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Day 2 Pre-Show

Lesson 12 from: Digital Scrapbooking with Photoshop Elements

Michelle Stelling

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Lesson Info

12. Day 2 Pre-Show

Lesson Info

Day 2 Pre-Show

Welcome back today two of digital scrapbooking with photo shop elements with michelle stelling here on creative live this is our final day I'm sad to say that chris and this actually is chris jennings yes and this is john re milka and and we're here on on what is the final day of digital scrapbooking so michelle is bringing her knowledge and bringing her expertise on sharing it with us and karen's going to be back again teo download her knowledge in her segment as well this is actually our pre show which is the time that we get warmed up that you can warm up you can pop into the chat rooms and actually shape the content be part of the conversation that's what makes this unique here at creative live so you can do that by clicking on that chat alive with class participants button let us know where in the world you're joining us from we have a global audience here creative live and we want to hear from you that's, right? Yeah creative life is a collaborative learning experience and we can...

't do this without people in the chat room joining us and shaping the content so I've got the chat room here on the ipad in just a minute I'm gonna head back to the desk start chatting with you guys but also we have live in studio we have students here who are here actually view in san francisco and you know, we also do this in our studio in seattle and if you're watching if you're a regular viewer and you thought, hey, I would love to be there in studio in person to be part of the content. Well, there's a way to do that if you go to creative live dot com slash front row, you'll see all the information there in order for you to become a student here in our audience. So the students here today, I would love for them to introduce themselves out to the online world, so we'll start over here. Why don't you tell everyone your name where you're from? What was that big? Ah ha moment that you had yesterday that you were just dying to run home and try my name is cheryl harden from danville, california, and yesterday I was very excited to learn to add textures to my papers to make them in uniquely mine, but overall, I think it was really a confidence booster in trying new things. My name is karen murray, I'm from fair oaks, california, close to sacramento, I picked up a ton of tips, short cuts, different ways to do things that I do, but gosh, you know, quicker, easier, faster, but the best tip put a twelve by twelve lay out on a twelve by eighteen sheet of paper and then add at the bottom two six by six is or some four by six prints or whatever else you want haven't printed at costco and it's like you're getting those bottom ones for free to value. Sheeler values phyllis carter from rocklin, california, and I just I had all sometime yesterday, learning so much as she said, we're learning so many tips and shortcuts patterns I want to get in and make I wanted to go home last night and do patterns on the and shapes and all kind of things like that. It was so fascinating, and I'm brenda seek from twain, harte, california and I have tried before where? A wedding picture where you get several copies. But your uncle bob is looking this way, eh? So anyway, I had, you know, tried really hard to, you know, fix it all up and I managed. But yesterday she talked about feathering six pixels around to just blur the edges a little and that would have made my life so much simpler. It's all about those finishing touches. Right? Because this is your are these air your memories and you want to get it right? Speaking of art and memories we made some of our own here yesterday yesterday we ask that our students are front row if they would like to collaborate with chris and I on a little scrapbook of our experience here and so we put a photo collage together way want to remember this as well you know we want to have something tangible to look back and remember what we did here over these two days exactly you said your memory was bad bad when you have something like this to remind you so we're actually gonna walk you through our day and experience here so we're starting on the top left and you can see chris this's basically him in the makeup and hair chair are very talented makeup and hair artists allies isn't about what an hour just getting getting the hair right it takes a while after getting here bright and early and she did a great job thank you thin this next photo you can see michelle in her element in the teaching chair on the screen there you see the first day of school is one of the project she was working on and yesterday was the first day of our school here are two day course is great to see that's, right? And then the next one is our actually from the host this's what it looks like when we're seeing you learn here in the front row you guys were taking it notes. And obviously they had some great takeaways, and they were in full attention. Yeah, it's, good to get that angle to kind of see the students right there, learning hands on it's, a collaborative environment so it's important to show that, and you may notice today that we have one less student that we did yesterday. Vicki was not able to make it today, but unfortunately, she's not going to be here in person, but we have her in our scrapbook, so we've got this great shot of vicki here and she's been a regular student on creative lives. She's been to a number of courses before, so we got this great shot of her with michelle and karen's. That was really special for vicky. Yeah, that's kind of great thing about