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Shooting: Capturing the Emotion

Now to be can how confusing space to be fair there is something that is quite that says um last time to be playing this game come by let's say fun rome face you know I like to friends a lot about that it's something that I found is what way play five way something yet this back I like what you've got lips may from can't school go with flow and bruises used to talk in heaven no but bradley is madly in love with this may there is no how are you? You know I like to dance a lot about something that I found this hydra found wave bye bye on way somebody get this fuck like that you get I'm gonna get a drink will think too get that way I may not mean everything tio can be only one beacon camp way told me so I have a lead I think that maybe I'm just going crazy trying well out of way the way they were all those beautiful musics are from people scoop I love the company roy is the most amazing person to work with there always even if I call in midnight he replies the phone and he's always there s...

upporting that's great off course if you don't know people scope you can get all your legal musics and you can play back through your slice shows and presentation it's it's quite a good value okay now this is what we used to have fun when we did presentation with joe I use period on my camera for professional and here god uses them for muster so this is just saying it zit doesn't matter how you should do as long as at the end he looks good I came now I'm goingto incorporate natural light with a bit of artificial light let's use the video light first can we put the tank stan thanks turn on it yeah okay let's get out beautiful bright well, darling your husband he should look after you it doesn't buy all the diamonds everything you want or his he promised you you realize but I'm talking about your real husband you see he's good you see when I when I married I promised I'm gonna buy her everything and she still waiting promise as long as she's happy that's that's making okay now I'm doing this on purpose to toe create the contrast off the natural light is blue light and artificial tanks the light is red warm so if I should for the I'm going to demonstrate this tomorrow I'm going to work on some of those images tomorrow so we'll see what we'll achieve because if I correct the tanks the light and make it in tow natural skin tone the background is going to fall blew and blew and blew that's going to create a beautiful european movies it's it it nearly introduces this romantic three dimensional shots so let's let's give it a try I don't know if the light is too hard at the big butt okay that that was good you know everything is good but I don't like those pillows let's just tore them out it's not our so does meter now look a like hey let me do my exposure first so I'm going to push my eyes so slightly high I'm going to go two thousand two thousand and let's see okay let's get that light from an angle that's it that's beautiful perfect slow down slow down okay we don't need to go okay that's great okay now wanting this hand off years can you move it more closer to your body that perfect that's feel okay can we give more light through that just even if you need to go clothes and and move more towards me that's it that's beautiful that's a beautiful warm like that perfect now look toward the light for a minute they're at it it's perfect okay chin down a little bit nice it's beautiful that's great orchestrated for mina let me do a more creative angle chin down a little bit more and even no closer to me just a bit dated lean forward slightly that's it perfect beautiful that's great stay there okay great okay let me do a slightly different angle okay, now we can see those pillows okay okay let's move that light slightly closer to the girl not to the bride that it and that's going to steady look how romantic deadly can't they'd like become suddenly or continue face lightly there that it eyes down nice perfect okay okay it's nice can you come now closer yeah just nearly your face over here that is beautiful and no don't hug it just the way you were sitting there nor your change slightly come closer closer dated and look toe can you fix your dress over there please just that part sorry dolly okay that's it nice enough it's great perfect okay give me an expression looking toward the light and sin down just a bit that it's great okay you see already without playing with the picture it's quite red but I'm going to fix that and you see how the big grand start to become quite blue and that's where I'm going to bring out okay if you see the picture this line slightly this is where the problem is ok they told her so let's hear that it come closer now I st st perfect now I'm not too excited off the charity bake round let's see let me copy the different way that's good perfect that's great yeah and I said I tend toward the light again and that's it that's great can you put your hands together that's it nice and ten more for toward the video life okay can I get you right behind the bright okay just move slightly way and slightly over here hand in the pocket can you lean more now bring your face to the yeah that's it moreover here just more over here just with more dated nice to stay they're great now take off your jacket undo your buttons okay you see sometimes mayor men are dressed but this is not him every day so let's give that casual look with which is you take a take off the jacket just lightly throw it no no don't put it there just throw it on that on the background here that that that it sit down and actually let me let me sixty told her it is easy to see through it and you don't know what I want so that's it that's it there ok just sit down there under your jacket and can I get the bow tie on but still on you ok it's this chest let's hang it there and under your jacket just a button okay now sit down don't get the wrong ideas I'm just going to try to grab a natural sexy shots with a couple we're not being too sexy ok you can yeah you see woman women touch is always requite let's try maybe let's try to hang in there that's it I'm going to say sorry for the income for okay now okay sweetheart just leaned towards me slightly can you I need a bit of height and connected video light slightly over this is our bread will get a bit of it also not too much because he's he's in the background okay moron they're bright there's actually good light coming on him also so it's a combined debt it's beautiful it's a combine lighting okay okay let's get more light on the girls they're perfect so that put your arm down a little bit of bones yeah that lynn lynn toe lean on your chest that it great steady okay look towards her that's gorgeous and leaned towards her slightly more lean lean forward bring your other arm into the picture and bread move away from that bread bright light go right to the bake right to the big where the table is and lean on that wall with your back I'm getting to see the light is too much different yeah just lean on the table just lean comfortably and with you back just