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Editing in Photoshop

Lesson 13 from: Editing and Retouching in Lightroom Mobile

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

13. Editing in Photoshop

Lesson Info

Editing in Photoshop

So now I told you that we wanted to, um, taken image here and we wanted to take it into Photoshopped because the tools that we have here inside of light room mobile are not quite as good or fast at retouching images. So what we're going to do. And it used to be that if you wanted to retouch your images, you would actually come in and work on them here inside of light room. And then once you were done working on him in light room, then you would take them, send them home and then open them in Photoshop on your computer at home because that was the only place to do it. It was also possible to do it on things like there's a small program called Photoshopped Fix and there's one called Photoshopped Mix, And there was like one photo shop ish program per thing that you wanted to do. But now we have a photo shop on the IPad, and it is every bit as powerful. There are some tools that are still missing, which I'm really, really eager to see happen, but who knows when they'll come like, for insta...

nce, liquefy is not there yet, and I wish it was. But hopefully sometime in the near future, we'll have liquefy as well because they keep adding new tools as quickly as they can. So But for now, retouching is very awesome. Inside of light room mobile, our Emmy inside of Photoshopped on your mobile device. So this is how you get there? I take an image that I already have here, and especially if this image is not a smart preview. If this image is an actual real file, this one right here is a smart preview. Um, so it's going to be I'm retouching a smaller version of the image. I would much rather retouch the full image. So especially when you're doing traveling. If you're traveling, make sure that you if you do the round trip that we've been talking about, if you do the idea of take your images from your camera, put them into a NAR box or some other storage device, and then put them onto your IPad so that you have the full original raw photo here on your IPad. Then you can do all the retouching you like, and you'll be retouching the full original file size, and that's even better so But I'm gonna show you with the smart preview, because this is an image that I think is a good example of something that we should retouch inside a photo shop. So I'm gonna click on up here. There's a little share icon. I'm a click on that share icon, and I'm gonna ask it to share it to, So I'm sharing it, too. And you can see that there's a copy to photo shop icon. So I'm gonna click that copy to Photo Shop and it opened it inside a photo shop. So now, inside a photo shop, you'll recognize that there's a lot of these tools here on my little red dot has now turned into, like, a little tiny blue dot. Hopefully, you can still see that, but there's a lot of tools right up here on the left hand side. And then on the right hand side is all your layers, and this right here is you're masking tools over here. Ah, there's all sorts of stuff here that has to have layers right here is your, um, adjustment layers. So there's a lot of stuff that's fairly familiar and photo shop on the IPad is meant to be fairly simple, Um, and to include all of the tools that you actually need for on the go work. And it's pretty powerful. So let's go in and use our, uh, healing tool. And now I'm just going to change the size of the brush and I'm going to so you can see there's the brush size and I need it to be pretty small, but I gotta zoom in here so I can see how big it really needs to be. So let's make that thing small, and then we're gonna We don't want it. We want it pretty well. Feathered, so pretty decent feather. And then you can sample all layers or just the one. We only have one layer. So no big deal. And then pressure size for the pen. And so the apple pencil is pretty good on pressure. So I'm gonna use it, and I'm gonna zoom in here and watch how well this works. I just love this. It's fantastic. So it's really easy to get in there and work, and because it's on the IPad, it just I could just have it in my lap. It's really easy to work with, and it does a fantastic job like I would actually prefer to edit on my IPad than on my tablet at home. Just really have enjoyed working inside of the mobile version of photo shop. So it's just because you're working right on the photograph and it's right in your lap. It doesn't take any time, just super fast. Now let's go work with that hair again. Any time that you're working with a piece of hair that's crossing a lot of different types of textures, kind of work in chunks. Don't try and do it all at once and then come across to the teeth here. Here we go. Good. That needs to be a little bit better, all right. And then I'm going to do something else. I'm gonna do a stamp tool and the reason I'm doing stamp tools because that little piece of hair is stealing um, from the tooth. And so I've got to come in and just choose a spot here and then paste it here. And I need to undo that because it needs to be a softer version. So the opacity needs to change quite a bit. So we're gonna come in here and change the opacity so that we're not doing a full 100%. And again if I hold if you if you look on the left hand side, there's like a little circle on her teeth. If you hold that, then it's like holding the option key. And clicking gives you like this is where I'm gonna take the information from, and then I'm gonna paste it here, There, that work better. Okay, so that is working inside a photo shop and isn't necessarily photo shop class, but photo shop on the IPad, it's Ah, it's a really good start right now, and it's available to you. You can download it. You can work on it. Um, and it it's great for retouching. It's great for layering. It's got masking in it so you can do quite a bit with it. And the beauty is, is that once you save it back into light room, or if you just hit, save when you when you go back to your computer and open up photo shop on your computer, this this photo will be available to photo shop on your computer on your opening screen. Um, and you can also share it back toe light room. So if I finished it and I like the way it looked, I could simply just click on this share button again, and I'm gonna publish an export, and I'm gonna choose to publish a PSD. So I'm I want to send the best file type I can back toe light room and I'm gonna click on Export, and it's gonna ask me where I want to send it. I want to send it right back toe light room. Ah, and I need to just launch light room to see it. And now I'm gonna be See, It says one photo was successfully imported into light room. And so now I just need to go get that photo and the easiest way to find that photo because it doesn't actually put it back in the collection, which it should. But it doesn't because it's not a true round trip yet. Hopefully those two will connect in the near future. So if I want to find it, I just need to go to the recently added. And there she is right there. And that is how we round trip inside of our mobile device, from light room to photo shop and back. And we can do all of that while we're on the road because we don't actually need a computer anymore to go to photo shop. So that is going to photo shop from light room and back.

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