scrapbooking is that it's that statement, vick, iwas here way, starting on here, on the top right. We love to get president, especially from previous instructors. We were delivered a box of cookies from the nest of eight edwards, who just taught the power of body language and those cookies. They're gone. Yeah, he's didn't last very long. When there's a package of sweets on the table, it goes quickly. Everybody rushes to it, right that this is only the prove, the only prove it was there. Yeah, yeah, I think that that is a big part of what we do here, a creative live. We do a lot of work, but we like to eat. We like to socialize, and we have a great shot here of the students with your instructor here and jean marie at lunch time, taking a break, getting out of the studio, getting some much needed nourishment and socializing on our break. When we say, we're going to break that's where, go that way, have a chris way wanted to adopt a goldfish on dh, and we named him chris. Yeah, I was the closest thing to a real goldfish, but but that was fun. We got toe have the fish tank on the host desk, which was a nice change of pace for us. So having some fun there, getting my face and and the reason we were doing that was to show off are waterproof, persnickety prints from yesterday way. Put them in the base to show that they are waterproof. So we're going to be taking a look at those later in the day to make sure they are still intact. Hopefully they are. And maybe actually, maybe we should check in with our students. What? What does this evoke for you? Hold off your mike and let us know. Does this bring back memories from from yesterday? Yeah. What do you guys remember from this? Anything here jump out at you. Which of these did you enjoy the most yesterday? All of it. But I'm really curious about how the, uh, print does in the water. And I was telling my husband about it last night. And he's, like, I'm not as concerned about think I wonder it. How is that paper going to stay together and really interesting now that holds up, we'll be revealed, I want to try that place if it oh, yeah, look like that it's a it's. Great, because I'm always spilling something. Pictures? Yeah, yeah. And then also, you know, when you have pictures, it's really a chance for kids? Two experiences memories too, and we all know that, you know, they all need sippy cups. I think if they're going to withstand being in that tank all day, they'll be okay if you spill a little bit of water on it. So we took it to the extreme with our with our example anymore that I just looked at that at the layout and the uniqueness of the experience and that's what it reminds me of the the layout is unique, and each of the people involved with it is unique and it's been fun to come here and be able to do this. Awesome. Any more thoughts from the students about about, uh, this this sort of collage here, you're kind of blocking the way I get a copy of it later. I promise, I promise isn't. And so what? What was used here? Actually, a snake. Brutal designs by karen. She sells these bees background. She sells all of this beautiful things. Beautiful elements that you can pull into photoshopped element. S and you can get the clusters the kit you can break it apart you can do basically anything with it I actually stretched the background and it a little bit of masking their applying some color to the fonz there was a lot of learning it today so yeah way are not professionals on this you guys will probably do much more with those templates and those designs so if you are interested in trying to replicate something like this or even above and beyond what we've done you can do it yes this is just a new example of a very small scale version of what you could do the imagination of bounds out there and if you made some designs over the over this course one eastern those into us let us want to see what your creations are we would love to just share that with the community what we oh yeah definitely if you are interested all in doing that you can always join the conversation on twitter using the hash codes stilling live so feel free to share them with us yeah that's right and so we are going to get started in a moment here it is about that time just to let you know you are here on the maker and craft channel and that's where we are on creative live and we are doing digital scrapbooking with michelle selling using photoshopped elements and I'm going to introduce you to her michelle stelling is the leading instructor for beginner, intermediate and advanced digits, scrappers and photoshopped elements users. Michelle has taught over five thousand digital scrap bookers and graphic designers through various colleges and via the internet for over seventeen years, and in two thousand seven she founded the national association of digital scrap bookers. Michelle contributes to photographic element techniques magazine and user training sites, and she has a global audience of students just like you, so let's, bring her on with a big, warm welcome. Michelle stelling, wait, are looking forward, tio day two. We're we're going to get into some really intermediate. Yeah, we're going to start going into two page layout s and masking like you were talking about yesterday, which is a little bit more intermediate advanced side, okay, and I need a copy of that. Yeah, that donald video link. All right, well, right away. All right, thanks.

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Prairie Chicken

I found this an excellent course on the use of PSE--not just for scrape booking but for any use. And of course the scrape booking ideas and methodology was great. I enjoyed Michelle's approach very much, and also liked Karens.

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