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Install WooCommerce

Lesson 11 from: Ecommerce and Accepting Payments on WordPress

Brian Wood

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Lesson Info

11. Install WooCommerce

Lesson Info

Install WooCommerce

00:00:02.03 --> 00:00:05. Well commerce really was to me I'm not sure if it 00:00:05.35 --> 00:00:07. is but it was designed for wordpress that's the idea 00:00:08.18 --> 00:00:10. I mean especially this the world commerce plugging 00:00:10.89 --> 00:00:14. that they have here the idea is that it is it's free 00:00:15.17 --> 00:00:19. which is crazy they put this all together and I thought 00:00:19.46 --> 00:00:21. to myself I thought why would a company create this 00:00:21.77 --> 00:00:25. free product and just give it away but it makes perfect 00:00:25.28 --> 00:00:28. sense because this it's a phenomenal product it's 00:00:28.45 --> 00:00:31. easy to install but if you want to take it further 00:00:31.4 --> 00:00:33. there are plug ins and third party developers that 00:00:33.56 --> 00:00:36. you can go purchase things from t add so much more 00:00:36.14 --> 00:00:38. to this okay what we're going to do is we're going 00:00:38.95 --> 00:00:40. to take this we're going to download i...

t you're actually 00:00:40.64 --> 00:00:42. going to see right here it says download woo commerce 00:00:42.85 --> 00:00:45. to three seven your version may be different we'll 00:00:45.73 --> 00:00:48. download it will install it and we'll get running 00:00:48.21 --> 00:00:49. and that's kind of what we're going to do in this 00:00:49.47 --> 00:00:52. section we're going to install this get it set up 00:00:52.63 --> 00:00:54. there's a lot of settings to deal with that we're 00:00:54.62 --> 00:00:56. going to take a look at it it was perfectly honest 00:00:56.91 --> 00:00:59. it's going to be a little bit more over overwhelming 00:00:59.48 --> 00:01:01. than the papal stuff we're looking at but that makes 00:01:01.51 --> 00:01:03. sense because there's a lot more options so we're 00:01:03.66 --> 00:01:06. gonna do that one but I want to take a step back here 00:01:06.22 --> 00:01:07. and just mentioned something 00:01:08.47 --> 00:01:12. a lot of us when we go to purchase a plug in or something 00:01:12.48 --> 00:01:13. to integrate with wordpress 00:01:15.67 --> 00:01:18. with experience and I'm just going to tell you you 00:01:18.7 --> 00:01:22. got to consider your theme okay not all themes work 00:01:22.32 --> 00:01:25. with all plug ins especially when it comes to commerce 00:01:25.4 --> 00:01:28. and selling and different things like that if it's 00:01:28.03 --> 00:01:30. papal great stick it in there if it's you're going 00:01:30.71 --> 00:01:33. into more of a cart system something it's maur integrated 00:01:34.1 --> 00:01:36. then you have to consider the actual theme I know 00:01:36.85 --> 00:01:38. that there are a fair amount of themes out there that 00:01:38.68 --> 00:01:42. are really complicated for me as a developer I see 00:01:42.08 --> 00:01:43. that they're really complicated cause there's a lot 00:01:43.45 --> 00:01:46. to code them back in but it complicated a lot of times 00:01:46.57 --> 00:01:49. it means more options for us that are working with 00:01:49.45 --> 00:01:52. the theme inward press to set up things like colors 00:01:52.39 --> 00:01:56. and funds and stuff like that but it may not work 00:01:56.02 --> 00:01:59. well with through commerce for instance so you have 00:01:59.66 --> 00:02:01. to be careful with that it's a matter of fact there 00:02:01.79 --> 00:02:04. are themes that are developed specifically for wu 00:02:04.49 --> 00:02:09. commerce this is to me it's more for those of us that 00:02:09.53 --> 00:02:11. don't want to get our hands totally dirty with code 00:02:11.59 --> 00:02:14. okay if you do want to get your hands dirty you can 00:02:14.09 --> 00:02:16. pick just about any theme and make this work with 00:02:16.52 --> 00:02:18. it. You can just get it toe give to fit together if 00:02:18.75 --> 00:02:21. you will and look great and work but if you're trying 00:02:21.56 --> 00:02:24. to get it out of the box and just get going you might 00:02:24.04 --> 00:02:27. want to consider a theme that you can work with and 00:02:27.5 --> 00:02:30. I'm not pushing you to sell you woo themes okay we're 00:02:30.42 --> 00:02:32. talking enough well today but you're going to see 00:02:32.61 --> 00:02:35. here that with themes they actually have ah whole 00:02:35.48 --> 00:02:38. section on themes and if you look down here you'll 00:02:38.04 --> 00:02:40. see that they haven't categorized and there is actually 00:02:40.32 --> 00:02:44. a section on wu calm or specific themes you will find 00:02:44.26 --> 00:02:46. well commerce and other of these types of products 00:02:46.72 --> 00:02:49. specific themes out there on the internet this can 00:02:49.75 --> 00:02:52. possibly to