Distributing Your Film Online


Distributing Your Film Online


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What is the Film Industry?

What is the film industry? I'm going to just quickly give you an overview of the industry's so that you can have more information and I'm really a big fan of doing research because it makes you more efficient and it makes it if you have all of your ducks in a row, you can execute in a meaningful way. So the film industry, while it's art and while it's, um, story telling and and it does all these great things and heels and brings us together at the end of the day, it's a business and you need money to make movies, and you want to make money on your movies, and you want to get it out there. So just to give you a sense of the scope of the industry there's about sixty thousand films made every year around the world, camera prices have come down it's really accessible to be able to tell your story, and you can do so much of it yourself. Less than one percent of these films actually get picked up for any kind of meaningful distribution. Hollywood accounts for about six hundred of those films...

there's eighty, five hundred film festivals around the world, thirty, five hundred of them here in north america and there's an estimated one hundred million attendees projected for two thousand fifteen to attend film festivals, so I don't know if and has anyone here been to a film festival so if you go in that usually the theaters were packed people are waiting out side to go in and there we are you know there's no movie stars in those films they're there for the community they're there to support the filmmaker you the sailmaker if you go to you know the multiplex half the time you know the same movie is on half the screens and the theaters are usually half empty but the center of gravity is shifting theatrical is not the number one place that people go and it is not where everyone is striving to have their movies scene at the get at the get go because it's expensive and it's hard to get people to go in there and as we've seen movie ticket sales are just spiraling and streaming is the fastest growing segment in the entertainment industry. So you know, I'm one of the great indicators of that is just the absolute you know, success of netflix, hbo who there's such great television that you can watch at home and you know it costs a lot of money to go to the theaters you have to get a baby sitter and park and go in and buy popcorn and suddenly you've spent a hundred dollars to watch a movie that you're not sure if you're going to like or not so these big hollywood players as I mentioned sixty thousand films made every year six hundred of them in a good year are picked up by hollywood and they actively promote about sixty of them and you're lucky if you remember probably six of them. They also focused there they're marketing to the male demographic between eighteen and thirty four years old. So when you think that this is the focus of hollywood, that leaves the entire rest of the world in a whole lot of other people that will want to see your movie well, if you make it interesting, we'll get into that. So just my point is that there's so much more than hollywood, I think that, you know, when I first started to make movies, I just you know, I wanted to see a bigger than life in the dark in the theater with other people. I wanted to win an award, I wanted to think about who I'm going to thank when I won an award and what would I wear to the oscars? But there is so much more out there and I learned in my journey that what's out there, it may not be sexy, but you can make some real money and it's not hard, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune to get there and that's what's exciting to me.

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Your film doesn’t have to appear in theaters to find its audience. Distributing an indie film online is an effective way to increase the visibility of your movie, get compensated for your efforts, and validate your work.

Maverick independent film entrepreneur Scilla Andreen was done with the one-sided deals brokered by the big guys. She wanted independent filmmakers and producers to have more options, so she built one: IndieFlix.com – a platform for DIY film distribution that Variety magazine calls, "The Netflix for Indie Films." In Distributing Your Film Online, Scilla will detail the distribution landscape and teach you how to find your audience online. You’ll learn:

  • How to distribute your film online
  • The benefits of online distribution
  • How to monetize filmmaking

Scilla will discuss the no-nonsense architecture of online film distribution and help you reduce and navigate the layers of distraction between making a film and having people actually see it. You’ll learn how the IndieFlix model works and how it, and other online distribution platforms like it, make money for independent filmmakers.

If you are ready to find an audience for your indie film, Scilla Andreen can show you how it’s done online.