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Installing Plug-ins

Lesson 8 from: Ecommerce and Accepting Payments on WordPress

Brian Wood

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Lesson Info

8. Installing Plug-ins

Lesson Info

Installing Plug-ins

The next method I want to go through is actually talking about working with a plug in and this is this is where some of that control is going to be taking on your hands but it's still a simple paypal account you're creating it's still a button you're creating but the plug in is going to do the heavy lifting in wordpress what I would suggest here go into your admin for your your sight and what we're going to do I know how many of you work with plug ins a lot but there's a lot of plug ins out there's a lot of extra functionality we can add and if marah fact if I go into this site you're going to see that if I go to install plug ins here I've got a lot of plug ins installed what I'm trying to get out right now is that we're about to do something that's very simple you take a plug in you downloaded you install it you set some options you got yourself a button that's awesome conflicting plug ins is always something to think about if you go and you're like oh I found this cool plug in I want...

to do this now I found a papal plug in or the amazon plug in or some other plug into to sell stuff is it going to conflict? Okay there's one way to find out, put it on your site and see the brakes. That's scary it's very scary but there's something else you could do to if you look up here in plug ins you're going to see it says add new so I'm gonna add a new plug in so I'm gonna take a look at all the different things that available this is pulling from the web this is pulling from live so you can actually see all this and what's cool is we're going to see like a lot of the featured plug ins and things like that we could just go over the right here under search plug ins right over here and I could just type in like you know pay pallor amazon or stripes or whatever type of service I want to use their or multiple have multiple plug ins in return you get out there and you're going to see okay but could we get we get tons of plug ins now it's it's hard to wade through all these it really really is there's a ton of them out there I'm gonna tell you right now that you're one of the big things to look for two big things okay three big things let me just say that okay I'm thinking through my head right now you had a look and make sure it works with your version of wordpress you have to see when they updated okay the plug it hasn't been updated in three years consider not using it okay or at least consider will it work the other thing they look for is a star rating I know that sometimes people can get upset over some simple thing and trash a plug in your trash in boca trash of this but all in all look at the numbers of ratings look at the star rating and see if it gets a decent rating okay and then go look at some of those reviews if it's not as good as you would expect let's say the other big thing you need to look for look for numbers of downloads this is huge I can't tell you how many times I go to a site they'll say the best papal plug in is x when in fact they made it and they're just trying to plug their plugin and three people have downloaded it okay so you need to really look at downloads I know it's kind of unfair to somebody that's starting out so you need to kind of consider that too but we need to really think about this stuff so these are the kinds of plug ins that we're going to actually look at now with the one plug in we're going to look at here if you take a look is easy papal this right here there's a lot there's easy papal by now button and they actually have the papal logo on there which is great there's also you know easy people shopping cart there's a ton of these out here but I'm going to take a look at easy papal now what I would suggest here is clicking on maura details just to take a look at it become more details and just see like I said see what's going on with this thing you get c when it was last updated it's compatible with four one one it's got a bunch of stars blah blah blah you can also see things like how to install it what are some of the screen shots you can work with you see right here how do you install it how do you get it in there and how does it work okay another one that we can consider here is this when I hear easy papal by now button it sounds dead simple if I click on more details and take a look at that one you can see number of reviews we have three reviews on it numbers of screenshots could see right there what it looks like how to add this thing how to work with it how does it set up etcetera and it's just a bunch of things to think about here okay the one I'm gonna use here is called easy paper so what we're gonna do is we're going to install this when we go to install a plug in it's going to do it live it's not going to activate it though until we tell it to do it I'm not telling you to use this plug it I'm just going to show you an example ok I'm gonna click out in style now because they are you I love this it's they're trying to freak you out are you sure you want to install this like it's going to blow up I'll click okay