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Yervant's Background in Photography

Today today I'm goingto do a lot off I'm going to inspire you guys it's it's it's coming from my heart I haven't prepared anything it's going to be all what I I imagine I can inspire you and tell you guys so so if you have any questions don't be scared even if it's a basic question because not everyone is advanced so I'm happy to cover the whole lot so let's start with the keynote absolutely so there's going to be a lot of images coming coming up there's love there's going to be a lot of images so most of them I prepared for today so there, brian your images so what do I do? I just press the button go all right, there it is wait for me for the way is that way or no way me that way wait for food I don't need you way way more wary wait see you in a you know a way wait theo rene in the chat room says you've already won her over okay, I'm going to show you a lot of images because it's going to help your team to be inspired because inspiration is so important in an industry we are subject i...

s always a bright it can be always the same reception the same church, so we need to make each wedding on individuals individually went on look it as a what background where what my subject is the what changes and that's where I concentrate more distaste more than any anything else so my mom no my first court there is a great image happens in the capture not by the not by the equipment so it's it's my eyes that captures this and and it's it's very normal that not everyone is going to like my stuff I don't expect it if one percent off the big audience loves what I do they tow line it so that's where we have all two to go so that's where the direction we need to move don't try to be someone else be yourself that the secret okay let me start with my with my past or who I am what I am a mere van't armenian bone in ethiopia africa I live in australia for many years so I'm more australian than anything else I studied in italy so where max and comes it's from central australia there's a little rock on there and I wass I'm talking it's a mixed off every every language and originally I wasn't I want I wanted to improve my my accident everything become more australian but once I founded my my brides love my accent it's state if you don't change a thing if it's working so here those images the's are my father was a photograph for in africa in ethiopia so I always loved what he did school was not exciting my father's studio was extremely easy my homework goto my father studio and playing the dark room do I have my own darkroom in their wasted all the papers and everything? So I grew up in dark on my fingers we're in the fixer in the bleach you know I didn't use tongues or anything just straight in the eye I smelt I lived because ofthe dead I don't damage my hired attorney also it devolved doesn't operate correctly but I don't care because I enjoyed what I was doing in the tack room initially I had my young brother is sister a cz models they became sick of me taking their pictures so they were covering their faces so I found many mirrors in my parents house and I used along the mirrors one you can see the first one I'm in my pajamas the minute I woke up I had a camera and actually did wass it was my first thirty five millimeter pentax at this beautiful spot matic camera I still think it's one of the best cameras and I asked my swastika had some type of ah she can pokes or I don't know what it wass so I was in bed and I said that can you give me gift? He said, what do you want that can get a pentax so I had the camera you see the flash even in those days the flash you have to plug in s o the power you have to power up again so I did a lot of self portrait in my pajama and I was enjoying it there are no school I'm hope home and playing with my pentax ofcourse I love every camera in the second picture their self portrait again on the time with the role a camera between let's roll which I used to love you know large form it so this has bean what's my hubby it's it's taking pictures, playing with equipment I love in a way I'm a geek I like all the modern technology but I like also the past someone told me one of my family friends they say you don't have a life all you do is work, work, work get a hobby do something real you're right, I'll get a hobby and I started collecting cameras so that's me I can never you see this is not work for me this is fun and if I make money out of my what I enjoy, why not that's important guys don't be scared to make money everyone out there makes money yeah this is our passion don't feel guilty about it, which I I usedto eyes to feel guilty that I'm playing in the baking money but this is how I made my money so so this is my my passion and imagine having the best passion and make money out of it imagine being a doctor or a dentist you're going this ugly group gooey stuff open the heart and break the heart out all the blood in your face nothing elected it's all beautiful, beautiful pictures, beautiful people and originally I was quite child so when I started I was very shy I couldn't see the girls in their face eso so my camera wass coming in front of my so I can capture them so that's how I started I started is a big harder that's what we called them in australia part time photograph for I was I was never part time photograph for but it was like part time because I used to charge only two hundred dollars this's many years ago and and that was also the biggest mistake I did in my life. I thought two hundred dollars is a lot of money and it's it's enough, but by the time I paid all my bills and everything, not not much was left my wife's likely hit a good good job, so I wass entering my my life my o b and she was may eventually she realized that she's working and I'm playing so she said get a real job then I had to move move forward and that was my best education actually because I started I applied for a job I got I went I open the yellow pages first one a studio I said ok, I'll speak them and try I'm sure they're not going to give me a job but let's try firing them they said they'd come they gave me the job and for ten years I stayed there eventually I became a partner but it was my first pick education outside school because that's where I learned it when I was charging three hundred dollars this's many years ago those people were charging two and a half thousand dollars and I said how can happy who can afford this pop of money? You know I can't afford it just for waiting pictures and I just friday night and at that studio there's toby ten couples waiting in the foyer and four of us interviewing couples so coppers were so desperate to book because they see it's for being such a busy studio they kept on looking and booking while it was a great education that it's not only taking pictures it's also how to make good money out of it and my bosses who became my partner's made hips a lot of money by enjoying what they do so it is possible to make it to make good money and the nineteen eighties nine early nineteen nineties was fantastic just before digital because people were really making good money out of photograph and why not this's a ton enter for for taking pictures is not clicking I always say that if you click her okay it's good, but taking picture is more than that it's what you see how you capture