Ecommerce and Accepting Payments on WordPress


Ecommerce and Accepting Payments on WordPress


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Add Products and Set Them Up in Wordpress

So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on shop it's going to take a look at it, and if I scroll down there we go shop no products were added to match your selection. If I go to my account, take a look at it, you're gonna see hello no, this is the annoying part about this whole thing I am I'm devin nous I'm building this right now, so I'm logged in and admin is considered logged in as part of the product the cart here, so if you want to, you could see all the information here, but you can actually gonna be careful with this though you can sign out here, but it will sign you out for your browser session so you won't feel to get back to adam and I had signing again, but if you sign now, you can see that you know it's like going to create an account there, you knew, but you could do that. In fact, what I could do is just go to another browser, and this is what I do a lot. I got another browser real quick, and I'll just open the same page, my account page in there and you're not log in and...

fire fox just went there and you're going to see right here, it says, log in this is what I look like for people coming in that just you know they're not logging yet you can if you want to just you know added if you want it's not going to let them create a log in its through the purchase process okay let me go back so once their log in they can see this stuff you khun you know we can edit this we could do all kinds of stuff here then you go to the cart let me click on card and the card is really going to be kind of a letdown ok? Just because it's saying, well, your card is currently empty block there it is if I click returned to shop it's just going to take you to that shop page and you can see that well, there's nothing there okay? So we need to start working okay? We've got her pages set up we've got well commerce getting ready starting to go um we're going to start to generate a create products now there is one last little thing I just want to mention if your theme doesn't support will commerce and how can you tell that? Well, if you guys are in the wu commerce settings or on your on your commerce dashboard it's called a lot of times it may come up with another option along the top that says you're your theme doesn't really support the world themes okay, really are the world commerce rather you're seeing doesn't support will commerce meaning it? How do you explain this? It doesn't quite work with it the way it should. Ok, they will actually give you a link to show you how you can add a little bit of code. Teo, I believe it's your functions file and make it so that it just it says, well, congress is good to go with this theme. It all works together. Okay? I'm just telling you because you may see something like that. It's, one of the heads up. All right, now we've got our stuff. What we're gonna do is we're going to get to the pages here, let me go to all pages and we're going to start to set up a shop, so I'm gonna go to shop, like, on edit shop right there, and we're gonna start to add her first products and kind of get rolling that way. Okay? All right. Now you're going to see that we have tons of stuff aren't here. Um and when we go out to screen options here, here we go. This is the shot page. This is where all of our products are going to get pulled into. Ok I just wanted to show you this because what we could do if we wanted to is we could actually set up if your theme works with it you could set up a template or apply a template to this page if you really wanted to do that so for instance I could come over here and say I want to apply the white sidebar template and if the theme works with it and it has a theme that are a template that works it will apply ok something quick update there and that's my shop now the thing we're not going to do and this is actually really great is we're not going to add content to the shop pidge you don't go in here and start typing in here is my first product that kind of thing who commerce does this for you that's why on the left hand side over here there's an entire products section that we're going to deal with all the products you creator ad are just going to get sucked into that page and displayed okay so if you look on the left side over here going to see products what you going to click on products now to go along with products there are things like classes and categories and tags and well talk a little bit about that but this is it this is the key now the product section is we're going to spend most your time his recent up so if you want to add a product click on the ad product button obviously you don't make one for you and it's kind of weird but it's going to look almost like a post eso it's going to say what's your product name here's a bunch of stuff and then scroll down a little bit here you're going to see on the bottom down here are kind of the bottom you're going to see product data this is where we the rubber meets the road so this's where you going to set up the product what kind you want how much it costs etcetera etcetera on the right hand side you're going to see that we have product categories product tags we have what's called a featured image and we have what's called a product gallery now all these things work together they work in concert if you want to bail to create the one single product you have if you look over here let's look she will just start this where you guys were going to come right up to the top and at a product name so much coming a product name and we're gonna add maybe like we'll keep it really simple for the first product we'll just do like a coffee cup whatever you wanted to go for it now what you could do is you can actually publish the product so I can click on published you can also save it as a draft now, I didn't tell you to click the button yet, okay, something may have this is a lesson that I learned a hard