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Different Apps for your iPhone

So now what I thought would be really cool to dio is to learn something about all the different aps that are available on the iphone now I know I'm a little iphone centric, so for those of you that have windows phones, androids, uh, you know, sorry, but some of the aps actually that that are available on the iphone are also available on android phones so you can check out their store and see if there's something comparable or maybe even some of the same aps I'm going to be showing you today, so I thought I'd start off with just going through I've got about six different aps I wanted to show you one in particular was one we used yesterday, which is opposing app, which is really helpful when you're out about shooting or just in in your home, wherever you're at to kind of think about it poses that you might share with the person in front of your lens remember when we were working with eric and I was trying to come up with some posing ideas for him and trying to give him direction, sometim...

es it helps if maybe you confined supposes that you like and show them in this posing half to the person that's going to be posing for you and they kind of get the idea of what you need, so let me show you what what that is we covered it a little bit yesterday, but just wanted to go over what it is it's just called posing app, I know like I click on poses, and it gives me all these choices of different poses for children, women, men, couples, groups, weddings, all sorts of things. So I'm just going to tap on men and just to kind of give you an idea there illustrations, but they're easy to see and if you find when you like, you might tap on that, it makes a little bit bigger and you can see what it is, and this is actually one of the poses that I talked about with eric today, so when we're trying to do, you know, simple with arm, some of them work, some of them didn't, but, you know, that's, okay, that's and you go on to the next pose and just try to come up with some different ideas, but this is a way that you can easily quickly find some different poses for people going to go back, and I'm going to tap on groups and just kind of quickly look at that because we we talked a little bit about opposing groups yesterday and you all pose for the photograph that was fun, and we were positioning you on the sofa and standing behind the sofa. But I wanted to kind of pull up some pictures of other groups because I thought it might be kind of fun if we took a shot not right now, but after I go over the aps and we can come up with some fun poses. So look at this it's almost as if look at this pose, it's just like the picture behind me, you must copy that. But for groups sometimes it's hard to figure out how to pose people for groups we'll see if I can go horizontal with this, no has to stay vertical, so here's, just some ideas for you. And if you're thinking about posing a lot of people, just one thing I went over yesterday if you look at the faces in this particular portrait group grouping, notice how there are no eyes, they're on the same level as any other eye of someone else, so they've positioned them so you're I will kind of move through the scene. So for instance, if you've got chairs, if you have smaller people in larger people, make sure their their heads aren't too far away from each other, so you may have to have the taller people sitting, the smaller people either standing or sitting on a lab. And just what we were doing yesterday remember howsam two of you were coming in from behind on the couch on the sofa and kind of leaning in that's what these guys were doing here in the background so kind of gives you some some ideas not only four ways you might pose your own friends and family if you're in a photograph or if you're taking a photograph so that's one of the reasons I like this photo app and I use it you know on occasion to just kind of give me some ideas now it's a free app but if you go to the bottom like a lot of aps they have the purchase within app options so apparently there is a glamour section I have not purchased yet because it has a lock on it but you can go in and explored that too and no figure out that's something that interests you so that's one app that I thought was important to know about and to download another one I'm going to go back my screen here I know I have just so everyone knows I've put I have a lot of aps and I've tried to really consolidate him I just have to two pages here of aps but what's new in iphone with iowa seven is that you can now make folders with your aps and have a lot of you could make folders before but you can have a lot more aps within those folders so right now this is my photography folder and I've got quite a few gaps in there you can see how much easier this makes things if you just take the time to put some of your abs and a folder so let's see one of the ones I wanted to go into oh yes there was one that we talked about yesterday too and I showed you a little bit about this called dip tick d I p t I c and what this is it's layouts that you can use to instantly put your images into let's say if you want to share more than one image with someone you want to put them all into a fun little lay out like this you can so I could choose a layout like this and I've already kind of plunks um photos in to another layout and they kind of show up in