how you're represented to your clients and your client is the person was going to book you if they love you work if they book me because I'm cheap that's not my client if they book me because I love what I do and there's little talk off the money that's what I like because personally I don't like talking about money that's why I never see clients before him because if if they talk to me I'll give everything away typical photograph you know? So my most important investment in my business is is the two girls my wife and danny were who looks after after the clients they book us to shoot the wedding's so they're very confident they're they're good selves people there they sell my product today so many people say if if if I don't see the client, how how can you sell yourself? I don't need to sell myself I need to sell my pictures off course many clients want to see me that's fine, but once we've gone past the demanded money stage so thiss image you're seeing there now is a typical saturday in a busy milton downtown area I'm taking pictures and like a busker I together people around us I get up I I do that on purpose so I bring excitement because don't forget a bride wants to be the best looking person on the day, my bright even more because when they see their picture they book me because they like what I'm bringing they like the fashion looked like that's why they're booking me so putting this girl's in in front of the audience and make them look good and I get crowd clapping and everything that's exciting supremes a lot of excitement to the to the shoot so I create this quite a lot and years ago they gave me less time less time now they give me so much time sometimes they're single seven o'clock start it's only a country update only but it's it's the consequence that happens you know, years ago I used to start six o'clock and go to the re ship who's seven but then I was not footing the way I want I was shooting the formula it was a formula because I have some some time to do it and I had to do it my studio while I'm talking this light there and my studio is in melbourne downtown melbourne this's my spirit studio after after my partners thiss studio I don't have a partner my wife is my partner my my business partner she runs the business I do the production s o I work I work from home I work from home the reason I work from home I don't get interruptions and I have also played off time with my kids when they come for school so if I go to the studio won't come home until one o'clock two o'clock three o'clock so at least now I mean at home in my wife goes to the studio s o we share we share the business together so the decoration everything we've done it actually this light are getting out ofthe dead soon because we're updating again it's very important that your presentation used to your your location is hundred percent you need you need to make it look good so the customers will appreciate it more it's a serious business or when you're in this business don't be satisfied with what you earn england today I'll talk more about this tomorrow okay that's when he started my camera collection there now it's a huge collection I've got like four hundred five hundred hile cameras just film cameras and they're nearly brand new every night before I start working I work at night and I work during the day I go I go to my to my camera cabinet I say wow, I love you guys I love you guys and then I get this but sometimes I live in the cabinet so I can smell that all smell off cameras you know I can smell it and this is when every camera that I dream to have in the past now I have retaining and looking at me so it's a integrating quickly my wife anne organizes that we don't mean the displays and she uses also a bridle bridal outfit and things to put in the window because that will attract customers in the speech is on the main main roads so people see that night or during the day it's always lit up so they come and say we made this private dress and then they see our work and coming also we do we do expos we still for a one thinking that all I'm so popular everyone will come but not really because the bright is going to get married if we don't promote if we don't tell her who we are she's going to forget or she's not going to know about that so promotion continuously is very important it's very important for the business this's honey makes all the bridles distance very exciting so people people can comment and watch what everything watch the books and make them welcome sit down so they can relax and they she gets information thiss presentation here she she created a t key launch type of a place with teacups and everything colorful castle girls get attracted when I say girls I'm always going to say that because our industry is very feminine our industry is very, very based on the female market the bride is our customer, not the groom the groom is the accessory you comes in and says yes or no eso so that's why we target to the girl let's go backto my my history like I said, I have been photographed for for all my life nearly thirty years as a professional I enjoy every minute up to this day when I going shoot for two years I stopped you know when you go on state it's a fake think happened to you I go to las vegas to w p p ay on state is described coming us asking for autographs, taking pictures and say, why are they doing this? I can't understand I'm just like you guys, I'm a photograph for why am I becoming a celebrity? And sometimes it is really can go to your head and you you start walking like a kind of a cowboy, you know I'm cool, you know and and eventually you go home and the wife says, can you take the what you called robin and I have to take the trash out every monday mornings and help the kids too come from school if the little one wants a sandwich I have to make this I'm a normal person I'm not a celebrity so the two years also I have been away from this industry not because I'm bored ofthe it on the contrary I want to read re inspire myself so I can go to the next stage so it was a very good idea because I saw a big change in the last two years more than any any other time so I had to go and reinvent the business with my with anne my wife awards I've got a lot of awards on dh it's good for personal ego, nothing else my first studio I'm it we had a big wall off ego we used to call it the ego world it was all in words from top to down and my customer will come in and look at the pictures and they come to the world and so interesting what's all this oh my awards are isn't that night that's not cannot see the pictures now so it didn't make no difference to the bride if you had a wards or not it was about the pictures if they didn't like my pictures I can get any awards and it's it's it's not going to make its not going to make any difference s oh so it was very important it that ego wall comes down it goes in the books and packed in the garage now so so it's not about that anymore and you grow up you go you grow up in this industry when I started it was boring when I started it was quite a boring industry because there was a formula from the tri I started the traditional way there was a formula that you do the mother, the son, the son, the father, the father and mother all the formulas did you have to take pictures looking at the camera most of the time make sure that the pauses we're perfect camera on a