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Techniques Continued

So the effect is go to your channels on the right. Here you've got rgb, red, green and blue select all it's. Very important to select the hole frame. So it's command a you see, the little mice is running around the fate on now we do more gray scale index color. Understand why kate is in one called lab color. Click on it that's flat in the image that channels change, not to love lightness a and b click on a select elite. Click on the select all the lead now because it's filling with white it's changing the color. But the effect is the same clique on lightness. You see it's gone light also because now it's it is a true gray scale. It's a true black and white ah image mort grayscale just levels adjust your density if you want to bring the guy back into the pictures, elect him. Don't forget the girl and the guy. I have quite a big difference in skin tone, but just levels. So bring him back into the picture again. I will try to work more on the guy after adjustment and a girl. I don't want ...

to go to goto pasty or entity. Because she is the main one who's going to say why am I so white? Why I myself played why do I have distorts on my face? Because if you could play too much it's going to become noisy so the guy doesn't mind because he's got a beard so so once I do that that it have converted toe gray scale now after your crew you converted pick toe rgb so you can add it to your page or anything like that and safe that was located now let's do one more if we can feet if we see in melbourne waiting let's go to the locations let's see what can be interesting your father who had a question in the children's with the finnish opper cay dio do you ever go overboard and have the women say that's? Not me? No no, I try to blend in or eventually with and and that's a good question because if you are dealing with with the bride who doesn't want to much done she wants to stay natural and she want to photo journalistic work she's not my client she's not going to come to me anyway so I display what I want to display what I want to sell I attract only one percent off or less off the clientele so I want to be very particular dead I don't want the wrong tie to book me I want that especially for a bride who wants all those information. Okay, I go a lot into the downtown area or close to the shops because everyone every time you got those places. There's some interesting background this's downtown in melbourne in front ofthe burger will gary shop and if you go to the shop, they change the windows every time. So there's always something new happening. If they are big department stores, they might l it big posters, textures and everything I utilize those because I can create some new looks. So this is one ofthe pull gary's windows. I put the bride in it, the security will look at you and they might come and say you can take pictures, but four days they tell you that you do use quick shorts. I want the bright did we might be kicked out of here, but let's do the shot before we get kicked out. And if they come and say you can take pictures oh, I'm sorry I didn't know about it. I want to it again next time it will be a different security, so don't worry, so always sell. I'm sorry apologize. I learned this part from your job using story I want to eat again I'm sorry, I won't do it again simple as that and if you say if you don't move I'm going to get there not going to get the police police has other things to do just quickly do your shot and move up okay there's a problem here can you tell me what's the problem that I need to fix? What did you say content biscay that's right there's a track there I don't know why he did come there when I was taking pictures that was my spot and declare is distracting my beautiful image seats it is an advertising off a tractor and I don't want it the other thing I like to do I liketo to fix distortions in a picture so the way I fix my distortions is this it's it's it can be done with any version ofthe photo shop you don't need a new one to do it off being doing this for many years command jay make a new layer adjust and not you know I'm in the wrong one transform skew transformed skill and just stretch deadline down so that line is perfectly you can bring the guide guide to make sure that deadline is perfect or if you want to have that take line perfect or you want if you want to have this line perfect so I will skew until I get nice distortion but if you ski, what then down it doesn't matter because you're giving her a little bit off height also so so it's not goingto make the picture on very distorted but the lines are beautiful this is very important to build an album this technique because if I'm going to have to or two off these images next to each other I don't want that line tto be all over the place it should travel from one to the other you're I should travel from one picture to the other to the next and article so also it becomes pleasant there shouldn't be anything blocking view from the album from the tape from the presentation from the details so I fixed it I merge it down now how to fix that background the same techniques I showed you before let's like that select because it's a straight line also now I can easily make a straight selection see it will help also with your production that's the command j off that section either blur or distort diffuse