your new layouts and what you khun dio is just tap on it and bring in new photographs if you want we can also tap on a pitch a picture within say the dip tick and alter but I'm gonna go back to my camera will and just put some pictures in maybe that we took yesterday and this is one and I've already done something to this picture it puts a text on it I'm going to show you how I did that in another mobile app but what you can do with these layouts is just tap on each square and add in other photos that you want to add in I've used it before so it's kind of using some photographs that were that we're from the same shoot just different pictures, so I'm plunking in different ones and just tapping on, tapping on the little square and adding them in so it's kind of a nice thing to do if you wanted to share, say, four five photos in a photo story remember we talked about that and composing your shots um to try and take a wide shot, a medium shot in a close up shot so that you have a little story to tell, so I'm just gonna I'm just kind of playing around popping things in that we took yesterday, but here's an easy way to add in some photos and put together like a little story board if you wanted teo and send it out to your family and friends and whoever just make it make it something that kind of tells a little story all in one without having to justin for pictures separately, so that's something you can also go in and alter these images within those frames I'm going to go ahead and close out of that just so you know, that's something cool you can use here's one that I like to use a lot and I use this when I travel all the time and it happens to be the app by crystal cruises, and what happens is when you and it's free actually most of these absar free when I tap on it, it opens up the screen that says they can either take a photo within the app for use of photo I think I'll just use a photo I've already taken and let's say I take one of the that I took of all of you yesterday and it gives me this square to kind of arranging and if I pinch it, I can sort of move it around a little bit within that square frame that I want to pinch it too much because then loops chris goes away, so I want to make sure he's in there so I'll make sure that if you don't like chris, yeah, but if I didn't want us in there, I would just enlarge it and there goes chris he's often inside there's another way to kind of edit people out, but no, chris me like you were keeping you in, so I'm going to select choose and then it's it's just it's very simplified I mean, you've been you've probably seen other aps and, um like hips, dramatic or instagram one of those and give you lots of filters this just has for it's pretty simple you can choose maybe I wanted to do a black and white or a sepia, or make it super saturated or make it de saturated, and I'll choose supersaturated because that just looks kind of cool, and I forward to the next screen. It gives me a choice of having no frame or three frames, and you can kind of select which one you like, and I kind of like that one, so I'll move forward to the next, and this is what I find really helpful, specifically, when I meet new people all the time, sometimes I just can't, I can't remember their face, but I can't remember their name, so I'll take their picture, and then I'll run it through this mobile app, and I'll tap in here under text and type in their name. And since I don't really have room for all your names, I'm just going to say, students, students for now, but you could type in whatever you wanted, you know, like creative live or having fun, or seattle or whatever you wanted. So once you type that in, it shows up right there, and you have a choice of four different fonts, and I'm going to kind of scroll through the ones that seemed to fit better that looks more ledge a ball, and you can make the fun either black or white it's black right now, if I wanted to make it white, I can, but I'd maybe want to move it to a different part of the frame, so if I just tap the location but this text on the bottom, I can kind of move it around, see where it looks, looks good and well, looks the best up there in black, but if I wanted to move it around, I could change it toe white and move it down below. But that's again, chris, there it is, it's like halfway covering up while almost sitting your face, so I'm gonna move it up to the upper left hand side and leave it in black and move forward. And so this is what a lot of companies they're doing, they're creating their own mobile aps that help you share images with them on their facebook page to kind of gain more visibility and that's all great. But right now, since this has nothing to do with crystal cruises, I'm going to turn that off, and I'm not going to put it on my facebook page just yet, because I have something in mind for that later, after I put on a lot of pictures, but you could automatically uploaded to facebook if you wanted to. I could email it to someone or I could even send a printed postcard and that's something that goes through a third party provider called postcard on the run and it's pretty cool, I think it's like a dollar forty nine you put in your credit card info and all that stuff, and then you can send them the picture and then actually right with your fingers name on it and wish you were here having fun, whatever, and then they've got your dollar forty nine and they mail it from some place