lesson. I learned I was actually setting up a card one day for a client, and I was sitting up all these different different things in here, and I kept setting of products we can you when you publish published polish and something I was getting twitter back my twitter feed and it was saying you're selling ex product. Now what do you doing like from friends that I have? You know? And I was like, how did they know? I'm setting these products up like this if you check this out right here, it says, publicized on twitter via twitter handle so if your twitter handles associated with this account in any way he's going to find him, okay, so what you want to dio in a lot of cases you can if you want, you know, save let's, do something else we want to, but we can also say do not publicize via twitter. Okay, this may be great, this is what we need. We need social media, we need a social media tie in, but if you're just testing, we don't need this, okay? Maybe when you're creating your actual products yes. Send it out to the world. Look what I just made and is now for sale. Go for it, but you might want to turn that off, okay? All right. So I'm gonna do is I'm gonna publish this and hope it doesn't go to twitter and once we do that there's going to be the world's simplest product because it just said coffee cup is the name now what I could do this is pretty cool. I'm gonna go back out to the site itself. Let me just grab it back out to the site itself and if you go to your site and you go to your shop but this is this is your product page. Essentially take a look at shop you're going to see that there is your first product that pretty cool. So all the products going get listed over here in order now by default what's going to happen is it's going to go out and say we're going to put all the products just kind of smattering to throw him out there in a rose. Ok, css is built in woo commerce. The styling is built in it's going to say they're going to be certain ex distance from each other and usually it's about twenty seven percent. They're going to kind of small. You can mess with css if you want to, in your own style shed to override it. We'll talk a little bit about that later if a good time, but there is my first product, so what we need to do is when you kind of set some stuff up, so I'm gonna go back over the product page and you scroll down here. We're going to take a look at the mean options right here. The product data, it's gold. Let me look at this. Hopefully not too big. Here we go. So with the product data section, this is this is the big area, the big section you're gonna work with, ok? We have four main types of products to work with, the cool commerce, all right? And actually, we're going to find this in a lot of shopping carts, systems and things like that it's going to try to categorize the product, ok, what what type of product is it? A simple product is exactly what it sounds like. You're selling something like a coffee mug, a pencil, a brochure, this that some single object that you might ship or download, or do something to that effect if you want to sell something, that maybe is grouped together okay, like let's suppose you sell a record player and you want to sell some records with it and they're all grouped together is a packaged product you would create what's called a group to product there's a lot of examples of this you could use. Ok, maybe you're trying to sell, like on outfit you khun group a hat top and a skirt together and say these air group products so you can sell them. You combine them together, we can buy them separately. Okay, we also what's called an external or affiliate product. This is pretty cool because if you are, how would you know about affiliates? But if you're an affiliate for someone who wanted to come and fill you for someone, you can use their product description content and their sales page and all that stuff and basically just put a link to it here. And what it's going to do is on your product page it's going to put and be a picture or a description and a button to say, go to a go look at it, go see it, and it will take them to that other persons or other company's website for the actual sale and informational so that's called an external or affiliate product, this can be cool because if you are an affiliate of amazon of any click bank of any of these companies out there's a million out there then you can possibly get a commission which could be neat and I mean what's called variable product variable product is if you're trying to sell let's say like keep it simple here like a like a t shirt and I having a site and the t shirt though comes in like four colors and three six sizes and long sleeve short sleeve and all these different variables if you will you're going to be just called a variable product typically ok there's some crossover but that's it so let's make it a simple product let's just keep this simple and get it started so with simple product if you look right here the right you're going to see that we have two options we have virtual and we have downloadable I love this because if you realize you're like well I'm just selling any book that's it you say ok it's downloadable product what it does is it says ok there are no shipping costs you get rid of a lot of the shipping stuff it's going great out and it's going to say what? Look at this down here where's the file that's pretty cool so you can just say here's my pdf there's no zippers my etcetera on you can do it that way you can set download limits and all kinds of really cool stuff I don't want to set that up, you could also do a virtual product and this basically just means a virtual product to me is like my consulting it's not a product that I mean ship it's not one that they're going to download and it doesn't need shipping and maybe doesn't even need taxation, but virtual product is something like that it's, syria here, it's, intangible and missing ship. So we're just gonna create a simple product we need to give it some kind of skews something you remember I am I'm horrible with