save you time later on just because you 00:02:52.52 --> 00:02:54. don't have to worry about the integration it's all 00:02:54.08 --> 00:02:56. done you just have to worry about how it looks and 00:02:56.44 --> 00:02:59. your products and do things like that the main woo 00:02:59.38 --> 00:03:01. commerce theme that they have is called storefront 00:03:02.22 --> 00:03:04. it's slick it's clean it's very if you look at it 00:03:04.85 --> 00:03:06. right here you can see the actual example 00:03:08.17 --> 00:03:09. it's really really simple 00:03:10.47 --> 00:03:13. so like right there you can see a an example let me 00:03:13.17 --> 00:03:16. go to a demo just take a look at it here's the storefront 00:03:17.37 --> 00:03:20. super clean categories it they didn't do a lot with 00:03:20.47 --> 00:03:22. it I've got to be honest but you can take it a lot 00:03:22.26 --> 00:03:25. further with css and different things like that so 00:03:25.36 --> 00:03:28. so consider a theme that works well with the plug 00:03:28.3 --> 00:03:32. in or the thing that you buy or purchase you can also 00:03:32.34 --> 00:03:35. there are a million sites out there in vitals one 00:03:35.0 --> 00:03:38. of them theme forest is a great sight but you will 00:03:38.08 --> 00:03:40. see that there are uou commerce specific themes that 00:03:40.42 --> 00:03:42. are usually paid because they may have the plug and 00:03:42.71 --> 00:03:44. already in there you know in settings and things that 00:03:44.82 --> 00:03:47. up so something to think about 00:03:48.17 --> 00:03:50. we're going to get jumping in ok so we're gonna we're 00:03:50.29 --> 00:03:52. gonna take move commerce we're going to put it into 00:03:52.19 --> 00:03:54. a site show you how to set it up and work with it 00:03:54.19 --> 00:03:56. there's some little things we've got to kind of deal 00:03:56.26 --> 00:03:59. with as soon as we jump in but I just want to mention 00:03:59.79 --> 00:04:02. that I am working locally I said this before I just 00:04:02.43 --> 00:04:05. want to say it again I'm working locally and I have everything set up locally on my hard drive so basically that means that you will see let me go back out to the site itself you will see that my site that the earl itself I should call it wu the earl is going to look like this is going to be wound out deaf that's just because I'm working locally when you're working on yours to integrate this you're probably gonna be working up on your host okay that's fine you're going to go through the w p admin on your host on your site and work that way that's what I'm gonna do but like I said working locally so let me get out to my admin log in so this is just it's a wordpress sight I've gotten had been logging I just logged in go ahead and do that and what we can do now is we could start to jam now we do have to consider once again and I hate to keep bringing this up but we've got to consider plugin mismatch okay are things gonna break if we install this or not well we're going to do is go to plug ins calm plug ins and you can see that you know I've got a lot of plug ins and stone I've got a ton of plug ins and I've added a bunch of these and this was actually these were actually a bunch of plug ins that we used in my responsive work crust repress course that I did hear a creative live but we're gonna have a new ones we're gonna have the world commerce plug in so what I want to do this let's go to add new plug in and you can if you want to if you feel comfortable doing it you could just go to the wound website will commerce and downloaded directly and institute insult the plug in that way we could do it this way and click on add new it's going to ask us ok, well, what plug in do we want to add and it's going to see? You're going to see a lot of the featured in popular which is cool but I'm just going to type in right over here we're going to search and I'll just type in even if you just type in woo you're going to see a million different things in there what type of move commerce code into that just take a look at it you'll see that the actual wound commerce plug in is right here the little hippopotamus there with the mustache ok so that's that's actually a cool commerce excel in commerce now if you don't believe that this is a popular plug in I implore you to take a look at the number of downloads it's in cram it's over seven million downloads for this thing so they've done a lot of work to it it's got a lot going on if I scroll down a little bit just to show you there are so many plug ins associated with wu commerce and a lot of people have built off of it there's like you've at compliance which is really cool taxation things like that there is actually a tax plug in and here for wu commerce comparing products etcetera so a lot going on we're gonna do is we're going to stall this one so what I would do I would suggest you do is look and make sure that it is compatible with were