom is accessory it'...

s not my creation ofthe dead I know from experience off my waiting I know from experience on my friend's wedding we look forward for the bucks night what do you call here the party the guys go before the wedding bachelor party we call it packs night in australia that's the day we look forward before more than the wedding it's the time you spend with your friends and the once you give the ring to the bright your duty is finished arrested it's all hers and her mother's so that the reality only few grooms one every thing you know they're they're playing everything so that's a minority so my job is to take beautiful picture off the off the gorgeous person being her real out and when he looks fantastic and she says result behind my camera that's great about digital and that groom looking at her hick he comes alive also he comes into the picture automatically pausing guys anything this is the easiest thing first important things let's go pausing the first thing I'm going to explain you sorry darling it's going to be a while until I come back to it's it's it's very important how we pose you no masters ofthe posing people like monty zucker unfortunately is not with us I learned so much from monty many people say oh it was very traditional year but knew how to pose woman he knew howto captured the right angle so I learned a lot from him s o don't ever say that it's old fashioned there's nothing on fashioning it it's howto bring out the best off woman so I have that in mind even if I work very fast, I still remember what he told me the first the first funny thing kitty the monty monty always is to say is when you approach woman never go like this, you know she gets the wrong idea, you know, always showed the back of your hand, you see, when when I go to a woman and even if I do this and I'm going to fix there great, I just fix push and she looks fantastic. I never ever tried to touch people in my opinion. If I go, I put this one here, so I'm touching, you know, sorry don't think I do this it's first is becoming artificial. Secondly, we might to touch you you know I can't shake your hands hi, how are you and that's my duty. The rest is I need to show you how to pose with me without having touched touches if we have touches it's different in my head so so it's very important that can you stand up for a minute? Yeah, perfect. Take a walk towards me and stop no need to posit the only thing because she's scared her hands are like this, so I know that, but I'm not going to tell her they're sorry I told you, but look, relax even hold your all your jeans just just relaxed a walk take a walk take a walk toiled with me with me come with me I do this quite a lot with the bright okay take a walk with me, darling and urine during this you're working with you're want it's all right I'm your friend okay let's go wake and let's turn around you see every time she's standing there she's standing just taking a look at the position she's thinking because it's natural I'm not telling you being your right foot forward really food are exactly you see here you're you're understanding what I'm telling you see she she doesn't need to pause anymore because I'm making her become herself look at her face is sparkling it's it's not it's not pretending anymore it's very important that we do this thank you so that you can sit down I'm going to use you in a minute more okay now the biggest problem that I see in many pictures and most probably many photographs don't see is this is this this is the camera is not ready every bride wants to have the strap listless it doesn't matter what side she's I wouldn't go to every strapless day so my sometime I look at the bright and say downing didn't I don't say tour but I see my head didn't anyone tell you that you shouldn't wear this the jews have a mirror behind you did you see all this things hanging it's okay it's it's you it's butt make it right it's better look in the mirror and look at yourself and say does it suit me if it doesn't suit you buy another dress but I can't do that the girl has a new idea that you wanted that beautiful type trace and everything and she's gonna wear it miss sayo yes or no she's it's urgent you want with now me as a photographer I'm not going to go and take those details that she doesn't want to see I have to be very careful that I kept her her in best poses so he looks at the picture and say wow I was going to sun today so that's my job so I'm very careful that when I capture a picture it's going to impress her it's going it's about her you know the guys easy he's got the jacket everything is covered he's not going to show those things hanging because it's in the jacket why but with the girls it's going to be different and a real bright cannot be perfect but in reality anyone is beautiful just find the right the right angle the right parts if I should this young lady she's a model and if I should it from from the wrong angle she's not going to look beautiful because for example let me too short so you can see it on the screen this isn't this is just a test shot okay the light is not right I'm not doing it for the light let's do this once we get that on the screen I hoped it didn't slip is it working guys are reconnected yeah there it is okay what do we see a skinny girl with a lot ofthe world lot off weight on her arm because I took it I took the shot from the wrong angle if you see her arm and her beck is blended together and now what I'm seeing double off watches the camera lies that's the reality it lies you have to have perfect light perfect everything so you kept her the best off her so if I showed this to the bright is going to say a year one what have you done I look so big in the picture and look at the real person she's nothing elected but the picture is lying so we need to be very careful how we pose the person we need to get the right angle so she's going to look fantastic the other common problem I see is profile pictures okay look this way for don't worry this is not about lightly just slightly turned this way slightly a bit more no back pick pick pick that it let me do the shot and let's look at this first okay well we'll wait until they come now I shot her profile but what I did wass what's wrong with this picture guys, can you see what's wrong with the picture? Anyone? Yeah, you're not too far away what's happening her nose is falling out off the chain on the profile her nose is falling out of the change in the profile what's making her a pinocchio you know who's pinoke are not the guy with the long nose and she doesn't have a long nose but the way I short is making it look like that. Now let me take another short which is the correct way just turned slightly towards me slightly towards me I'm okay that's it I'm going to position him her nose insider gina so there it