tripod umbrella eso perfect photograph but no life it wass is a photographic product it wass hundred percent good week even we didn't cut arms. We didn't do anything wrong with the picture, but I personally got bored off it because every week I used to deliver an album it looked the same different faces you could you could easily pace the facing their those days you can cut and paste it was that it was extremely boring, extremely boring in the where my it wass not exciting and when I got out I used to be in the darkroom when I got high to certain that the problem with my I don't love or whatever it is because I was having headaches and I was having because off the dark room I nearly gave up photography because the pictures I was taking were not good they were perfect but not good for my eyes it was boring and that's when we were called the wedding photograph for at the bottom right it's important and we used to go to the words three australian awards one off the best awards system if you go and take a pee pee it's fantastic australian professional photographic studio no australian institute off professional photographs so it wass that's where we got inspired it's where we went in compete and wedding photograph has never won anything it was all the commercial guys are all the advertising guys fashion on dh and those guys were very aggressive you know when awaiting for the rougher comes past them they push you out of the way because they're there it we were not I think we were even it it at events we were always said that the bake you know waiting photographs so it was not respected it was not respected because there was not any creativity there was not a great you could do directly explosion right but there wasn't they were unsellable they weren't exciting so I didn't liked it I'm a good photograph are off one what the other guy's toe commission photographic I've learned all these things I can do it but I chose to be awaiting for the cover not a commercial for the robber I chose to be awaiting for their offer in not a fashion photograph for the reason I chose it because I related toe with real people it was not an item sit there don't move so I can take a picture ofthe u for the next few hours we in polaroid bacon producers and all these it was boring for me that commission photograph for was not what I liked fashion photograph for was not where I could go because it was hard to to achieve dated especially in australia small market so we're waiting photographing wass very good product for me so in the late eighties I started to when I was so bored I started to experiment with thirty five millimeter instead ofthe using the large house of that on the side I used to take pictures with thirty five millimeter for for myself because at the studio we couldn't use thirty five millimeter it had to be only one twenty so so it wass a challenge and I used to take pictures but without my partner's being aware off it I used to change the pictures in the album before giving a delivery to the customer andi I used to see declines at night so they were not there so I used to change quickly the pictures if it was late I took a shot off the mother and daughter is shot, which was a traditional short and I had one with my thirty five millimeter just changed it and the concepts wow, I didn't see this when I build a lot ofthe popularity that way because girls were coming thing suddenly our pictures have come alive what you showed us as a proof and what I'm getting in my album were different then early nineties I got bored off the dark room because I was sick and everything my my young wife was complaining that every night I have bad grades what am I doing? I should go to the doctor and everything so so I got bored ofthe state also the dark many years in the dark room you're lonely there it's all dark there's no air conditioning this fume off beautiful police coming to my face and kodak telling that our chemistry's perfect it doesn't harm you and I'm enjoying life in the dark combat it came toe tony and I got bored of it s oh I went to a bridal show to a trade show and I saw this one million dollar equipment and disguise is to do everything on on the screen there was no dark room everything I said what's this thing and it wass the first digital machine that they were demonstrating in australia I said, well, I want this I went home excited I said, honey, I found what I want I want this mission and it was one million dollars who am I to have that machine but eventually that came in australia in the labs and I started using this there their services so again outside the awareness off my partners I use to do digital pictures and push it in the album so I used to the funny thing is those days I tried everything the curling pages the texts like a paint effects and everything I tried whatever how I managed to do that was I wanted that one million mission I can't afford it so where can I do it? So I studied and they they said if you have a macintosh mac computer epo there's a software it's called photo shop you came by wow it's just being released in united states I looked everywhere in australia no one has it it's it's a new product then I ring I rank photos I don't think they were either they were adobe or they had a different print I rang them I said I wanted software where can I buy it or they said there's going to be a distributor they're in australia this is his address going team so I went to this office little crappy office and I said he had a lot of software pile up on each other you know boxes boxes I said have you heard ofthe photoshopped oh yeah you might have got photo shop but we're not going to bring it in because I don't think we have a market for it. It was like six thousand dollars I said, do you have one I want to buy? Hay said, look, I can't tell you my demo them on one here it was in the brown books, it was version one ofthe photo shop just black and white I said, I'll bite how much you give me five thousand take it so now it's five thousand dollars and it was even eight thousand dollars, so it was good bargain. So so I went home to my wife now it's the heart parties to convince my wife that I have to buy a make for twenty thousand dollars and then I have to buy a software for it, which is five thousand dollars or twenty five thousand dollars she wants furniture, she wants all the beautiful things in our were newly married couple, she wants everything. Now how am I going to get this twenty five thousand dollars? Initially the computer was also good for games playing games, so I wanted it so I said, look, honey, we're going to make a man out off this let me place blight we borrowed the money, we went about the photo shop, plug it in it may graham and make hard drive make nothing bigger three minute I blow the photo shop on it there was no more room left on the on the computer so by the time I rendered the picture I was falling in front of the monitor because it took for hours and hours to do just know layers nothing like that but I knew I can make something out of it so I used to save the file put it a cyclist drive take it to ka dr craddock is to burn the cities or the love is to put the file into the big mission and make a print out of it first negative then creed so it was always first negative in print so that's the start of it that's how are converted to digital I didn't take digital as a effect