normal like their teeth perfect that's what I want that's great beautiful okay yeah okay bring your hands into the picture just your fingers yeah that that's good here that's nice okay perfect shake your hand dated and stay there lean forward put your hand under detain they okay let's go low with the light and sweeter look toward the light there that said it was go just putting your head down they said they're they're perfect ok that's that's quite a nice look okay let's put you together again we can't always tell you in the background you're um you're ok let's get the bride in the background this time let's okay yourself on this ah just normal sitting that it you've got it perfect okay let's let's get light also on him now there's a nice light coming on his face you see the bright faces being blocked by the natural life but if you see the picture it's a combine light there's a bit off blow on the left and the busy ofthe tanks turn on the light I love I love that mood I loved that movie it creates such a beautiful mood okay now let's do the same now with the grooming in the four I have more light now in the groom so just okay brad turn your face toward the window actually you're doing the dance okay stay there exposure is not right okay that was overexposed okay sorry guys I'm quite particular what I see in the background I'm not too excited about this into background so let me okay that's it let's try again okay that's it radley lean toward me locator forget the camera ok stay there was my exposure yeah that's good okay stay there again yeah and look toward the window for minute darling can you move behind just do what you want just movement into the background they showed me the legs and show me that and move move keep moving and get move most without more moving no no that that doesn't no no don't do that don't don't don't show it on purpose I don't want that to happen just sexy without overdoing it don't forget I'm a waiting for the right offer I'm only waiting for tiger offered come forward through that come forward come towards me and come and give him a hug come and give him a hug from brad okay interacted score just okay put your arm around him around just just cuddle gets it that it and let me see yeah that's it that's great and brad chin up a bit yeah it's gorgeous stay there for a minute okay slow down your front I'm not too used to the slowdown business I mean I'm getting excited and it's going sorry technology still not there guys it's no one's fault just technology to slow its going to get there eventually when we yeah that's that's beautiful that's gorgeous see you playing with his bow tie and bread just a bit of emotion just there to look at the camera actually that's beautiful steady okay slightly this way brett yeah that's it great darling you can put your chin on is that it's perfect beautiful okay whay were for them behind the gate my fault sorry I've been told not to slow down year one slow down the camera can't catch up I love how you're slowing yourself down now, okay, you want your question? Yeah, while we're waiting for those images to thank you guys, you beautiful there's been quite a few questions that have come up you're on about time management, so the questions are kind of like how long do you spend while the bride and groom are preparing? How long you're doing this for the rest of my career? One hour for the bride and one hour right for the group in australia I know mostly here you do the meeting off the couple before the wedding, before the church in australia. We we don't do that we the groom meets the bride when she walks down the aisle. So that's that's the tradition there. So I go to the bride, I go to the grooms so their individual shot with their families with their parents and we all go to the service and that went the bride meets the bride meets the groom or the groom meets the bright and so you do all the creatives after the ceremony, the creative shots are done after the ceremony and the idea is good because I need my coffee, you know, the wedding so I say guys, I'm sure you want to drink, so why don't we go for a drink? Let's go drink usually ii by their drinks also you know when we go to a bar or cafe I said come on guys what do you want champagne and I love to champagne because it gives nice shorts for disher buy them drinks talked to them become friendly with them and when they're relaxing I start shooting you see and usually when I go to a bar I look for this type of situation this time I love the type of lighting you know I put them in a moody moody place and create a good atmosphere and start to shoot you know now now our groom is starting to relax because it's become him is not posing anymore good on uber all right excellent and we have a lot of people in the chapel was curious about the light that you're using could you explain that one more time? Okay this dislike the idea off the tanks the light to me came about twenty years ago I was I did go to the beach the lead me I went to the beach in I went there once sunset beautiful sunset and the typical wedding shot bride and groom hold and look at each other the sun falling I had enough of the picture for many years ago and I went to the beach again the bride requested we went dun dun on the cost and there was twenty brides line up to get the sun the picture there was no room for me to squeeze in so I went on the other side of the beach and and when you go on the asked their side off the sunset there's a beautiful blue sky that's where the real life light is that's where the beautiful sunset is going to fall on the couple and that's the wall picture not the sunset picture I said great this is great but the light was so low and I had film those days eight hundred and it was going to be slow hand held I was lucky to have the video guy next to me I said, look, I don't have flash can you turn your video line let's give it a try I put the video light on she became gold, he became gold and the one who wants you color corrected after in post production the sky became deep blue deployment and it was while picture in twenty years I've been doing this I dropped my flash for a video light first it was the normal video like the tanks than light. Now the debt was very low, low life because battery would have lasted me an hour maximum now I'm using those led lights they're not as good as the tanks, the light but they're getting there the led lights any led light will do just with a bit off jail or the thiss one has a heavy tax, the light you can create that atmosphere dead. Look so it's, it's, magic and it's not heavy it it will go forever with those lights and it's ah it's a great product. Excellent! Excellent! It doesn't get hard. That's, right? The tank's still life gets really hard. So there's there's a lot in the market. Even my friend jerry jones he's got one. I think it's called ice light you know this? You shop around and see what's this one I had with me because I had it in my bag and I just lifted. Filled it up and take it. But it doesn't matter what what deputies, as long as it does the job. And there were a few a few questions in