and it's just going to download it do its thing or install it on your server and next thing we need to do is once it gets it actually downloaded and there in your folder we need to go through and activate this thing okay I'm going to say let's activate it will activate the plugging the thing you think about to is that if you are using a plug in like this and you already have paypal buttons on your site I've actually had a weird things happen that way because this plug in is trying to control the buttons and how it works but you should be fine if I scroll down but down here you're going to see that we should have it in there where are we smooth scroll up regenerate easy papal there we go okay, so let's say our easy papal there's a bunch of ways to do this. What we're going to do now is we're going to start to work with it usually if you install something like this, you're going to see that you go to something like settings for a plug in and you'll usually see this settings over there sometimes you'll see it out there in the main admin area where all the plug ins are listed and you might see it listed elsewhere but usually it's understandings I'm gonna click on easy papal like and you're going to see that this is one that I have used before there's a whole bunch out there like I said and if you take a look here you can actually go in and say let's let's set this up now the thing about some of these plug ins you're in a fine and I'm not picking on this one is just there trying to up sell you a lot and you can see that okay and it makes sense because the free one is free and they have to take to develop it okay so that's why there's a lot of this stuff out here all right so now you can see down here we can actually go and see let's upload or create products would increase subscriptions we can look at customers look at sales different things like that I'm going to say all products let's look at all products and what we can start to do now is I can see ok let's add a new product for instance so I'm gonna click on add a new product and give me some information here now if you look at this you're going to start to see that some of this should be a little from their familiar from what we just did by setting up the button manually so if I scroll down a little bit you're going to see things like we have the product code now when I like here is that if I look on the right over here it's going to kind of tell you exactly what papal well at least similar what papal told you we have like a short coat we can put in there this is like probably number thirteen we could say something like what is the product name? This is a t shirt for instance is this product active? I love the fact that it's actually going on and I need teo I always forget some of these plug ins you gotta like click or so he returned to say except there we go and what it's actually doing this is kind of interesting is this information that we're using right now is actually getting stored in your database so it's on your site and this is different because the other one that we did the button was all done on paypal now the product category here we can go in and set up things like different categories if we want to you can do different things. I'm not going to go that far, but we could categorize our products if we really wanted to do that weaken group them and you're going to notice that this stuff is way above and beyond what papel was offering us okay so if we want a group things like let's suppose you want to sell a whole bunch of t shirts and you just create a group called t shirt you could do that and then you could say let's create individual products and here's the group they go into so somebody goes to buy something they could actually see the group and just go and look at all the different products we could set something like the product price will say the t shirts you know sixteen boxes pretty cheap here we go go down here we got download link you can actually make it so that they can download it sort of like a downloadable product like an e book that type of thing and have an expiry our next firing date if you will currency shipping address needed and this is kind of interesting this is where some of these plug ins you'd expect to see like yes or no may be an option but you're going to see a one this is very binary okay you're going to see over in the write here that it's going to tell you zero one or two do you want a prompt or not type thing we could do like a file named this is actually downloadable files if you want to and we can actually go to a digital product if you want to do that an aversion so there's just different ways we can do this so if we go out here we could say ok let's create a new product that type of thing and it's going to say let's actually add some different empty says needed number here download link expiry I'm going to say one that's good and I'll save the new product is going to save the product for me I could see let's go back to products list and we actually have it set up now so you could see that right there and we could go in and do things like edit it we can activate it and we could kind of work with it if we want to do that now we can start to set this up okay but you can see that for some of these options this has a lot more