glow sorry blur or motion blur motion blur I'm going to do with this one because it's going to create me lies a straight line all the way down and distorted you see what's happening you're creating lines in the background you're creating textures you can't see the track there anymore let's select another part of it it's like decide you can't do it all in one go as I said because it's not going to look good okay command j it's blur motion blur again weight's going done you see it's coming a little bit on the lamp and a little bit on her but I'm not worried about that because it's a layer all I can do is pick up the robber tool or uh last two just selected sometime it it also in effect on the lump in which was not to bed feather fifty and delete the effect from the okay let me it's in there okay I don't need this let me go back or sorry guys let me for back will lead me to not a selection it's from this one here so I will go in select feather fifty and delete from the selection so it cleans up there so it's not any more on the so I'm going not going to do to the whole pake runs just a demonstration let's see on the left side the where where I had that effect look before and after that fades out and it creates a beautiful background you can do this technical safe there people in the background with a bit of motion blur and they're moving they're not identified so it's great city shooting is amazing let me show you that on another picture where we have people in the background let me find something suitable okay let's get this as an example let's get this is an example here is the guys taking a picture I would crop this one closer okay derek oh let's bring it to the frame you remember how I how I do crow cropping it's very important coop inside the frame that way it will be easier to toe build an album which is all the same ratios and everything don't go many different ratios so I'm going to do control command control t and stretch it inside hold the shift key so it doesn't get distorted inside the window inside the window there let's do a bit more I don't want to see the other guys there that's my picture there okay distortions in this picture this is what this will be definitely black and white what I can do is to distort the guys a little bit more I can have a different list but there are still out of focus if I do the command chain blur motion blur and in a moving direction it just creates that motion blur and if there was their face in it it we won't identify them where they are I will do the same to the other guy there he go command j blur motion blur maybe sideways like that that it just changed capacity a little bit okay I flatten the picture now I'll go flattened image on now I'm going around guys here feather to want three hundred inverse but just levels levels and darkened the baker aren't so the focusing point is now I can do the same with the car a couple of things that are distracting in the color images the pillar coming off his head which I can't clean it if its color just just clean it up hopefully it will get rid off it not to bed just darken it'll it'll be created through line blue advertising sign there get rid ofthe dead and the white thought ok that's fine, but now I'm going to convert it to black and white before I do that I'm going to go adjust level devoted seat and image more so instead of image moat I'm going to use now one off for social praxis so we don't waste time sorry he adjust like in white so in the photo shop one I like the green filter one side gives me quite a nice effect just level so it's like in white now there you go and we can afford to do bit more vineyard thing I'd just level just darken it a bit more for so sorry inverse the selection and levels it's perfect now I will add a bit of noise to make it nice when it's black and white a click on monochromatic site so it doesn't have any colors in it do that and then I'm going to make a new layer got tonique again color effects pro and they have a nice a nice effect there which is in the old photo in the second one I'm going to blend it with the original one there just a bit there, so there it is planned it with the original like that this will be a bit off contrast in the a bit off texture to the image flatten, flatten image and go back to black and white and make it into a black and white kid. Uh, where are we not this one? Green charities and just levels so that's quite a nice plaque and white. There were a lot of details, so few techniques e and the most important part of section by section by section by sick a little bit more work, but off course you're going to charge a little bit more if not or and more you know, so so instead ofthe shooting two hundred weddings a year and giving them risk should ten weddings, twenty weddings make good money out of it and give them more value for their money and you'll be happier than you can spend more time doing other things portrait and everything else that's good many people like porch it's because they think it's it's, it's easier you lady work less, but I much rather dedicate my whole day, I know that I'm shooting a wedding, I planned to do a great shoot our plan to do a great selling so I can get a good return and I don't have to shoot portrait simple is it so great? Alright questions take a couple of questions, all right? So a couple of people, including as squeaky and io from germany, he asked, hello, yo, you