somewhere. I don't know where, but then it goes off too your peeps and, you know, someone's got a printed postcard, so I'm gonna go ahead and just say done and this saves it to my camera roll on. This is telling me you've got a lot of pictures. Yes, I know. So that's another app that you can use and just to show you what that looks like in the camera roll, I'm gonna go to my camera roll and pull it up and there it is. Uh, students have fun, so just a little idea that you might use if there was something you know you want to create a memory of and put some text on it now I want usually another app uh, I showed you posing in dipstick o touch retouch ok remember what we just did in the photo shop elements class where I was working with getting rid of wrinkles and making people look better and all that there is something you khun dio I'm going to go back to my photography folder you can use on application called touch retouch when you look at the iconic just says retouch on it and it's got like a couple flowers and looks like a crayon or something or or a paintbrush racer ok, so I've opened up this app called touch retouch and it's I can take a photo I can open a photo for my own camera roller gallery it also is kind of cool it gives you videos you can watch on youtube if you have an internet you know if you've got a data connection on your phone or wifi and you can go ahead and just watch tutorials on how to use this but it's actually pretty intuitive, it's pretty simple I'm just going to open up a picture and show you how we can easily edit something and to be kind I'm actually going to edit a photograph of myself now when I was taking the selfie yesterday I did sort of on the fly it was really fast and I really wasn't probably positioning the light and totally the right place, but I had enough light on my face to capture decent shot but what I am particular about is I'm thinking gosh, those circles beneath my eyes look a little I don't know obvious maybe I want to get rid of those how can I do it? Well, I enlarge the photo just by kind of the pinch on the screen and open it up and well I'm going to get really close to my eye there I know it's scary let me know I know I'm brave I'm just opening this up for the whole world to see it looks like I've got a red eye whatever okay? So we've got all these little icons on the bottom that are tools you can use to do different things to the picture and what I've discovered is I like the lasso tool and that's the one on the very lower left hand side it looks like a lasso so just tap that lasso and what you do is with your finger just draw around whatever it is that you don't like I don't like those wrinkles in that little indented part of my face so I drew around it and it instantly puts it looks like red masking. So for anyone that's familiar with using photo shop and masking out pictures and things like that that's that's what it would look like and photoshopped but they're putting this in this this mobile app and so now I've selected the area that I want to smooth out and all I have to do now is I hit this little kind of arrow button at the bottom oh, look at that it went way now there is nothing in here that lets you customize getting ready these wrinkles like we did in photoshopped elements if you remember when we were using that program, I could go back and change capacity and things like that this is mainly for hey, oh my god, all right, let's, get rid of those. So this is mainly for you wantto post something on facebook right away or one your social media sites or send it in an email and you just want to look a little bit better or changed how something is appearing and, you know, people are people know that you're taking these pictures with your iphone, they're not going to be, you know, the super pro photo of you know that they're going to zoom in really close, okay, so look at that. So what that did is it kind of took some of my hair, which almost looks sort of green in the photograph and it plunked it right over my wrinkles. I don't know if I like that so much, so I'm going to come back up to the top and click on the little undo button and go back a couple steps and maybe try that again and you just have to be kind of precise, and maybe I won't go out as far as I did, so it won't pick up those pixels from over there and see if that works when I do it, you know, kind of, I mean, I could kind of keep playing around this, but you get you get the idea that you can go in and make some adjustments to something that kind of worked, and if I was going to send us, you know, put it on facebook, who's going to know who's gonna zoom in that close, right? Hopefully not, but I'll just look at and go, wow, your skin looks fantastic. So that's, one of the reasons I like to use touch, retouch. And so now, if you see my pictures on social media, you'll know the secrets. Now they could just come up with a feature on here that gets rid of red red eyes like I'm not talking about red eye from a flash, but your eyes, the whites of your eyes and have read in them, that would be a good thing. Um, there's also something in here called a racer. You could also work with a brush tool, um, there's a clone stamp tool where I could maybe use that to come in and and just like what we were doing in photoshopped elements, I don't know what that is up there I could use the clone stamp tool and just touch an area of my face I wanted to clone like