What Will You Learn in This Course?


Distributing Your Film Online


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What Will You Learn in This Course?

Hi, my name is sheila andrea I'm the ceo and co founder of indie flicks and variety calls indie flicks the netflix of independent film, but how we're different is we streamed thousands of shorts, features, documentaries and web series all over the world and we pay filmmakers for every minute watched so but I'm also a filmmaker and I believe that film is the most powerful medium on the planet it can educate and entertain as well as in certain instances it can heal. I think so my producing partner carlos can duty and I actually founded indie flicks because we didn't like standard distribution standard distribution offered little to no opportunity for any kind of meaningful return to the actual content creators to you, the filmmakers to the storytellers of the world. So we sat down wrote up a list of phil of things we wish existed in a company and started indie flicks with thirty six titles we now have eight thousand titles and we pay people filmmakers to every minute watch, which I menti...

oned, but so we're going to I'm going to share with you today what I believe is best practice in today's film industry for you to make money on your movie and so we're gonna get started um andy flexes the netflix of independent film and movies are the most powerful medium on the planet this I believe is the reason that well, it's, the reason we're here today so we share our stories, we experience emotion, it brings us together and we can change the world, and now we're going to learn how to make money on with our movies. So today we're going to focus on on exactly that and how to monetize their movie in part one we're going to go through. I feel it's really important to understand how the industry works in order for you to be able to navigate, and we're going to figure out also what the goals are for your movies, so make sure you have paper and pencil so we can write all this down. I also want to address the fact that I think everyone should think about distribution in while they're in development. We're going to also identify and find our audience, and we'll also talk about things I get asked this a lot like, should I have a celebrity in my movie? Part two we will go through and talk about how to maximize our online distribution once we actually get online and will also touch on theatrical distribution, effective use of press npr, which is, you know, if you're gonna put out a press release, you want to make sure that it actually it gets picked up by somebody. What is a good press release? We'll also talk to the communications director, sarah mogul who's, one of our one of our rock stars, and she will share some insight into some great success. That she's found is our communications director, will touch on festival strategy, which is a really important part of your filmmaking journey, because it helps you build an audience and get it out there. And it's kind of a free theatrical. And then we'll just sort of wrap it up with some final thoughts and some questions.

Class Description

Your film doesn’t have to appear in theaters to find its audience. Distributing an indie film online is an effective way to increase the visibility of your movie, get compensated for your efforts, and validate your work.

Maverick independent film entrepreneur Scilla Andreen was done with the one-sided deals brokered by the big guys. She wanted independent filmmakers and producers to have more options, so she built one: IndieFlix.com – a platform for DIY film distribution that Variety magazine calls, "The Netflix for Indie Films." In Distributing Your Film Online, Scilla will detail the distribution landscape and teach you how to find your audience online. You’ll learn:

  • How to distribute your film online
  • The benefits of online distribution
  • How to monetize filmmaking

Scilla will discuss the no-nonsense architecture of online film distribution and help you reduce and navigate the layers of distraction between making a film and having people actually see it. You’ll learn how the IndieFlix model works and how it, and other online distribution platforms like it, make money for independent filmmakers.

If you are ready to find an audience for your indie film, Scilla Andreen can show you how it’s done online.


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This course is only an introduction to online distribution for films. It doesn't go deeper in any aspect nor gives you concrete steps depending on your film project. So if you've never heard or thought about distribution is a good place to start in a few hours, but if you are looking for a deeper analysis or information to reinforce the online distribution of your film, it isn't there in my opinion.


Was this an instructional video, or a plug for a commercial enterprise. Light in detail, this series does offer a few gems for those searching for answers. It did put into perspective the odds of finding distribution in a marketplace crowded by competition where everyone is looking for ways to maximize a return on investment and offers alternatives to those wishing to tackle the job of online distribution themselves. Because "once a film is completed, the real work begins." it is important to know what these alternatives are. David W. King, Michigan Movie Media 2.0