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You're going to say something cues so mister you're avant first thank you we're going to do is for graphic studio so thank you to maureen for being in here and you and graff e has been such a great support I have never expected anything from them there have always been behind me supporting me supporting me and they do it I know from the sea or because if you go on their website to see who will want to hear from you although he doesn't understand english he'll be happy to translate your ing in english and he's got the stuff we translate it and he will be happy to respond to you personally so talk to him say what would you like what two year and he'll be happy to talk to you great so his death been so helpful to me in my production because my business is about studio to studio is way out where I earned my money and I want everyone who supplies me their products needs to be hundred percent because that goes to my client and that's what it is all about one thing I don't understand is those...

beautiful port boxes may not many people use them the boxes this's what makes the jewell box you know go buy a beautiful expensive rolex watch you don't get it in a plain box you need toe to toe and I let my customers go crazy when we create those boxes consider dead all the time guys it's a bit more extra it's understandable because it's a very good books but supply it with the books let me tell you a story am I interrupting their or I can continue I don't think you're interested all right one day our in san francisco in this union square I went toe big foolery store a famous one let's start with something that cause I'm not going todo walked in the store I wanted to buy a present to my one off my stuff little heart and idea I chose me and anywhere together there we chose the lady opened trower brought up plastic wraps punch off hearts she pulled it out polish state put it in the beautiful nice color box we were proud to walk out with the brain but it was very disappointing because they brought a part off hearts wrapped up together they were not individually packed and I should have never sinned it I don't want to see that as a customer do it at the back to it inside don't show it to me that it's coming from a cheap factory and you're making it look expensive so your presentation is so important so what graphic coming up with those boxes and that makes your package look fantastic hundred dollars fifty dollars whatever it is it's going to make your product better so always go for the highest okay I'd also just like to thank maureen. For coming in and sharing everything with us as I think girls thank you more important you did and I just also like to let everyone know at home if you could give graphic studio some social media love and let them know how much you appreciate everything that they've done for this workshop that would re great so sentiment tweet go to their facebook page just let him know that you're part of creative live and that we just keep them you know involved in what we're doing here so that would be awesome. All right, thank you's are not quite over yet we have some more sponsors to thank you and please give these sponsors as well some social media love your mom can you please talk about your favorite sponsors image genomics I know the guys for many years there software is is all this myself there? We've been always friends they have always been given me support and everything and I love the software off tried other software it's often the images but it was also a lot of distortions this's just a simple cleanup job their noise reduction is the best I've ever seen. You know, sometimes running the noise reduction in applying the effect after in bringing noise will make your image better s so I really support this company because off their product lexar I can't do without legs are their cards are amazing very good quality very fast I use only lecture and that's why this poster me can since I left has rowley I used to is probably last time cannon has been my camera and I have never had intention to move away from kevin from cannon even the epic opposition what did I say even their opposition another big print offered me many offers that they would give me cameras it's what it's not about the cameras it's it's about how I used the camera how I handle it so I love my cannon the gifts were given by can in australia so if you go to canada and australia and say hi and whatever we have we are very small market so I'm sure the guys will appreciate triple scoop you know very good idea and every time off heard the music or offer the friend the first time my first collection there was a russian girl a violin east when I went to russia this woman came and she was the wife of one off the photograph furs and she dedicated music especially for me with a bit of armenian music inside it and I loved it I said why don't you come and play in the w w p p ay presentation I introduced her to a triple scoop her music is on it and some of it is in my my selection but there's more off it on on the selection. Great stuff for paige thank you for speaking to all of those sponsors and once again please everyone just give all these companies some social media love from critical eye we really appreciate that. All right? We're not quite done yet. Please hang in there. We want to thank the creative live audience that is all of you out there you are. What makes creative live what? It isthe so we really appreciate it. You watching from all over the globe and participating and being part of this incredible guys I had so much fun what a great team you're you are so happy you you are so on and I'm impressed with the drivers this yet not only you guys the drivers they stopped half a mile away from the thinner this's a great city I love yours and my audience. Thank you, guys. Yes, this took us their sparkling all the time. If I'm if I'm going blank, I looked there face it or everything comes big so it's way also want to thank our four studio audience members you guys have been great. Thank you for all the questions and we also would love to thank the creative live crew there are so many people, you know, behind the scenes that are helping and making the thing come together amazing group I mean my favorite jewish american lady e love thank you, darling, for your support. She is a director of photography here. A creative live also want to thank all of our producers, lacey and cathy and joanne and amanda, thank you so much, ladies, for all that you have done to make this workshop a success, all right, and last, but obviously not least, we want to thank the man himself, your body, think thiss young, young guys behind the camera silently, they're doing their job. We're not being making and thank you guys, you were great.

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Where does fashion photography meet wedding photography? Join us June 21—23 to learn the secrets to creating cutting-edge, fashionable wedding images and albums with Yervant. Yervant’s shooting and technology techniques have forever altered the wedding photography landscape. During his 3-day course, he will teach you the methods that have made him one of the most desired wedding photographers of all time.

Using live demonstrations and engaging how-to lessons, Yervant will take you step-by-step through the creation of a perfect wedding package — including how to choose the right business model, pose the bride and groom on their big day, and design a timeless wedding album that your clients will treasure forever.

If your wedding photography needs an upgrade, join us for this A-Z guide to high-end wedding photography with the Grand Master Yervant.


Olesya Savlenko

Thank you very much for the wonderful lessons. I learned a lot of interesting despite the fact that there is strong in English. Please tell us how to do touch-3 band. Many thanks


Yervant shares his knowledge with a passion. If you are a wedding photographer and even if you're not, you will love this course. Thank you Creative Live for sourcing the very best in creativity and making it available to us. Frank Jun 24, 2016