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DIY Fashion and Editorial Photography

Lesson 12 of 31

Sourcing DIY Fashion Materials

Amanda Diaz

DIY Fashion and Editorial Photography

Amanda Diaz

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Lesson Info

12. Sourcing DIY Fashion Materials

Lesson Info

Sourcing DIY Fashion Materials

Hi I'm amanda and this is crystal and we're here at goodwill in seattle washington and we're here to look for items to recreate a shoot that she is been inspired by and I'll let her tell you a little bit about it yeah so it's a pain called ophelia it was done in the eighteen hundreds by famous painter and we're hoping to find some wardrobe pieces that will help us re create the mood and hopefully some of the colors and textures so it might not even be an outfit it might be a piece of material and use it as a dress that's usually how I do things I don't always find the perfect thing or the right thing that I need and sometimes I find it and the wrong time so I just use what I have to kind of recreate put things together as a fairly new photographer on somebody wants to break more into high fashion you know might be difficult to even pursue that if you don't have the right funds or the right people in place so for me this is a good experience to kind of see that you could do the same sor...

t of thing without having to have elaborate setups you could take something very simple and make it very unique and interesting and you know just a cz good is some very big productions so let's get skirts first see if there's anything over here something maybe like beige pink like earthy tone yeah brown green anything in there maybe that's pretty well short not right but all right we could just flip it yeah so it's in the front that's really pretty how low can it go I wonder benefit covered down your ankles yeah like depending on how tall the model list yeah okay let's grab that okay just see we'll grab a bunch of stuff and then figure it out at the end I guess about this one hey look at this one it's pretty too oh I like that it's not late slowly but what if we use it like a top like that and then is this crash yeah well try we'll grab it all right so let's go over there look for the dresses maybe we'll look at that this is pretty what is that oh you know I don't even think we could do it like a green dress you know you like this yeah as a top part yeah, we could do that I think it's worth thrown in the car to see about yeah what we could do with it okay let's grab all the colors they're pretty similar right yeah like you go down there because we didn't go down there don't we and sort of tempted for some things that just by other ones for other shoes you know the red ones have you got a giant right? No. Maybe not we're gonna take the bow all we're gonna get that no we're not who invented eyes it looks good before you pull it out right that's pretty yeah turn it when you put it in front of you that looks pretty old fashioned it's got like the green and the bar like that a lot actually but it's not too and you could find it I don't know find us a long sleeved um every said looked a long sleeved top under it and then it would look like part of the dress oh yeah should we put it in here? Yeah I once only I think I was fourteen or talk about oh yeah that's that's great let's grab that too how much is that one? Um uh eight dollars eight dollars a phone out there you go let's grab it just in case not twenty five yeah yeah I like that and it's flowy it's see through she'll have to probably wear something underneath it if you grab it okay, grab that guy any blythe like this wait could definitely use someone with that painting there's a lot of floral on their dress on her dress right? Yeah like down the center of it she's got yeah, but this one no no I don't like that well that's pretty too well no it's not so we'll go down to the material section and see if we can find any other stuff see if anything has like floral print ventured style maybe but no that's not too cute and if what what if we're looking for material should be light and fluffy not too heavy crate it'll be easier to manipulate look at this all the gold that's pretty colors is there a price on under what what's going on here? Six ninety nine let's grab it it could be pretty even as a pendant around her we'll try it see how it looks that's cool what is that? Um it's a bed like minor kind of thing but it's only got flowers there yeah more modern what this one is I love red's red would be nice do you want to stay in that color? Its owner you could try something red to where you want to keep it in the creams and stuff maybe the cream you could change it yeah that's fine I love red two in photos it's so eyecatching right? Yeah you know what's that blue velour stuff set a sheet how much is that one? Because I could be good underneath lay on and what is that? Four dollars? Because if you want let's pull in l a you have a big enough stake but what is it you know, I think I see what you laid over the oh no it's not butting what's an elf it it's the soul strange oh it's got well it's um chair cover okay like it looks like you know this could totally pass for now but you just cut a hole that's up and tied around her yeah, you could too you know funny what should we do? No, probably not, but what's the freaking money with the same thing I think they're all the same thing. Okay. Yeah, well, let's forget, but this is the lighter material look at that and if we could use that she was some dark stuff too. But see here opening up this pretty yeah, I think so. And are they selling it? Its a single one is three, ninety nine let's put it in the cart. And what about this one, it's the same one, right? Yeah. Oh, yeah, color. Maybe we'll grab them both and we can use them. You need to as part of the this's, like kind of like the dress she has, right? Yeah, it was kind of color. What do you think of this? Yeah, that might be the piece. You know? I think so let's see how big it gives open it and make sure it's even big enough all three crab grab it's not that I think it's not that big of a setback because that's pretty we could use it as part of the skirt something okay let's put it in here okay I think we're good let's go check out everything we have and then we'll narrow it down to what we want okay do you want to try um try to put this on and then tie it with this gold teeth let's see how it would look together maybe we can like put it around your on the top so you can be the model for now okay try this maybe lower down let's put it see how low if it can actually yeah like right there that actually looks nice oh house office a skirt can we tie in the back let's see turn around yeah we could yeah clipping and this could be part of the top maybe not this I don't know what do you think of this what if we did this could be part of this sash around her way straight yeah so and then something almost and then like a top right yeah about this that probably not that cloth over top even if it's low if it sits on the hip like down here okay that could work yeah that's hanging on me we just kind of wrapped around here what do you think you think this suit set as the middle piece or shoulder piece maybe hank um like this okay? We're good I think that's what we'll do that so this dress but I think we just look at the material like wrap around her over top or something. Okay, so which one which one do you like the best deals to in their thiss one of this one like these creams together yeah okay so four way don't know how much these are think these air each for the seven fifteen I should be good ok should be under yeah that and then this big this girl one down there I just want to find out how much hair so this seven, ninety nine and has chains on it that my name yeah well, if they like it this's very vintage allowing that won the gold kind of change you felt that's okay it's only thirteen do you think we're thirty thiss has changed it's very like I really like this one put on your head yeah that's pretty you like it e look like princess oh yeah he also you think it's worth it if you don't want it going till now I like this one well and the silver I don't know silver and the change don't really yeah yeah but the chains in here lord with yeah look at that that's very vintage I'm scared to see the price is the same price look at that that's really pretty I like really nice translucent look good okay, yeah okay, you had your shopping spree today

