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You know we want to kind of mix it up not everyone has a dslr and if you have a smartphone and you're taking pictures which pretty much everyone is right, you've got a smartphone documenting, documenting photos, documenting places and events, so why not use a smartphone and use it in a smarter way to capture great shots and also how to take great selfies? How to take great pictures of yourself if you happen to be doing it, I know alex really wanted to know about that, so I want to make sure yes way cover working with selfie shot so that's what that's what I thought we might try next so what we want to do is go to the iphone, but does anyone have any questions about anything? So they're currently getting that set up and we are really enjoying this? I actually really love the fact that we're covering both how to use a dslr and then also how to use a cell phone it's something that is becoming much more common to take a lot of pictures with your with your camera phone it's something you ha...

ve with you all the time now how much do you shoot with your camera as opposed to your professional camera? Well, that's a really good question I let's say let's say this when I go traveling I always walk out the door with my dslr and my iphone, those were the two cameras I use now all the time, and that pretty much covers everything. I like to take pictures with the iphone because there are all kinds of great aps filters and things and ways I can instantly share them. So if I want to let someone know where I am a I'm checking in on in seattle and here's a bunch of pictures of seattle and put it on facebook or tweeted or, you know, put it on youtube, whatever I want to do, I can do that immediately, and then I take my more serious shots that I know I'm going to be looking at later at home, most likely on my dslr. So if I want to blow these up to big posters or do prince or maybe license them for stocks, photography or something like that, I want to make sure I take it with a dslr is great and we are ready to go. Ok, that's what? We have the phone, right? So I'm gonna hand this off. Thank you very much. The fabulous daniel. Thank you. Okay. All right. So now you get to see my dirty sock drawer, tio, now you get to see all the ass on the front of my iphone. And I've tried to do a good job of kind of cleaning things up because I have created folders and things like put my many aps into and so now I've just got two pages and what's kind of cool about this new version of the iphone is I could say tap on one of the folders and inside the folder I can have lots of aps all stored, so this is my photography folder and these air all the aps I have for photography right now I'm sure I'll be getting more, you know, there's just their new ones coming up all the time. There are a lot of aps that I like to use s o I I'll show you some of those, but while we were just on the posing aspect of things and tammy was over here doing her pose and I was trying to give her some direction what's helpful sometimes is if you might have an app, I just I have an app called posing app there's no other word for just called posing app and I tap on it and inside I'll go back to the main page. It just has a whole group of all these different areas different things you can do for opposing just different ideas sometimes you're out there trying to come up with ideas I'm gonna tap on women and maybe there's an idea that okay? And aiken, we want to do that we'll show this app to the model or the person I'm photographing and say hey let's, try this what do you think of this or or just try different ones there's all kinds of stuff you can do so I could just go forward and you know look at him also just gives you lots of ideas because sometimes like that's a nice one somebody you sort of go brain dead on your fear like I've been creative all day I don't know what else to do and maybe the person in front of the lens is running out of ideas and they don't know what else to do so this is just an app that's myspace this's just an app that you can go through and excuse me get some ideas from and that's those are just the women's poses and they have lots of other poses and ideas and things you can do for groups. This is also a good one ways you compose people in groups this is really important because remember when I was showing you in the last segment how a lot of people just tend to line people up which can be kind of boring, but depending on the group it might be actually kind of interesting it just depends on who they are but this is this is opposed I do a lot of a lot of times with the family is just you know, the group hug often works along with the jump, but that depends on the family and look at this they have the same pose that I did and one of my pictures they must have gotten that for me now this is kind of it's been around for a while, but obviously it gives you you know it gives you some ideas about things you can do so that's just one app I like to use as I'm out about if I'm running out of ideas or would like to give a visual idea to someone that I am taking pictures of and it's just it's a great resource so that's that's one thing I like to use is the opposing the opposing guide for photographers and models so no, I don't I'm not quite sure who publishes it, but I think it's just typed in posing app in the apple store I don't know if it's android or not but you could try looking and see if that's something you want to dio. So before I get into some of these other aps and we go app centric here absolutely absent trick I am going to tap on the camera and this is I have the iphone five s by the