is that doesn't make her nose look big so those are basic important things that we need to look to see the north is falling inside the chain and it's a nice profile now she looks totally watch it looks if you really want to do a profile on ah, a silly way type profile she needs to look away and slightly turned towards me just a bit. Okay let's say it this one now this one her eyelashes is just over her nose and we can't see the other team there it is just eyelashes just over the nose and although the picture is not right, I didn't look for the right picture, but you see the eyelashes out knows and it's a beautiful portrait always also remember something when we do people standing full length, we've become lazy because we have handheld camera when you have handheld camera. If you told even you even worse, you hold it up there, you're photographing people full late, they're all going to look short, especially if the bride and groom are short they're going to be don't shoot from there unless it's for a reason. So if I, if I do the formals, I get the group for examples standing and then I knew or I come on my knee, you're in the right position, their camera or lady? Why is in the right position this's where if you see all my trousers unless it's new it's always his a mark on my name because I need to come down? Remember in the old days if you had experience with hustle, bloods or roller flexes, the camera wasn't understand and well, you used to look down that's why it was called waist level waist level is there. This is where you should shoot for length pictures, so it gives them a nice high tail they don't look too short if I'm going to do group group pictures former than everything I can hand held it and one picture is going to be up here one picture here one picture here it's going to be messy if I put those images next to each other in an album one is up there one is down here different background it's not gonna look nice singing in designing an album so that's the time I used my tripod I put my camera on a tripod I don't use very high I so like four hundred is good the reason I do that I don't want mom to see what all those black dot on my face so if I need to feel light on an angle from the tripod my assistant holding the flesh I am free to move forward in backwards to the subject I can go and sail placer turn towards me more mom put your arm into your husband's let's let's give a demo can I get you guys I'm going to use you you're you're not you're just to have fun you're gonna work for me come on guys let's get a groom also count coming for for distance that street here so the cameras came okay we've got we've got this a group of people selling some of you are going to be parents okay come on you used to stay there, darling. You relax, okay? Now who's who wants to be a bright the reason I chose the couple because off the height, it's a good example to it's a good example to see if I get many couples who have decide difference and I'm not going to say all boy, what am I going to do now? I need to I need to utilize take good pictures without making obvious state there's so many high, different so great, darling, come over here in front of your husband. Okay? Yeah. That's nearly there now. I grew its your job gonna be two. I should we move over here? Is that a problem with the camera? Okay, um come forward, but not just closer. Yeah, that it put your arm around her and just slightly oh, no, no, no, not not she's, not she's, not your wife yet. Aura, you know, don't have your fingers like that. Like you just are a waste on the waist, then lean forward slightly. It may be even closer closer. You see how this is an extreme example off a tall person. You're extremely tall s so it's a good example and darling chin up of its slyly there. Did you see how I suddenly they're wass distance now they're closer, so always try to put the shorter person I don't mean you short history, okay, okay, known you look like the mother or you're nearly this is all I know you're not a jew off the mother your sister but we let's pretend you're a mother come over here, darling going to use sansa that and turned towards him ending for what? Slightly towards me that parents off the bright come over your sorry darling you're you're younger maybe but it just for the demonstration okay I'll put the father over decide here if you move on the side you see I'm not touching people I'm only directing them live forward slightly okay mom why don't you grab your husband's arm? I know you don't like each other but pretend you see this is what I want but also I want expression okay this is great but the only thing is I know you're you're looking you love your mother but slightly move away from your father in law is looking forward is going to leave you a lot of money so slightly till towards him I'm trying to create a triangle there so if you lean more towards that's it guys closer darling can you be involved more commonly known your husband just let him go go on, go on go get it slightly over here actually let's let's bring you here into the centre that it perfect and that that creates, you know link forward towards your wife also dead and mom and they can you go closer to each other hard hard and I can position there and take a picture I can do a close up also it to say I know my tracker he's always always standing there and it will be a great image thank you guys. So this is a demonstration off how to now let's all make you not parent anymore let's make you a bridal party while I have your standing this is called the y growth I've created this look it's some product for you two right now now people have asked me how do I pause how do I pose a group? I don't want it to be traditional. So the first thing you're standing there okay let's, bring the bride into the big picture. Okay, context got next to your husband actually let me grab the camera because I'm going to do some shots. Sorry, darling. Okay, now I have a group there there casually standing let's suppose there the bridal party you have your bridal party, your friends and guys you're getting married and you're all looking at me and you don't know what to do. Typical. Okay, I'll take a show like that you are looking stupid that's it okay, now let's, bring the funny okay, guys, move around when I say stop, stop wherever you are don't turn around just do what you want okay let's go and move around a workaround and let's get the bright forward a little b stop that's great okay len that's my first picture beautiful don't worry about the big round okay let's do another one move around guys be free to move around and darling right come for what I want to see more humor and stop that it angles now I will direct a little bit telling you tender slightly around you sweetheart come forward a little bit can you no no no no just just