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Geometry and Crop Tool

Lesson 9 from: Developing and Retouching in Lightroom Desktop

Jared Platt

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9. Geometry and Crop Tool

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Lesson Info

Geometry and Crop Tool

the next tool at the very bottom of the um adjustment area is the geometry. Geometry is looking at the image itself and seeing whether or not I'm square on to whatever I'm shooting. So sometimes if you're shooting a city, you can see that there's kind of like a a parallax thing happening where you're closer to the bottom and so the tops of the buildings look smaller because they're further away. So you're seeing perspective happening looking up. Same thing happens anywhere you go, and especially when you come into a shot like the one I'm looking at here, where I have these great windows. But the windows are are kind of against the edge of the frame. And so it's really important that those windows air square with the frame so that the photograph looks really, uh, solid. And so what I want to do is I want to go in, and I want to make sure that I might have been, you know, a little bit too far this way or a little bit too far that way, right or left. Maybe I was down a little bit further.

And so the windows are starting to kind of parallax and get smaller on the top. And so I want to even that out and kind of change my camera position, actually, so that the windows air really square. So the way that I do that is I go into the geometry panel and I'm going to go to the upright options here and in the upright options. I have different options. I could do auto and let it try and fix it itself. Or I could do level and just try and get it toe level the image. I can also tell it to do a vertical which tries to fix the vertical lines. But my favorite is the guided. When I click on guided, I get to use this little tool right here That looks like a cross. So I'm gonna grab this cross. And by the way, if you hover on anything, all these little help tools pop up, so I'm gonna click on that cross, and now I have the option. So I click on that cross and then I have the option to start grabbing lines and I have to verticals and two horizontal is that I can use. So I'm gonna click on the first vertical line. That's important, which is those windows. So that's the first vertical line. And nothing happened because there's not enough information yet. The second vertical line that matters to me, it could be these windows or even better. It could be this staircase right here that the little girl is on there. So what's just happened is it squared up both the staircase and the windows with the bottom and top of the frame. But I actually think that maybe that staircase is a little bit skewed. So instead I'm gonna come up and do the windows instead and notice that it kind of went wonky for a second boom There. So now are our windows and are the top of our building are completely square now. What happened was when I did that, I went wonky on me. I ended up losing the edge of my frame here, so I lost the windows. So let me just quickly delete this and start over so that we have let's go into our crop tool because it crops, see what it did. It cropped everything out. So I'm gonna go back and start over again because I really kind of messed that one up. All right, so and there's the crop tool. Um, okay, so now I'm gonna go back and click on that little cross. I'm gonna try that again. I'm gonna start at the top. There we go. So now hasn't done anything because they're not enough information. And now I'm gonna grab on the bottom window, and I'm just going to go across that one and see now both the window edges, top and bottom are square with the top and bottom of my frame. So now I'm gonna do the same thing with the side windows. So I'm just going to click on the side of the window here and this, do this and then this side of the window here and do that. So now it's squared up that window with the right and left frame. So I have a perfectly perpendicular and ah ah, parallel window edges with my frame edges. So it's really quite nice. Now this paired with if you go into the optics and and remove of the lens correction issues, so click on lens correction, and it kind of gets rid of the Boeing of things and I want to keep the lensman yet ing in there. That looks really quite nice. And then we just need to crop it. So that's the next tool we need to look at. So in the crop tool, which is right below the edit tool, click on crop and you'll find the crop tool. And then I'm just gonna crop out that side so that I'm equal distant with those windows there. And ah, And by the way, if I want to in the crop tool, um, I can keep the original aspect ratio. Or I can say I want this to be a two by three or four by six aspect ratio. And then when I grab it and drag it it, it increases and decreases all equally so that it's it maintains that aspect ratio. So I'm gonna just shift click. I'm just gonna click up here, drag this around until I get the exact crop that I want and done, and I like that image a lot. So that's the crop tool

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