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Designing Graphic T-Shirts

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Class Introduction

Brandon Rike

Designing Graphic T-Shirts

Brandon Rike

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1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

We're here today with brandon, right, and he's gonna be teaching us how to design some awesome t shirts if you don't already know who he is, he is a freelancing graphic artist who is working in the music industry has worked with some big time names like blink one eighty two let's welcome moms on stage brandon, I'm great. I am super excited to learn about how you design your graphic t shirts today. What are we going to be delving into? What concepts, everything? This is what I do all day every day for the past, like thirteen years is I design graphic t shirts, I've made a whole career designing graphic t shirts, and I'd love to just show every little piece of how I do that's awesome! We'll take it away. All right, thank you. So, like I said, I've made a career out of designing graphic t shirt so everything I know about graphic design is coming from my whole process and designing graphic tees. Uh, it's been this really cool medium that I think maybe it was frowned upon at first by the de...

signers and I got to a point where is like you guys don't want to keep designing t shirts? I'll do it let's do it, you know, I mean, I'm totally into it so all of us designers are probably going to come across a graphic t at some point in time it seems like if you work on a branding project well, it seems like you want to do that envelope, you would do the business card you want to do all those little things and you probably wanna see what it's gonna look like on a t shirt, you know? So I think we all are going to get used to that medium or at least come across that medium at some point in time. S o more than plopping the client's logo right onto the shirt, I've done so many graphic tees that I think of it a lot differently. I think there's something really boring and really clinical about plopping that logo into the t shirt and it just sort of like it just sort of like bums me out when it's when I see it with the brain ing thing because you thought about the business card you thought about the letterhead you thought about the envelope with the brochure, but that same thought process it doesn't work work by just going onto a t shirt so you think just put the logo on the top left corner, we'll put the logo right in the middle of the chest has a good t shirt, right? I don't really think it is I think there's a lot more to a graphic t shirt, and so my whole career has been about thinking of these little tiny little things about designing graphic tees, so my course is going to teach you how to design specifically for t shirts and that's something I think a lot of designers don't dio doing a lot of album layouts or whatever, but they're not getting onto the graphic t shirts, so gravity is its own medium it's its own thing at the canvas that you put your thing on moves and has attributes, and it has places you want to put stuff and maybe places you don't want to put stuff, and you want to know that, and it has a story and has aware and that where has a story? Um, so I want to take your thought process for graphic tees, take it to the next level so you won't have to send your client these boring little things of just their logo there you'll be able to send your client like, listen, I thought about your company, I thought about the way you do the things that you d'oh and that is reflected in the way I designed this graphic t for you, so it didn't just come in a package with your mother you know, business cards, letterhead or whatever it is so I want you I want you to see my entire process for this, so I'm going to show you every little thing that I do in a normal graphic t process um I've taught other courses, including lettering I've taught a course with a whole bunch of different styles of lettering I've taught a course on how to create brushes all of those are available on this creative life platform I've taught, eh uh course on applying vintage in the stress effects um this graphic t course shows you where all of that came from, so you'll get to see how all of those other courses came out of what I do on a daily basis. It's so it's, so fun for me for you to see how I do this thing all day every day and for you to really get a look into what I'm spending my time doing. So if you ever follow me on twitter or go to my website or follow my dribble page or anything like that it's coming from a guy who's doing what I'm going to show you all day every day, so I've done thousands of these tens of thousands, I think, and somehow I'm still obsessed with it and instead of getting sick of it, I found some way to just like fall deeper inside of it and enjoy it even more. So I want to sort of re invigorate that passion for whatever your medium of choice is by showing you the way I do, what I do.

Class Description

Learn the art of producing custom band t-shirts from a designer who has mastered the art.

Brandon Rike is living the dream. He makes his living designing band tees and his client list includes everyone from Aerosmith to Lady Gaga. In this beginner-friendly class, he’ll show you the ropes of professional t-shirt design. 

You’ll learn:

  • Which types of graphics work best on tees
  • Positioning and color tips
  • How to prepare files and get them printed

Whether you work for yourself or aspire to work for someone else, Brandon will teach you the best way to put an image on a shirt and share his expert insights on making t-shirts that rock.

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Andrew Shim

Excellent teaching. Best of all, he took a random word from a participant and built a truly awesome band logo for tshirt right before your eyes, going from sketch to final artwork in something like 15 minutes. Of course, his vast experience and skill must surely help him speedily come up with inspiring ideas, but nevertheless, he is truly inspiring. Much, much , MUCH better trainer than most others I have had the misfortune of watching.

Hilary Slaughter

Great class! His work is top notch and he shows a lot of integrity in his designs and how he communicates with clients. I do believe he combs thoroughly through shirt design elements and how to apply it in Illustrator and Photoshop. I think you should already have some working knowledge of the software to follow the last portion, otherwise take good notes and rewatch if necessary!


Excellent stuff, I'm no pro but I found the course useful. It's good to see what can be done so you have the idea filed as you work towards the ideal.