the chat room about how often you preplanned the light near post production and you base your image based on how you edit it later. So when you're everything I should everything I take, I imagine how it's going to end up. I imagine how it's going to end up so that's. Why I'm careful also that they chair. There is a beautiful chair by itself but it was not flowing nicely with waiting, so I wantto organize this good when I capture it so I don't want him I don't need to do stupid things like removing chairs anything so I make sure the pictures is great day now we work on the picture to achieve now those pictures for me are beautiful black and white way did tanks the light add a bit off cpr tone it will be quite a nice body picture and and also it's very important in the post production you see that's great! I can sell this to the bright but this is not a finished picture. This is out of the camera. I will take it to the next generation next next day where it's going to be a beautiful picture. Bye, vinny getting a little bit because wien eating not many people like to do it, but I love the knitting because the meeting will take your eyes straight to the subject where you rise won't need to be no distractions rather so it with photo shop we can do beautiful vineyard things wherever you want so I'm going to show you all those techniques to take those images to the next next generation tomorrow, tomorrow morning I'm going to work on some of this toe go where I want now are we finished? We're good okay, now let me show you how I use flash it's similar similar technique, but uh okay brad, can you come here for a minute, please? Here we really don't need a flash but it's the sake off the demonstration so I'm going come forward that it hand in the pocket that's great. Okay, now basically the light is not good on him so I need a feeling or let me get that siri yeah let's okay. Is that green okay this's an example off when you go to knight street shots nightshade you want to get the bank runt beautiful you don't wantto under exporter of overexposed the background but you maybe want to make sure that also the exposure on him is perfect so if you can we lord does just a bit actually the other one the other one lived at one like that leads to the other one so we we create a nighttime utmost feel so I need to use the flight that it okay now, before I start using my flash I'm going to take a shot off the off the surrounding so I'm going to make sure that the surrounding is correctly okay, where is it? Our charities okay, you see, the big the background is quite all all right, can you turn more this way so let's avoid it let's bring the other one's guys done I totally trying to avoid the day like in the picture yeah, that's better okay let's me let me try one more time for the background that it put the jacket on our own for for a minute okay you see that's practically I've exposed for the background the background looks good there's enough details there but of course the grooms faces in the darkness can I get the flash over here? Let me turn the flash on now so if you move over there just lightly there and I like to hold the flashlight the higher so the shadows will fall behind him in hk let's let's try this now. Okay it's coming it's coming okay charities you see how it makes the difference and thanks to the new technologies off those flashes you're you're achieving amazing pictures without so this way I've got everything perfectly lit the day isn't enough light on the group and the background now bradley till till slightly this way that's it get perfect ok now let's get our bride into the picture come come from decide I want a bit of interactions without what I want you to do take a step forward and walked towards him take a step for okay this is going to be also click click click click but let's try to do click, click and click all right that's trying let's try let's try okay walk towards him and when you arrived there just put your and his little beach I boy okay just bring him out ok go go go all right is it going off here beautiful okay yeah give him a hug give him a hug turn you face slightly towards me you see that flashes working magic now that's great okay you see this this is what you can create but this is not my cup coffee if I don't have a choice I have to do it I'll do it but I don't enjoy this anymore because there's always there are artificial look about it although it's the faces more detailed everything but I love shadows I love toe to create those shadows more into the picture let's tow the same picture without without the flash and see how more exciting it is cam I'm going to turn this flash off okay now I'm going off course I'm going to change my position because I'm goingto work with the natural light okay they stay there for a minute guys okay can we just a bit more here it's better okay go for him come forwards without I wanted light on your face states it beautiful stay there for a minute see that picture is sliding over exposed but it's becoming more interesting more you know the depth of field and it's e I can work out better real result with this because it's all natural the shadows and everything because more interesting you know so as long as you've got that your light even if it's a rainy day outside and you're inside it's still can achieve it the lower light I love it even better this is too much for me the lower light it is the more exciting it will be and once you bring their toe photoshopped toe process it you know it can become magic stay there in their position can you come forward just a bit so I get more light on you just lean forward that's it that's it you see the what I'm looking at now is the texture on the table the bride and groom looking towards me come forward sweetheart just a bit more they'd look at the brand smile later that's it see that's that's picture anything I can work out after you see when I work in fortune shop I will pick up areas and bring out the details that's what's going to make it three dimensional you see there's beautiful light coming on their table utilizing their table getting rid off the big round because I have no choice here I need to work on the background just clean up the thing it's going to be such a beautiful picture and this is not finished I can't show this to my bride but I'm denying it I'm unlike to you because I will show this to my bright this's watches his first I don't finish on the pictures I never finished the pictures because if I give her eight hundred pictures, I'm not going to work on eight hundred pictures that's waste oftime utilize that time making money, not playing with pictures because she's only going to buy one hundred pictures and I'm not going to sit down and work on it imagine my studio does hundred weddings a year, working on hundred weddings, each picture by eight hundred it's a lot of images, so I know what I'm going to achieve. It's beautiful it's, it's, it's it looks good, but I want to say surprise also to happen after we start designing the album after so the bride will select proofs from those images and then she we tell her we're