way, which I just recently purchased I was all excited about I had the four s before this so I was all excited to get the five s and what I've discovered is the camera is even better than the camera before and so I'm zooming in on her just by pinching and opening my fingers up on the screen working with the smart phones if you haven't done this for is actually very intuitive in fact, I call it kind of primitive devices that's why all the kids are so great at it because you know that's like they come into the world and there's a screen and they're putting her hands all over it and, you know, swiping and pinching and whatever and they're making it work and that's all you have to d'oh, so you know, we've gotten older and haven't really been practicing with one it may seem a little unusual it's, just because you've learned so much in the meantime, you think everything is supposed to be intricate and difficult it's not this is actually super simple, so I'm just going to take a shot right now but actually look turn your face a little bit more towards the light and then bring it back towards me just a tad that's nice so I can take great shots with her with this just by bringing in the right kind of light and maybe changing my angle up a little bit that site look right towards me and also a good thing to d'oh when you're photographing someone on an iphone or smart, any kind of smartphone is to point to the back of it and tell them where the camera actually is because what happens sometimes is people you're taking a picture of them and they're looking at the back of the iphone and they're kind of going ah like marty feldman eyes all over the place not sure where it looks if you tell them where to look you're going to have portrait's and videos that will look much more inviting when you're taking them just a little tip for that and that way you get oh hi everybody you get to see everybody over there okay you're back um all right, so that's just that's just one thing that I'm working with right now is just the photo but there are other things you can do there you know you can do video and with this slow motion video which I'm not going to get into now because this is the photography session but it's also has a square format which is kind of cool and also a panel they call it pano panorama you could take a shot I could take a shot of the entire area if you were out say in a landscape environment you could do something where you were taking pictures of the landscape also on this um I'm gonna go before I do a pano you just take a quick check does everybody want to be in the shot think of hannah graham of the entire place one thing that you want to do when you're photographing someone like this is also look up and make sure if you're working with these kind of lights or you're adding in any additional light you want to make sure that you turn your flash off and oftentimes it's just it's a good idea to do and also on these it has something called hdr high definition resolution it's what a lot of people have been really into a ce faras photography and taking shots that were maybe a little under exposed a little right on with exposure little overexposed putting those together and creating these really kind of surreal shots and some image editing software program or sometimes now aps to it for you well now the iphone actually does it for you too and you just have to turn it on and it takes like a couple different shots and and I'm kind of pinch in and kind of coming in zoom in and take the photo and also in some of these you can press a little button on the side and take the photo to you don't have to press the button on the screen so that's just one thing you could do sometimes there are depending on the phone that you have you might have filters that are also incorporated into the phone itself and you can play around with those you go back to that so the new apple iphone five s has nine different filters, so you don't even have to go outside the app to put a filter on it, so if I wanted to do something a little different looking, I could so just so you know that there are things you can do to kind of play around with this and you can also take pictures of yourself so I just said this little icon on the front here and of course, if I'm going to take a picture of myself, I want to make sure I look as good as possible so I'm going to make sure I have lies on me hello and I'll just choose say something like this now, right now, I've got kind of everybody behind me, so I'm gonna come over this way and make sure I've got, you know, decent light on me and this is just something you can look for wherever you go and also make sure you hold it far enough away. So I'm going to move around and see what looks the best, so I'm holding it far enough away so I don't look distorted and, um, the light right now it's kind of coming from below me, so you kind of have to just sort of move around take the picture and see what looks the best I could play around with this light even mohr and take some other shots but I think tammy's prettier so let's let's keep taking pictures of her so what I'm going to do is put the light back on tammy and um see if we can come up with a couple different poses and this might be this is so easy to work with we've got this set up through is it set up through apple tv that we haven't set up right now yeah so it's set up through apple tv so we can see it on the monitor right away and you could do this at home too and I can come in kind of close to notice if I come in too close to her to fill the frame the angle of the lens it's kind of this wide angle lens is gonna look distorted so you don't want to fill the