it that it can't come in between the girls that's it perfect and let's go moving you came forward by let's strike it be more creative guys come on move her on ben and natural yeah yeah and and come on be creative going going going and stop that it can turn your face towards me and look what's happening by moving them around I'm creating real moments and real poses look at the men there were hands in the pocket relax look at the girls how their standing I'm creating beautiful moments we got over posing let's do another one let's be more creative bride and groom introduced you teach other come on okay all right let's try again so dark put your arm around him and be involved more pretend he's your husband that's ok let's go move around and goes go toward the bright go one two three go and let's make it and stop it and come for what you're hiding down done betty that it okay look look at the view beautiful triangle the green girls created there there's a beautiful triangle bride and groom heads closer beautiful triangle your deal only may sorry but just lightly over here that look I created three triangles there I love to create triangles into pictures and look at it darling lean forward towards closer you see that that's beautiful so by moving them around you can create beautiful moment and if you do about twenty thirty shots I'm sure you're going to get great five shots and the more you do it the more they start laughing the more they want to have fun and it becomes real moments so I create moments thank you guys trained thank you by the party's let's start the real shooting they thought there is shooting in many ways this is too easy for me because there's perfect light stood your lights it's not challenging but I'm goingto try to discover be with beautiful moments goes any comments coming up we have a quick question on art girl asked proposing large groups tease a remote trigger on camera on a tripod so it allows you to walk around or do it that's that's that's good come here I can go and join in tow pictures yeah that's not really ii hand held a hand held the camera because I want to be more creative because it's when they're moving I want also to make sure that that the picture of the final picture looks perfect you know so it's hard to do with the studio audience but when it's a real brother party it's much easier okay no you want quick question about settings do you usually shoot wide open even though it's a group a group photo are you more conservative if it's this type of shit a weapon I want movement I want out of focus my focusing point will be the bride or something interesting if if the girl at the front is the focusing point our focus on her so wide open will make it more in if it's group shots formers like family shot here I like I said earlier five point six eight he's the safe beautiful sharp pictures thank you okay now let's start real shooting let me see I'm going to start with my bride I call them always mind because today she's mine okay here is the picture I want to take a picture here mom has put this beautiful plant at the bank she thinks it's all green and beautiful but when I looked at the picture I see a lot ofthe horns coming it it's a big headpiece and we missed this we don't see this all the time this real room my picture so I always say okay guys mom ho dead come and come over can we do you mind if we move this plant out of the picture because moving it is easier than trying to avoid it because it's not good can I give you a hint? No, you're okay? You're the best the system they should give you no award I've been watching you on tv and you're a great came now you see suddenly my background is simple my focusing should be the girl so so many times they they bring flower arrangement and says mom I want a beautiful flowers next to my daughter I say mom yeah let's do it quickly then we get rid off it so it doesn't it doesn't have takeover now the light I have in this area and it could be in other houses also it's flat light is coming from all over the place so if you look the subject it's not as controlled as I wanted to be but this is her room and I want to take some pictures here so what I'm going to do is okay sweetheart if you turn towards the mirror that I saw already my first beautiful picture let's introduce the mode of toe to everyone watson names terra terrorize I gorgeous bright for today my what? My work is too easy when you have but I don't know how terror should. She could be a very pretty girl, but can she might be not photogenic. I know you are, but I have to make up the story. So so I need to work out what's her best angle, wants her base expression and sometimes goes give better expression when this month sometime they're too serious. It doesn't work or serious. We were so I need to discover why while I start shooting so my first thing I have to do there's plenty of light, so I'm gonna leave my camera sitting on eight hundred. I saw because this more than cameras eight hundred is nothing there's, hardly any green. And when we talk about grain, which is called also noise, it's the most beautiful picture thing on their own on camera, getting rid off the noise is not a good thing, you know, film had so much grain on it, it was the texture, everything that gave you that beautiful fulfilling and I don't mind nice, but also I educate the bright when she comes to this studio and says, oh, I love that picture I said, don't you like the noise? But you like all those beautiful greens. Can I get can I get to see so she says don't forget the noise so educating is what matters that's why when I should the mothers the families I make sure that it's noiseless but then I don't care about noise because I love nice okay first thing okay turn turn towards to the mirror there just just as you were as you were okay one thing I have to care for be careful what's in the background you see when I looked at her that bedpost the bed help is coming off her head so I knew mi nieto pull pushed my position so I avoided yeah I can move it with photos but I don't want to do those extra jobs I want kept her perfect I kept her full frame are kept her I don't want my pictures to be cropped I captured the way I want to see it so I hardly crop anything so that's it this is a test shot so don't put it on screen let me do my adjustment so I'm going to go two point eight if one eyes stop shutter speed one hundred nearly there nearly there okay let's do it okay great tina darling a little bit it's not too much just relax look forward okay let's go just tear until slowly you had that it I'm trying to create it angle okay all right that you see the head position there is not where I want it so tilting slightly towards the mirror is going to give me the better expression and it's going to happen during the dish but I will start recognizing the