educated that the magic is gonna happen, it's fifty percent off our work there have been so many questions that have come up about that, so I'm glad that you're addressing that you don't pick your ten favorite and at those and I don't pick my ten favorite, but she doesn't see until the album I wanted, you see, I don't want the excitement to finish early. I might run a inaction aura filter, but it's not finished, it just gives a nice so we can put it on the blogger facebook and things like that, so she's got pictures quickly but when she knows that it's going to become even better when it's work for the album so what she sees and we don't choose my favorite for the for the block those are left off for after I want when we designed that album, I want her to go suppose well, where did this come out? Because you say, oh, yeah man, I love this picture and I can't see my proofs I said, you know, that way that's gonna happen after just wait so she's always excited too three months after the wedding, she's still going for it? So it's it's all about in another important thing? Also, we educate our client that our bombs can't be finished in one month, two months, three months this is this is art and you can't pay paint art in one day if you want to know and we have samples, you want this or this, this is one month this is three months, same price, which one do you want? And I know which one she's going to want and that way I've dedicated my client. Did you have to wait? So so in many ways facebook is good because if we put the flowers on facebook on her facebook and she always is so she's not desperate to see more pictures, then she'd get a the proofs on online for she says he's dead so this stage is where we got to go this way she has to wait you said you never update your blogger in your facebook with your favorite images to kind of x I used to do that quite a lot then the two years I'm being free we're doing everything it's everything start done I didn't and it was not good because you need to do it always now we doing on the facebook on the on the on the block but again I shot like twenty weddings in the last two months and you know I can't eat them but for this for this presentation I did finish a lot off them and so their seats on so your questions are just pouring in now about all of this are we going to get into this in more detail in the next two days or yes yes yes tomorrow tomorrow morning there'll be a little bit off post production how we're going to go and then there's going to be are born and work on some off those beautiful images I took them what I took today in what I take on the real waiting day it's not the same because I'm talking also in the wedding they are busy taking pictures are goingto my world I disappear into the world nothing else exists at the dead bride groom and me it's not about me it just me serving their me giving them what they wanted so so I because I've become a bridesmaid on the day I make sure that everything is perfect so and why not you know, she's paying me to do that and that I'm there to to look after that's my priority I forget about everything else make sure that this girl gets what she wants and the guy also could be your new slogan I am the bride's maid on the day of your life I am I am I'm deprived me tio you know all days bridesmaid used to do a lot of job this day's they come in all right what next? You know, they hang out they don't they don't say different day so I need to help to go make sure that everything is right you know even sometime my assistant meeting meeting mrs thing so I'll make sure that she spent three thousand dollars on the dress it needs to look good in the pictures you can make it messy. Also I will show you some techniques in the photo shop course howto iron the dress howto cleanup wrinkles and things like that it's it's quite fun way of doing it excellent one more questions along these lines and then we'll move back our girl asked how do you educate the bride while showing her the unfinished pictures that she can't visual when she can't visualize the final okay very good question the first thing first first I want many years ago I wanted time from the bright I wanted the bride to give me enough time so I can shoot what I want to shoot and it was hard five o'clock waiting that the sun is down and we couldn't do it so so I offered a couple of bright let me shoot your waiting for nothing so I can I can create a beautiful album so I didn't do it because here is a feeble so I can do your job you have to pay me back by giving me the time I'm doing the job you give me the time so a couple of bright agreed I create a beautiful albums and the samples were there and what you sure is what yourself? So I created beautiful albums and now continuously we have upgraded brand new albums now we did all the summer shoot australia just we came out ofthe summer so I've got like maybe twenty albums that r will have it displayed in the studio why twenty albums can't wantto know it can't because you might get a blond bride you might get an indian bride you might get a chinese bride yeah, they like the other pictures but they want to be related to the to the actual book and it's surprisingly, it does happen because one bright might get married at at the hilton and said that's where my wedding is in you have some sometimes I want to see how it looks and she start relating or I'm going to where they choose well I like this because she start relate to date right? Because sometimes the most gorgeous bride stonework is noble because they're gorgeous albums but cursed country late to eat yeah this is a model she doesn't look really so I get that problem was so you know some of my best looking brides are not what sells me what says means is the real girl a real girl who's having the other one also is a real goodbye she's too pretty and men not many brides can relate with them it because problems girls you all have problems you think you don't look good but you all have amazing features everyone off you're so so but that's the case that's a normal thing everyone goes through that so we have enough albums in the studio so we can look looking one off the girls with one and we mark it done they like this person's album and that's a risk and it automatically we know what they like what the style they want and we already guide ourselves towards the teacher when I take a because I don't see the clients myself my my wife and my danny look after the girls so I don't know they are I meet them one week before the wedding so you already I start introducing myself it's fresh and it's great they go seo I love what you do in whatever okay I say yeah I have a note here you like this album are being dead album baker say look this is nothing better than this you're gorgeous I promised them better I always promised them better every girl comes elected I say they did but they sold it to something you let's create your because I can't repeat the same shot you know there's a shot off mine in front of the shop with the bride's bacon looking that the most requested picture the shop is gone the bride's dress is not