michelle beadle photoshopped form iwas the new two for the for the dark room there was no education it or no one knew anything about it so I had to learn it myself so I brought my darkroom technique into into a photo shop what I used to do in the darkroom I did it in the invitational and up to this day I still continue the same the same and when you see my work in the next couple of days you're going to see how simple my photoshopping is people asked me is did hdr people ask me? Those are temporary things that my clients like and and I move with decline I don't care what? Other photographs thing if it sells that's what important and if I don't do it to the bright sometime they say well you haven't even done any off the effects can you do it for me please I booked you because ofthe so so there's two part of our industry the critical part is the photograph for like I got an e mail two days ago from canada this guy says off it's all junk what people are talking about your work is so basic I don't understand why you won't all those awards and his two websites that you should get inspired I checked the web site they were great website I said thank you for inspiring me next place you know so not I don't expect everyone to like what I do my first priority's my bright the bride is what I look after and and I deliver what she wants but also its important that not overdo effects or anything you know because that's not going to last forever so I want my albums to last forever I want to bride to come back after twenty years and say while this's this's amazing it still looks good and I have the challenge just recently I went toe wedding and while the bride was getting ready I walk around the house and I walk around and look at the pictures to see what their tastes like what they like but they fire millie oriented our day more private you can you can see the pictures and you can understand the family mostly especially parents because parents are also my clients I have to deliver to the parents also not on ly to the couple so I was watching the big wall off pictures the head and I saw eleven fourteen there I said I know right where she was she was she and and eventually said that's my picture I took this picture I remember described I took this picture and I went to the father of the bride I said who's this pride she is he said this is the anti off of today's bride and you see the little flower girl that's a bright this's twenty years after and this is the bride I said wow isn't I was so excited because what I saw on the wall my picture was still alive my picture did not fade because I used professional finishing my picture was still looking good after twenty years everything was out of fashion dress the hairstyle the makeup everything was out of fashion but the picture was beautiful and that excited me and the father looked at me and said, well I didn't see anyone get excited about a one picture I said I'm excited because off the quality it hasn't faded twenty years on that wall and still looks good as it was the original day and this is what I like the history stayed with you guys now my my my next thinking was oh, I must be old twenty years after shooting this wedding and that little girl now is the the bride was probably she was crying when I took the shots and I said I don't know if she knows this or not so when I went into the room I complemented how beautiful she was and I said was was that cute little flower girl yeah she said how do you know or your father told me but you were you were that I took those pictures no, I didn't wow no one recommended me you I just went and saw your pictures that was it she didn't come to me because she liked my old style photography she didn't come to me because she was recommended she came to me because what she sold now now I'm not in the past what she so now this young girl she loved what I did that's why she booked me and then I saw the bride he was a mother, she recognized me we hugged each other and she was so excited to see me. So this word this world, the good signs which happens all the time also and I see mothers at the wedding they run to me and say you haven't you're here doing the we recommended you our wedding was better but there wasn't the time it was better so so this's this's basically my life every week this is what I do every week when I started talking around because I'm traveling around the world I sought less weddings I shot lace weddings because the travelling for starr and no don't put them because that I lost my soul I lost myself that's why I had to go back and find it again I didn't take pictures for the love of it I took pictures to show off it was totally different then I had to go and stay at home with my family and with my brights go there and discover myself again and the best thing I did it was the best thing I did I shot last two years I should at least hundred weddings every time I go to a wedding it's like I'm going to wake up early because now everybody wants to be there at seven o'clock so why so early? Guys it only takes an hour to shoot everything but the girl what's everything so I go to the house the minute I work at the minute I saw the beautiful bright I come alive ofcourse the red bull helps me all the time so I start with the red book but that beautiful face makes my day and and now I'm not also too concerned what's the background I initially twenty years ago we usedto bring harley davidsons at wedding we usedto hard bye kids to bring their bike the heartless to the wedding so the bride can sit down and take a picture with the harley we used to take them to the beach it's all windy in and all those funny pictures we used to do because we were trying to be different and then I realized that the background I turns the meat to items are not important the secret is the bright and the groom that's where everything is I don't need to look outside there and it was my best education in the last ten years that's where I discovered myself again so it's it's very very important your subject it should be the main the person this course hear what I'm going to present here it's not only for white bright I talk brides because I love shooting bright but it easily will cover the portrait photograph for because wedding take the dress and put the jeans on it it's the same so so if you were a portrait photograph for p please stay with us because tomorrow's photo shop tomorrow's presentation the shooting everything is is suitable for portrait shooting yeah portrait sitting any fewer commercial photograph are out there and you want to join the wedding industry welcome we love you on da you can stay online also guys so it will be helpful and and that's not a funny comment because guys I'm getting so many friends converting into wedding photography even journalists you know what happened in chicago? The other they sacked all the photograph in the inter news thie chicago news what's called anyone knows what the the newspaper de brito it's a famous newspaper chicago newspaper tribune tribute I think it was they sacked most off their photographs this is this a photo journalists and where are these guys going to go? Eventually there will come into the into the domestic market because at the moment it's safe it is safe if we look after it if we do everything for nothing then we will lose it also. So guys other than showing you album and inspiring you