Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners


Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners


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Day 2 Scrapbooking Overview

Like we were talking about earlier, we're going to be covering guides, grids and alignment, which is kind of a basic thing to know, but whenever you're working with it, you really want to know how to use those tools, going to talk about the paint bucket, the basic brushes, smart brushes, radiance and text and effects, so going to go there, and then maybe if we have a little bit time at the end, I'm going to kind of have you think, outside of the box and of pictures that you could take instead of just taking pictures of birthdays or holidays and things like that, so, well, maybe talk about that a little bit. I did want to do a quick overview of what digital scrapbooking can be it's kind of making that kind of khun go any direction. When you think of scrapbooking, sometimes people think of different things, some people think of traditional scrapbooking and, you know, bringing all the elements together and putting them all out on your on your table. But digital scrapbooking is mainly just...

on the computer, and it doesn't really matter what application you use. We're using photoshopped elements twelve it's, the very latest version that came out a couple months ago version twelve elements, is around forty nine to eighty nine dollars, as opposed to photoshopped we talked a little bit about this yesterday so if you missed it the reason why I do use elements is because it is cheaper and because it does pertain to graphic designers are not a graphic designers digital scrapbook er's mohr so so that's really the kind of the reason why we went that route let me just kind of show you some samples because everybody that's watching this probably a very creative and visual person so instant taught telling you what did you kids are and and all that kind of stuff and what it can dio I thought I would just threw up a few samples of what kinds of things that we will be working on over the next couple days yesterday was very basic today and tomorrow we're going to be getting into using all those basic tools and putting them together so today and tomorrow are more my up my alley yesterday is like okay, use the you know this election tools and all that kind of stuff but you do have tto learn that before you go to the next step because we don't want you to get frustrated that's the thing about learning a new program is if you start getting frustrated, you might just say forget it I'm just not even gonna go there so that's why we had to go through all that those steps yesterday to get to where we are today so if you weren't here yesterday, make make sure you purchase the course because you've gotta watch the first day, all right? Some of the things that were going to cover in the next couple days this is a photo that I'm not a photographer myself, but what I do is I take the picture and then I try to make it look like more of a photographer, and this is what I do with my friend emily this was just in our backyard way through some filters in there, and we'll work on this two day. I think we're going to work on that this afternoon show you how to kind of spice the pieces up. We're gonna talk a lot about votre restoration today so nobody would let me take a close up shot of their face, so I had to do it myself. So sorry about that people, but we'll show you how to take those wrinkles away how to get you some eyelashes going if you want to use a brush eyelashes just it's amazing, you could just click one time you got some eyelashes. They're so it's kind of fun had a whitened teeth how to brighten eyes, work with the eyes because the eyes are really important how to change the color of the eyes and so on so forth, turning it into a plane back black and white this is pretty popular amongst a lot of my members is doing collages like this, so we're going to talk about that I don't want you to create this particular clash, but I think I do have the one that would create tomorrow in here car design we talked a lot about that yesterday at the very end of the session, so we created a couple cards yesterday and that is kind of fun you can kind of do hybrid digital scrapbooking, which means that you still have the fun papers and such, but you do a lot of it in elements and you print it out and then you take it and then you kind of combine the two so you can go that route if you're if you're afraid to kind of jump jump the boat all the way, if that makes any sense those of you who are internet, I would love to know if you want to go in the chat room and say, are you a traditional scott booker? Are you digital? And what level are you at him? Just kind of curious out there in the internet and maybe we can I know what level you are, vicky you're probably intermediate, I would think, right? Yeah, and you're just kind of getting going, but you're you got the graphic design background stuff, so you kind of know and how about you stop anyone? Because I don't spread what per se, but I do do a lot ofthe marketing stuff, and a lot of I present a lot like graphic designs live things that I try and make a bit interesting. But then half the time, I get that far and then I'm like, yeah, that's, I don't know, but I don't want to teo, forget it. Forget it. And how about you, devon? You okay? So you do shutterfly books, and I've done shutterfly mainly apple, which I find really limited. Okay, okay. I haven't used that one yet, but there's, so many other right there. It's really easy to manipulate your very good. Okay, cool. And we did bookmarks yesterday as well. So we did cover quite a bit yesterday, actually, now that I'm thinking about it. So bookmarks just very, very simple for by sixes or five by sevens and you just cut it down the middle, glue it together, have yourself a