than we can do rather than just working with the simple papal button there's a lot in here okay so that's what I'm trying to kind of show you now I don't wanna go through this entire process there's a lot of stuff we can deal with here because this is kind of like a mini shopping cart I do want to show you let me go out and talk a little bit about just another one that we have another type of plugging that I've used it is actually just a a little bit simpler let me take you to this one real quick so this is this is the live one and this is just another example another one that I used and it's it's even simpler it actually just creates a papal button and let me show you this so I come over to my plug ins and I was just kind of point you in the direction of the one that I've got me scroll down a little bit here so many plug in something I know if you find it hard to like keep them all straight but sometimes it's very difficult okay right here you're going to see w p easy paypal payment except that one right there if I go to that one paypal payment you guys can always go go look for that on the actual on the plug inside if you want to you're going to see that this one is even simpler this is ah plug 00:10:05.245 --> 00:10:08. in that allows me to go in and what I do is I just 00:10:08.21 --> 00:10:11. simply give it like a cost give it the name of the 00:10:11.38 --> 00:10:14. product given id I have to give it my email address 00:10:14.6 --> 00:10:16. for papal this means that you have to have an account 00:10:16.82 --> 00:10:19. set up right and that's what a lot of these plug ins 00:10:19.02 --> 00:10:21. are going to require something to that effect I said 00:10:21.92 --> 00:10:24. something like this up it's really dead simple it 00:10:24.32 --> 00:10:27. doesn't even give me all the options that papal gives 00:10:27.61 --> 00:10:30. and it just generates a button and that's it okay 00:10:30.23 --> 00:10:32. and I just take this simple little thing stick it 00:10:32.69 --> 00:10:35. on my page after it creates it and we're done and 00:10:35.84 --> 00:10:37. you're going to find it with this plug in I'm just 00:10:37.8 --> 00:10:41. kind of briefly showing in this year you're going 00:10:41.34 --> 00:10:43. to see right here that you simply do this you take 00:10:43.54 --> 00:10:46. this little short code and a lot of these plug ins 00:10:46.02 --> 00:10:49. worked this way they make you set up the payment kind 00:10:49.81 --> 00:10:51. of in this area I'm talking about right here in your 00:10:51.96 --> 00:10:54. admin that if you want to put it on your page instead 00:10:54.22 --> 00:10:56. of pasting a whole bunch of code like we do with paypal 00:10:56.98 --> 00:10:59. you just take this little teeny short code and stick 00:10:59.16 --> 00:11:01. that on whenever page sidebar whenever you want and 00:11:01.85 --> 00:11:04. it will put the button out there for you so that's 00:11:04.17 --> 00:11:06. pretty much it so if I were to copy this for instance 00:11:06.52 --> 00:11:09. and goto a page that I create I'll say here's all 00:11:09.09 --> 00:11:12. my pages all I had a new one and I'll say I'll just 00:11:12.37 --> 00:11:13. call it like bi or something like that 00:11:15.11 --> 00:11:17. and I just paste that little short code on the page 00:11:17.7 --> 00:11:18. there 00:11:19.38 --> 00:11:21. and I'll do something like let me view the page I'll 00:11:21.52 --> 00:11:24. save draft I don't want to publish this and then I'll 00:11:24.44 --> 00:11:26. give you the page really quickly is to take a look 00:11:26.23 --> 00:11:26. at it 00:11:27.87 --> 00:11:29. you're going to see this is what it gives me it's 00:11:29.96 --> 00:11:33. dead simple it's just the option that I set there 00:11:33.25 --> 00:11:35. we'll drop down to the e mail address and to pay now, 00:11:35.18 --> 00:11:37. button. And it takes me right to the papal site. So 00:11:37.78 --> 00:11:39. once again, you're going to see that there are a lot 00:11:39.63 --> 00:11:41. of ways to get this done. A lot of different types 00:11:41.4 --> 00:11:44. of plug ins. I would look at a few of them just to 00:11:44.53 --> 00:11:47. see what kind of options it gives you on. See if it's 00:11:47.15 --> 00:11:49. worth it to see if it's just dead, simple or not. 00:11:49.17 --> 00:11:51. And if it gives you exactly what you need to work 00:11:51.63 --> 00:11:51. with. 00:11:53.18 --> 00:11:54. All right, let me close that went up, and what I'm 00:11:54.89 --> 00:11:56. gonna do is I'm gonna get back locally. Now. This 00:11:56.86 --> 00:11:59. is like I said, this is just these air couple of simple, 00:11:59.74 --> 00:12:01. simple types of papal plug it's.

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I appreciate all of the knowledge that Brian offers. He has a wealth of knowledge, however he tends to "jump around" while speaking on a topic. For example, during the PayPal section, he spends more time speaking about other sites instead of just delivering the content. This made it a bit harder for me to follow along. I actually became frustrated. Overall, the course is useful but in the future, I recommend that he look at the topics and ensure that he sticks to the information we actually need.

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