Ecommerce and Accepting Payments on WordPress


Ecommerce and Accepting Payments on WordPress


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Working with WordPress and Stripe

We've got a lot of other methods we can use as faras payment is concerned woo commerce is one it's a pretty robust system as you can see right there but there's more I want to talk a little bit about some of the the newer ways to take payments today, okay, we've got stripe we've got things like square! We've got a lot of others out there on the market these days. This is actually the stripe website and the reason why I'm bringing up stripe is because they're becoming a bigger player in the market if you will, but also a lot of aa lot of web editors they're starting to integrate this, okay? And it was just talking with someone a little while ago that was talking about like squarespace squares based community rating with strike, which is pretty cool you just set up a stripe shop, you get it done consult stuff it's pretty cool, but striping wordpress we can integrate with as well. So if I take a look here, you're going to see that there is actually there's a couple plug ins forward press ...

if you wanted to use stripe stripe once again his third party it lets he does a lot all the heavy lifting for us it's not we're not talking about entire commerce system here, not like a woo commerce or a shopping cart this is being able to take a product we create and take the code or the content, and put it in in a widget or an area in our sight and building. Use it that way. Okay, but this is one example that we can use, and I actually have let me let me go back over here. We're going to use one of these plug ins. Here's what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna search for stripe, and because if you're in your admin area, you can go to the add plug ins and you'll see the key word is just stripe it's pretty simple, and I'll do a quick search. I'll take a look at it, you'll see that there's a lot there's actually, a ton of them in here. There's even striped for wu commerce right there, you can see, but right here, there's, a couple that I've tried in the past actually tried gravity forms and stripe that one's pretty cool because it works with a plug in call gravity forms, which is a big one. It's, kind of similar to contact form seven if you know that one, it just makes forms for you. Okay, but gravity forms can actually paid in some cases, if you look right here going to see simple stripe, check out pretty cool. And I believe I just want to make sure that this is the one that we want to use making sure that this is the one. So let me go to this real quick w p stripe. I can spell p stripe that net. I was just at the site and close the window. Yeah, so this is the one we want to take a look at. Ok, so you could see it's w p stripe dot net and this is pretty simple stuff. Let me get down and just make sure that I'm looking at the right one. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Okay, ok, phil. Dorks. Ok, if I go back over to my page, you're going to see that this one I hear that's the one I was talking about simple straight check up. You can see it's been updated recently. It's compatible that's good click on details that'll just show me a little bit about it and this is kind of a visual for you guys to see. So when you go to look for it again, I'm very visual. So you're going to see that this is kind of what it looks like. We got an install it now, the thing we have to think about, and actually you know what I think I need to be careful here, because I was preaching earlier about plug ins and plugging conflicts and different things like that and we have to be very careful if we're going toe bring in a couple different types of commerce plug ins because a lot of times they can they can have similar functionality in the back in they can override each other okay so we need to be very very careful with that when I'm actually going to do I think I'm gonna head over to my other site that I had earlier today just so that we can use that and I'm gonna log into that this is the one that early around we were talking about uh oh that's great I've been security flagged for security issues that's also may we may wind up using the one I had um all right let me go back over here sorry there we go okay let me sign in here so that way we can dio okay so they've got me on notice here jetpack I've got it set up okay so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna go to this site we're going to use this one okay pretty simple produce it there so I take a look in here what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add a page and this page this is you guys this strike plugging we're going to use very similar to the papal stuff we did way back in the second session that basically means that there needs to be a page or widget or place for you to put this content we're going to use something like a short code or something like that to get it in there, okay? So I'm going to create a new page and if I get conflicts conflict ing with other plug ins, I'll just have to disable the other plug ins and I'll just call this strike and I will publish it and make sure that I've got some kind of template on there, some kind of something that looks a little better and next thing we need to do is I need to add the actual plug it's we're going to do that somebody over to plug ins and click on add new and we'll grab that strike plugging and I already was at this page I know, but close it, we go to strike search