shoot and if you see there's something there that distracting the picture at the front and I don't liked it so so the next the next shot you see that's when she started tilting and that becomes a beautiful picture now the next thing I need toe get rid off is that the nano keep keep that I wanted it's the jewelry box that's reflecting into the window okay that's our terror just lean forward slightly even more and tilt your head there yeah that's it chin down just likely a bit more yeah that's it and stay there and just a soft mine there take it and look at the camera give me that sexy gorgeous beautiful and next one coming up the problem with me I should too many shots until I get the right one that it you know that that's making it more interesting now the jewelry box I brought in more at the front instead of getting rid off it and when I finally finished that picture I will make it more softer and look how gorgeous that picture is one thing I don't like about the picture is some type of reflection in the mirror get rid off it digitally but it's there it's near that's ajay pick shot and it's it's quite gorgeous okay I can't finish here but I want to do more pictures here I want to captiva right off pictures that I can create a couple of album pages now I started thinking ofthe books how I'm going to create books my my business is about books so the final product is going to go in the book so terra go there again they can you put your hand under your change that's it okay can I get the one hundred less it's which is on the other camera that's it beautiful the mirror has textures so I need would her lived in her eyes out off the texture so the focusing is right on owner gets it okay careful pick big things also the pillow the green pillow can be dominant in the background so make sure that it's not focused on okay that's it all right that's it that's great perfect then I still towards the camera this way and give me a big smile towards the store just it's it's beautiful okay, thanks for okay you see how pleasant is that with just available light you know yeah we've got the studio lights, the tungsten lights but you can achieve this with just a simple video light I'm going to show you that also in few minutes question came in from digger von and what is the what is it that makes some faces photogenic and not others and how do you correct it that's a difficult one because if you're not photogenic you're not photogenic so more the more you relax the person who's not photogenic the more you try to capture more natural is going to solve that so I'm fully I want toe fully I want to be aware if she's not comfortable with the camera looking at her maker not think about the camera anymore so my instruction always the minute I go in the room and all the girls are sitting there I say okay ladies I'm here to do the best I want all off you two look fantastic one instruction I know it's hollywood I know you want to drop the shoulder into camera and every cousin does that hey and what's happening they're all bringing the shoulder to the camera the shoulders are looking bulky and big it's not pleasant so don't do that chest up look straight and look at the camera being your beautiful neck line change can be upin down depending from the person so you need to guide where you want it to be the next instruction I say when you hold the bucket the flowers don't hold it there it's going to make you square it's it's not good to hold it there hold it there if you have the tight race like our bright can can you stand up in can can you see her on camera okay stand there for a minute more over here darling pretend you're not a mother okay staying like this yeah what's happening she's got the tight race by stretching the dress out he's going to make her big so so for a tight race if if put to point one foot forward and needing me out that it it gives a beautiful curves it makes her look her perfect point you fit the sly leader that it and that gives her body a good shape it doesn't matter what I say is it's very important to look at those details now if you go move back go to the wall and take three steps towards me just don't think about anything just take come towards me and come this way and stop okay that was not a good stop come backto thie carpet stop her all right let's do another one come back and stop you see naturally she takes that position all I have to do now is ask her toe point her journey forward and that it you know and you have to look at her if her arms are hanging like this it's not it's too square so if she breaks it down like that the other one slightly break that it's perfect that will give you a great image another thing if this three people there and can one of you can I get the girl if you come next to tell us your name who are you right okay they're they're gorgeous couple we have a boyfriend you're married off I'm I'm a matchmaker you know okay sorry sorry about that are you married now ok we'll find we'll find you're not a partner okay one arm around each other guys and now if I go next to the bride I'm the father and I do this what happens to the bright what can you see here she lost her arms she's armless you see I like to have one of her arm now if I do this if I go back there keep it there and if I do this she has arms is he has a full body and it's important not crow people up for no reason you know she's she's a skinny person she's a beautiful bringing forward later later arm come if we do that with the group let's imagine he doesn't have the vest if we do that to the groom he's his jacket is going to spread look look what's happening and it's not beautiful look if I do that turn towards your wife I'm not important I'm your father only okay they don't know don't bring just just at hand in the pocket or something you see his jacket is perfect those are simple naturally things that you have to tell them at the start so they are aware ofthe it this's why I'm I'm not telling you because you have a big arm and I'm telling all the girls girls dylan popular I'm into the camera chest out show your beautiful body one foot forward the species alarm so beautiful and that's what I want that's what I want from everybody I want everybody who they have that then I pick up my camera I go to her taken showed off her and I said you're gorgeous look at it I'm not lying look at the camera and she gave her the confidence that what I shot was a great picture okay what did I do are rarities I'm fully connected I didn't know about this. Who? That's that's good okay, so thanks spread I still don't need you for one okay now so so moving the person well great debt creating majors now let's move our bride in debt position there because I've got a beautiful natural light coming there although it's low light they're still nice light I make her aware debt I make