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Skype Interview with Bride and Q&A

Gonna talk with with this girl right there courtney not michael just courtney better yeah anyway cool all right hey he's right behind me you see me and talk I just talked about about just you know your other one your other half but bad about him too it's okay awesome so you can see me yeah I can see you and myself twice it's a little too much courtney for me a little too much in my opinion you can enough courtney courtney um so how's it going it's going pretty good I kind of have my like makeshift skype studio here I have like lamps surrounding me so that's nice trouble ideas yourself to come home what did you like this yourself I totally looked as myself is it bad no it's right but it was this was your idea I just I just felt like it needed a little bit more worms that's pretty impressive nobody told you to light it no just myself e don't want I don't want to give you credit yeah that's awesome no it looks great minus the light switches but you really can't anything about that so all ...

my all my walls have like so many pictures this was the best that I could d'oh d'oh wait which side this side yeah awesome well thank you so much for being here and doing this this is gonna be fun after our when I got the albums off their day and we like sat there like thirty minutes just like talking about stuff like I really loved that conversation and some a lot of interesting things came up she was actually really honest with me on some things you know and I and I and I appreciated that terribly and so but it's all kinda hoping he's going to be honest here too I don't I don't think she's not going to be so I kind of wanted to do this, you know? But I have no idea where this is going to go right? I have a couple a couple of ideas but I think I think you know, you have a lot to say about stuff like this I think and you have a lot to say about like finding and deciding to hire me and meeting with other photographers and stuff like that I think I think that that might be a nice way to kind of start off and then and then let's let let let's kind of talk about some of your images you know? But but we had an interesting conversation about that you and I because you met with a lot of people and it was you know, you told me that like she goes quite frankly she's like you are not cheap is what you said right? And then I and then I kind of jumped into kind of, you know why that is and all that kind of stuff you know but tell me tell me kind of can you kind of talk about the process of how they started, which airs with us? Absolutely well, so my husband and I started looking for photojournalist for our wedding and we definitely wanted a videographer and photographer and so we just kind of started a search and just started meeting with photographers and I had seen work ins, photos and was like, all man the's air is a pretty great but I don't think we can afford him, so we kind of started from ground and went up for lack of a better term, and when I met with other photographers they were very nice they had great photos, but I just felt like I think we both felt that a little bit of authenticity was missing when we met them they kind of would say, oh, how did you propose and how long have you guys known each other? And it was all very like scripted and in in my mind I was we were looking at this as you're capturing our love in the biggest daito are really of our relationship thus far and I kind of don't want to have a force fake relationship with you because that could relay that fakeness in our pictures if you're not using, you know our real moments in are real relationship and so michael and I, both my husband, decided that we wanted to invest it's our funds, mawr in our photos and are in our video because those were the stories that we'd have to give to our children and generations to come. And so we met with work in and and their approach, teo, just getting to know us just felt really warm in rial, and it was more about who we are as individuals who we are as a couple and less about the wedding, it was like it we really didn't talk about, ok, well, what's going on in the wedding and and, you know, what's, uh, what's this and what's that what what details do we need to know? It was let's talk about family let's, let's talk about who you two are because that's what's gonna make the wedding? I don't know e mean, it just was a totally different feel it felt so much more riel, you know, invest in our family, invest in us and, you know, tell our stories. You've had a pretty cool story, right? Yeah, yeah, I think so. E I think I mean, you know, it wasn't like an amazing, you know, somebody, you know, you know, survived twelve days in the sea. To marry you by themselves, wherever you know. But but I think I think it was a pretty cool story and I think that, you know, that really helped us teo, I understand you guys and shape that, you know, and so and so what was the I can never get it right? So I need you to talk about it all the details about about my church and everything. So michael and I, when we first started about talking about getting married, you know, we kind of talked about destination weddings, things like that and maybe not going the traditional route, but pretty soon after started talking about it, we realized that we were going to have to