howto make album I'm going also inspire you not to sell your soul because if know where we are all going to be part timers if you're a part timer please join us to it right so the industry will survive sometimes there has always been a part time photograph very many many years you know the wedding in the screen australia, for example in melbourne is seven hundred waiting a week. Melbourne is four million population seven hundred weddings a week. You know how many are photographed by professionals two hundred in less in les lys so the other five hundred are using something else so if we help each other to grow dc industry and try to get that extra five hundred we're loving so there's plenty of business they're don't pace yourself on price they saw us yourself on an image maker that's where we have to direct more talk about this tomorrow okay slow any question out there girls all right we have a question from feelings photo who is joining us from spain and ask in these internet times where everybody can watch the work from photographers from around the entire world and hire them is having a big studio or headquarters like yours keep it's former importance it does it does look in my kids I'm hardly at the studio but I have a base there I have a base where there's stuff there they pick up the phone it's a serious business you want bye on our money from a former garage you buy to shop took my brain discovered there it's not our money actually s o so so it's it's very important that you have a base sometimes when you start you don't have the money we are you don't have to have those beautiful shops or studios it doesn't make that that's where I started also I started from home but if you're going to meet your clients meet them in a good place instead off the star back go to a nice hotel get a nice drink it's it's cost more than star but but it's more impressive so always keep your value higher we photograph firs have very hard thing to do is answering this question we we we put ourselves very dull we solve it looks too expensive I don't know no makers have look expensive put value into your business that's when you're going to get it right so yes it is important I think to have a base if you can't afford the chair it with someone by a big warehouse twenty of you and have a little little office and the girl's answering the phone for all off you know to something like that in your area don't be competition help each other it's quite every business should have a location why not photograph is also so I want to inspire you to go for it and then the ass bambi bambi is my good friend sauce you're watching I was going to have you here in the audience darling oh then even all the more love to bambi she asked were there any particular photographers are artists that influence your style I know that your dad now that she asked me that question I have to say bambi this's an amazing further rougher but the real answer is yes I watch pictures but I don't I want to get inspired but pictures but I want to find my version of it or I get inspired also from a lot of foreign movies you know italian movies, spanish movies, french movies I saw amazing russian movie the other day on australian tv on first subtitles you have to read the subtitles but then I started to not reach the south title because every image every frame off the movie was amazing don't ask me what the name is because I started watching it half way to and I don't know what the movie but I will find out and I'll post it on my block because it's important people towards this movie hollywood movie is always great you know you're watching you have fun you kill everyone or or you you love everyone or and you go out and you forget those are great but there are some movies out there who don't come from hollywood and make you can see the photograph of the video graph for its big creative also not only the effect and everything so those are amazing inspiration no one off the one off the inspiring movie form iwas titanic it at those ages I love that picture where the girl went on the board and next day I went to the wedding and I put the bride on the car boot and she went descend I took a picture give the blue effect and it wass it was alive so so it's it's important to get this type of inspiration but try to make it yours try toe come your version of it because I'm going to do experiment with you guys for of you you asked me if you can have a camera I'm going to ask you after it one stage to photograph the girl the way we see it don't worry what each one off you take a short off the subject, the way you see it don't try to imitate what I'm doing, try to see you see her eyes, take a picture off the whatever entrance interest you take a picture ofthe I want one picture from all of you tomorrow, so I want to show these dead there was five photograph is there at that moment don't worry about the quality time, so I'm only looking for the image itself. I'm going to show you how five different photograph furs, one person, one location we can take many different staffs, so don't share with each other also, please take a picture, what you see interesting, you might avoid the bride and take a picture off the lamp. You might just be creative at that moment for one picture, and and I'll show you how how it would turn up. I'll show you how different it will turn up job job using came to australia and I said, you want to come out to waiting with me? He said, you know I love to, we went to a wedding and we took shots, took shots and I took short and and when we saw the final results as if it was totally different waiting what I saw in what he saw was different the bride at the moment there she was crying I said, darling, you don't cry this's your wedding just wiped her eyes and just get out of my way that was my picture you killed it so so we see different things. I don't see bright kind for me waiting is a beautiful moment so if I see bright tank I put my camera down and give her a support s o you got there he might love those moment and captured those there's nothing wrong with it. Because that's what? You see everyone off us who goes to a wedding and shoot the wedding it's not what everyone says its what we see which one is individual? I see something happening in front of me. I recorded the way I see it and I present it to the bright the bright book me because ofthe dead because I showed her what I see and she loved what I saw, what I show her that's. Why she booked me if she was looking after those emotional romantic pictures she's not going to book me because she's not going to see a lot off those in my elbows so she's going to book the next photograph for and sometimes also into studio look guys we're not the right for you. I know what you want and here's a friend of mine address go and see him because he will deliver you because I don't want to book the bride was not going to like what I do she's going to book me and she'd say no this is not what I wanted that's a disaster so it's very important that we look it are ourselves first we look what we want to see what we want to create and create it is is the sample don't be everyone you know that boring for traditional pictures they tried looking you know the most unlike picture for me is when they stand up arm around each other hold the florence smile at the camera but I cannot do without that picture because I tried