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Day 2 Pre-Show

Hello, internet. Good morning and welcome to creative life and welcome to day two of digital scrapbooking with michelle stelling, this is your mri milk, and this is john kennedy o'connor, otherwise known as jacare, and we're really excited to be back for day two of this wonderful course to be your host both yesterday today and we're going to be here again tomorrow. We're really enjoying this course so far. Has it been for you? I think it's been fantastic. I'm really understanding more about photoshopped elements and what's possible. Absolutely, I mean, I'm a complete novice to things like photoshopped. I'm not really very technically savvy, but even I was able to follow along estate. Michelle did make things look very she did. Now when I go home and try to remove all those red eyes from my pictures, maybe I won't find it so easy. But I really appreciate the michelle has made things so very clear, and I hope that was the same for you as well. Thank you for joining us back again today. N...

ow we're going to just take a few minutes now to check our sound. Check our video to make sure that everything is working perfectly. So this is your chance to jump into the chat rooms to make sure that you could see us to make sure that you can hear us and let us know that everything is working fine, but also please give us a shout out from where you are in the world. I know michelle has a huge following across the globe. She has fans in south africa, she has fans in australia all over europe all over the u s andi, we hope will be a truly international audience with us again. Today was yesterday, there certainly was, and there will be again. So get into the shop, because you're always going to be chatting with you just a moment. Sure. Well, in addition to all of you out there joining us globally, we have a fantastic in studio audience. They are here to engage and actually maybe ask a lot of questions that you're thinking out there, so we want to get to know them. So starting with vicky, let us know your name where we can find you online, maybe a little bit about yourself. And what was your big takeaway from yesterday? Day one my name's, viki white and I have a website, the key white photography dot zen folio, dot com, and I do a lot of I tend to concentrate more on photography, but I then getting into doing more scrapbooking and I think my biggest takeaway from yesterday was how much easier it is to work in elements that in photo shop which is why I've been exclusively working and I forgot how many shortcuts and how much quicker it is to put things together in elements so that's what I'll be using for my scrapbooking from now on I thought some of the short cuts that michelle was shown really really is right for lots of things even if you use a programme regularly you don't necessarily know what some of the hidden things are thiss course has been fantastic for this was showing and don't forget this is the easy way of doing it is good we'll welcome back making really please join us again today thank you now we got some trouble here because we've got two creative lives with us today and they're to my favorite people in the whole world we got stacy joining us again today stacey welcome back thanks for being with us and you've got great socks oh yeah fatso you know jean marie said it was a cat lady s here so I sort of had to show show the world can't socks oh yeah, but I'm stacy cells and I'm freelance to hear it create a creative live let me get that right and yeah, I just was really excited about yesterday and you can find on facebook in just google my name you'll find me and and yeah it was just super exciting yesterday to figure out that I could just use photo shop for scrapbooking like I actually went home yesterday and played around with just trying to figure out how it could use ever like one of those walk home to help tablets also and I did like some drawing in it and just have a good time messing around that so I feel like I could do it so I just took that first leap in here everyone just scrapbook your face your face everyone's faces this's the scrapbook so many times so much left to scrap theo but if you're saying you see this sort of project you've been putting off and that was basically your wedding scrap yes I haven't started yeah yeah that that is like one I sort of need to do because I want to make it like a holiday gift so yeah should be fun I like those pictures well scrapbooking is something that's been around forever is sort of one of those craft that gets passed down from generation to generation I think it's something that we all know and we ought perhaps to his kids and involved glued it involved glitter and involved with all sorts of colored paper because this is the modern modern age version of scrapbook and I think it's wonderful to see that something has translated into the digital age so easily so welcome back space is great to have you have you think my accents ridiculous, and I'm from tennessee, we've got an aussie with us today. I'm really welcome another creative live, actually, one of our hosts were really thrilled to welcome sally to the showed a side. Dominguez welcome, sally, I don't think my accent is that they're I don't know. Thank you, j k, I'm untrue to be here. I am, I'm a designer, I'm a design educator, I teach creative thinking workshops and a lot of what I d'oh judge cars, and I am a journalist as well. A lot of what I do is visual, and yet, you know, I'm not necessarily the most careful curator of my visual online stuff, and so, you know, it's funny, I was I was watching the show yesterday, I was thinking, you know, I'd hosted early in the week, and then I thought I'd just check out the