the same everything or or I fear I have years ago I had a shot off a girl's back with the grooms and honor bomb and the dress was up it was similar dressed like this so he was holding her back so I'm not gonna let you don't worry he was holding her back side and it was showing off to his friends you know they've been to the box's night and charity look my wife how gorgeous c so I saw the moment afflicted took tick took the shot but what the picture worked nicely was because off her here the blue blue dress because dresses itwas quite exotic that falling her soon her the way he is and what it was perfect so it was a moment after that many bright because we had that displayed in the studio many brides cues to come because I love that picture it doesn't matter what they were or how they looked the brunch goes okay really I'm bred the event and I took the shot but it will it never ended up to be the same because it can't repeat the same source so I said don't worry about it because sometimes they come with a lot of books pictures some off their mind some of them off other for that I want is I want is I want it I love to do all these girls but we have ten days to do all those shots you know it can't happen leave it to me if you trust me I will deliver it for you let me create the pictures on the day because I can't remember what you requested let me see what I see and let me create those things it's hard also how many times you can create new positive cunt but you make it look like with backgrounds in light and everything make it looks slightly different and what the difference is the person the person in the picture so it's it's ah it's a great way off working around it ok what I'm going to do now I'm goingto shoot a little video video you have want to video graph for okay three years ago four years ago at w p p I went when mark to wasn't marked or mark one came with a video camera wasn't my kwan does anyone remember too to when it came with video cameras we were all surprised why would cannon put a video camera in our normal camera what what the reason for it okay I know what the reason wass kanan was looking after the photo journalist not us kanan kanan was saying photojournalists is working by himself now instead of a video camera guy so it's a small he goes toe iraq foreign sample is going to film he can take pictures and film and send it to the news so so photojournalist is too film and take pictures but I said okay is awaiting photograph for what can I do out of this this is something new video guys they're my friends I work with video guys many people take them as enemies because they interrupt or whatever but if you're friends with the video guys you can help each other you know many times I got to the video guy and say look do you want to set up your light for you while you're doing something else because they have all those equipment in the church if they set up the light I look outside myself if I have these lights like this it's going to work I don't need flesh so I set up his lights we bought our happy and no one is so he helped him I'm a good guy and I have myself or so I'm going to get good light so so that's how we've been working but three years ago when this camera's came I said ojo this's going to be a challenge now we're going to get the video guys excited about this camera and they're going to come up with new product and in the nineteen eighties we had the same problem when video features came out and video guys were capturing great moments cropping it close up and everything so we started to affect my our business and I felt this were happening to years ago with one off the good video guys in melbourne that eyes to work quite a lot he started to go early to the bright and why's it going early and I realized that before I work in the room he was taking a lot of shots off the bar pictures and videos then he was creating albums and offering a cheaper price local can do it cheaper and this was a great good friend of mine so that that really upset me I said guys video is a different product photographs is it? If I can never be a video graph for because I can't it's a moving picture you guys know that it's it's it works different way but in many ways the video graph it can't be a photograph are also to capture the moment so I took the day I got the first samples cannot give me this examples and said play with the video so it was hard I went to waiting I tried to combine video and pictures it didn't work but what I thought wass okay this camera I can tilt it horizontal vertical vertical horizontal wow this is great video heavies in a vertical video nowadays yes I found does it but a few years ago vertical video who does vertical video no one so so I created I created a vertical video with my stills horizontal so I created the presentation for can elected it was interesting I proved I put on ve me or telling people will say oh this is different not a great video graphic but it's interesting so I said all right now if my camera the same camera that capturing the video and the shutter is not opening you know the mirror less camera before why candy I use it as a photographic camera and let it run instead ofthe one frame wait a second is it okay? Let's bring them and I'll show you what I mean and three, four years ago the authorities if you want headache all right now okay so it's interesting if we can utilize this camera instead off the video functions why don't I utilize it is ah is a photographic camera but the shutter is broken and it's still all it's always open so I experimented with this okay what what the idea wass why why can't I capture moments without them realising that I'm shooting so let's shoot okay guys do whatever you want that it I will marry you beautiful house and wife you may look towards me and send me a kiss that's beautiful so so what I'm doing basically even if I go vertical which is not for you guys I'm basically can't capturing moments moment I call it sex s e c s six not not take steve got baking bread ideas there guys so so it's this's the matter running continuously capturing moments you see my cameras is recording all this can you know let's let good good lighting can you come over his without just in front of your partner just lean on him with your big so I I don't because off the camera the broadcast I can't see what I'm doing I have to look that that it now turn your face toward the light now can you push her forward push her forward and I need a bit more light on your face if you come forward just to be turned towards you come forward more tent just curve towards the that's it all right now what if I create the moment okay move a little bit more they had to stop and look around look toward the window that said let's darken it a little bit so what I'm doing, I'm capturing every frame, every frame tomorrow what? I'm going to show you how I can easily convert this into pictures. And I saw these three years ago happening it's going to happen and this year and I talked three years ago. Thank you guys. That's, that's all I need for the video. For three years ago I predicted that this is going