go the traditional route because my family, my dad's side of my family, has a church that's been in our family for over one hundred years, and my great grandmother and great grandfather were kind of part of this founding group of german immigrants is that kind of erected this church, and their names are actually on the stained glass in the church, and so my great grandmother was married there. My grandmother, my mom, we've had so many family baptisms on dso is really cool because the year that we got married marked the fortieth wedding anniversary of my parents. Wedding down the same aisle so it really just felt natural that we continue that kind of tradition and leave that legacy for not just that church but you know all the people that in our family that had kind of built it so how did that I mean in the end was that was mean you felt that that was a really important decision at the time you know, in the end how much weight did that carry you think like it it carried a lot of weight honestly because you know I don't think it would have mattered where we got married between the two of us because I mean you know, getting married is is less about the locale and more about the people but I think because such we had such a rich history there it really it felt so special toe look at our photos and see my parents photos and see similar you know, kind of landscape my emotion and it just kind of felt like like it felt like home yeah that's interesting cool yeah I love that part about it you know and when you guys told us about that in the media make brandon and I have ears like being like e our story radar started to take off you know and it was I mean, that was a hard story to really tell wonderfully to be quite honest and you know that like like I'm like you know, to tell that story visually it's like it's like obviously there's pictures in the church but you know you want to you want to tell the photos that like people who don't know the story could make me understand it and like I was like been thinking about that for months of other wedding like how am I gonna get a photo with them with hauser in the stained glass? Yeah, not possible I couldn't do it I tried but I couldn't do it but you know what? It's there you know, so so yeah, you took a great photo and we're kind of a silhouette and honestly to the outside world and I think maybe a lot of brides feel this way to the outside world our photos may not portray you know, like our circumstance may not portray a special wedding you know, we got where'd it married in a church I were why dress you know it's not like I you know, like your vegas wedding that you showed that's you know, a little bit of a different pace and to the outside world it may seem just normal but that's not how it is when you look at the deeper story, which is what you captured in what we can tell our children about the church and show than all those photos and explain the story fantastic you know also that thing about jim is that there's some questions even for her we can probably do that as well okay let me yeah and I'm just saying just like it's absolutely so let's so you sent me some photos yet to talk about right let's do that right because I just want I just love get you started on stuff and then I kind of like diamond is that cool right so you have these oven imagine or you will be able to see them I don't know right but that's you there I am so yeah right so so so tell me about tell me why this was a favorite photo of yours e I love this photo for so many different reasons I have dubbed this photo the bridesmaid blockade right and this's me hiding behind two of my sister in law's who are two of my bridesmaids and my dad you can see him in the background sipping a bottle of water and our wedding planner is there next to him and he had brought us sandwiches for lunch and he was like well I'm hungry too and so he came back up and just came into the bridal suite as I was getting ready and I you know I know that it's not necessarily bad luck for the dad to see the daughter before the wedding but I didn't want him to see me until I have my dress on and I really wanted to have that special moment with him and so he's just oblivious and I'm just hiding and I just think it's hilarious that is funny so I have I have something I want to ask you about that um uh did you so I don't know if you noticed but I think they swept you away but he was having like he was like sick or something did you know he started he started he he started choking on like water on the sandwich was that what it was ok I was like is my daughter okay can someone go please okay, I didn't see any of that because it happened really quick but I I almost like it was like like like you know mike vomiting or something was really interesting but yeah yeah yeah he was laughing in fact yeah, you know here's what I have in the fact that you were trying to hide but he might not even noticed it but this is kind of funny yeah he was totally choking at one point and I was like this is this makes sense for you know and then department reports so so tell me why why is that and why is that is just a favorite photo because it's a fun moment that you remember or is there anything more to it and you don't have to you don't embellish I'm just saying I'm just curious, you know? Yeah you know, I mean, I think it's just kind of one of those moments where