her aware that this is where my lighting coming whatever you do don't move your face away from the camera from the light not the camera okay to relax a little bit I'm going to say darling come on let's let's party let's yes is going for it going on I better ever camera shit yeah, that better okay movement movements that it and yeah okay what did you do there? What did you do there? Her arm up danger danger danger we don't want to do that so if you have your arm up look att is that a good picture? No she's not going to buy it so we make sure that our every shot I took it's glamour's but I don't mind taking a couple of short I don't want her to be aware that I'm I'm avoiding your can I ask a couple quick technical questions? Well, I have you okay? So many people are asking about your white balance choice ok good question then also rob versus j peg which I know you covered but if you could just let you go again first over white balance white balance is important if you're doing commercial work or anything that's going to go and you're doing one shot for me to do white pennants it's like every short I'm going to take I'm going to the white ones are you joking? I'm going to take two thousand pictures today and and doing white palace for every image is impossible I trust my camera my campaign camera gives me beautiful white palace I live it auto white palace ok does it matter in reality doesn't matter because I'm should I I should roll when you should roll the cameras, capturing every information, it doesn't meet her. If you're white balance or black balance or whatever it is, the camera is capturing everything in post production that's where you can make an adjustment if you need to and you can't give your father without postproduction and it needs to be reaching where it is. So so I should I should draw, and I don't need to worry about white palace as faras j pick and roll rafa's is like shooting on negative j peg is like shooting transparency, which a peg you come to too much adjustments because everything is there, you can't bring out details, you can sew, you need to be one hundred percent perfect when you do the shoot. If you don't, you're going to have problems, you can't bring out details in the white and everything like that. I used to shoot j pick it many years ago because I'm confident what I do on my exposures are right, but now you using grow with the new software's like light room or a preacher, you can really bring out details more than what they're wass there so it's not a good idea not to should draw j peg sorry draw is a better, better profit, so I always should draw I own my camera, I do one card throw in the other car epic the jpeg will stay there forever because it's a big card and it captures everything so it's a backup and it doesn't it doesn't stress my camera so I have a backup just in case and they're all will be the one I used to depict will stay there if I need to go back today okay great thanks okay now okay that's slightly dark so my my exposure is going to be it's two this one twenty fifty four point five lead me have a look to see if it's correct okay that's great okay now now that I've got my my shot right let me in for the transmission do you want me to reduce the j pick file it would that give you a better faster transmission guys or it doesn't matter okay all right now look forward telling that it and stopped moving look toward the light there take gorgeous that was a beautiful shot with your other arm on that ending forward towards me and look forward towards me this way that's it lean forward slightly that's gorgeous and steady now I'm trying to discover the shape over bodies liking bring it out window slightly put your hand down I don't want all the shots like that they're on your waist on your waist put it on the way lean forward towards me look outside the window for a minute perfect and stay there you see the nose? I have to be careful that the nose okay just that's it beautiful perfect you see, I'm on slyly on their exposing it because I want the details it not to go in the whites and I'm quite called there's a movement their camera movement and I'm quite careful also not to have too much it'll because if you have too much eddo it's going to give you a lot of noise into the picture so I need to avoid it although I have us way toe clean that up but I want the white to the balance off the light and everything toby equal to the same way okay, so let me get my other lis and let me shoot the way I do yep I usually don't do that I just change cameras but because we couldn't connect it here I need to do this. Yes. What are you used? What settings do you have it on tau focused you have it on just point. Good question my focusing point keep on moving to where I want to focus so I moved with the butters the little daughter up and done where I want usually to face the ice I want the eyes to be shot so I keep on moving so up in dun depending where I'm framing the picture okay let's go slightly over here and we turned a light on at the big so what I'm going to do is there's a tanks in table top light you can get it at every bride's house all right by turning that off it's going to give me a bit of warmth in the background separation or flight okay that's good slightly move move over here so I went to the lighthouse on okay stay there okay curl your body and ask for word that's great stay there for a minute that turn your face slightly toward the window you see I want to paint her face with that beautiful light coming in turn slightly this way then forward chin down just a bit off drop that's it make sure the adamu seat into the picture that's it's great it's mine now that I think happy take a step forward towards me and stop that's great hands in just a bit updated beautiful okay that's that's quite a traditional picture in many ways now I'm trying to look for something that's going to make my pictures look different you know I will do those pictures interesting chair there so can you come down and just over there because I have to be careful of no no sit down on the floor write it big on that side go more for the big is it possible tocar cause close that curtains likely just for the shot so I won't get the camera in the background just a bit okay now lean forward on the table and it's good always to show her what you want to achieve because if I do that she knows exactly what to do so okay that's it let's start with the typical and is it possible to move that plant way please sorry sorry I'm not I'm not like this you know I usually do it myself but that's it all right let's do it another one it's great okay nice stay there yeah lean forward ok now let's utilize this put your face really lower that's it enough of it it's great okay perfect now can you move more over here so and bring your face forward that's it and