frame that way you want to kind of come back and just like I showed you a little bit earlier give yourself room to zoom I'm going just gonna pinch and zoom in to fill the frame with her and take the shot that way maybe look a little bit towards the light that's pretty even more nice and put your shoulders down just think long neck long neck oh yes we are so all kinds of cool things weaken d'oh airplay password? No! Ok all kinds of things we can do as far as showing off the photo, let me show you a couple other things we can do to so right now I'm using the camera app on the iphone, but their other acts that you can use and you can take photos within the app, and you can also, um, take a photo in the camera app, use it later in another app. So it's kind of fun. Oh, you know what? I'm sorry, I forgot to do guess what the pano I want to show you how to do the panorama. This is the camera app, and what I'm going to start is I'm just going toe kind of start with one part of the room, and I'm tapping my finger on the little pano button down here at the bottom, and then I just move the camera have to hold it vertically and try to move it in kind of an even way, and I'm following this little arrow that's on the screen and just slowly moving it around and I can move it around, you know, as far as it will go, and then it stops and now I have panorama and there is our whole studio isn't that cool look at that pretty cool and that's how fast it happened, so used to be you had to have a camera and go to an overlay your pictures, twenty percent keep taking photographs now you need to do with some of these these acts, like right now, the one that's on the iphone is just turn it to pano and just tap the button and keep turning around and that's what you get so, so much you can do now and it's just it's. So easy. All right, so we covered that we covered the pano we covered some different ways to take shots. I'm curious out there how many people have iphones versus android? I mean, I know I'm a little iphone centric right now. Sorry about you, andrew users out there. We were getting some windows phone. Okay? We're getting some responses like that. People are using iphones or oh, are cool phones and seems to be a good split. Okay. Okay. All right. Well, it's always interesting to me to know who's using what? So julian has a windows phone. And what phones are you guys using android? I felt by phone, no phone, really old school. We'll get a phony o have a flip phone, a flip phone. So okay, is not it does not have to think this is something you can do if you decide to get the phone but the point is that you can have all kinds of bells and whistles you could do some fun things with with the phones with the aps, but the key is you always need to have good light. So whatever the light is, whether it's on you or it's on someone else it's going to be the same no matter what. So you want to really look for that light, make sure that if you're illuminating someone that they've got enough light on them, it used to be the camera phones. The only way you could take a decent shot is it just had to be super super bright in the shot, and now that they've improved that these little sensors or just so advance that the photos and videos are becoming much more high quality and you can take some great shots and not really have to have as much life. So if I were going toe, they move the light over here and try to capture more shadow on one side of her face let's see what happens and I like get out of panel mode. First, I'm going to move back over to photo and zoom in, and I think I was in some kind of filter that gave it a funky color. There we go back to the real color, and now I can kind of come in from different angles and that looks kind of nice and that's sort of an abstract almost in a way I've got a little pillow coming in there on the side, so I'm gonna zoom and even a little bit more that's nice and write to me and nice and now I'm going to come in from a different angle just remember it's about the angle so try actually looking up towards the light and now I've got like some window light in there too and what you can do it's a lock exposure and focus on the on the phones on the screen is just tap your finger in the place that you want to lock the exposure and it locks in the exposure and focus right there that's what that little yellow saying is at the bottom of the screen by tapped the screen again with my finger it goes away so it's great if you're photographing someone say against a bright background like you see this window back here if I tap my finger on the window, look at that it just exposes for that light of the window and everything else goes dark tap the screen again it goes back to normal now I wantto focus and basically meter on her face I just tapped my finger on her face and now it's exposed perfectly for her face so that's the easy, breezy way that this work so that was the picture that I took where I was looks like maybe don't get her eyes opened up all the way, but you get the idea with the light, so I was kind of focusing in on her face just kind of reviewing the shots and you'll notice tio looking at her face here what happens? Oftentimes as much as the phones have improved, oftentimes you will get highlights on someone's face that are a little blown out that you won't see when you're photographing with a dslr or a higher end camera say, a compact camera or even the muralists cameras that I showed you earlier so you may want to play around the light a little bit here. The little tone seemed to be kind of nice and I didn't take the shot that was actually the two dark shot, but we could play around with that