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Drawing with Illustrator: Vector Graphics

Lesson 6 of 9

Creating Simple Elements with the Pen Tool in Illust


Drawing with Illustrator: Vector Graphics

Lesson 6 of 9

Creating Simple Elements with the Pen Tool in Illust


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Creating Simple Elements with the Pen Tool in Illust

No, I think that looks like a pretty good, pretty good shape for a tree. Right. Okay, So how do we start to bow, then? A little bit more detail? This there's still pretty simple, but there's no is going. Suggest some branches. OK, so I'm gonna take the pan to I'm gonna go to the top here. Now, you can see, because I have smart gaze on is gonna tell me when I am at the top. Okay, so I'm gonna click once I'm gonna drag down to the bottom. I'm gonna make sure the shift key is held. So that so that it stays locked up on the vertical, and then I'm gonna click again when I feel like that's gonna release. Okay, so there is the middle section of the tree, OK? Know how are we gonna build? And some of those some of those branches We're going to do that by using the blame to that we used before. So perhaps so. These gonna go list? Let's give a trail. It's, like, draw something that, like, approximately 45 degrees okay on, we're gonna drive across. I could be a smart guy and so on. That's gonna sn...

ap. Okay, so we're gonna position. Ah, pretty rough way. It doesn't have to be exact. Okay, We're gonna just drag a little bit more okay? Again. We can We can figure who all of these things like Snapple on a little bit later. I'm gonna drag this up the top. I know. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go back and use the blame to that we use before. Okay, So, clicking on the 1st 1 I'm gonna go in here. Uh, I'm gonna faint my blend, too. I need this here is here. Click on the first plane. Click on the second lane. Okay, there we go. That's going to give me some some branches there. Now, I can move all of these independently when I go object and expand, okay? And then that I lose me till a drag. Each of these branches don't on when it gets to the when it intersects with the lane, there's going across there is going to snap, and that's when I know when to roll. Police. Okay, there we go. So that's one say done. No, because these have been blended together. These air in what we would call a smart group. Okay, so what's a smart group if I click when they said she once What? I was created independently. So that's a group of his own. If I click on the on the same her trunk there, that's created independently. These branches were created as one group which would then broke apart. So they're almost nothing in what we call a smart group. So I I clicked once I can select one branch if I click twice, is gonna select all of those branches that lose Me too. Like you drag these across and we'll move them around. Okay, so if I double click, I'm gonna go in I'm gonna click my reflect to hold my Okie And again when I move across the Santo axis is gonna look OK is gonna tell me with the green tape when I'm there. And when I wanna That's what I wanna reflect Thes. Okay, so I'm gonna hold the okey. I'm gonna click, and it's gonna show me a preview off Where these girl Okay. So know what I wanted to make sure I click Copy if I just click, OK, It's just going to move. Whose elements over to the other side, so I don't necessarily want not. I want to. Korea. Copy. Okay, so I want to leave the original. We'd awards, Okay. And that's gonna give me, um, something that start to look a little bit like a tree? No, it's feeling a little bit uniform to me here. Why? I generally like to do, um, again, This isn't a smart group, so I'm going to select thes I'm gonna click, and I'm gonna drag him, Gonna drag him down to, like, somewhere, somewhere in the middle. I can use my arrow keys to, like, long these up a little bit. A little bit more They were gonna do is I'm gonna go in here. I'm just gonna drag some of these elements coated in a little bit. Roughly. It doesn't necessarily need to be the perfect. I'm gonna show you a little trick for getting some of the spawn in the second. Okay, so was TV's out. Okay, Now, you see, we have, like, two or three which are overlapping here. I'm actually gonna do is I'm gonna use this. Settles to here and now lose me to cut Elaine at any point. Okay? again. If I make sure I have the branch selected, click on the scissors and were intersex. I can click and is gonna cut that length. OK, do that one more time than here, And those are all broken apart. And no, I can select all those elements and get rid of all. Okay, I think that looks pretty good. So what? I'm gonna make sure. Make sure you know, I've got a bunch of separate elements here. What I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna drag over. I'm gonna select all of those that I'm gonna grew from together. Okay? One thing that I know is there is that in the moment I can also slate my gates. Well, I'm actually going to do view menu gays, and I'm gonna lock them. Okay, So that means they stay there. It doesn't matter if I am dragging elements across or on top. I'm not gonna be able to accidentally accidentally deleted. Okay, so now we have a Nate take group of these elements, they can stay together. Don't forget, These are also still in a smart grip. Okay, So that means if I just click once one so in here I select all if I used my group selection to I can still select independent elements, these branches on smart groups. So if I click twice, I can still select those I can still select. There was on that side, so that allows me a little bit of control, um, within the group, but keeps things organized.

Class Description

Artwork created in Adobe Illustrator has a sought-after and distinct style – the vector files Illustrator generates are small, clean, and look polished. In Drawing with Illustrator: Vector Graphics, Stewart Scott-Curran will teach you how to create graphics using Illustrator, from start to finish.

Stewart is the art director at CNN digital and organizer and host of Creative Mornings in San Francisco. In this class, he will take you step-by-step through the process of using Illustrator to create original artwork. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Set up a workspace and develop a workflow
  • Use strokes and custom brushes
  • Work with the Pen tool
  • Source reference material to inform image-making
  • Use shapes and the Pathfinder tool

Making graphics in Illustrator is the building block for designing logos and creating icons. In this beginner-friendly class, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started.

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 (18.1)



What an absolutely amazing class! I saw Stewart's artwork and it immediately connected with me so I knew I had to register for this class! I LOVE how he guides the student through his creative process from beginning to end...his description of the poem he used for his inspiration absolutely captivated me! Aside from the expert guidance with all the Illustrator tools and working through his composition, his methodology for developing the brief and conceptualizing the artwork from beginning to end held my attention! His second course (Color and Texture) is absolutely essential as well! He inspired me to experiment with Illustrator and get over my fear of it! Thank you Stewart! I hope you'll return to CreativeLive and teach more courses!

Mary Thomas

I purchased a companion class to this one by Scott and I was very pleased with the content, so I purchased this one as well. Both classes were very well presented and did not duplicate what was given in the other. I have now purchased seven classes by CreativeLive and am very happy with all of them. I have watched others as well on the free days with equally as favorable results.

user 2b0aa5

Great class. Well presented and fun project. Signed up for his second class.