Class Description

When you think of conceptual, high-fashion photo shoots, you imagine budgets in the tens of thousands of dollars. Turns out, couture shoot concepts don’t have to cost more than $100. Join Amanda Diaz for a hands-on class that will show you how to concept, style, and photograph the images of your dreams.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to create high-fashion looks (including models, props, and locations) on a seriously shoestring budget. You’ll develop the strategies you need to carry out a complete low-cost, high-impact shoot from start to finish. You’ll also learn about creating a consistent, cohesive portfolio and develop ways to express your unique point of view in every image you capture. You’ll examine how a fear of criticism can unduly discourage you in the same way financial constraints do, and how to prevent those fears from holding you back.

From vision boarding to connecting with modeling agencies to shooting for publications and more, you’ll explore the tips and techniques every professional photographer needs to know.

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Dan ilicak

Amanda diaz has given me inspiration and purpose. I wake up everyday inspired to create a beautiful image, atleast enough to hold your "aww" for a few seconds. I can relate to Amanda on so many levels as I also found myself in photography and never planned for it. Just like Amanda, I also started from scratch with nobody to help or assist me. If I had found this tutorial a few years ago, it would have speeded up the process of learning. Even today I call myself a professional photographer, this course still had a lot to offer me. I can blab on and on about how much I love and support Amanda diaz, however I will make it short and sweet by saying three simple words, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

a Creativelive Student

This was the best creative and most prolific 3 days of a tutorial. Amanda covered the entire spectrum of what every photographer who's trying to become better and bigger go through. I loved the part where she spoke about how to shoot in any lighting situation outdoors and a few indoors. She not only spoke about them, she went into full detail to help the novice or advanced level photog. Despite the tethering issues CL had with Lightroom, Amanda poetically commanded every day of her 3 days. Another point is that she did everything "her way", and not the traditional textbook style of teaching and editing. One prolific point is that NONE of the previous CL instructors touched the issue of drama, unwanted criticisms, or unprofessional things that happen in the industry, however with a brilliant stroke of quiet humility, and courage, Amanda did. I believe it helped everyone realize that no matter what level of photography you're on that it happens and you have to oftentimes "bite your tongue", or "turn the other cheek". It also pointed out that as photographers we should be doing everything to help one another to build our industry, vice tear it down by hurting one another because of the mindset of "competition". Amanda Diaz, and CL I salute and thank you dearly! Semper Fi! Mike