book mark and the kids. The kids love it it's kind of fun for different sports and different hobbies and such. Use a lot of outsourcing your printing, I know, but a lot of other people do printed home do farming the bookmarks it is actually possible to print it as a back to back with you always just sort of printed way people do the can can do that. Yeah, yeah, and if you have a great printer, I have a good printer, but I just don't it doesn't look as good as you know when I go to persnickety or costco, so basically I don't I don't I rarely print from home unless I am booked for time, then I'll print it from home and you were saying it wasn't you that was seeing some about laminating those bookmarks somebody was talking about laminating and that's a great idea because I was giving my son and his friends those bookmarks and then within like a month or something, they were all ripped up and stuff but laminating perfect idea of love it all right? This right here is kind of like a quick page, and we covered quick pages yesterday and that's quick page sounds just like it is you can put together a page within a couple seconds this one here, if we have time, I might throw this in, but basically just you have the template ready to go and you pull it, pull all the photos in couple more visuals here and then we'll get started frames you can throw in different frames photoshopped elements is great because it has its graphics and backgrounds and such and you can just use those we did that we worked on this one yesterday this was by nibble scribbles it is a quick page so check out nibble scribbles dot com this is here is more working with filters and we talked a little bit about filters yesterday and everything is going to kind of come together today and tomorrow we're going to start throwing in a lot of things that we did yesterday and creating those pages and one more just real quick one this one I think was in aversion eleven in twelve this is a graphic novel filter which is a really popular now so it's just one click and you can change it into a kind of a cool graphic layout all right from the good from our audience yes, we dio we have ah big morning from annie are who wants to do the traditional but bought this stuff got overwhelmed thinking that that the digital is better we've got arlene from bc she's wanting teo change to digital get all hybrid and we have, you know, people who are doing mostly digital but then they purchase photoshopped elements and now they want to know how to use it you're in the right place far yeah, yeah for nine same sheet off the traditional but she's looking to switch to digital hannah case think she's intermediate but she does do did you most of the time? Andi creative is saying traditional for me as well, but I want to do some more hybrid scrapings we got lots of different people at different stages in there in there in the audience today very good, very good that's what I was kind of expecting, you know, you kind of these you still get the people who really like that feel and the embellishments and that's perfectly fine so hybrid and might be a little bit more up their alley or a little bit more in their comfort zone. The one thing that I want to do in these three days I want to make you feel more comfortable. Yesterday we went through some I get a lot of emails from people who said I'm so glad I found your sight because I was intimidated I was so scared I opened a photo shop elements and it was overwhelming and I closed it back up I try to read all the books I'm not much, not my myself I'm not much of a reader so that's why these classes that creative live are so awesome because you could go back and watch them over and over again if you get stuck, whereas if you're reading it you may say something, and it doesn't do what she's supposed to dio and you can't go back and what is so much easier that way? This is what we're gonna do today. We're gonna r this morning real quickly. It deals with a little bit of the brides and grids and the alignment it's a very simple layout, nothing spectacular about it. We have a couple little pieces that we brought in from our graphics area, a couple, a little bit of text involved and and also some cropping involved in guides and grades and alignment. So let's, go ahead, and I like to visually show you guys what we're going to create before we start so that you can kind of know where it's going to go again. You want to you want to do a thumbnail before you get started on any kind of layout? Ah, thumbnails, just bring out a piece of paper pencil just kind of sketch it like when we were graphic designers, we always to do all these thumbnails. So have I the end and begin with the end in mind is what I always say. You don't want to look at a blank piece of paper and go, what am I going to dio get all those idea books and start searching, pinterest and just google search digital design. Layout, ideas, and you could come up with all kinds of ideas. This is a very simple idea. But let's, go ahead and start from scratch.

Class Description

Tired of having a closet full of scrapbooking supplies? Ready to save your images in a more secure, permanent way? Join Michelle Stelling for an introduction to digital scrapbooking.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use Photoshop Elements 12 to edit images and create simple templates, digi-kits, and retouch old photos. Michelle will cover feathering, clone stamping, adding text, and other tips and tricks for presenting your images. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot common image issues using red eye reduction, spot healing techniques and more. You’ll also learn about working with brushes and textures to create your own papers and backgrounds.

Whether you’re an at-home crafter or professional photographer, by the end of this course, you will have mastered a whole new way to preserve and share your images.