maybe want to clone these pixels over here and then put him over here and rub out that dot I could do that. The only problem with that particular tool is it doesn't smooth things out now I'm seeing like a funny line, so maybe I'd go back to the lasso tool and draw around it and see if that works and that looks better so now my perfect isn't it fabulous and I would probably go in and crop this later using something else I can also save it and I can save to my library aiken send it via email and also open it up another app, open it up in other aps and post to some social media sites so that's kind of cool think I'll just save it my library so yes, you'll be seeing this picture later, ok, so that was touch retouch another one that's really cool to use is thie camera awesome and it's the one in the upper left hand corner that right there just a camera on it but it's it's, an app that was created by smugmug anyone ever heard of smugmug there are web site that will create a website for you you can use to create your own website easily and if you take photographs and want to share them with people and even sell them and make a profit you can do it through this website called smugmug so it's it's s m u g m u g dot com and they created this mobile app I'll put it on you guys it looks much more interesting this way they created this mobile app that helps you do some cool things that you might not be able to do with your regular camera app on that comes with your camera so it adds some additional features for you for instance for self I'm going to zoom in and kind of crop stuff out I'm looking at you guys over there wave okay so I could take a picture if I wanted to and just won't take a photo but I can also next to this little camera icon in the on the bottom in the middle if I tap on that little arrow I have some other options I can choose like maybe I want image stabilization maybe I'm wiggling a lot and I will you know wantto stabilize the camera maybe I don't have my glasses I can't even see the button so I could make it look like a really big button or there would also help with taking selfies that's right now just click the back good it's definitely there are some other options you can use to take pictures very quickly. This is really good if maybe you wantto have somebody you know move around and you want to catch after some action like let's test this out who wants to go woo like this? Well, I take a shot you're ready? Okay and go ok we'll look at those in a minute and now this is a fast burst mode so it's like looks like a bunch of um frames all like piled up next to each other and this this goes really fast so if I were to take a picture of you and you were like moving like this or someone was running by it would go boom boom boom boom boom, boom boom another option there's also a a timer so if I wanted to do a self timed photo like set the camera up and run over and get in front of the camera I could do that just like a regular, you know, compact camera or something and this is kind of cool. This isn't an interval camera and you can take it at different intervals of time. So let's say I wanted to take a picture of a plant growing or something I could set this camera up and let it let it record a picture like every minute or I don't know how high it goes have to test it well, it takes it every sixty seconds, so I could have this take a photo every sixty seconds. You know, it just kind of you could show those photos and succession about what was happening in certain spot at intervals. Or maybe you want to show, set it up and show people kind of walking around the room, doing things. I could set it at a five or ten second interval, and it would take a picture every five or ten seconds automatically. And you could just kind of set it up that way. People by, you know, something called an interval ometer, which, um, you can hook up to your regular camera that you could set up and people take those photos that happened, you know, like, every hour, every thirty minutes. Whatever it is, you kind of see a transition of of time in a series of photographs. You can do this here on a cool I'm gonna go back to just regular photo and what's also needed you can do video with this and there's some some things you can use as faras working with, um, effects. So if I wanted to record actually gets the effects, don't work in the video, you have to do that and still so let's, I want to do some effects. Everything that I recorded, my might look like one of these effects that I choose, or all the pictures that I take, maybe I want to choose something that's going to help me with composition. So right now, I chose the rule of thirds grid, so it's, kind of faint, you can't see it that well, what it's doing is it's giving me that rule of thirds, if I wanted tio align something up, you know, in one of those intersections and be easier to do, you can also focus on hold exposure and focused despite tapping your finger on the screen. Same thing you could do in the camera app on iphone. Ok, so that was camera awesome. I don't really have a whole lot else to go over and camera. Awesome of the next one, I want to show you is something called photosynth, and I use this a lot on my last teaching. Cruz I was on, and I want to show you one of the photos that I took. Not only can you take photos of of an entire area, but you can also share them. They have, like, a whole social media aspect with