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Drawing with Illustrator: Vector Graphics

Lesson 1 of 9

Intro to Drawing with Illustrator


Drawing with Illustrator: Vector Graphics

Lesson 1 of 9

Intro to Drawing with Illustrator


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Intro to Drawing with Illustrator

Hi, everyone. Welcome Teoh drawing with illustrator Vector graphics. My name is Stuart Scott current. I I'm pretty excited. Teoh show you how to create some vector graphics from using some pretty simple, like tips and techniques with an illustrator. This class is for generally beginners, but really anyone who wants to learn how to create some pretty nice looking vector graphics with an illustrator, you don't necessarily need to have any prior experience with the program. We're gonna walk you through from the from the ground up. Um, I give you everything you need to know. Um, there's no version dependent. It doesn't matter if you were using the latest version of illustrator or one this a few years old is really using some of the super basic tools, um on And you you can use any Virginia Ward. There's no, it's not gonna be a problem. So you're gonna be able Teoh fall along. We're gonna be covering a few things Where can be covering her to say up a basic document? We're going to go through...

some of the tools and the techniques that we use to career Really nice and vector graphics. Um, this is no like a super comprehensive illustrator course, it probably will honestly uses probably between five and 10% of war The program is actually capable of. So nobody needs to few that they have to be like uber experience and illustrators to be able to create that stuff. You know, this is really just like using some really simple twos and techniques. Um, and we can prove that stuff together, so it's gonna be fun. So to start with, I've got a few examples off some of the work that I've done previously on these have, oh, used, like the same to the same techniques, the same skills as what will be will be using to the So as you'll be able to see you can do something that's really pretty complicated like this. But really, these types of illustrations, they use the same techniques, like over and over again. You know, it's about getting a process down about getting some composition on Ben just repeating elements. You know, the reputation of elements can be really, really powerful. This is a series off illustrations. I don't based on some some songs. Um, I've pulled a lot of the imagery Onda Song lyrics as the affair to specific place. He's like specific words that suggest some sort of imagery that's often like a really easy we Tilly contemporary, any kind of illustrative, brief, you know, on Do you condone lover like quite a lot of emotion and feeling from just using some real simple reference and again, like you can see here, this was, um this is actually a present that I did for my way from now our fifth anniversary. I was just thinking about how we pull together like some real simple elements, like from from our story together, um, on just with arranging them, like, really simply you can bring, like, a really nice you can tell, like a really nice story through illustration for this one. We actually got a like a stone on woods. You can see how it translates, just like something really beautiful And honestly, this was probably like two or three hours work. You know, this was no days or weeks again. I've done like some of these posters. I think if you can see a theme running through these things, it's that it's just like simple lanes and training. It's about like a model laneway. Um, and just like keeping all of the words like, really take and bringing in some detail. You know, there's no anything, like revolutionary about the tools of techniques used here. And this is one that we actually we got meat into, like a scarf are hanker, chief. You can take something with some simple colors, you know, like a one color print with some pattern on some simple illustration. And you can turn into something, something really great. And you can see, you know, the state of stuff, like, you know, show up. This is awesome. So where are we going to be creating today? Um, we're gonna be doing a poster is very much in the zone off the kind of thing that we've just looked at. On first glance, it looks pretty complicated. A promise you is. No, it is gonna be a lot of fun is gonna be super simple as a lot off repeating elements. Um, and just how we pulled with together and like, an interesting composition on an interesting response toward the brief May, maybe eso What we're gonna do know is that we're gonna jump straight into illustrator get started get the documents. Say up. Follow along. I can't wait to see what all of you guys create when on on your own.

Class Description

Artwork created in Adobe Illustrator has a sought-after and distinct style – the vector files Illustrator generates are small, clean, and look polished. In Drawing with Illustrator: Vector Graphics, Stewart Scott-Curran will teach you how to create graphics using Illustrator, from start to finish.

Stewart is the art director at CNN digital and organizer and host of Creative Mornings in San Francisco. In this class, he will take you step-by-step through the process of using Illustrator to create original artwork. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Set up a workspace and develop a workflow
  • Use strokes and custom brushes
  • Work with the Pen tool
  • Source reference material to inform image-making
  • Use shapes and the Pathfinder tool

Making graphics in Illustrator is the building block for designing logos and creating icons. In this beginner-friendly class, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started.

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 (18.1)



What an absolutely amazing class! I saw Stewart's artwork and it immediately connected with me so I knew I had to register for this class! I LOVE how he guides the student through his creative process from beginning to end...his description of the poem he used for his inspiration absolutely captivated me! Aside from the expert guidance with all the Illustrator tools and working through his composition, his methodology for developing the brief and conceptualizing the artwork from beginning to end held my attention! His second course (Color and Texture) is absolutely essential as well! He inspired me to experiment with Illustrator and get over my fear of it! Thank you Stewart! I hope you'll return to CreativeLive and teach more courses!

Mary Thomas

I purchased a companion class to this one by Scott and I was very pleased with the content, so I purchased this one as well. Both classes were very well presented and did not duplicate what was given in the other. I have now purchased seven classes by CreativeLive and am very happy with all of them. I have watched others as well on the free days with equally as favorable results.

user 2b0aa5

Great class. Well presented and fun project. Signed up for his second class.