put your ada that's it perfect look here a cz you were it's good for your hair slightly bet it bit its great care they fill your heads like this way nice you can give me that sexy look that go just beautiful and steady chin up a bit perfect that's that's that's beautiful you see how a simple pro product there will make the picture look interesting now I can improve that picture a little bit more so just changed my soul and then forward again now let's see just a bit off your arm coming like the dead sea going forward forward forward it'd bring your face fallen forward nice ok even more towards me they didn't look look over here nice don't puff up your hair too much that's it and look at the cameras you are don't let it turn your face more towards me okay can you straight you're on slightly their date it so it doesn't perfect great can I turn more towards me that it come on a street that gorgeous and nor you you're right to the right okay move back here that's it and lower your body lower your body life can you put your arm down and keep your fingers there yeah that's it put your fingers together no it's great steady tilt your head slightly side with this nice it's great now let's get that beautiful light on your face okay killed slightly this way nice I like the way the hair is making shadows on your face just be careful as long as the I is right beautiful and bring your face more towards me there you are perfect it's beautiful so off course we're saying seeing so many pictures there but the bride is not going to see all those pictures some of them are not what I want and try to edit you see for example if you look at that those pictures critically it's not what I expect but then I'm trying to find the best angle you see that it's becoming better put her finger hands together and that's that's becoming interesting picture you know s o so that's just a small texture at the front who would make the difference on the picture there's another one here we can take advantage for those type picture the only thing I was worried about is the shoulder on the right it's high so by covering her with her hair I eliminated the problem you see it's now all about her face but also the hands maybe they should go more under her teen so so okay now now while she's sitting there and she's relaxing I saw great shot there just relax again the way you were put put your hands together and look here that's it beautiful and give me a nice smile dated and ten turnaround toward the window you see the catch light in your eyes are so beautiful and look at the cameras you're perfect okay let's let's try different shots about way ask the question so highlight studios in the chat rooms ass I love these pictures but think it might be different with a non model which you don't know why you're saying that I don't agree with that I can achieve the same pictures with and that's what I want to show you no more than you challenged me and I want to show you our candy like it gave me oh catalina no okay darling, can you can you go there? Okay? I'm quickly going to change my list just sit on the floor again similar similar look with different okay just behind the table there because I want to utilize the climb pinto pick just go over there there there there there there beautiful and come coming forward toa why did you say you're gorgeous who looked at it that's it okay non model this is one of our photograph furs in a minute you're going to see what I'm goingto achieve okay I have a problem there were two planted the big so leave it there leave it there I'm going to just move her forward lean on the bed slide elected moreover here this corner sweetheart that's it and finger chin down a bit I'm not painting her face I'm going to want to date don't today I liked I liked the way it was sitting I'm just starting to recognize your face and see what the best the slyly killed chin down forward slightly up gorgeous okay, stay there for a minute. It was not a good one. Okay, here we go turned toward the window and look at the camera dated you know that you're gorgeous there it is it's a connection that I wanted a little bit off china's in her when I make a conference I know but you don't have to tell me, okay that it's perfect stay down and look not that it was a perfect look this's looking look at the camera now don't play with the hair too much and killed this way it steady and give me a soft smile now that's not a small debt it's perfect it's beautiful that's great look toward the window beautiful it was beautiful you think she she took the beautiful and look here just unturned it it's today so small I'm going really slow no you see the problem if you slow down you missed the moment they start posing for you it's very important so please understand okay thank you sweetie and look at it look at it if you have perfect light it doesn't mean that they don't need to be a model let's try you don't say it it you are going it's too okay see that call going there again hello how are you? Did you have a good day come more over here I don't want that plant behind you just treat your arm and go lower just that's it and lean forward towards me that's great steady and look towards the window there can you tell to your head and chin down and now expression hello I'm not taking pictures the cure and you look fantastic okay look here it says it's perfect with that you're gorgeous you know that don't you? I look here again you see I'm trying to communicate with their away from my eyes so she's more relaxed and that is you know if you have the perfect light model or know more than you're going to achieve good pictures look there tarrant that's what I want to achieve you know let's not forget the discos don't have makeup is the model has so you naturally beautiful so but I'm not saying you're not beautiful okay groom let's do a few shots shot with the groom it's it's much easier because we don't have those problem off not looking great and not looking I'll keep this doesn't matter you just sit down there on the okay now with guys I like it to be more roughed in okay that's it one foot forward towards me turned this way you see that's that beautiful light there so let me grab my camera yeah it's important guys I've got this thing and I'm missing the momenta monde I have to slow down for the camera and let me know okay that's great look forward look over here get it okay that's a serious look that's greater eid that's good stay there no look look over there and look here again perfect can you lean forward towards me that's it even more that it even more up a bit and turn your face towards the window no not don't look up just just there great okay look here perfect so is this what you do for living? No okay look here I heard you're going to saudi arabia or something that's good good on you okay you see did you