for stripe and I got simple strip check out I'm gonna go and install it and cross my fingers that it doesn't conflict very badly with well commerce we'll see, like it's safer prior not gonna have all commerce and this installed in the same site, you might have a well commerce plug in, ok, it's only activate the plug in, by the way is a little tip for you if you ever have a plug in, uh conflict with another one and you don't know what's the easiest way to find out if you take a plug in and you install it you suddenly activated if your site crashes meaning it's blank or something really bad happens. The idea is that you're going to try and take all of these and actually deactivate him, but you may not even really gets your admin panel because it's all blank I've had that happen like a million times before you can take your entire folder of plug ins it's on your server and just get rid of it or move it and it looks it'll fix it and let you turn it back on one of the time. All right, so we got a plug in here to strike is now installed. We're going to start by entering our strike keys you can see right up there it says that so this is going to kind of take me over to my settings here and these air the stripes setting you could see it's actually got a separate section here called stripe check out there is a pro version of this, which is, I imagine, paid only use the free one, but you can see right here that we need to do this. We need to pick a test or live mode this is really cool, because if you test it lets you just kind of put in fake information and test in see if it works and what you can do is you can grab these keys now we need to have a stripe account that's hopefully that kind of makes sense, but you're going to see that there's a link here and we need these little keys it's called a p I keys and all you really need to do is click on find european keys it should open up the home page for stripe and you're gonna log in now is dead simple what you guys if you don't have an account it's going to take it and said let's, make an account, you make it accounts it's free I don't think you need to give him credit card and then what you could do is going to come right here to this section if it doesn't come to this log in, just closed the page go back over to your your stripe over here and click that find your link again find your key link again okay should take you here now we can do is we can come in here and I'll just copy all this we'll see there's my test secret, I'm gonna copy that go over it's going to be kind of annoying, I'm gonna pace that in there now we need test publisher publishable key copy that paste it sorry you have to be a party that this but let me just do this really quickly copy that pays to copy this pasted ok once we get all the keys in there we can start to to check this out and test it out on the copy and paste nice testing I'm going to click on save changes I don't need my stripe account page open anymore you close that if you want to and once we say this we should be we should be all set here I'm going there we go nice all right now what I can do here is you're going to see that we have the default settings and I click on that go on default settings for strike and it's going to allow us to go in and set this up now it's cool about this is this is really simple you guys this is just a button that's going to show up that we can use you're going to see that we can give it a site name and we could say game of our store website I would call this vivo donut and you set up a few of these options here you kind of need to make sense currency code uh default to u s d if you want to put it another one you can there's no option here you've got to go find them and click on that link um if you want to put in a product that this is a single product you guys this is what's kind of limiting about this but you can see you are all pointing to square image of your brander product and you could say you are all you can go and put a you are all up on your in your media library if you want and copy the earl I should you guys had to do that a little bit earlier go a little while ago you can change the labels on the buttons and set up a redirect if you wanted somebody has successfully paid you can actually send him to a thank you page that you made putting that you earl if you want to do that it's a lot of ways you can work with us. Uh, billing address verified the zip on the card all kinds of stuff you guys times of stuff here, let me just save the changes here. Now, once we set a lot of this up and I know I'm deserving through a bunch of these okay? There's a lot of settings and we've done a lot of settings today, but once you set some of these up, you can then use short codes for the check out okay, if you see there's a link right here, this is super important I'm going to click on the actual sea shortcut options the examples and it's going to take you out to the documentation now what we're going to do is we're actually going to create this little stripe short code it's called it's not that bad even I think they give you some options we go serves them examples down here here's a basic stripe product ok, there we can sell the idea here is that we're just going to give it some information like the name and description amount different things like that and we're just going to use them as a payment processor, so I'm going to take this when you can do this, you can take this product check out this whole stripe little code here you can just copy this I can go back over to my store so we're just