know, you know, I don't know sounds good, you know you asked those levant change some parts of his work flow or techniques when the images will be printed on huge canvases instead of smaller books, no books, nothing that's why I work on the largest far I'll save it and if a customer comes in says, I love this picture what you've done I want a big poster on we decide to have a big poster in my studio always goes toe goto our cannon big printer, print a huge print, put it in the window and we have a new display so so way know that wants to create a hero picture, you know that it it needs to be displayed or using for advertising and everything. Brandy so I know that the workshop is all about albums, but I was wondering if in your packages you also offered, like, canvas metal prints or any of this? Yeah, I told this yesterday, you need to have as much as extras possible, you you can't just have an album you need to have a lot of experts because they love you they want to buy more if you don't have more what are you? You're going to sell ya and have samples in your studio? I don't have a little five by seven because that's what they're going to buy have a big picture you see many people said australians don't like pig prints they don't they're not they don't like to see themselves on the wall yes, but if I create an art instead ofthe spending with because all they can come and give me all the money s o I'm happy to give them a big print excellent another question from singapore your von quick question you removed do you remove creases on the wedding gown with the same technique as the veil it's right it's right when you get a crease in it depends from the material off the base with the stress she has you can't do it because there's a lace is in it but if she has any place thousand wrinkles too much anyway it's not the problem the problem is when he hears one of those materials the shiny materials that it wrinkles if you go against the wrinkle and motion blur it disappears you iron the dress for I do that quite a lot for commercial works also, if I do fashion shot for bridal magazines anything and the the dressmaker doesn't want to see all those creases and things, even the what do you call goes the same? Just tow the motion blur it cleans the but make sure that so small and small selection if you take the whole dress and motion blur it's going to be all over the place. So look at the movement off the material selected movement in put motion, blur in there, then select another one push motion blur in there if it's flowing down, selected and you see look at the curtains at the back there's a lot of different angles, they're going one is going to the left, one is going to the right, so select only those aerials and do it individually. And if it has texture, just take the lines and make them straight lines. It will give a beautiful filled to the to the motion. One final question before we go to break and quite a few people were asking about cropping versus expanding mart seventy seven asked, when you crop, do you expand the image rather than use the crop tool? And why, yes, because I all my images are the same size, and if I lay out in an album page it's going to be much is here. And I'm not just cropping a lot, I don't crop a lot so it's very important and the amount I crop you're not going to be able to see, and if you add a bit of noise to it, it goes back to the original noise is such an important part. You see if you give your images to magazines and if you don't put a bit of noise, you'll see that curling. What effect is that? It's like a material effect, it gives you that hollow look into the intern into the material, especially when you do war and it will create this rainbow effect into it. So if you add noise disappears, so magazines newspaper, they use quite a lot of noise, so it was effect disappear because the more you play with the picture, the more especially let's say I have a background in the picture, unfortunately, there's marks on the wall on for or there could be camera sports on the world, so I select the whole wall soften it a little bit, but if I don't at noise it's going to get that moray effect into the picture so it noise that disappears, don't over it unless it's for an effect, you know I can add a lot of noise, macon effect into the picture, it doesn't look great on the on the screen but it looks fantastic on the paper, specially if you have textured paper with a bit of noise, it looks like you want to touch it and it's classic and think, when you do want to create that look of a lot of noise, do you break it up like you do with other things and have a lot of noise around? The noise comes last. Once I'd flatten, noise goes unified everywhere, so everywhere is the same thought you don't want. Want to be bigger, one dot smaller, you don't want, we're straight starts, so leave that lost and do it on a layer that if you don't like it, you can reduce it.

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Thank you very much for the wonderful lessons. I learned a lot of interesting despite the fact that there is strong in English. Please tell us how to do touch-3 band. Many thanks


Yervant shares his knowledge with a passion. If you are a wedding photographer and even if you're not, you will love this course. Thank you Creative Live for sourcing the very best in creativity and making it available to us. Frank Jun 24, 2016