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DIY Centerpieces for Every Occasion


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7 Wrap-Up

So very cool we did the rustic centerpiece we did vintage, we did modern he also just so you know there is a bonus arrangement that is included with the course and that is a square base arrangement as well. So there will be a pdf with photos and a kind of a how to so I also just want talk about some other bonus materials that included with the course. So a flower guy, which is a pdf will be included. All you have to do is r s v p for the course. If you click on the course title, which is below the your screen that are watching, it will take you to the course page and you'll see that there's a blue r s v p button you'll need to click on that r s v p for the course and then you can download this free pdf if you do decide to upgrade to any time access, you also get a floral design guide and a d I y floral instruction guy all right, kelly, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for having me. Thank you so much to our in studio audience. You ladies have been lovely also, thank you so m...

uch to all of you watching from around the world, we really appreciate you joining us today and just keep checking out calendar for upcoming classes here on the making craft show. So we will see you again soon. Everyone enjoy the rest of your day and that's a wrap.

Class Description

Fresh flowers add color, whimsy and a dash of sophistication to every event. Learn how you can dress up your parties with DIY centerpieces.

In this fun half-day course you'll amp up your hosting chops and learn floral design tricks you can put to use at your next dinner party (or baby shower or bachelorette luncheon or murder mystery night).

Kelli Walker will help you express your style through flowers using common and creative containers. You'll learn how to assemble modern, rustic and vintage-inspired arrangements.

If you want to spruce up your supermarket bunch or add some inspiration to your floral design portfolio, this class is for you.