I really gravitated towards, you know, moments that were kind of like the unplanned because I think by nature I'm a little bit of a planner and I really didn't want that to be what was focused on my wedding so I really enjoyed the moments and the and the candid things that you captured that we're not planned at all and nothing wass really because you know, he he just does it wasn't even paying attention and it's just honestly, it just it just makes me think of my dad and I just kind of like, I'm hungry, I'm going teo, you know that I bought these sandwiches e o totally it captured just really like the feeling of getting ready chaos and then just kind of funny, you know, things happening during the process so that's cool now that's great. I was just curious, like hearing you explain it. Yeah, and so this was you talk to me about this one? Oh, yeah, you have this framed um in your house, right? Yes, yes, this is I mean, I always say this is my favorite photo but it's like I can't keep saying that for, like, twenty photos because it kind of loses its him its own, doesn't it this one is amazing to me for so many reasons my dad asked me a couple of months before the wedding he was like do you want to take dance lessons and I was like whoa uh sure and it was so sweet because he was like well I really want you know I'm his only daughter and he was like I really wanted it like look good when we're dancing like I want to I want to know something when we're dancing and so we went and took these lessons and my mom came and watched us and it there were really special moments and I remember kind of wishing that I had photos of those moments so I would kind of like freeze frame them in my mind when you're dancing and so after he saw me fully dressed not an oops moment he was like should we should we practice one more time and what's funny about this photo is during our dance lessons we kept having our arms up really high like you'll see the frame that were dancing in like that arm is not supposed to be head level it supposed to be like down like and like and like a dancing frame and every time the dance instructor would be like can you please over lower your arms like why are you raising your arms like that and so this is perfect because we still hadn't learned and we still have bad form and here we are dancing and you can see the surroundings were not manipulated you know, tyler wasn't in there cleaning up the dresser where all my bride's maids that had their food this was what my bridal suite looked like it was a beautiful suite but we kind of cropped it up a little bit but that was reality that was the reality of it and it just it would if we had manipulated those surroundings it would have felt not riel and and so I'm glad there wasn't someone kind of scurrying around trying to make things perfect I mean, this photo is perfect because of the imperfections to me nice you can take that to the bank, right? Yeah. No, no, no that's great. That was really, really, really hard to shoot there's always crap in the way and all these door door frames and I'm like trying to line up you guys, you know? But it was it was really fun. Yeah, I mean, I you know, I you know, and so if you had to choose that photo over the actual photo of you guys dancing at the wedding oh, I mean, hands down that photo, the photo of us and before the wedding I mean, I care about the moment of my dad and I dancing at the wedding, but I don't really now that I think about it, I don't really need a photo of that because I have a photo of us by ourselves having that moment together without anyone watching and I mean that's that's definitely something that I cherish over you know, being surrounded you know, being a surrounded by a group of people watching you dance with your dad I mean that's not a normal thing so don't do it every weekend I mean I like to do that every weekend but I don't always get around to it I don't always get it hey dad let's go toe this is a club and dance together and then we'll make everybody spread apart we have our space I would like a spotlight directed on us now yeah that's funny that's that's awesome no, I love that I mean, I think this is interesting because you know, we didn't talk about that photo I don't know that was gonna happen I don't know the story of you guys dancing, you know, it's just kind of just trying to watch her stuff and so on that same accord. So you have you have I love this because I you know, I kind of I kind of when I when I don't go to people's houses very often, you know? And so I brought you those albums and it's kind of like I'm goingto it's almost like a test right to see if you guys air are doing it right you know and so I test to see which pictures you put up you know and and so far you're passing really well right but but you have you have you have that photo framed and then right underneath it is you have this photo framed which is the next one right which is a totally totally love this photo myself as well but you know talk about this when you say it was michael your room's favorite photo yeah it is my husband loves this photo this is his favorite photo of the wedding because eso a little history on this I wass getting ready upstairs and all of our guests were staying in the same hotel and so we had shuttles for them and around the same time that I was going to leave the guests were leaving to go