twice and it was a disaster the matter off to buy rings and said where's the full length off the short or the bride looking at the camera it's so it was a disaster just recently the girl's parents we're passed away him so her sister and brother were giving away. I did too on the shots off the bride with her sister and brother two hundred shots so they were everywhere but when they were working in the church they were not looking at the camera she was so upset with me I didn't take a picture off them looking at the camera and I didn't want to interrupt it moment and because this guy girl had a little bit off traditional and I blame myself because I should have I should have thought I should have understood her it was an important moment for her that walking and day I should have stopped them and smile and take a picture so so it's very important it those pictures should happen all the time goto wedding do all the traditional shorts make sure you've got them on your card put it in your pocket you've covered now have fun so so do those shots so you know that they're there and now experiment go for it I can't imagine how happy that bride and groom were to have you and job using shooting their wedding a pretty nice combo it wasit was in and they got two different album it was good for us also but but it wass I've done a few times with this witch have shot a few times weddings with him here here also in the united states it was also fun and education for the two of us for the two of us and we will our answer on each other we were having so much fun and it was it was a great experiment I love teo I love him he's wass it is an amazing guy and he he inspired me so much also, you know, being with him was an honor s o so it's amazing, so you're not speaking of inspiration, there is a comment in the chat room from ian leg lawang who says I'm a forty year old wedding photographer quit electrical trade three years ago I want to cry as a man because your von has just re inspired me to keep moving forward in this industry dona good on your electrician you were playing with danger now you're playing with love way question do you think that coming from a darkroom background you chew and advantages a photo retouch er it does, it does it does ah my my backgrounds darkroom! I learned you know I could do everything we could doing nearly everything we could beam photo shop, even the even the hdr effects so called h they are effect I could do that in the dark all I could do you know I was a monkey in the darkroom I had dodging, toasting my martin way, but by the time by the time I did a picture, it was after twenty trials it was good give it to the bride and she said, I love it can I get a cop as it? Don't ask me that again, please, you can't get a copy it's one off luckily with digital industry we can have copies lucky or not maybe maybe not their lucky but if we limit how many we give yes yes but definitely if you have a darkroom nor lady and phil known knowledge it will take you further up if you see my images when I show you my images they look a little bit soft on the screen but my pictures are not made for the screen my pictures are made for the paper I use it could be a textured paper it could be ah gloss paper it could be so I make it picture suitable for the paper for printing my business is about printing it's not about the screen so if you don't judge my pictures off the screen because I'm a photograph it's very important that it's always on paper I'm going to talk more about this okay let's go is there questions more? Okay, let me go to the next line wait wait the oh wait okay wow, thank my mind those are quite current pictures it's it's important that when I go to a wedding I take at least twenty hero pictures I call them the euro pictures those are the pictures that's going to make the album you can have the whole album finished with here are pictures between because it will be overdone you need those family pictures unique does port in pictures but the hero pictures is what's going to make the album a year of aunt album so it's one of you you should have your individuality bring it out some of those pictures that I show you most probably the bride won't understand on one order it I will introduce it to her after I finish it so we we go through this again tomorrow you see these there's a there's, an important this's jackie rankin is one of the australian cannon master's she's a female photograph for and she does landscape aerial photograph fish is amazing this's her comment it is not a photograph until it is printed. The best thing you can say we not videographers were not made for the screen. We should present our work on paper and I'm going to go say this throughout the whole three days because why that's? Why I'm here that's why I want you to be despite because if you don't put it on paper it's not a photograph you know um I'm going I'm going, I'm going to show you after the break I'm goingto show you what what do I mean? It's very important it we capture everything and put it on paper this is a message also for those guys who say I'm happy to give them the file I'm happy just to shoot, take my thousand dollar or two thousand dollars and disappear. And believe me, you are going to disappear because there's no record off you what? You wanted to present your pictures? I've been around for thirty years in this industry and are still going strong because I pretty produced pictures and it's it's. Very important. I just want to let you know that your wife is in the chat rooms. Oh, is secreting. She has chosen the handle wifey? Yeah that's my wife she's in there she's in there ok. Hi, darling. You should goto bed tomorrow. Kids have to go to school. So it's just going to have a hard night tonight I think the kids are going to come, mom what's to eat. I don't know I was watching your dead. Her name is anne and anne and I and and it's this is part of my myself also, my wife has been my support for so many years. Her her her background is marketing advertising so she she she studied did I used to study photography? Our parents were friends, so I used to drive her toe because we used to go nighttime university and everything her parents asked me if I don't mind picking her up because she didn't want to go by herself so I didn't mind I give her a hard time those days eyes to work in the restaurant liver in the current after half an hour bring a rod and I used to tease her and she she thought I hae hated and eventually we became lovers and married and with two since then we've been married initially we want about when their directions into the business he went into marketing she did very well be the huge corporation international corporation in australia and she she travelled the lords he went a lot toe asia which was a tough market for woman because they didn't want to deal with a woman but she was so challenging she she got good customers out of it she got good respect out of it and eventually she had she became pregnant after eleven years of marriage and unexpected off course ensuring miss it gets what I'm we are pregnant I said are we she oh sorry I shouldn't say the bad words but I did try to censor myself it's my light in my eye line little boy whenever we're home and there's a tv something it's not suitable for him he senses himself says that I'm not allowed to watch that and turns it off so so censoring