to happen. The farts are going to go become better and better and gets what can introduce the four case. And all the video carries so four came is twice the resolution off this film. I will show you how beautiful pictures I can kept you out of the frame out of this. So so and this is what's going to happen in our industry. Now video and photograph is coming closer and closer wei cannot become photograph is we cannot become video graph is so which direction we're going to take this amazing, beautiful videos out there. Amazingly beautiful videos and those guys can easily capture us frame out of date and it's going to be even better next year and it's going to be even better in five years time so it's a moving picture the same list, the same camera and it's going to be sharp pictures and eventually it's going to be raw video so they're going to kept your off us. So ask photographs are we finished? Is the video graph? We're going to do everything and we're going to look at their picture and see I used to are we goingto work with technology, in my opinion, bring it to me, guys let's, let's do it so what's going to stop me tomorrow and I'm planning this already. I'm organizing toby a director have to video graph firs, one photograph for and me shooting and most of this thing I'm controlling with my ipad control one camera, then control the other camera on dh I'm directing video production with pictures of me so so be alert be aware ofthe those things or I'm a purist I only do when it clicks the shutter. I was not born with the chatter, I don't think my mom had a shattered to give it to me to my human mating. Such technology changes for hundreds of years hundred year old, it didn't change, but this last years it's changing so we need to move with technology we need to move forward and and now I'm most of the time I'm putting a warning that if I should with the video guy, I don't want himto take stills and I I don't want him to utilize those things then I want a contract you anymore or I won't be your friend anymore type of thing you know if you don't because I don't want them to sell pictures cheaper than what I do especially when they're showed shooting over my shoulder we've always been friend we always have worked together so I wantedto work to continue being liked it so guys if your father rather take pictures if your video golfer take video so we can all stay together and be friends when I'm looking in a way that this guy's there it's amazing like they're unfortunately I can't shoot there let's get you over here because the light is going lower can you see down there that that was good world way across cover your dress just like this with her takes it okay let me start okay I have to be careful what I I'm not because this is the typical case did not everywhere is perfect so what I like to do is capturing goes on images are away from my face it looks good because I'm a professional photographer you know I can capture anything but sometimes I cut the head off but it doesn't matter as long as I look good that's that's a painting okay now turn your face like leader perfectly me see how it is just second yeah moved by what I'm seeing here I love the light falling on this chair here some summer I'm going to try to incorporate the texture in the backgrounds on tryingto work out which angle I'm going to take it that it's going to look good way had a question about how you earlier you were talking about communicating with brides beforehand and how they come with big you know ideas of how many images that's right once yes did you ever accept a style board or a pinterest board or anything from them okay, I say look if you're hiring me trust me I do the same for the album look we can sit down here hours in our design the album but if you trust me to capture the date trust me also to finish your album you know it's no use why don't you do it yourself take your own camera think getting married that smile and take no it's not about that I want I want me to be a little bit in charge not to take the show off I'm not goingto play their wedding just I'm going to play in the photo shoot that's what I'm hired for to take the shot so I really would would prefer the guy the girl gives me the freedom and believe me once you build up your brain your your name and everything the colored girl comes and say they're bandits all yours and they're probably hiring you obviously for your your aesthetic and your style, do you? Ever though I feel like you learn kind of there what they're after, what their style is like if they're more playful and they want to go to a bar in ueno that the minute I said to go well, I've been enough in the industry to understand what she would like to see, so I will understand her style and she will tell me, look around, we're gonna have a classic look way don't want ali ways we don't want graph it is we want a beautiful shop so beautiful street, short or beautiful staircase is when they start telling me their story, I will already get what they want and they were not work in their house and I'd look at her and watches dressed and what it will make you tell me the whole story. We have a question from vic chalfont from arkansas that asked, is your von ever have a customer that is not satisfied with his work? And if so, how does he handle that? You're going to get that every now and then I don't get also myself I too get also customers who were expecting something and I didn't deliver and there's three only solution is to talk to them and crowd create something for them we had we had the bright gorgeous bride and vito my my other shoe drive me and vi tar shoot us peter should the waiting it was a beautiful coverage everything but the bride's mother didn't like her seven that picture didn't want her husband in the picture didn't want tiss didn't want it so she gave us our time because she wants paying the money I designed the album it looked amazing it looked fantastic but because she wass wearing a textured trace the mother there was a bit off movement into the trace you know it was the digital problem and when the album came back the mother hit the roof my dress is not looking good I'm not looking good and it was only a small picture I said I'm not going to fix it anymore you shouldn't have worn this it's not my fault you shouldn't have controlled the album because she took over I said this is it you wanted us to redo the album I said this is it, she said I'm going to take youto chipping off small smoking I said take me wherever you want I'm not going to do it again so and she did me and randy went to the trouble of our escape first but I'm no I'm not guilty so we went we set in front of the judge, she said, because I'm not happy about the wedding I want all my money big he just said ok, if you want your money back are you going to return the album back? No no I want to keep the album she said fine your granddaddy owned I said I don't want anything I just don't want to replace the album simple is that I could have replaced the album to not go there but I know it was not my problem anymore so the judge went to it she gave us a