realize that I haven't played with my exporters and or anything? I've left the camera on manual I know the light hasn't changed and most off my shot I shot with the same exposure so come over here and just move back a fraction hands in the pocket onto your jacket and fix your but I just keep on chin down a bit now fix fix it fix it gotten dated look away yeah and chin down a bit more lean forward towards me that's it and look here that's great hello great okay sweetheart, come into the picture okay when I bring the bride and groom together because he's got the black suit the black outfit it's going it's going to block the light so I put the bright always behind him so she blogger she's her dress is blocked by can you turn more towards the window? More, more and suit are now lean on him which chance that it that it and lean forward towards me that's great and stay there. Perfect. Okay let's do another one. Yeah brighter so small smile on your face that's it just tilted slightly this way hey, nice kimmy, look at him look at him for a minute okay I'm worried here off the hand you see that's the closest to the camera and when we look at the pictures it's going to look bigger than her face so we need to do something about it so if you're grabbing there and put your fingers there you see simply by doing that it will eliminate that problem because great picture her rent are not right so just do the same again turn towards me darling give him a hug would you face that the closer team that's it turn more towards me flatly and drop sideways just to be they show me your fingers there aren't off they said great and happy that they're beautiful but you see him in the picture you don't have to always show him or sure just said that separation and that beautiful lighting why do I need artificial light here? So let's let's try a few more shots turn towards each other okay, put your arm around him again that's it go put your body to him. Come forward slightly this way you see, I need the light to go equally on butt off them brad, come closer to or put your one arm arnor and you can grab his jacket just in the lower part of it and heads closer guys and look at that it was going to stay there, stay there okay brad looked water yeah they did and look at him now just like that can you come more towards me so I get more maury and look at him now beautiful perfect okay my going better slower yeah okay now let's try again another one named forward towards me turn your big towards me for a minute you're big towards me put your hand on the shoulder one on the other side drop your shoulder towards her bright no doc talk sideways no no that's that's kneeling down in front of it don't do that here yeah that's it that's it yeah that's great slightly this way dated it's great okay, now look toward her had been more open more that it came down a bit look look not the wrong place you're looking you look to her eyes that it kindles without any comfort closer to me come closer to me that's great and stay there chin down not too much not too much name forward you show me the neckline that it beautiful that was gorgeous okay you see a simple piece by simply cropping out things in the background and think that it becomes quite a romantic picture although they're not in romance she has a husband sorry husband but you'll lose your wife looks to be in love with this man way want tell him a secret it's a secret okay let's take a couple more shots off the bride here and then bred out two more off you okay so can you sit on on the age off that table there yeah and stretch your arms sideways so to curl your body towards me and turn your face stated that a beautiful can you put your no no keep it like that but cover your legs slightly with the dress with the dress that it perfect it's okay okay perfect don't forget lights coming from the side stretch your arm a little bit more like that that it that it's great and stay there okay stay there and look at the camera not oh don't turn your face too much that it came down a little that's great stay there I'm going to move in closer I'm going to utilize this silvery yeah lean forward towards me chin down a bit more that's great I want you to come more towards me more forward lower that even even chin down that's it our tiger come on and that and beautiful perfect look toward the light again that's great perfect beautiful okay now brad can you go right behind her on the cordon on dates if you sit down behind her that's it yeah okay now if I should from this position is going to look short today she's so I need to go up again okay that's not okay bright more work has more let on under your buttons off the vester not too serious look at it health is way bread not used your perfect more tilt I'm trying to create a triangle we came in the background all cadet it dead light you see the lamps at the back they create an effective it wants out the picture mom loved discovering care but I think it's putting a distraction so sorry mom I don't want to rearrange your house but it just doesn't work that's it that's great but let go let go let go that it that head it was a gorgeous moment off her yeah that's perfect nice and can you stand up now broaden let's see stand up hands in the pocket that it turned term or toward the window just to be that it that's great okay guys relax looked looked towards me created great you're shooting like a snail there that's male shooting what's that john no I'd like to slow down just a bit today unfortunately okay that's great yeah that's beautiful sweet okay brad a bit more interaction or do something that it got to her give her a hug give her high come on brad it's all right her husband is not here so you can afford to do that okay don't cover her body I'm always against you see exactly what he what he did guy's hand tend to hold their promise and for me that she is pregnant we don't want you teo you'll see what a great moment that wass I hope I friend it correctly let's see? Okay brad yeah that that was quite a good beat yourself just okay the way she looked there she looked towards him and the light is not right on her so I brought come off it this much other have less light on you than her okay stand up stand up just get it typical that she's going to do the hard job she's going to play with the picture that's a gorgeous no case without move move look here that it can have a bit bride lean on herbie that's it good and perfect okay okay if you stand up after decision I'm going to show you how I use video light and pictures like that come towards me in sweet talk just cross your on there that it and brought more more over here that's it okay and turn turn around this way that's it brad look at her look bring your eyes over here on decided dated yeah that's great perfect it's chin down a bit more that small dot let's not