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Brush Tool

Lesson 13 from: Developing and Retouching in Lightroom Desktop

Jared Platt

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13. Brush Tool

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Lesson Info

Brush Tool

The next tool that we want to talk about is the brush tool, and the brush tool could be used for a lot of different things that could be used for burning and dodging. And it can also be used for, like, skin softening and things like that. The key is to just learn how to use the brush. So we're gonna click on the brush tool itself and inside the brush tool you have all of these controls so you can bring the exposure down and increase the size of the brush using the bracket keys. And I could just burn and dodge to my heart's content. Here on the outside, I can also turn the eraser on. So if I accidentally hit the hat or something like that, I can erase what I've just painted in, whatever burning I've done. And then I can create another brush. So see that little pin right there in the middle of the grass is telling us that this is one effect that I've created. But if I click on this little plus button right here, right there, I can create a new brush. So when I click on that new brush the...

n I can come in here and say, Well, I don't want to do the exposure on this one. I want to do the highlights and I'm going to just kind of bring in the highlights of her hat. And then in addition to that, I'm gonna create another brush. And this time, instead of highlights, I'm actually going to come down to texture and bring down the texture quite a bit. And I'm gonna paint in a negative texture on her skin. And I'm not being super accurate about it because I can always come back in afterwards. If I click on that, then I can erase that texture back out. So I'm just gonna I feel like this. By the way, if I want to see the mask overlay, I can always go to view. I can go to ah, overlay right here, show overlay. And then I can show the mask. So then I can erase out the mask and then whatever I want to do with that mask again, we can go to view tools. Ah, overlay and turn off the mask. And now that mask is just her skin. And I could go in and play around with the texture and the clarity. Aiken brighten it up a little bit. I can do anything I want to her skin, and then I can always come in later and erase out. You know, if it's, it's affecting her eyes. We can pull out the eyes by erasing those. We can erase off the lips and any hair, and that's how you use the brush tool to effect a photograph. And remember, you can use it for burning. You can use it for dodging. You can use it for warming up the sky or making a sky more blue or first softening skin. So get get used to the brush tool because it will become your best friend when it comes to working with people you half the time you don't need to go photo shop because of the brush tool. It's so good

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