copying that little code go back over to your your word president still rather and we're pretty much done with settings if you look through them and kind of doing what you wanted, we now need to have a page to put this out. Okay? So I'm gonna go backto all pages if you look you're going to see that we actually created a stripe pager I created a stripe page and this could be in a sidebar it could be a lot of places, okay, I might click on edit and just put that in there all I'm going to do is pasted in there so paste I'm gonna update the page and go take a look at it. I'm gonna make sure I'm on the right here. Here we go and of course, the strike pages not in my menu bar it won't be in yours either if you make it so wanna click on view page here just to see it and we'll take a look. They're gonna be a little disappointed, but the functionality is awesome, okay, this is all yet it just says pay with card it's a little button is very, very much like the papal button. Okay, but if I click on this button, this is what happens is really cool you guys it's it's trying to make it look like it's part of your it's an on site sale so they're doing it right here is putting an overlay you can actually see in the corner it says test mode, which is kind of cool. You can check it out and if you put in your information your credit card of stuff, things like that, you're going to see that it's going it's going to take you over to strike. Okay and actually complete the order that's everything came have remember me which is kind of cool it's going to use stripe to do a lot of this security for this okay that's so for transmitting for transmittal purposes is going to do that for you which is real all right, so once he said that up you got it that's pretty much it the on ly thing you would need to do them and once again you could use this if you want in tandem with a papal button you can use in tampa with amazon if you want to set that up but we could change the name of that to let people know that this is actually strike because pay with card if you don't care what if people know what the processor stripe then just leave it ok otherwise what we could do is if I go back let me go back over to the page itself first of all, instead of just having a button we probably need like a picture of the product in the description and all that kind of thing right? So what we need to do is we need on the page itself instead of just that short code which you would do is you actually put in like a paragraph and things like that I'd say like you know here's my product this is actually a widget one and you'd set it up that way and you put a picture in there, you'd add some media and you have the picture and you'd be set, okay? And you could put some of these out there if you want. We can actually put a you know, several of these out there then when we can d'oh is if we decide that, you know, we want to have it work a certain way. We can always go back over to the stripe, check out right here, click and strike, check out and there's other short codes that we can use, which is kind of cool. We could go back to the default settings, and when you're ready to go live, you need to turn it to live. I need to mention that, but we could go back to default settings, and if I scroll down a little bit here, you're going to see that we have the checkout button label here, so it basically says, you know the label of the payment button and check out form. This is actually the button labels you can say, check out with stripe if you want to do that. It's your call, obviously, but this is going to be the actual button label itself. This is going to be the button within that little window that pops up, so this is a great way to build to integrate this it's simple it's so simple there's. Not a ton of options, you'll see, but it's pretty cool, it's, a great read a bill to do it. You say the changes there, and if I go out to my page to take a look at it, let me take a look. This is actually stripe. I don't have the menu, some typing in manually, I'll just have this is embarrassing. Of course it is that's. Great, because it's just stripe. Here we go, trying to get a little fancy here. Not quite working. All right, let me school down. There you go. Would you want? Check out with striped click on striped button. There it is, pretty cool, not too bad, so that's integrating with stripe. You can use a simple plug in to do that, if you want to.

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It’s one thing to get a WordPress website up and running, it's another to sell from it. In Ecommerce and Accepting Payments on WordPress, Brian Wood will teach you everything you need to know about setting up your website to sell products. 

Brian has been training designers and business owners on how to build and grow an awesome, professional web presence for years. In this class, he’ll give you a complete introduction to your options for selling through your WordPress site. 

You’ll learn about:  

  • "On-site" vs "off-site" payments 
  • Accepting PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon Payments, and more 
  • Customizing your shopping cart 
  • Exploring and installing WooCommerce 
You’ll develop a better understanding of the different methods for selling on a WordPress site and find out which one is best suited to your specific needs. There are so many options for selling goods online – find out which is right for you in Ecommerce and Accepting Payments on WordPress with Brian Wood.

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