this, I'm always like let's just throw a number in there, I don't know, but you know, you get better at it because it helps you to it keep track of stock and what sales are and all this kind of stuff, and you can identify it with this number in this content later on. So that's something you need to think about regular price, I just said what you want? I'm going to say that their coffee mug, this thing, we're going to sell twelve bucks if you want to say this is really cool, if you want to set sale price, you can do that, and you could say that the sale starts and ends on these days that's pretty need, so it's almost like a built in coupon, right twelve bucks that's awesome now I could do is go to inventory and say, do we want to manage the stock? I think that's a great idea because it's a bunch of coffee cups and maybe in the coffee cups, I only have ten of them, so if somebody buys the eleventh, maybe I want to cut it off and say what we can't sell any more because I don't have any more so you could see right here it says, do you want to allow back orders? Don't allow back orders just means that as soon as the inventory is done, it's been used, yeah, it's going great out there. You can't buy it anymore, essentially until we replenish the stock or you can allow it and notify the customer and do things like that. So right now, it's in stock that's great. You can't say this is kind of cool. You can if you want, tio, tell it to be able to be sold as a single order just just by itself. That's kind of neat. All right, that's. Pretty cool. Now, if you go to shipping, you're going to see right here that we can actually set some some shipping information now. By default, what we're going to do is we're gonna go back over the shipping settings and kind of look maura at those in a little bit a little bit later on we start to actually look at the buying the products, okay? For right now we're gonna leave this alone if you have things like weight and dimensions and shipping a product and it's a box or a thing put that stuff in now, okay let's make it easy on yourself like this cup is like one pound and don't forget these are all the units you set in the settings earlier so it could be kilograms it could be pounding me whatever you said and I don't know what dimension is like a year later and that's fine so that shipping right now is good if we want to weaken do what's called up cells across sells the's air awesome because if you are selling a product that we're selling coffee mug and maybe we want to sell some coffee to go with it, we go in and say, hey cross sell it's not gonna work now because we don't have any other products, but it lets you search all the products you've created, so we made a product called coffee earlier we could say cross sell the mug with the coffee okay? When the mug with a coaster or something like that up sell this is awesome if you can say you know hey, if you get the mug, why not get the tumbler which is like two months you know twice as much but it's a better product or whatever whatever seeking up sell products to that's great and it does it all for you that makes you attributes here in attributes these are definitely a little bit further along and attributes just simply mean that we can set things like there it comes in a certain number of colors okay or it and I'm trying to give examples here it comes in in certain shapes et cetera ok, these are not things necessarily that people are actually going to select these air just attributes that air there. Okay, so for instance, this could be like, well, the mug is made of ceramic it's you know, six inches tall it's this this that's these attributes if I go to advance and take a look you can see we can also add some other things here which are interesting if you don't want reviews enabled for this planet product turn it off right here. If you want to change the ordering the menus, you could do things like that I think we're good right now so let's do this we're going to actually save this, so I'm gonna go over and update the product and if I go over and just look at it real quick on the site once it's done updating go look out in the site it's not gonna be that much more compelling. You guys, you'll see that. Okay, there it is. It's got the price on its got the coffee cup picture still missing, but if I click here, you're going to see that we have click on the picture and a cart. If I click on a picture it's going to take them to more information about it, you can see that. There we go. Right there. There's. The wait right there is gonna put additional stuff down there. So what I want to do is I want to start to add things like the picture and start to make it look good and compelling. Okay, so I go back over the product and to add a picture, this is kind of interesting. We actually set what's called a featured image. Ok, this is where you may have some issues. Okay. With certain themes, some themes will actually take over this featured image thing and make it so that if you set a featured image, maybe it's puts it somewhere else on the page. This woo commerce needs to use that to put the product image in, so if you find yourself using a theme and we'll commerce and you set this and you put a picture in there and it's not what you expected it to be, it's? Because the theme is not playing well. With who? Commerce that's what I was talking about with making a theme, making sure it kind of works with it. Ok, is a good test. So I wanna click on set featured image, and I'm gonna go to upload files to upload them, and I'm going to select files. This is where you were going to go create the picture somewhere. Make sure that it's a j peg paying a gift, something like that. It could be spg if you wanted to. But stay clear that right now, unless you know how to do it. Um, it's going to be a big picture, you want to make a bid? So, like I said before, wu commerce actually suggests, like, eight hundred pixels by eight hundred pixels at seventy two pp. I you can probably go six hundred six hundred be fine, that type of thing, but it needs