toe to the ceremony so the wedding planner came over to me and she was like, hey, we don't want your guest to see you so we're going to take you down the service elevator through the kitchen and out the back door and I was like okay like that's fine and so we kind of went down there and you know I almost ran into a guy with a tray and a photo yeah and I don't even think I realized that like my mom was like behind me I think I kind of was kind of getting the like nervous feelings of oh my god this is actually happening this is so like such an unusual feeling to have this dress on and I didn't even notice that tyler like sprinted into this little crevice in between the stove to get this photo I just was kind of like moving my my merry way along and michael loves this photo because of how candidate is and how like once again the surroundings are not anything to write home about there's a fire extinguisher there you know like justin fancy track and all but it's kind of like you know it's just it's something that happened that you know we hadn't planned for and it's a moment between me and my mom and I love it what is your mom think about it I don't like any photos of her but she I mean she loves all the photos because it was our wedding and you know I remember her saying she's like okay they did a good job they did a good job and that's a good praise from her that's a good phrase for a lot of parents don't get it they don't understand you know yeah no I mean that was a really that was a really interesting time because I was I was I got stuck behind you you know and I'm like this is not working for me this is not working for me on I can't hold on stop a minute and let me get in front of you and I could of right, but that's, not me, and so I had to, like I had, like, I remember, like it's almost like like, you know, race, car driving, you know? And I have, like like this, like, tiny little window of opportunity, and I just, like, stepped over your dress and I just ran in front of you, and then I'm like, I'm like because you were you went out that door right there to the left, and I'm like sprinting and scanning like we're going to go where am I going to go? Because I saw a guy waiting to escort you out that door, so I knew you out that door and I just ran down there, got down and just, like, hammered away get like four frames, but yeah, it's just kind of a fun I love I love reliving that kind of stuff, you know? And and I'm not a slow walker, so I was really I was really going on I was not gonna I wasn't thinking about allowing you creative times, teo pose or stage of photo, I wasn't thinking about you, I was like, oh my god, I'm going to the church, yeah, I'm getting married, yeah so I'm glad about your mom, right? Because because your mom it was kind of a fun I loved how close your family was and how and how close you are with your parents and and so you know, I talked about how like, you know, earlier I talked about like, you got you got to think beyond the wedding, you know? And so I typically as the ceremony starts, I'm typically down at the end and I'm getting the procession on the bride coming in all that kind of stuff, but I had to change it up on this one right on dso one of your photos actually is the next one with with your mom and it was it was really kind of a neat moment I like hearing you talk about this stuff and so and so what? What was going on here? Yeah, so this is we changed up our processional to have our family go last down the aisle, which is unusual usually they go first in because since I said, like I said, my mom and dad got married there forty years before I had planned we had a guitarist play in I wanted him to play the song that my mom walked down the aisle to forty years ago, and so I surprised them and the song had started to play and my mom goes what what's that and I go, mom, that's, that's, that's a john. It was a john denver song for your baby and my mom, just like instantly, like burst into tears and you can see I'm touching my dad's shoulder and he's tearing up, and she was looking at my brother, actually, who started to cry as well. And so that's that's an amazing moment and something that wasn't planned at all for them. Yeah, that's. Great. So let me ask you about this. Um, and I'm hoping I'm hoping the question you're going to hear the answer you're going to give me is is the one I'm looking for, but I was like, right in there, wasn't I it would it would appear I don't remember you being there, okay, okay, I was just gonna ask, you know, you know, that's something that all of us have had issues with and all of us talk about and, you know, and people talk about, like, how is at a wedding? And I couldn't believe the photographers were like all over the place, right? You know, you don't remember you didn't remember me being there and, you know, why do you think? That wass why do you think I mean, did your parents ever mention anything about that moment like your mom was like you know, I couldn't see your brother because that stupid photographer was in the way or something like that you know like like you know, kind of kind of talk about how that felt in you know if it if it if you notice me and you wished I would have backed up and say that to you know but I'm just kind of curious how that how that feels you know no I mean in our one on ones michael and I talked with you about how