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Digital Scrapbooking with Photoshop Elements


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Thanks + Credits

There's a lot that's happened and we cannot do this alone we have many many people to thank including our sponsors persnickety print has actually been an incredible sponsor for us here this is a company you've worked with quite a mission they specialize in twelve by twelve they're really geared toward seances digital scrap bookers so if you ever need to try out some metallic you know I showed you the talent yesterday try that out there twelve by twelve czar only a dollar ninety nine don't let the price tag fool you because they're high quality I believe it's five dollars for shipping in the united states and then ten dollars for the outside the united states so and they're actually part of our pinterest contest too so if you ever if you went to the facebook page and you submitted there's still time you can win some free persnickety prints through that contest or just purchased them they are high quality right they are they are they will put themselves to the test with water tests the w...

ater test which we did and chris is actually going go it a little bit more into that and reveal yes now that weren't around yesterday you may have missed it but we put this in our fish tank here at the host desk the plan is that we had it submerged in water for just about twenty four hours now it's been pretty much right on the dot and they claim that these pictures will withstand that water. So that's, why? We had to put it to the test. We had to see if that that was true. So now is the moment where we call it in the water to see if it actually does. Indeed. Although there it is, they have survived. You know, it does feel fine. It feels just as we put it in yesterday hasn't really disintegrated or anything so incredible. Yeah, it lives up to the hype, but actually did survive the water test. So this is proof right here from mystic. Any prints? All right. Well, cool. Thank you, persnickety. And you passed the test. Awesome. So we have also other people to bank that's. You are creative. Live audience, of course. Is all of you out there but particular? We have, cheryl, we have karen. We have phyllis and brenda and vicki was not able to join us for day two, but she I was here and we have a scrapbook collage proven on. And there are a lot of people behind this scenes that it takes to make thiss production happen. You may not see them, but they are essential, everyone. From our is in the kitchen on their in here, they're helping us. Karl yuko. We've got allies on hair and makeup. Daniel and chris and audio, we have on camera, got fabiana liza, we have ari on our broadcast tech. We have andrea kate d c, b uh, who's, our technical director, justin, are content producer on dh. Then again, thank you, kate she's, our line producer, if I forgot anyone, it's, because we have so many people here that support what we do here, creative life.

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This course is part of the Digital Scrapbooking Essentials Bundle.

Preserving and organizing your digital photos can be a powerfully creative endeavor — if you know the right tips and tricks. Join digital scrapbooking expert Michelle Stelling for an in-depth exploration of how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 as a dynamic scrapbooking tool.

Michelle will guide you through everything you need to know about working with type and typography, including mixing fonts and colors, nesting text, and integrating graphics into titles. You’ll also learn about creating digi-kits, using patterns, brushes, paper textures, blending modes, and other embellishments. Michelle will also share the hacks, short cuts, and troubleshooting skills that will help you use Photoshop Elements to its fullest potential.

Whether you’re an at-home crafter or professional photographer, this course will give you a whole new toolkit for editing, enhancing, and sharing your digital images.