chance to negotiate they didn't want to negotiate and that's what I said I'm not going to give you anything the judge looked because she she she's she put marks on ly the two pictures also she quickly flip the pages to those pictures so the job doesn't see the rest off the album the judge said she was a lady the justice can I go to the album please? She she went to the album she said you must be a great photograph for I've never seen although it was not my my work I've never seen such a beautiful album she turned to the young girl and said what's your problem all my mom's dress I said that you remember I said okay judge if she doesn't want her month dress problem the only thing I can do it I will redo it as long as I take the mother's picture out of the album because I can't face she was wearing that dress oh how can you take my mother I said, sweetheart, what do you want me to do either mama tor mommy the judge said okay, I'm going to make my decision and she said what I see is only one percent problem out off this beautiful album I'm not going to charge against this album you have the most amazing beautiful and she said nothing is hundred percent so I'm going to make judgment are you happy to pay twenty dollars for that mistake? I said yes judge she said okay pay twenty dollars I said thank you very much and I went out of the room that was because I was confident id by dead pictures she can make me do another album you know, sometimes customer in the digital era they continuously want to make changes they continuously what you should not that happen I love my customers I respect my customers but they went when they go over the board I'm not I'm not going to do it you know because when I do the proof when I do the album visual we do it on a big screen and it's very easy for them to go and see mistakes you know, if you don't like the trouser there, I don't like the trouser there fix it, we will do that, we will do it it and then we make them sign under each paper attempt a little version of it we make them signed it I love it, I love it, I love it. So once I sell sent to the album maker there's no return big because I'm not going to pay one thousand or five hundred dollars or whatever the cost off the album is to re do it again. So it's important also being control off your business you do what they want, but don't overdo it because if you say yes on leaders in digital had a girl beautiful girl nice girl but I gave her the chance we can take anything you want. So as we started with the family victor oh, my father I told him not where the head he's got it. Can you take his head off? I said yes darling, I can take it what you want me to put back there? How she said my brother's head is the same put his head so I said that can be done and she fight so I put her father brother's head on top of this father, my grandma is a little bit like this can you fit? But your grandma was like they had to stick now can you make a straight? I made her stay can you distract? I want hated my straps I told I didn't want those traps. Can you remove that all from all the pictures yesterday at the end of the day that became a disneyland are not a real ago, minimal, and I work so much, and he made dramas, she cried, her husband had enough, andi had enough, and I need eventually kicked her out of the shop. It came to that state that day, we decided we never say yes for everything you should trust what we're doing, right, it's, very important, even if my bright are watching this, I'm not talking behind the bride's because I love my bread's more than anything else, but there's a limit how much we can go to redo, even when designing an album tomorrow, I'll explain, because early days off digital all I can put twenty pictures here, twenty there, and then bright comes with a town, the pictures, the whole album and say, can I have it all? In an album with twenty pages, I said, darling, it's going to look like a proof book known I paid for it, I want it that way, and what you're giving is not what you did so it's, very important that you create what you want to create a senator that's what's gonna last longer, so it's, very important that we educate educate educate our bright and put conditions you know yeah I will do one visual second visual but if you come her time and you don't approve it you have to pay for it if you don't like anything else because it's fair to fix some problems but they know I've been looking at this picture now I don't like it that's not my fault it's you don't like yourself in the picture lester m says hi I'm a wedding photographer in florida I just liked your bronze images on my screen and I've just been given a huge dose of in front information that too but also inspiration most weddings here are beach weddings and tend to get a bit monotonous but he has showed me that the location is not the top priority reid is you see you see you're complaining about the beautiful weather off from florida and someone from montreal is going to complain that this there's no and here ran here rain I'm well bernie's rain also so guys forget about everything forget about what you have take advantage of what you have the worst place in the world can be the best place in the world so take advantage off what you have the same building the same it's not gonna change but there are angles you see that's why I like to work with the bride and groom hold there and they say come on guys let's go for a walk when you walk around the block it doesn't matter what look even if we go out here you'll find something interesting and you see I love to go in for in front of shops you know there's a couple of pictures where there was colorful background those are shop windows utilize those posters utilize those and it's always different background they say I love that a crumb can we go there I say sorry is without its gone they've removed that background so it's also unique becomes unique well I think let's finish shooting can you come here guys? Can you for a minute talk because I need to jump out for a minute ladies, can you talk for a second waken always talk iran that's what a good joke that's talking that is not a problem so we do have some more I'm not going to say I was going to say awesome sauce but we don't say that anymore I want to say mrs patty said he's a man who knows his style and knows what he needs to make it happen love that and dorian said, I love the one with the bride looking out the windows with all the gold curtains that one took my breath away so many of his photos have taken my breath away I don't know about you absolutely totally speechless guessing veronica also said your image it your aunt's images are gorgeous and beautifully prison did I want to cry so there's a lot of inspiration going on out there and we love to hear how you guys are getting excited about your own work that's great when you guys put your comments into the into any of the chat rooms so that we can read them off to your bond as you know how we love to do so we do have about five more minutes of shooting and then we are going to be wrapping it up so how are you doing? You're doing