to make multiple size is going to click on a file it's like files. Here, let me go out to my desktop and we have these images available and I am doing the coffee cup when we do the coffee cup. And I got among and all kinds of stuff but I'm going to the coffee cup here and you could see that this is six hundred six hundred which is coming on the lowest and but it was still work click open you really need to look at what what size screen your did your design is designed for to be honest it'll upload it for a second here and I will set it there so I set the featured image and you'll see that it's going to put it out there now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna update click on update and then go take a look at a page and once you do that what it's actually going to use is going to generate three separate images for you and stick them in your media folder and then it's going to use those for different things for different places and locations so if I go take a look at this page for instance when you're fresh should show up there we go there's my product the thing about the pictures to just kind of word to the wise try not I've done this where I made landscape pictures and tried to fit him in there they look weird it doesn't really distort him but it could do hard cropping on your pictures when you upload them and it could look weird so you just try and make it a square if you can but if I click on that picture right, they're going to see that that one right there actually is probably like three hundred by three hundred or something like that if I click on that this is more of like the six hundred by six hundred that shows that's why they need a bigger picture okay all right, so there's a picture of school I'm going to go back and you'll see that if I refresh your coffee cup shows up there too and that's on my shot page so that's where it shows up okay, let me get back over and we can if we want to we can do things like added description and all kinds of information if we want to do that so the description and different things like that are done right out here in the main area so if I'm on the product page and it come in here I could do something like, you know, just type in some description I'm not going to waste time to type in text you guys know how to do that but you want to make it compelling you know, a compelling argument as to why they should buy it like anything you can put, you know, headlines and they're going to different you put multiple paragraphs if you want to things like that make it a little bit, you know if you have more information you want to head that type of thing and I'm actually doing that in the visual. Are you kidding me? How many times I tell myself, you just look at the visual in the text, abs, when you're working wordpress, make sure you're on the text habit you're reading code. I was pacing in area, otherwise those p tags could show up, but I'm an update and go take a look at it. Let me refresh once they get back out there once it saves. This is also one of the reasons why I'm creating locally because it could be a lot faster just for saving and and looking at things and take a look. I'll click on the actual product itself, and you'll see that there is the description right there, so the product description shows up that's kind of cool. Okay, let me go back over to the product age we can also, if we want to, as faras products are concerned, we can do things like at a product category if we want to on categorizing just means that you don't make a grouping of products. If you want to do that, we're gonna have tags to products so you can search on them later on, which could be very, very useful and those terry's gonna be listed. And we can also create a gallery this kind of cool if you want to suppose that you had a t shirt and you wanted to show like the front the back this decide the length of this leave whatever a close up on the neck you could take a bunch of pictures and set them off is a product gallery they will show up his little thumbnails beneath the main product picture and you can click and open them all and take a look at a mall that's how you get like the main picture and little thumbnails underneath that's actually really cool feature so if I were to do this I don't I don't have this but I'm gonna actually create a t shirt next and I'll show you that okay we have the content set looks like we're pretty good too bad nice okay now what I'm going to do is we've got that set I want to go out and just add one more probably to give you an idea so I'm gonna go to add product on the left hand side over here get there there we go I mean what we're probably do like a t shirt and to show you this I'm going to show you that what if you have a bunch of sizes and different things like that? Okay of course like I said before we have a description area right down here we can add different content picture, etcetera I want to be sure that this does not publicize on twitter go to the settings if I want you to turn that off but I'm going to turn off right here and I will publish it so a new t shirts that should suddenly show up in my shop, which is great if you want to just kind of test things, you could save his draft and just do it that way scroll down, I'm going to create a new kind of product now come to product it and if we want to do something like we want to set up a t shirt with sizes, for instance, I'm gonna keep this kind of simple I'm going to create what's called a variable product, going to choose variable product and we're going to do things like set askew on it. This is like number three, this is an internal would mean something to you, not to me we could set inventory if we want, so you say let's go and managed to stock kind of like we did before I'm going to say no set up shipping length products you guys have noticed I'm kind of just running through this because I showed you this already you're going to see attributes, but you're going to see right here that we have what are called very variations, okay we need to add you know I love