this, so you can look at other things people have done as faras it's, like a three sixty view of oven area, so apparently the one that I posted the other day it was called the caddies cathedral was featured by photosynth, who knew and so suddenly I've got like a lot of people following me I'm going to show you what it is so here's the results of using photosynth I can now scoot around in here and show you the entire caddies cathedral from the outside from the vista that I was standing at three sixty you can see what the clouds were like in the sky you can see people walking by and the photo I can even look down and look at the bricks it's like, wow, how do you do that? Well, there's something called quicktime v r that people used to dio quicktime virtual reality and you had to have a special mirror in the camera and all this stuff to make these he's little kind of round about three hundred sixty views and you've probably seen him on like real estate sites and things like that, but now you can, you know, take it of anywhere you go or could be good if someone were selling real estate to show this and let someone see and you can do it right on your phone so I'll show you how to do it it may not do the whole thing just because I'm done I'm gonna tap on the little camera down below sometimes it might take a little while to do, but basically the way it works is I've tapped on the camera icon down there, it says, tapped to start, so I tap it with my finger and I just move it and you'll notice where it's taking a photo it's green and as I move it, it just automatically snapped the photo of the entire area like so, and you just have to take the time to slowly kind of run this over all the spaces, you know, maybe you missed and get the whole thing in there. Now I'm taking a picture of the whole scene, but oh, hello over there. So this is how you use it? You just tap it once and kind of keep moving it and, you know, I would do the whole room, which I'm not going to do right now, or you can do part of a room however much you want to dio tap finish, and then it stitches it all together, that entire panorama, and I'm just showing you the little bit that, um, that I took well, that's how easy that is to use and that is the view of a creative live instructor and thought, yes, this is what I'm seeing around area, okay? Yes I'm sorry I might revealing too much information there also I love I love when we can publicly back like that yeah I mean such a fun way it's I love photos and I use it myself I love it oh you dok yeah that's very cool so a friend of mind showed me this app when I was traveling and I just now use it whenever I travel anywhere because you want to share that whole experience and the next thing I think would be great is if there were sound that could go with it because if you think about it to really experience something to see the whole area and to hear something with it really makes a difference to and mellie ellie is asking if you can download this three sixty view and use it on a website or something like your example with mossad agents are yes as far as I know you can I think you can you can share it so let's see, I believe it gives it puts it on a photosynth website like they have the photo sharing section of their web site then you can give the link to people and they might have the option to embed there yeah that's right yeah because I did remember I did share it but I couldn't remember how I shared it sometimes you just kind of click around and stuff and then you forget how did that happen but yeah, I did I shared it to facebook and then you click on the link and it goes to the photosynth website so um further exploration on now I'll check that out and see if that's something you can actually download and have is a freestanding movie which would be kind of cold all right, so that was that was photosynth, so I've gone over now the posing out dipped iq krystle app touch retouch photosynth and camera awesome all kinds of groovy things something I thought might be kind of fun to dio is to take some pictures and take some selfies um before that let me just show you kind of take some selfies of us so I'm gonna show you how we're going to do that. We do have people here in the studio that could take a picture of all of us together but what I what I thought would be fun is to show everyone how they could do it on their own not only you know, we could use one of the aps and use that self timer, but I also have I brought a special little device um that I just got a couple days ago and it's right here well, first off this is the little tripod I like to use when I'm traveling around or just running all over the place it's a joby tripod you've probably seen him all over the place or super light and they you know, concurrent around anything and I just I love to use this as a tripod, but what you're seeing on top of it is an extra little piece that I use its buyi stabilizer and this is something that I used to put the iphone in tow hold it so if I wanted to, you know, it's kind of tough to prop this upright compact cameras and things like that I guess I could try and do this and maybe it wouldn't fall over, but if you want to have even more control, you could get one of these little little gadgets I stabilizer and it's just kind of on a little spring it has pulled us up and now it holds your iphone and I, you know, kind of played around with this where I've gone and in this