fine it was okay all right can you can you come more over here half of your face no inside stay there did I need to get stay there for a minute okay you see my first shot is always a blank because I want to make sure that it's right beautiful okay now looked to slightly toward the window turns lightly tow it and look here for a minute and that's it go just stay there okay let's let's go behind the screen so no one can seize us all right that's it that's it it's gonna fall okay I okay guys can you squeeze on let me give you more you're okay okay that's it just hold it for me don't worry about it just keep it there like this okay can you turn your back towards it? What I'm trying to show you here anything can be exciting if you do it right okay lean come forward slightly toe just hold it for me for militated now this is what I was going to show you having the camera away from your face it always can become interesting okay that it perfect steadier great and tilt your head slightly dated perfect beautiful you see just by moving away from my face it's the surprise or so I don't know what I'm going to get it makes it quite interesting you see by simply thank you darling you can come over this side you see that the final one on while I knew it was going to be good and that's quite a nice gorgeous picture and the bake on everything looks interesting so it's it's creating moments out of nothing that's that's what that's what keeps me excited about taking pictures with digital okay can you come here on the table back table again just just hear coming down yeah and hold this mirror for me okay look for my camera in the mirror that it they said okay can you turn around slightly I don't want to go those power costs just slightly over here sit sit on still sit under yeah that's it okay look for the camera now nice okay chin up so you don't get too much distorted it's beautiful stay there oh exporter down a bit it's been rejected for exposure perfect let's goto ok let me do it more yeah it's margo darling okay great so again no on those pictures are will work tomorrow what what to achieve okay come back here with that okay for example here my big crown is the class there I'm not going to try to avoid you guys not to be in the big front so if I go lower angle get it oh today that's nice perfect yeah okay bring your head down and lean on the chair that's it beautiful stay there perfect okay can you stretch your hand towards me and dropped slightly towards me that's great okay that's beautiful nice okay okay look toward the light slowly I that's it okay one more and look at the camera and look them forward towards me that slightly turn you face there happily toby so I get beautiful light ordering on your eyes smile giggle happy go on and get it beautiful perfect that was the best shot you see I I had to look for the right moment it did last one when she gave me the big smile was my shot okay while that's happening can we move this over tea and decide okay now sit down there stretch your legs towards me that it more towards me can I see the top of your shoes yet causing across it in that it perfect that's great okay okay what I want you to do is have your knees up and just that it can you turn your face lightly over to the it's a great beautiful nearly there okay look away that's it okay look look toward the window my heavy it'd great perfect you see I knew it was going to be busy background but tomorrow all darken dozy areas and come up with a pig it's all your fault guys having all those cameras in the bacon but just give you the idea you know we're we're in the tights sport I don't have the space to move around so visually showing you how I can achieve totally different images in one sitting you know and this plenty off pictures their groom don't look bored because I love you to come over here sit down there sit down on this lower lowest thing just their face totally the it can you move slightly up towards there and you sit down there but turned towards the window now fully turned toward the window that's it and can you maybe come on uni and just leaning on him from the bake on the other side maybe so I get nice light on you that's it okay that's great hey put your heads closer to each other guys beautiful let me checked it that's great okay it's good don't worry about the backgrounds it's quite dark I can fixed it perfect okay and look look here see that just did that's great can you put your hands down just on the shoulder and don't squeeze your meaning. That it's perfect. Turn toward the light again. Yeah, that's it who's. The best couple here today. Yeah. That's gorgeous. Okay, another one that's. Perfect. Okay, darling. Lean forward towards me and look at me. Turn your face slightly toward the window. You see that that's? A gorgeous light there. Blag us asks how do you know where to stop bringing beauty to the shot and let things look a cz they are? Yeah. Okay. What you're saying is, why? Look, you're looking for beauty and yeah, manipulating the shot you're not talking about me. I like to bring out beauty. I like to bring up everyone's. Beauty doesn't meet her. Like I said, it's very important that to bring the beauty off the person because she's a beautiful girl it doesn't mean that she's going to photograph grade so you need to try to get the beauty after out. Over sorry, darling, you're our gorgeous it's, not that's, not what I'm saying, but I don't know this's my start. This is my way. This is my way if you don't want to bring out the beauty just so that you know, so I couldn't work that question anyway, so wait. Well, you're right, I know you would love to keep shooting and you could probably shoot endlessly, but we do have to wrap for the day. I want to see if the students have any final questions. You want to ask your bond before we wrap s so how about how long after the wedding is it before you show the bride, the proofs, the bright the process can take up to six weeks because I personally like to edit the falls, and if I'm going to shoot four weddings after a wedding and I'm going to be exhausted and I'm not going to be in the feeling off good editing, I'm not going to do it. I'm an artist, I consider myself artist and I want to read it and give her the best and my pride's no, although they can become impatient but they know that they're going to get it so I done I my business is not mcdonnell's it's, not expressive, not if we don't serve you in one minute will give you everything for free it's, not about it. You know, if you buy a ferrari, you have to wait one year, two years to get the car sometimes you get the last year's model because you have we will be waiting. But it's not afford. You can't go in the dealer and chose the colors and everything you you're wanted. Car. You have to wait for it and that's, how I do my business, that's, how I ran and that's, how I've been living for the last thirty years. Nothing is quick, nothing is urgent. Keep the family's happy, give them what they want, but the bride and groom need toe get the really good stuff. So it's important.

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