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Starting With PayPal

Lesson 5 from: Ecommerce and Accepting Payments on WordPress

Brian Wood

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5. Starting With PayPal

Lesson Info

Starting With PayPal

in this section. What we're gonna do is we're gonna take a look at some of the simpler methods for setting up payment. And this is this is gonna be where you want to sell a product like you want to sell, Ah, book or you want to sell a T shirt or something like that and it's just you sell the product or even a service. For instance. I'm gonna do this when I sell client services and you just want a button. You want a few options, that kind of thing. And you don't want to have to deal with the headache of the whole payment process and all that stuff. You just want to get it done so we can use a lot of methods to do that. Now, I mentioned in the last section that I am gonna be working locally, and that's what I'm gonna be doing. So I've got wordpress actually running on my machine here, and I have ah, server in the background is kind of doing everything typically, like I mentioned in the previous section, you're going to be doing a lot of this on your host. Probably. You're gonna be settin...

g up a theme of the creative life theme if you sign up. But this is what I've got right now so you can see that I installed the Creative Life Team I have as well as the child theme. And you're probably gonna want put some content in there if you don't have it already. Make a few pages at a little content, etcetera, and you'll see it's gonna look something like this. But the idea here is that when we get to our site and we want to sell something, we need to go usually sign up for a service. Okay, this is the use of the way it works. You're not just gonna grab a button from somewhere, stick it on your site and have it work. You need to sign up. So some of the services that we can use, um, and how we just go If you through a few of these rather you're going to see that we have, like, stripe stripe is a big one. A lot of if you look at a lot of creations, I should say products these days well, actually like to go through striper to sell through stripe and one of the ones is kind of out of my head right now, but stripe is a big payment processing or check out the situation that you can use, and it's really pretty easy. To be honest. You go through and you kind of create your content. Set it up, etcetera. You can do it simply if you want to. UH, you can use a payment plan as well to do more advanced features. We also have square up. Like I mentioned earlier. Square up is square, which you can swipe credit cards, but they also have. This is kind of cool. They have a marketplace that you can put your content on, and when you put it there, they'll give you some code and you could take that code and stick it on your website and basically it just to click a button. They come back over to square up in the by the thing. The really interesting thing that I will talk about just a minute here is that some of these also have social settings where they sell your products as well. I'll talk about that a minute. We also have things like Amazon payments and was on payments. Pretty big one you can go through and use this. You sign up for amazon dot com may already have an account, etcetera You go to and you can. If you want to create a video you can take it is almost as far as you want to. There's a lot of ways we can do this to build a cell, and using Amazon is the processor of this side that we use. And, of course, we've got PayPal. PayPal is a big one. And the reason why I'm choosing PayPal's because we use these papal Fairmont you're going to see in a lot of places your RC are starting to see. Stripe and other ones kind of sneak in a swell, but papal does a lot. Amazon does a lot and PayPal's than what we are going to focus on for this section and what we're gonna do, Let me open up. I've got the the website that showed you just a little while ago in the last section. But what we're gonna do is with PayPal in this section, we're going to set up a manual payment which essentially means that I am gonna take you to PayPal. I'm gonna have you sign up for an account. I'm gonna talk about the little different options with accounts that you can set up. And they're usually free accounts, which is great. And we're gonna actually go in and create a button, which is crazy. You think you're on PayPal? You want to like to sell something? They say let's create a button. There's a lot of ways you can do it with PayPal, by the way. But the simplest is just make a button. We're gonna do that. They're gonna give us code. We're gonna paste it. Were to be on our way. We're also gonna look at some other methods, like using an actual plug in and WordPress and an actual shopping cart using Ah, plugging is well, so those are the things that we are going to do now. I just wanted to mention quickly that if you decide to pick a service, OK, you decide to pick one of these companies to do this for you. There's a few things to think about, and one of the big things I think is think about the social context like you're gonna see that like PayPal a lot of people, No paper. Okay, with PayPal, it's pretty much a trusted source with Amazon. It's a trusted source. You can tell that it's secure. A lot of people use it, etcetera. But somebody's actually have a social aspect to them. So something like a, um you guys go to, like, square up or something like that. Now they kind of make it to where? If you want to integrate it with your WordPress site simply, there's a lot of ways to do it. But if you want to integrate it simply, you can put something you're selling up on their their pages. If you will make like, a product page and it would be available to the square of community or to anybody that comes in there to take a look, Okay, But then you're gonna take and say OK from my sight, we're gonna direct them to that page to that product page, if you will. That's a social aspect to it, Okay, because you have more than one place that you're selling it then. So that is something to think about just kind of in the back of your mind when you're thinking about which wear which method to go with

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Danielle Allen

I appreciate all of the knowledge that Brian offers. He has a wealth of knowledge, however he tends to "jump around" while speaking on a topic. For example, during the PayPal section, he spends more time speaking about other sites instead of just delivering the content. This made it a bit harder for me to follow along. I actually became frustrated. Overall, the course is useful but in the future, I recommend that he look at the topics and ensure that he sticks to the information we actually need.

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