mode and you have to sort of move the legs around to cover it that way it doesn't go completely well, I guess you could play with it, but it works the best like this. So I've played around a lot with this and also in taking video in fact, sometimes if I'm doing some video like on the road um of myself, I'll make sure first off I'm in good light, right? And I'll put the iphone on the ice stabilizer like this and depending on you know what I want to do with with light and everything else I could either turn on the camera app like so that was my photos I could turn on the camera app and I could take a picture all of you but I could also flip it around we'll get it up with you know and take a picture this way so I want to you know make sure sometimes if I'm if I'm doing video like this all I'll prop it up on something so it's coming in from a little bit higher on me if I'm sitting in front of it so I could be videotaping myself and you know talking away la la la but just one other little gadget I wanted to show you this is something I wasn't planning on showing but why not and it is uh well two things actually three things I love gadgets all the things I wasn't planning on it but I just happen to have it right back there just in case they're just some things you can get some little attachments for the iphone that air really fun going to turn it back on you guys and one of them is sometimes to get better sound on your iphone there are little microphones that you can purchase that will fit into the side of the bottom of your iphone that this is a what's called a thirty pin so this works on iphones that air like four s and four below the newer iphone five and five c and five s use a different kind of connector. So I happen to have my old iphone for s here, so if I wanted to get some better audio, if I'm recording video, I could just pop in this little this little thing here and start recording video and actually have better sound record a little bit better sound and that's that's often the worst thing that happens when people are trying to record video is if you're too far away from this oftentimes the sound is just not that great it's pretty good if you're within about a couple feet, but sometimes you're not sounding that you're not looking that great if you're that close to it, so you kind of want to play with holding this far enough away and then using a microphone, and right now I've got a view on my iphone um that looks kind of weird because I'm using something totally different on the back of it it's actually a special lens and it's a case in the lens hooks right into the case like so and I can change I can change it to macro, I can change it tio telephoto I can change it to super wide angle, so there are all kinds of cool things I could do with that so they're a couple different things you could do with different with different attachment, so I like to use different attachments for lenses. This is also a cool little device, and while I'm showing you that I'm going to actually put on a photograph, that might be a little more interesting than, um I was just showing you so while I'm showing you these gadgets let's, let's, look at tammy from yesterday, ok? So there's some cool things you can get us faras attachments put on your iphone that might create a different viewpoint with different lenses. This is a really cool little lens. It's called the ali clip and I was telling alex about this at lunch, you can actually just fits right over your iphone camera islands like so and it's two different lenses. So, it's, I think this is ah, macro on one side and a wide angle on the other. So if I use the wide angle, we'll see what that looks like, and it just fits right over the camera and it might give you a little bit different look so a little bit different. Yeah, it's kind of creating that rule wide angle. Look, just because I have this little bit different lens on it groups and it just fell off, so you want to make sure that if you buy these you buy him for the rights for the right iphone because this one that I purchased actually fits better on my four s and I just got this new five so it kind of fell off but he was trying to show you the effect so enough of that what I wanted to do is try and take a photo of all of us kind of doing a selfie using something called it's the eye at the er I have it it's a shattering mode and it's the ice stabilizer shutter remote so you can turn it on its bluetooth and it sinks with your iphone and you can control a lot of things with this actually you can control music um you can look at pictures you can take pictures but it's like a tv remote so you can kind of you can use it with your ios devices and it's pretty cool so what I thought we do is take a group shot and we can just all plunk on the couch and take shots are you feeling up to it come on ok okay so I'm going to set it up so actually if everybody wants to come over and have a seat on the on the so uh I'm gonna set this up here yeah it's not next to mr bush way are incredibly coordinated you are this is like the tonal perfect the blue green looking really good against this working there. Well, teo you know, I guess I am I'm going first so first you always want to get it set up before you get in and I've got it turned around so I can kind of see what's going on from this side and I can sort of make an adjustment well, see, I'm going to sit on the end over here right next to john