let things happen naturally don't censor too much free speech to everyone then they will do it themselves so it's it's it's it's a good thing so we married my wife married seven years you deter stuff seven years I did my work. I used to go shoot weddings those days because it wass early years it wass is five o'clock start a church and then straight to the reception we used to stay always at the reception. So twelve o'clock by the time I finished wife is already sleeping. So then what's the point of going home eyes to ring other photograph furs we used to meet in the cafe. One o'clock, three o'clock, four o'clock and then go home was probably another wedding the next day so that was my my early wedding car waiting industry. So there was twenty thirty photograph is at the cafe outside in melbourne we made me mate, we had drinks, we looked what surrounding us we may we made comments about each other's work and everything and go home for a while sleeping. The next day she goes to work so it tried started to be separate life. We were not we were not together and this is the biggest problem in our industry. One of us has to work on the weekend and the one ofus has to work during the week, so we're not synchronized and on the weekend most of our partners want to have time with us and we're not there for them and and this is the cause ofthe many divorces in our industry and and I was going to death state also my young wife alone on the home on the weekend newly married all our friends are out to the movies are to the jealous to the parties and I'm working and she's along home and she didn't like it I didn't you know anything about it because I'm having fun I'm sure she's having fun to it on watching tv or washing the dishes that's that's how it wass way didn't and we started communicating and then I realized that all she's not happy on the weekends she needs more off me, so I started tow work it out with her and we we worked out and then to surprise the pregnancy her boss didn't like enough this businesswoman who wass high in a ranking she's new manager and suddenly she becomes pregnant the both drops. He starts critically everything she was doing because simply she was pregnant. So she she she started to stress and I said, anne, if you don't like it, just live work because we are we'll try to support you and we will try to deed by ourselves, he said okay, I it was just a spit from me to give it to calm biddle then I was having me with problems with my partners because I started doing digital now I've got all the equipment I'm doing digital my clients are loving it because I put their pictures in the album when the boss is the partners are not there and I'm delivering the customers were so excited they come at night to see me because they don't want to talk to the other guys I'm booking so many weddings and I said guys, the reason for this is the reason for this is we are I'm showing them distant digital files and people are excited although it was very tacky, like I said, curly pages and everything but it was something different for the client I used to have a printer put the prince in laminated and put I didn't say for how long lasting it was going to be, but I did it. I put in the albums and I placed this new brilliant clientele know totally different than what we used to have. So I said to my partners, we have to go thirty five millimeter and we have to shoot too digital they said, oh no digital is all fake it's not gonna happen? Ah ah the the thirty five millimeter is not good quality it's not gonna happen, so I started to not be happy it did business because what my dreams were not coming a life I was a partner, but the three partners we're against my ideas so it was nine to five business way we close the shop and go home at five nine o'clock start it was not off now it was like they're telling me what to do I'm an artist I'm not a person to be say you have to be here nine and close the shop at five so I started to be negative about everything at home I was enjoying what I was doing because I bought my own computer and everything so so I started to enjoy it and one day I had a big argument with department they were amazing guys because from this guy's I learned how to make money from these guys I learned how to see the light one thing I could take pictures I learned you see when I went to college photographic college what they teach me is how to take a picture ofthe doors door knobs you see there was assignments taken golf for work and take pictures off the door go for a walk take a picture off it was all items this human human things so that's what I was learning there was no real real the items photographing people to photograph so so what I learned with artificial lighting and think that's what I was converting to my pictures then one day and he came to my studio to my partners and she is always a supporter of my work but she said here front I see something who took this picture I said one of my partners his name is mark something in the picture did your pictures don't have I said why I got upset? My wife now is not liking what I'm doing she liking one she said looking look at it good go close there's a sparkle in er and it's not artificial it's real and it was the beautiful life light that I didn't see it was the beautiful light that I I didn't recognize so now I started to see why mark is getting those pictures and I'm not and that it was a great education because mark was looking for natural light and he was putting the bride where she needs to be you know, I used to take pictures with the umbrella in front of a window, put the bride and groom right in front of the window and I'm very light, so the real light was it a big so I was talking putting that has a background in the the umbrella was the artificial light so it well it's it's fake it doesn't matter how good you are with light it's artificial it's not relighting, so I learned to see the light their changed my life when I started to see the light even if it's dark a candle is a light so I learned to see that oh, yeah look at that candle look at that window light look at that. How it's I usedto avoid shadows I who used to head shadows try toe, get rid ofthe shadows you know, catch lights I used to retouch it out, you know, because school didn't teach me these things school teach me to take picture off a bottle to take picture off a door s o I didn't see light on people's face the way these people saw the other photographs thought it was a great education but now time has come up. I'm good at it now I can see light and I want to go to the next level digital I resigned I said sorry, guys in those days the businesses in history or photograph is always good time in bed time. You have to live through it. It I've gone through it maybe four, five times I said I'm resigning, I'm gonna sell my my share ofthe the business and I'm going to move out. They were not happy to lose me but I didn't give them a choice but I was scared. I was really scared that what's going to happen to me without taking it and it's going to be worse out there because then I went home, I said twenty date I'll open this to doing mica rash and operate from the garage I'm not because there was not enough money for my partners to give me the business was not good so the only thing I could take was the negatives, the negatives that unprocessed work and then and he