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Understanding the "Responsive" Web Today


Designing Websites in Illustrator: Effective Workflow


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Understanding the "Responsive" Web Today

Class Description

Get a complete overview of your options for designing websites with an assist from Adobe Illustrator in this web design class with Brian Wood.

Brian is a veteran web developer and educator and Designing Websites in Illustrator: Effective Workflow, he’ll help you understand the state of the web today and review your best options for designing for it. 

You’ll learn how to:
  • Create a working mockup
  • Design with hosted web fonts 
  • Add dynamic buttons
  • Use styles and symbols to simplify your process
Discover just how much you’ll want to integrate Adobe Illustrator into your web design workflow and best practices for using Illustrator’s features and functions for wireframes and designs.

There are endless options when designing for the web – learn to how Illustrator can help in Designing Websites in Illustrator: Effective Workflow with Brian Wood.

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 (18.0)