scrapbooking thing because I know nothing about it, and I learned about elements, which I'd never heard ofthe guy was looking at that family went actually, this would make such a difference to my online stuff, maybe not so much for personal scrapbooking as for the sort of intersection between my business and my social media and putting my stuff up. On day and of course I remember that I could be in the studio audience and I click that button and here I am well fantastic really pc with a sally thanks so much for joining us she hasn't come all the way from bombay beach but she's been here a while but very, very welcome us get another new student with state who also really thrilled to welcome and thank you so much for joining us and that's devon welcome devon thank you I'm happy to be here in my last name is dixon devon dixon and I'm just here for it seemed really creative I do a lot of photo booking for personal reasons and I'm always looking for ways to be more technical and creative and make a more memorable fact and what sort of worker you lina you in devon I'm I I'm a park ranger oh wow you're park rangers so so very welcome on horseback way want some pictures of that for our scrap you might be the first part ranger we've ever had in the live audience that's well welcome we were about to call you so this is our front row today shammari has the chat rooms doing well good morning out there in the chat rooms we have karen from vancouver island, british columbia, canada that's a mouth awful standing from texas, texas nana from houston, makowski from west babylon, new york keep in busan atlanta we have deep billy from billings, montana words twenty one degrees I think it's in the sixties here in san francisco speaking of that front row you can learn more about how to come to the warmer weather and also be here with us in our san francisco studios we also have a seattle studio and you can learn about that creative live dot com forward slash front row but we're happy to have you welcome to all of you out there it's gonna be a fantastic day too it really is a city welcome to our view on it is great fun to be a student here in our live audience so please check out that front row on our website and you might be here too my pleasure now to welcome back michelle stowing too creative life michelle is the leading instructor for beginners intermediate and advanced dj scrappers on photo elements users she's taught over five thousand digital scrapbook er's and graphic designers through various cop colleges on via the internet now for seventeen years and in two thousand seven she founded the national association of digital scrapbook is that's what it is and ideas michelle contributes to photographic elements techniques magazine and she uses user training sites and she has a global audience of students I'm really excited to welcome back two creative life michelle stelling lovely to see you thank you so much yes there was a really exciting day we have a lot of students in the chat room had a lot of students here what are we going to covering today we're going to be covering a lot more today like yesterday was a beginner like all the tools and such so this morning we're gonna be covering grids alignment we'll put another page together we're also going to be covering some of the smart russia's and brought brushes for graphic designers and for didi scrappers are the way to go when you want to make your own papers and such were going to cover some of that testicle I'm gonna let you get going we got a lot to cover welcome back michelle take it away thank you very much thank you guys for coming and I wore my boots for you I don't have a horse but um so anyway I was going to tell everybody because some people are purchasing the product if you are going into the site and you are having problems logging in just copy and paste your password on dh that will get you in because because you have funky password so just wanted to remind people out there on that where you can find me it started stands for the national association of digital scrapbook er's and that started and I started that in two thousand seven but I shortened it with the website of a o d s dot com you can also find me at my email address, which is info at n a ods dot com. My facebook account that's, kind of where I do most of my social media, is through facebook, so if you can go to facebook, slash learn photo editing, you'll find me there and we do a lot of giveaways, and, ah, lot of when I give my free classes all that you know, on facebook, so pinterest. I purchased melanie duncan's class a couple weeks ago and learned how to use pinterest. So now I do have a pinterest account, it's forward, slash in a o d s and then you can find me on youtube. Well, under slash michelle stelling. So got a lot of videos on there. If you need to check out some of those, go, go for the youtube directions.

Class Description

Tired of having a closet full of scrapbooking supplies? Ready to save your images in a more secure, permanent way? Join Michelle Stelling for an introduction to digital scrapbooking.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use Photoshop Elements 12 to edit images and create simple templates, digi-kits, and retouch old photos. Michelle will cover feathering, clone stamping, adding text, and other tips and tricks for presenting your images. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot common image issues using red eye reduction, spot healing techniques and more. You’ll also learn about working with brushes and textures to create your own papers and backgrounds.

Whether you’re an at-home crafter or professional photographer, by the end of this course, you will have mastered a whole new way to preserve and share your images.