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Drawing the Everyday Every Day


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Class Introduction

My name's, kate bingham and burt and I am an associate professor of graphic design at portland state university, and I'm also an illustrator today, I'm talking to you from my studio in portland, oregon, and I'm very excited to share with you how you can be inspired by the every day and developed a habit of drawing every day, so I'm going to take you through first finding your inspiration and then through that inspiration, developing themes, what are we going to draw? Thinking about what we're going to draw is actually one of the most difficult things to dio once we get through that point, we're going to go to my desk, and we're going to talk about rules, materials and kind of geek out on all of the things we used to make the stuff that we are wanting to draw. At that point, I'm going to take you step by step through a full drying off my sketch book, translating it to the computer, going to show you how to scan, and then I'm going to show you howto add simple color in photo shop from th...

at we're going to talk about different methods of sharing your drawings, how they're gonna live out in the world, but really, most importantly, what I want you to walk away with from this class is the habit of drawing the healthy habit of drawing that you will want to dio every single day. So let's, get ready to be inspired.

Class Description

Get off your computer and play! Drawing the Everyday Every Day is your guide to exploring your creativity and integrating a drawing habit into your daily routine.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to develop themes for your drawings
  • Options for presenting your content: zines, prints, instagram, etc.
  • Ways to add color to black and white drawings using Photoshop

Kate will inspire you to explore the everyday by simply drawing what's around you. It is okay if it is completely about your own experiences – in the particular lies the universal.

It doesn’t matter whether you think you “can draw” or not, everyone has a story to tell and you can learn how to tell yours and get drawing inspiration from Kate Bingaman-Burt in Drawing the Everyday Every Day.