so just so you know you can play with exposure and focus just by tapping your finger on these screens and I was going to go to another aps I showed you the posing app and showed you the camera app that's actually on the iphone now one of the ones I wanted to show you was oh, it was it's called dipped iq and my albums here, lou so what dipped iq is you can just place your photos into these layouts and you can change him around and look at different layouts, but this is one I did of just pictures I took with my mom on the last cruise that I was teaching on and I brought her with me and just easy to go through your and plunks and pictures in but here's, what it has to offer is you can look at the top and see maybe recent ones you've used different ways to lay out pictures classic jumbo fancy and it goes the list goes on and on, but the key is you want to pick one like maybe I'll pick say that one and it already plot the photos that I had and the other one in this for me and you know you can send this photo out is just one photo and send it put it out on facebook's and a email, whatever you want to do it's a great way to share your images with people and remember I talked about telling a story with your photographs let's say I wanted I wanted to make this one on I want to do some of the pictures that we just took and I would go into my camera roll and maybe I'll choose one where she was let's see laid out on the couch like that and I can sort of move it around like so we'll tap on another one that we just took and put this in here to everyone that's closer up you want to kind of you know, mix it up a little bit tell a story and I think I had also this is I think I took other detail shots with the dslr but maybe take another shot that's in there too so you kind of get a smattering of different photos and you can create something that looks kind of interesting and you can flip stuff around you know, maybe you didn't like what you put in that particular shot and pick other shots so I just flipped her the other way if maybe I want her looking in tow towards the frame when people are looking out of a frame sometimes it's great to look out of the frame if there's something to look out too but otherwise it's good to kind of be looking into whatever is going on in this particular layout so just some ideas for that um any questions so far about anything definitely eleven it are there any situations where you are shooting with your iphone and you'll use the iphones flash well, yes, sometimes you just need to flash and basically the flashes on these particular phones have not been so great I mean, you see pictures that were taken with flash and kind of go oh that's not attractive but hey that's that's all that they that's all they could do they needed was a little light to illuminate the scene. I'll try doing that so right now I just saved that and it's giving me different options was to save this little dip tick and I'm going to save it onto my camera roll success I was like it when you get success no so I'm going to take shots of her of tammy and I'll try turning on the flash and see how that works to see how it looks I'll turn this off and I'll turn on my flash it looks like my hd ours off and so now let's see what happens it's like maybe try maybe one arm like this and kind of turned towards me and just put the other arm down there you go and now I can come in kind of close like this and let's see how the flash looks it's on and okay so that flash or so let's take a look and see what that looks like looks flashed the different look it's definitely it's it's a little harder light it's actually not too bad though it's better than the flashes that I saw before I think on these newer iphone it's got two little flashes on at one's kind of a they're led flash one's a more amber light and then once a white light so they trying to improve the flashes on here to actually balance the light for the scene and make it look more realistic s o that was let's see, that was natural light, and that was with a little flash, and then some of these air with the studio lights are a little softer, as you can see the great asian of the shadow on her face here, it's not as sharp, but actually, you know, with this new flash it's not too bad, it does look flash, but hey, if you need a flash, you need to flash now far is testing the distance on these I haven't tested I know we were talking earlier about the distance of the flash with the dslr and compact cameras, you know that might go maybe eight feet, ten feet, twelve feet, and you can extend the range of a flash on those cameras just by raising your eyes. So on this camera, I don't think that's possible, I might have to read and find out how far you could flash, or we could just test it out and see how far the flash would reach, but any. Any time you have distance between yourself and the subject and you're using the flash, I'll try coming it in from this far away and see how the flash looks here let's, look at this shot and you can tell because I'm farther away the flash is not a strong. So I think at first I was probably about two feet away from her and now, and a good six feet away, and this shot that was done six feet away. Definitely. The flash is not a strong as opposed to that. So I would say if you're going to take flash shots with your smartphone to get in close, but just kind of keep in mind, balance that with, you know, if you're getting in close, that angle of you, you may be distorting someone's face, that kind of play around with that. But I don't know it's looking pretty good to me. I love it, I think it's fantastic.

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