impressed you have it it should be they always keep it up you can click on more details if you want to check it out take a look at it but let's just go ahead and install it all click and install now and because there you sure look like yes going through and download or install or put it wherever you guys have your sight put it in there and we could just activate it it's a pretty big plug in it's got a lot going on so it may take a few minutes if you have a slow connection there we go and it just says and extolled it which is great now I can go back over and I'm just going to go back to the installed plug ins you can activate it right away but I'm gonna go to install plug ins and just to take a look at it school down but find that plug in and there it is right there and you could see it says it's a love this it's actually an e commerce to kids which kind of makes sense it's not a full blown kurt what we're going to do now is we're going to activate this thing so I'm gonna just click on activate get it set up get it started now something actually a couple things should happen here okay once we do this woo commerce needs some pages toe work with so it actually needs a few pages that either you create or the plug in creates for things like your product page for things like your cart page and a couple others out there that way back when we used will commerce way have to make those ourselves and then used these little short codes to stick in and it would put the shopping cart on one page and a and all the stuff on the page is but if you notice right here this is awesome you're going to see install woo commerce pages that now does it for us they know they've heard people talk about this how hard it was so they're like okay you're almost ready somebody installed commerce pages now just to show you really quick I do this all the time it's not the best practice but I'm gonna open a new window and just show you the number of pages I have right now okay about us blawg home contact contact I'm gonna go back over to the plug ins and just install that commerce plug ins page it's going to say it's going to take a second here but what's going to do is it's gonna generate a whole bunch of pages for me and now because there are welcome we are done if I go take a look at my pages over there and refresh just refresh you're now going to see that we have cart check out my account and shop so these are the pages that it created for us? Well, to be perfectly honest, you're you're really not going to have to mess with the content and those pages some of them pages you know there's a few that were going to get to you but like if I go to let's say like check out click edit right there and take a look you can go take a look at the pages that's totally fine but when I go look at this you're going to see that these pages actually have a teeny little short code on them okay like this one right here don't mess with that short code okay now you can always if you screw it up if you delete the page I've done that before if you delete the page there's a couple ways you can do this you can always completely un install this thing and then reinstall woo commerce tried again or you can manually make the pages and actually install these short codes and I'll kind of show you where the health system is tow to do that for you okay but just make sure you don't mess with him that's that's the key if you don't know what it is leave it alone is my philosophy okay so we got our pages done you will see here this is kind of interesting but it's going to say you want to make commerce more awesome you can have them actually collect certain diagnosis diagnostic data if you want to I'm going to say sure you do what you want okay don't click on sure, awesome. We're going to go, okay? Paige is there. Now, let me close this up and get back over. So once we get in, you're going to see that we are on welcome to woo commerce right here. Okay, so it's going to kind of show us what we're doing. This basically is just sort of ah, set up a jj it's, just saying here's, what we got, you just installed it, here's, the version, etcetera. Things are great, here's, what's, all new. You go through some of this stuff, etcetera, you're going to see that we need to immediately kind of go into the settings and start to work with this a bit.

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I appreciate all of the knowledge that Brian offers. He has a wealth of knowledge, however he tends to "jump around" while speaking on a topic. For example, during the PayPal section, he spends more time speaking about other sites instead of just delivering the content. This made it a bit harder for me to follow along. I actually became frustrated. Overall, the course is useful but in the future, I recommend that he look at the topics and ensure that he sticks to the information we actually need.

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