we wanted you up in our grill like we wanted you to capture those moments and weigh both were really confident just between the two of us that we were not going to be paying attention to you guys that we were going to be able to be in the moment and and that's truly how itwas I mean we weren't we have established such a great relationship with you on we knew what you were about we knew what was gonna happen as faras that you guys were gonna be there you guys were probably going to be like, you know millimeters away from our face and it was going to be fine and and so that moment I know I don't remember any talk like anyone being around me other than hearing the music looking at my dad and looking at my mom I really wanted it to be like I wanted to experience the reaction from my mom I wanted to see her so happy and excited and that was like my like wedding gift to them was for them to be like their wedding to be a part of our wedding because it was such a big reason why we got married there yeah, well good so um I have a question for you it doesn't matter I guess but I mean, you know, it was really great, you know? And then I got caught up in what you were saying but yeah, I mean, you know, weigh all worry about that, you know, oh, I know any a and b one hundred percent honest okay, any guests or anybody else complain or mention or whatever about some jackass runaround they didn't use the word jackass, but I did a lot of people we we talked about our photographer, you and we talked about brandon for work in films a lot because we were like, oh, we've got these great photo juror loose in documentary and edit it. And so we kind of talked to you guys up a little bit and so I don't know if it was because of that or because mainly at the reception people afterwards said that they just saw you guys everywhere and I was like, oh really? I mean ok, like I was too busy dancing the entire night to pay attention to anything else, so but e mean, it didn't seem too I never get feedback like this, so I'm using this for me well, you know, I mean it didn't it didn't it didn't seem to, you know, affect anybody or or I would say, like I have a couple friends that are a little camera shy in general like they don't like photos of themselves I've maybe a couple of bridesmaids that are a little bit more reserved and I think that at first maybe like we were getting ready, they kind of I think a lot of times people don't want to get in the way of the bride, which is hard because I would rather have everyone be around me and, like, be talking to me, but sometimes I did get I did feel a little bit like there were some people that maybe didn't want to be in pictures if and and I think that's natural because they don't want to, like spoil it for the bride, which is weird because that's I don't think any bride it's gonna want somebody not taking a photo with, you know way over there, yeah, all right, okay, let's good now that makes you feel better you know I mean I'm sure there's I mean I'm for there's exceptions right? You know there's times where people are like wow that guy you know, whatever but I got what I get I got to do you know so they're not they're not though it's not their wedding and they're not the ones writing the checks so on true that way we got a few more we got about like maybe ten minutes I think so uh I got so this one of michael and we and we gotta kind of move a little bit and then we might not get through all these but I wanted to ask you about this one because we talked earlier about like how we don't like to do first sights and like reveals you know what I mean right? Yep. Um do you think that this you know tell me about this photo and tell me about how you you know do you think that this is does he just love you so much that that this would have happened no matter what? Tyler when I walk in the door every day this is what michael does know I just dang it doesn't matter if I have makeup on or anything no if if we had done a first look before the wedding before the actual ceremony I mean, I just never would have wanted to do that I mean that's I don't know I uh this moment I had no idea what michael's reaction would be and you know, everyone always kind of like looks to the groom when they first see the bride, you know? And they're just like, oh, is he going to cry or whatever? I had no idea that he was going that he was going to react so much and emotionally on did actually kind of the way that he looked changed the way that I remember I felt when I walked down the aisle like I couldn't get a smile out I was like, so like, I was blushing and I felt like, very like cliche because I was like, oh, my god, he's crying, oh, my god! And I just was so, like moved by his reaction that it was I can't believe that you captured this moment because I mean, I'm assuming that it happened really quickly and I mean, I love this photo so much that's cool, no it's interesting, I mean, because, you know, it didn't have a lot of time, you know, there's there's there's plenty of its actually pretty rare to be quite honest with you that that a groom reacts this way, you know, so you should feel lucky that your that your man is man enough to do this, yeah, I'm serious about that, I mean that you know oftentimes you know they feel like I think they feel like it's not manly if they show their emotions you know and and you know I personally