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Day 1 Pre-Show

Lesson 1 from: Digital Scrapbooking with Photoshop Elements

Michelle Stelling

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Lesson Info

1. Day 1 Pre-Show

Lesson Info

Day 1 Pre-Show

Welcome to day one of digital scrapbooking with photo shop elements with michelle stelling here on creative life, this is christian, and this is your memory milk, and we are going to be your host and guides for the next two days. Now, michelle has brought some really amazing energy amazing knowledge. We're about to experience a full two days of digital scrapbooking, but this is the time we're going to take a few minutes just to get warmed up. This is your chance to actually shape the format, shape the show, bring your questions and comments. There's a chat with life participants button right below the video that you're watching. If you click on that, you can join the global conversation, let us know where in the world you're joining us from. We have a truly global audience, were you? That is what makes creative lives so special, and I have the chat room here on my ipad and I'm gonna be coming over the desk and chatting with all of you out there in just a second, so start getting the co...

nversation going and I'm looking forward the next two days. Yeah, everybody has some reason why they love digital scratch once years, chris? Well, for me, I'll be the first to admit I have a poor memory, I have a lot of the things that I do so it's important to kind of have this is a way to commemorate what you've done, and I know for me I don't like having paper and printed out pictures and tangible items I needed to be digital. Okay, you know my world, this sort of digital right now, so to keep track of it digitally is the way to go. That's why digital scrapbooking is important, it is the way to go. I like the tangible and the digital myself might. My reason is, you know, to access the motion, the emotion, to get back into the nostalgia, to use all the tools that we have at our fingertips to blend the new and the old together. And if I want to experience it on my mobile device, or in an a tangible version. That's possible. But it's, good to have that flexibility so that's kind of why we love scrapbooking, but we mentioned we have an international audience. We also have a group of students here in our studio in san francisco, so why don't we go around and have them introduce themselves? We'll start over oh here and wanted to tell everyone your name where you're from and what is it that you love about scrapbooking? My name is vicki white and I'm from lincoln, california, and the things I love about digital scrapbooking are the fact that you don't have a lot of left over, so to speak you know, little scraps and pieces that you've got to find a home for and yet you're finished product turns out just beautiful and and that you have I think more flexibility great often I my name is cheryl harden from danville, california, and I like scrapbooking because I want to capture our family history and I want to be able to pass their own to my kids into my grandchild daughter thanks phyllis carter from rocklin, california and I've been in scrap booking for quite a few years, but I've got a lot of stuff so I'm gradually going over tio I've got a room full of it so now working I'm harvard right now it kind of worked both of them but I'm working towards going towards digital so they have less stuff in my house more stuff is somewhere else now, right? My name's friend to seek and I'm a schoolteacher, so I actually used the supplies to create learning materials and things like that. I also keep my facebook page banner updated and my desktop always fresh with something that's seasonal and creative to me I'm karen murray, I'm from fair oaks, california, close to sacramento I I decided that I wanted to go digital and for one reason the stuff but for another reason I feel like I could be so much more creative with digital scrapbooking I can do things to those photographs of those grandkids that is just incredible so I think it's really fun? Well, I love our students this's a great group I'm gonna call us a group of did you scrapper about that? Andi chris I came up with an idea maybe you are game a non would be an appropriate response here way would love tio just capture the experience we've been through the creative life in person experience many times over there's lots of memories to make maybe we can put share memories and make something based on what michelle is together maybe show it off. We're proud of it absolutely collaborative experience that's why we love having you guys here in the studios we want you to be a big part of this where you are you are on the maker and craft channel here at creative live the online education network now this is digital scrapbooking with photo shop elements with michelle selling and it's time for me to introduce her to you. Michelle stelling is the leading instructor for beginning intermediate and advanced digit scrappers and photoshopped elements users michelle has taught over five thousand digital scrap bookers graphic designers through various colleges and via the internet for sir seventeen years on in two thousand seven, she founded the national association of digital scrap bookers, going to learn more about that when you meet her. Michelle contributes to photographic elements, techniques, magazine and user training sites, and she has a global audience of students. It's, time to bring her on a welcome michelle stelling it around. You're the best, thank you, welcome back, thank you so much, it's. Great to be back here again. You have creative life. Yeah, alright, come closer. Okay, this is all yours. All right, we're going to dive in. I'm gonna let you take it away. Michelle, right.

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Prairie Chicken

I found this an excellent course on the use of PSE--not just for scrape booking but for any use. And of course the scrape booking ideas and methodology was great. I enjoyed Michelle's approach very much, and also liked Karens.

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