this agency right here before adding any you need to head what are called attributes this is awesome so if we want to add like a bunch of sizes here's what we do we goto attributes and we actually set up in attributes we could say let's add a custom attributes it's going to go in there and add a for me and we can say that these are the sizes and what you do is you give all the values they're gonna show up what's really cool is they're going to show up in a menu usually that pops open so you're going to it's really weird but if you look in there it's a separated by this guy okay I'm gonna do like s with a capital s and vertical it's a vertical bar by the way and just put in whatever you got ok I want to do like five different sizes there you can say visible on the product page that actually to me is important because that way you can see what's going on this is huge you guys if these different sizes were different prices for instance okay let's suppose that we did variations on long sleeve short sleeve that kind of thing we would say let's use these for variations okay I'm going to click on save the attributes it's going to say it just basically the one you know now, if I go to variations and take a look here, you're going to see that it's going to say we now have. Look, this is going to say there is a default small, medium, large that's the menu is going to show up pretty cool on what we can do is this you can actually go through and take all these variations and do it's called link him altogether. This is pretty name, so I can say link all variations. Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure now this is pretty cool. But what if you had, like, two color t shirts? You're creating and you actually went into attributes and you set up colors of shirts as one attributes and you set up sizes as the other one like I just did. If I went into this thing called variations and I said let's, link them all, it would actually create every possible combination he would say let's, take white shirt, small white shirt, medium white shirt, extra large, etcetera. And they would say let's, take the orange shirt, small orchard. That way you could set prices and all kinds of things for each one separately. So you look down here, you'll see that here they all are there, small, there's, medium there's, large and you could do things like set their from prices on each you could say it's downloadable or not you could set each one up it's a separate product essentially but they're all grouped together if you will ok actually it's really pretty cool I love this you can also set different pictures that's why would you need to do that? You need to set a picture for each one of these because it really helps if it makes sense if sizes of its size is you don't need to do that but all right let me go ahead and update this and I need to add a featured image and let me just show you I kind of always showed you guys had to do the featured image you can do that if you want in this case I would actually set up a product gallery because that way you could show the different colors that they could get maybe show the different sizes if you will we don't usually do that but if you said colors you could set up a whole bunch of colors and just think just a point you in the direction if you want little thumbnails that they could click on his show larger to maybe show the different colors the variations you could click add product gallery image and just grab a whole bunch of pictures for all the colors and it'll make a gallery for you that's a pretty cool I'm gonna say we're done update that let me go out to the site and I want to go back over to the actual shop and take a look, and we need this kind of hook up the payment and just talk about that a little bit and I'll scroll down, you'll see ok, there's my my new product, my t shirt, I didn't set the featured image, which is why this isn't showing up. I'm gonna go in and select options, and we can add a whole bunch of different options if we want, but you're going to see right here sizes, and we could go on and choose an option. I actually forgot to put it in there. You got the save the contact it's not showing up, but the menus actually said showing in there, so if I say that it would do it and you could see all the size is down there. But this is how we actually get all of different options, the different things we want to do for things like variable products. Okay, so not to bed. I'll tell you right now that if you want to go through this process, you really want to kind of take a look at all the different types of products. I would go to the world commerce website and look at the documentation. They have it's pretty easy to find. It's. Just rule commerce documentation to search for that. And they will take you through all the different types of products and how to do it. It's. Really pretty straightforward, too great a great resource for you for later on.

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It’s one thing to get a WordPress website up and running, it's another to sell from it. In Ecommerce and Accepting Payments on WordPress, Brian Wood will teach you everything you need to know about setting up your website to sell products. 

Brian has been training designers and business owners on how to build and grow an awesome, professional web presence for years. In this class, he’ll give you a complete introduction to your options for selling through your WordPress site. 

You’ll learn about:  

  • "On-site" vs "off-site" payments 
  • Accepting PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon Payments, and more 
  • Customizing your shopping cart 
  • Exploring and installing WooCommerce 
You’ll develop a better understanding of the different methods for selling on a WordPress site and find out which one is best suited to your specific needs. There are so many options for selling goods online – find out which is right for you in Ecommerce and Accepting Payments on WordPress with Brian Wood.

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