think it's the opposite you know but yeah I mean that's that's kind of fantasy you know it's just it's just interesting I mean, I believe all these things that I'm saying no but often times I'm sitting there thinking like I just like fabricate this stuff in my head and just assume that all you guys were feeling the same way an idea you know it's just interesting tio you know to see your and we mean you no to see your your take on this stuff you know so let me see here we got we got a few I mean there's a few more pictures but other any I mean do we want taken advantage of any questions for I think that sounds fantastic. So anything courtney is that cool? Hey, whatever you guys want, teo all right, courtney hey, and thanks for being here. Did you prep your family to let them know about that tyler was going to be there? What type of photography he shot? Yes, I did. I show them the portfolios that he had online and of course my parents and michael's parents were like, wow, these are amazing and we kind of explained that you know, we were not emphasizing formal photos or portrait ce that what we really wanted was a documentary style and that they were probably going to be, you know, in our faces like I said it before and that just up in your group I might have set up here I probably said it a couple different ways, but, you know, and I basically michael and I both encourage them to just try to, you know, not focus on the camera, and I, like tyler said, I think it's a little bit harder for family on people better like he said, not invested in those consultations and, you know, it's, not their wedding necessarily, and I think it's unusual for my our parents generation because, you know, they had a very standard photography at their wedding. It was very like, you know, textbook, if you will. And so I think that once things got a bit emotional is when things changed, like once once my parents saw me, and it wasn't like getting ready photos or anything like that, like kind of like the standard, and it became between the three of us, me, my mom, my dad, or between michael and his mom, michael, and his dad that's when people forgot about the cameras, and so that was good for them cool. Thank you. And courtney, what did you like about tyler's? Way of helping you choose a certain type of album and the selection of the images within? Well, what was great was michael carr. Tyler kind of selected it for us. Uh, tyler tyler knew tyler knew what photos we were going to like. I mean him as well as brandon are our videographer really invested time and they they knew what we were gonna like, our style in which which really messed with their style, which was just shooting raw photos of moments, and so they knew our relationships with our family and with our friends. And so when they put together our album and we we we viewed the whole album and everything with my parents and michael's parents. So we were all together, and I mean, there wasn't much to change, I mean, he had selected so many photos that I would have selected myself, I just didn't have to spend the time to do it. And, you know, there were some that we wanted to add or swap out, and that was fine, but it was great because, you know, the difference between what I think I would have gotten with a different photographer, that we had talked teo and what what we got with work in was they they already knew what we wanted and it wasn't just like with everyone else it was catered to those relationships in those moments that they knew we were hoping for cool awesome okay, I think we're on track that was fun I wanna go longer but you know it's like do I have to do a dance now yeah I'm sorry they didn't tell you about that oh yeah I know I have a choreographed thing choreographed anything way have so I mean, I know there's more photos you know, you know that that you that you had that you wanted to talk about but you know, I've been telling stories of these people all day so you know, I just think you know, you guys you guys are awesome and you know that and uh and and and you're in your family's it was just it was it was such it was like just perfect, you know? And and I and I, uh I terribly appreciate you coming on because that was really fun sorry if you had to wait a long time for me but but but you know, I know I know it's awesome. So yeah cool great job lighting that, by the way, that just blows my mind think you might have a future a future in something so yeah, all right cool things was the hot there oh my gosh heat index is like one ten it's crazy not here it's beautiful okay so my lighting is not helping at all a little warm over here gordy I love it thank you so much I we're going we're going we're going to get that dinner and those drinks for sure all right bye have fun take it all right, that was good that went well that's good she's great. I was like you see that I was like kind of nervous right was going like oh what's your mom think about me being right there you know so yeah yeah I think it's cool but uh conduce um question were I want teo do a couple questions all right? Great thiss great question that I just felt was really awesome when you got into this this part of this type of photography was it more relaxing to know that you could just be yourself instead of having to plan for poses throughout the day he was talking to you about that that was you right at lunch