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Day 3 Wrap-Up

Thank you so much for sharing. Absolutely. So where we're at now is I think I pretty much finished with the abs and just wanted to kind of wrap up everything love it. So would you like me to wrap up for your final thoughts for us just to kind of take us out? I think that, um, photographing and being able to be observant in the world is a really important thing, and if you could do that and capture these images and feel good about it, feel good about what you're capturing and evoke feeling in your images in with others that that is a huge thing and you guys did so great over these three days, I feel like you were really listening attentively and and everyone out there is asking questions and wanting to know more, and I love helping all of you do that to me. It's um, it's a lot of fun for me and I just there's so much there's, so many possibilities out there, so my message to you would be take advantage of all this and, well, creative life is such a great place to learn because you can w...

atch it, you know, all the time live and get so much out of it and there's so many great instructors here I'm very excited, but I was able to teach this class and I'm inspired to go doom or just from feeling the energy from everyone here so it's really it's been great? Well, I think you even such such a fabulous job and thank you internet for joining us over the last three days for your engagement in the chat rooms for listening and and it's really being involved in the learning process he can't wait to see what you guys create a result of this class andi thank you every are in studio audience for your participation for modeling, for photographing for posing on for asking questions bring so engaged we really really appreciate your involvement here on blood to think our models as well tammy and eric you guys did such a great job on last but not least erin of course again needed such a wonderful to have that communicating these things that are sometimes they feel intangible are really distant as it as they begin every but we know that you really connected with our internet audience all around the world so thank you let's give aaron a huge global and there are more thank you's coming in online thank you for signing that card if you haven't already go to our facebook page facebook dot dot com for a slash creative live and leave a thank you post mike tabor art wrote erin for years I've been wanting to learn more about photography and my camera thank you for opening my eyes to photography in such a comfortable way, I've learned to love photography all over again. Thanks to you, my camera camera now feels like a good friend and not a clunk of plastic and metal that won't do what I wanted. Teo, I now understand that, and I'm so super excited to see what we can do together. So thank you, that's good, thank you. Yes, I love that I love that because once you really do develop those skills, once you do just go through the work and the education to understand exactly what your cameras doing, it really does. It feels like a friend. It feels like someone that is along with you to help you capture those memories and to capture those moments that you're going to want to look back on, that you're going to want to have to review and recieve years from now. You know, even tomorrow, like I love looking at the pictures that I took the day before, I just love the ability that we have as photographers and as people who love photography, whether you're doing it professionally or just for fun just for the archival ability to capture your family's moments, I love the ability that we have to really create a moment that we can look back on now. That's one thing being able to do it in a way that is beautiful to look at in a way that really you can use these techniques to guide the viewer to really make them feel and see what you want them to see to make people look their best the way that you see them as opposed to the way that maybe the harsh light is making them look at that particular moment all of these things are things that we can use to enhance our ability to create those memories in the way that we want to remember them. So if you want to be ableto have that ability if you want to be able to develop those skills and need something to help guide you along the way I believe that these three days have been part of that guide you can own these three days for one hundred and forty nine dollars that includes not just the video is not just the teaching that aaron has done live but the keynote the the live shoots and all of the instruction that she's done but also includes several pds of tip sheets and additional learning things that you can cut out print up and put take with you wherever you're going to be all to remind you while you're out there actually shooting this is this is everything that's available for one hundred and forty nine dollars for all of these three days but you still have time to get it for the discounted live price of ninety nine dollars. It will not be at that price for long, so I encourage you. If you really want to be able to have this guide with you, make that purchase. Now click the buy button it's directly below the video feed and be able to have aaron and all of her instruction and all of her education with you as you are learning and as you are teaching yourself those skills. So it's been a wonderful three days. I've enjoyed myself. I've learned stuff, even though I've been shooting for years, and I love that we are able to offer this to you, so we will see you next time here, uncreative, live. But for this, for digital photography one o one with aaron manning that is around, thanks, everybody.

Class Description

Are you ready to start taking amazing digital images? Join award-winning photographer Erin Manning for a three-day introduction to the fundamentals of digital photography — frustration-free.

Whether you take pictures with your phone, a point-and-shoot digital camera, or a DSLR, Erin will give you the tools you need to capture beautiful digital images. You’ll learn about light and exposure, including how to work with and modify your on-camera flash. You’ll learn about common errors beginning photographers make and develop strategies for troubleshooting. Erin will also guide you through the basics of digital image editing and sharing your images online.

By the end of Digital Photography 101, you’ll have the creative and practical skills to create, edit, and share stunning digital images.



Good basic or "refresher" course.