said, oh congratulations because I just resigned two and we are pregnant too and and what we're going to do it was wow this is the end off the world I left work, my wife left work, we are going to have a baby and now what and at the worst times off our life will become the strongest we hold hands and we look on, he said we are not going to open a studio in our garage I said, why not it's good garage? I can plaster it and make it a nice store and she said, look around you who lives around us I look a year that's tom who does the the paving tze and that the gardener who's got a house there our level people are living nothing wrong with that I'm not criticizing because there's oliver but annie said this people can afford on lee the money that we can afford so basically nothing there there young couples newly married they don't have money to spend on photographic we can't open this to do in this place is a businesswoman she knows those things I said then where should we open? He said let's go for a drive so I went to the shops and next to our house she said move out well but we're not staying here so she took me to the most expensive street in melbourne I said are we here for a coffee and she said no we're here to look for a shop up here we're going to compete with all designers and everything she said yes why not? I said unnie I give up, I'll leave it to you I give it to you and it was it that was it we alway opened I was negative we opened the business there and our life change so much last chance so much I was negative to it but the shop being in an expensive street brought up a good clientele people that I used to go to their elsie why is there a house like this in australia this's a hollywood house I used to tremble when I usedto careful don't take anything, don't you? But it was the right decision because we went higher than what we are the highest everyone bring me either all my friends said are you crazy toe opens together you're going to broke I know I said off put my house for sale because I'm going to get rid off it accounted for great and it was the most negative thing I did and it was the most positive for from my wife's side we opened a studio and we have never looked backwards for since instead so don't be scared all right first question I'd love to ask you this is from leicester m who says on average how long are your weddings and how much time do a lot for the bride and groom portrait the reason I'm asking that is because I see a lot of questions about how much time are you spending in order to get these it's a very question and it's a question that I always gets that initially I didn't get too much time then I dedicated my my bride state guys if you want this quality give me some time consider me is one of the most important supplier on your wedding day and I come this because they saw a result in my studio they wanted the same two give you dead you have to give me the time they gave me one hour they gave me one enough our now they're giving me five hours I think guys that's too much but because we educated way said what we want the customer is happy to do that you see no wedding coordinator controls me we are friends they don't tell me what to do when they hear my name they say you haven't you need anything so if you build your reputation if you meet everyone will give you time don't say it doesn't happen here in the united states, many people say that don't say that can't happen in england. It does, it didn't happen in australia we educated our clients tell them what you want don't be scared if they don't give you it's that they're lost so it's very important that's good and when you're when you have this time with them, noah shaffner asked, how do you direct the couple on the portrait shoot? I'm fairly new to the business myself and I still aim to find the perfect balance between being as unnoticed as possible but also getting the shot okay, I'm going to demonstrate that later on I'm going to show you I have never made the model, I'm goingto I'm going to not treat him like a model, I'm going to treat it right like a real bright and I'm going to show you how I interact with the rain capture my moment, I don't like the word they're directing because I don't tell them what to do. I just simply asked them because I'm there to help them make it better. I'm not there to change her day many photographs oil he produces the whole I don't it's her day it's not my day, I make sure that she enjoys her day and then capture the picture thank you question from whom? Za yasin I only love you know you okay, so are you the question is really the question is what is the one thing that you feel defines the your von experience and then a similar question from fashion tv in singapore if you are to describe your works now in one word what would it be? And how do you want to be remembered in your images? That's why? My website says fashion meets wedding so there are the moment pictures of bride crying there are moment pictures when the great bright has a cake in her mouth but that's not what I look for eye will I look for a girl for her best moment it does matter how big the girlies house tinny she's out apologies I will capture the best moment so I will deliver the girl her dream to become a princess to become the model off the day so that's how I I didn't find my work I think if you see most of my work they're people people are having fun there expression their moment their beauty is all coming out and that's what I try to bring up awesome fashion tv ass from and he's in singapore your body from your observation what are most doing wrong in the wedding photography industry? The number one wrong issued ember in my eyes that's what's killing our industry september what I mean by shoot'em bernie's take the pictures, put it on a disc and give it to the bright it's not good for you guys and that's ruining also at the same time running also our industry and it doesn't affect me so if I don't I need to say this because my business is high end I have certain number of clients and I always get to my target but my concern is not about me my concern is for the whole industry I want my friends, my brothers my sister who are you guys? The photograph furs to survive with this business it's the most beautiful business so guys to survive in this business let's do it right let's not waste the industry because many industries look at the news agent's look att they're all going to disappear and most probably many off them are going to come here in our industry because people think it's easy to take pictures it's easy to take pictures if you can see the light so it's important that we do it right if we are passionate about it, do it right all right we have a couple of minutes go ahead so I've heard before a good way to transition from a shooting burn is to give them digitals of prince that they actually by is that something that you would recommend or look thiss the subject I'm going to go harder on it but, yes, I want dismiss it to go to you all guys, and I'm going to insist that this has nothing to do with me. I have my business, it's, about the industry. I loved this industry so much. I need it to be the best I needed to stay where it is, so I can see all you sharing the industry with me so so, yes, any type off paper is the better solution than digital file.

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