so I could sit on the top and lead over that's okay? And let's let's test it out ok, so I've got this stinks I just turned on the blue tooth on my phone and I turned this on and if all things work let's see if we can take photos in and, uh okay, we can look at the monitor and check. Okay? We're going okay? We're going to look at that camera right there and with with feeling with energy it's and what kind of lead in try not to get this in front of your face. I'll get it over here and see if it still works. Okay, we need to do a little interacting between all of us. Oh, yeah, we had a really good class. I love your sweater. Great color. Oh, so I mean, I think that's a pretty easy way to take a great group shot thanks all of you you did a great job, huh? So and we would love to you as the students go ahead and sit back down we would love to hear where you find these sort of gadgets well I'm kind of a gadget gal so I'm just always sort of looking for things I subscribed a different you know, a couple different websites I'm always looking at engadget in g a gt to find out what's happening but you know, I just I kind of see something that someone has I want to find out more about it and I don't have anyone you know particular way that I do it I just whatever I see that I like I check it out online usually and then hopefully go get it but yeah, I think it's it's a lot of fun to really play around with some of these and you want to think about not just buying things to buy them but finding something that you know can really help you do what you want to do I don't I don't have any gadgets but I know I've seen it is a place that has product on and the verge is really good for that review products so cnn and the verge cnn is just the letter c yeah yeah, you know I write I used I used that a lot, but the verge I haven't I haven't heard about new york a little cooler okay, we'll have to check it out yeah I want to check out the verge r v r g all right you heard it here. Okay, so there are some other cool things you can do to actually show off your photographs and your videos whatever it is that you're doing and make it something really fun that people can get into that is sort of short and sweet and that's an apt that I'd like to use by an emoto and we see where I put it oh I put it in my video folder there is right there well that's one of them there is ok so it's the animal toe app and animal was filled a n I m o t o and what they do is you can basically upload any of your still images or your videos to the site and what they'll do is just in like minutes they'll create video for you that looks super professional and they have music on there that you can that is already licensed that you can use for different things if you want to go on and say make a video for longer than thirty seconds a thirty second videos free but if you want to make one that's longer than that it's not that much money I think they have subscription based plans and you can come in at different levels some of them you can even use for your business and license the music to use on your business website so there are all kinds of cool things you can do with this site, but basically what they do is make videos for you out of your still shots and your and your video all in one. So I've done a bunch of these for people, because as soon as you put music to anything, you know, it really makes it come alive and because they've got these great templates and things that they just you can choose, and they just automatically shake it up and make a really cool video for you in minutes I'm talking like a couple minutes, you can instantly share it on youtube or facebook, or you can download the movies separately and have those free standing and do all kinds of things with them. So I do this a lot, and we actually have a video that I created out of a photo shoot I did with a little girl just in my backyard, and we just I just took different pictures that kind of tell told a story about what was happening that afternoon and, you know, shows off a little bit of her personality and put it together and made a little animal video. I thought you might want to see it wait and their short and sweet, you know, people now don't have the attention span necessarily to watch. You know, a thirty minute slideshow, unless it specifically, you know, for something, a special event, and they want to include all the photos of your life or something like that, but for just a little little events, little photo shoots things that are happening, it's really fun to share him this way. So that is ah, part of my my iphone or smartphone sharing and ways to create some things and share them with others. That is fun. So why not get out there and have fun with your photography? I mean, that's really what? We talked about this in the very beginning about capturing things that are meaningful to you in the moments in life and the relationships you have with people and then doing something with those images and then sharing them with with everyone it's, it's, something that's so important and so precious that now you've learned a lot about making images that can really be even more important and beautiful, and people will save them forever. So, it's, good to know that you're you're here and you're learning all this. Teo, put that out there in the world. And it's it's, um, it's really a cool thing?

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