it's liberating I can imagine god you know because it's like it's just like it's like it's like that and you know creativity like I said I don't consider myself creative right and creativity to me does not come very naturally like you know I watch people and the like I mean like like I could talk about kirsten but like she just put up a ayles ice bucket challenge video and I'm like it was like the most amazing thing I've ever seen you know and I'm like I can not do that, you know? And so I'm not a creative person so therefore the pressure week in and week out teo to create something it's just too much for me and I just can't I can't really deal with it very well and so and so I would like like I said, you know, I just I love it that I don't like and, you know, quite honestly I think I think that is where this this style has even even grown mohr into because, you know, I realized a while back that I mean, the photography that is being produced right now in this industry and the portrait's are just mind blowingly good and I'm like I'm never gonna be that good I'm never going to get there and I'm like, you know what? I got to just kind of stopped trying and just do what I do well and just go for it, you know well let's let's pee back on that because that because the next question I have is do you see wedding photography headed maurine this drink in this direction? I doubt it quite frankly yeah andi I don't know why I think I think the only reason I I doubt that is because of house seemingly small my market is does that make sense? You know, quite quite frankly I just don't I don't think that the majority of people are as deep as some of my clients are with does that make sense? Yeah, you know it's it's ah it you know it then goes back to just you know, people have different priorities in life and if they don't have a strong family background or whatever you know then they might not be drawn to something like that you know but I don't know I don't know if it's heading in that direction or not I guess I guess the crew's going to be in the pudding time will tell right? Yeah okay, great. Okay, one last question before we go before we head out tomorrow the next day we're going to talk a lot about the how the hell yeah, today was about the why can you just briefly summerlike summarize the philosophy behind this approach that you've taken just yeah just just nugget this up a little bit into a y yeah um well it's hard won I don't know it's a tricky questions really through your hardball yeah, that sucks. I mean, you guys got any questions? I know you know e I mean yeah, I mean for me like that my takeaway from today was being not only being in the moment because that's part of it I mean you're you're halfway invisible but you're also you're almost like uncle bob right? I mean the way your there is like you're a family member chosen a different name you know uncle bob in the wedding industry yes right way uncle baldy all hell bob hey, uncle jim and you have to deal with you and you have to deal with it but you're like a family member, right? You are that guy and you bridge that gap between that professional photographer and and the family member and I feel like you're somewhere in the middle of that yeah, totally now I think I think I think that's this thie just you know, the philosophy is just just let it go and see what happens you know and just let life take over like that's ultimately what isthe see that's what I was looking yeah it's a perfect let lifetime ago would have how many times have you been out with your with your friends and you have like this big it prom you got a problem? Yeah, I went to one I wantto anything you and I are like brothers but so prom right it's all built up usually sucks it's usually not nearly as fun right? But like the nights that you remember the nights when you're like hey, you guys want to go out, then you just go figure out something to do and, like serendipity, takes over, you know what I mean? You know, I go, oh, my god, it can't be that just happened, you know, I mean, like that's, the that's, the same approach, I think you know, it's it's, like it's, just like you know, they're already gonna plan the bejeezus out of this thing. In my opinion, it shouldn't be affected any more than that.

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There is a magic and beauty to wedding days that doesn’t have to be posed or fabricated. You can take photographs that are authentic and dynamic by drawing on classic documentary photography techniques. Join Tyler Wirken for a class exploring the practice of documentary-style wedding photography.

This course will teach you how to take unique, distinctive images that break away from standard styled shoots and set-up poses. Tyler will encourage you to think deeply about why we take wedding photos and then help you use those insights to create an actionable roadmap for getting the real moments during weddings. You’ll learn how to get up close and capture the more intimate moments of a couple’s wedding day without feeling like you’re intruding or disrupting. From being more present in the moment to getting through family photographs in twenty minutes to developing your one-of-a-kind perspective as a photographer, you’ll build strategies for ensuring the moments you capture are beautiful and real.

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