make it really betted gorgeous and another small gone and perfect okay okay let me talk to you about this fast shooting what it is all about because it gets confusing I usedto be very slow shooter when I used to use hustled on the hustle blood large format each role was twelve twelve shorts and I used to take picture and suddenly I didn't realize her rise were caused. Her expression was not great that was the best picture and I was stuck to it because I shot only two images. Then video came in video came in and this video guys were going and free phrasing a frame off the best moment it was a challenge I can't afford to do that. Now that digital came my first second shorts are not the real shots it's when she relaxes when she goes so so what you see here on the screen most of it will be eliminated. There will be only one or two pictures left off the perfect picture because if I show are all these pictures for example the last one is not a great expression, so I'm not going to show the bride this picture so it's very important that she only sees the beautiful picture so we have this advantage to take a lot of pictures. Yeah, I can now do another way I can do the bride to stand here, okay? Yes, slightly turn your face, bring your face for chin down a little bit, turn okay, freeze there I'm going to look for the perfect moment until okay, tilt one more, okay, I waited for her expression to get to get great, great moments but it's becoming static now she's waiting toby posed and when she starts to post its very much post picture I want to find in the middle of that beautiful moment that she didn't expect it was going to clicked that's what I'm looking for I'm not looking for the picture ditches posing I'm looking for the next picture that she's not posing so by going click click click I will achieve it and if you realize for the last I have never changed my arm speed because it's it's the same I haven't never changed my picture it's the same because the lighting has not changed this week so how many pictures do you show the bride on average on a waiting I shit about two thousand two thousand but there's a lot of variety and they're not in the same spot like this I always take them many different I might go for a walk around the block and when you work with the couple you discover so many nice things I might take them into a bar or a restaurant or a cafe after lunch usually they're quite so put them next to window natural light coming people say okay seattle it always rains we can take them out god who are you know that their tanks the light if you go next to the window later I'll show you let's pretend this is not a bedroom brad go next to you wife temporary wife date is gaga over here guys now it can ever okay both of you sit on let's make it relax let's have it let's pretend we're we read about you sit down next to her but you sit down there and make it relax you're having drinks you're relaxing brad can turn towards your wife more okay so I just turn your face towards me slightly so I can see your face okay let's create the atmosphere off a bar there's a window light and the interior lights at the at the bar okay go going hey found just talk to him how was your wedding? You see now she turned her face she turned to look at him look at him that's it and I will go in the side and shoot shruti stays okay, brad they're beautiful to see that that next shot will be so the utmost fear that artificial light in the background and the combination will create great moments and continuously by shooting those moments you will achieve a great shot. And then when I called to me gave me that smile you see that's that created the moment so that's what I'm looking for I'm looking for that second moment that he doesn't pose anymore so that makes it more really unnatural so I set them up in a position I want and take the pictures you said how many's shoot but how many do you actually show the bride after the fact as little as possible? Eight hundred I will be tough when I did my work I will always try to go under eight under devyn if I showed four thousand pictures we laid it down eight hundred so when you have the best shots you showing her she does he can't eliminate anymore because I've done the elimination I've taken all the pictures that so what I'm showing her is a complete package and to create an album out off that eight hundred it's going to be a hard job for it to select a hundred or two hundred images. So I like to have a hundred two hundred fifty pictures in a novel because that will give me quite a nice variety toe work if I have more, I don't know where to fit them, so the less I have, the better it is so hundreds if she comes with hundred fifty pictures that's quite a big album so I look for three thousand eight hundred, then we go down to one hundred and eight, one hundred has to be the most amazing pictures. Okay, awesome. Thank you you're okay? So any questions on the internet? We have a slew of wei have time for one way we might get somewhere when you come back stanley asked would you prefer to err on the underexposed side rather than the overexposed side to help with highlights I prefer slightly under expos because off the off the white white race simply because off that usually fbi didn't have white place I would have over exposed if it was the groom by himself I could over export but if I don't I lose the details off the dress that's a disaster because she spent so much money on that trace and I need to show her all the details so I work for the bright the groom is not a problem but the reality is looked you're seeing a j pick file in front of you that's already not much to do to it you know it's a great picture and and finding environments like this studio like indoors is always good always easy you know in california and they might say oh are our cities so bright the sun is always up there if that's the problem going indoors where the light is coming like a studio light is basically those window lights there are creating the studio light effect their dead like the book I hate I hate to go outdoors it's midnight and the when the light is coming from the top that's going to create such a bit image so even if it's a bright day if you take them undercover like under a shed or something and shoot in that bright day you will get beautiful pictures, so don't get the light from top skated from from an angle and try to avoid flushes. Monster, responsible dough. I need flasher, I don't. And even if it's lower light, if you, if we turn all the studio lights here off us, will have even better light, because this is the slightest from all over the place that once we turn those off, I'm going to get much more exciting images. So so this is not advantage. Actually, this is this is a disadvantage.

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