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Creating a Signup Form

Lesson 5 from: Effective E-mail and Newsletter Marketing

Jeff Goins

Creating a Signup Form

Lesson 5 from: Effective E-mail and Newsletter Marketing

Jeff Goins

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Lesson Info

5. Creating a Signup Form

Lesson Info

Creating a Signup Form

So just to review when you are setting up your list, you are going to decide as we just talked about different scenarios, you're going to least have an idea of what kind of news letter you want to have now later, we're going to talk about the navy gritty of how much do you send? What kind of content shouldn't be long should be sure how frequent but just having ideas this for my blog's is for potential customers is this for existing customers? What does this for have an idea because how you set it up you know what we're thinking about groups and lists going to determine how you set that list up and what your intentions are for it and create the list as we just showed and then start adding contacts and their two ways really three ways to add the contacts one has to manually add them if I had some sort of in person explicit permission on that's probably through I'm out an event and somebody's, you know, signing up for that like a trade show or something or, you know joe bob at the at the ...

grocery store, you know said, hey, I want I want your stuff but it's going to be pretty manual or you do the import because you're transferring systems like feed burner and you're moving over, you don't need to re ask for permission a cz longest you're delivering the same content you're just kind of changing the way your organizing it on dh then the last way to do it is through a form and this is the most explicit way in terms of permission this is probably the best way to get people on that list we talk about getting people on your list once we've migrated from one system the other we've got things set up this is how we want to grow our list we want to create a new email opt inform on and get people on that so that's what we're going to do we're going to create a sign up form and this is a form that lives on your website s all of you I think almost all of you have websites which is good ah you can publish a form without a website and I'll show you how to do that in a second but really my strong recommendation is the best way to build an email this is a have a website and it could just be one page and have an email opt in form on that with the promise you know that there are things we talked about you know I'm offering this to you here's what I'm promising I'm not going to spam you goingto deliver content to you weekly or monthly just injury email here and as a thank you I'm going to send you whatever ok, so we're going to create that sign up form now so if you're following along we're going to hop back on two male chimp and we're going to create a sign up form and I'm gonna walk you through how did you that how I would recommend doing that and then you know really where to put that so this is not the easiest it's not the easiest way to find it right? So you've got campaigns you've got list you got reports this is where I think people get confused sometimes with belgian I got confused so in order to find your form you have to go backto lists then you've got you've got these different lists all right? I've got two lists awesome people and subscribers uh, you know, one person each now about a click this little thing here and I've got to go to sign up forms, okay? And so now here we've got three different options, so general forms they've got some they've got some preset forms that you can just use and then they're html forms that would be published online somewhere and you could just say, go here or you've got embedded forms uh that's well that you khun embedded your website that's what I recommend is I don't want to send somebody to milk him dot whatever whatever I want to send somebody to goings writer dot com slash newsletter easy to say you need to talk about here s oh you're gonna go to embedded form and basically what you're going to do here is you're going to generate some code ah and don't worry we're not going to get super technical here if you don't live and breathe html I sure don't uh you know, you can still use this, so this is the embedded form code and there are a couple of different options here you've got the classic super slim, the naked, the advice cast pretty provocative names there, we're not going to do classic because we're modern people and basically, what a classic for mrs it's this and so whether or not, you know, goes of what your website looks like, this is what the form is going to look like, and it looks fine, but let's say, you know, your you're like me and see here and, you know, that doesn't look very good on your on your web site because it doesn't it doesn't really go with the look and feel of of that website, um, you know, you want to form that looks like that we'll look at that handsome devil, you know, lots of red and so that wouldn't look good on that web site, right that but would look kind of out of place so that's the classic uh super slim like doughnuts too much for that one it's the same version of this it's just slim and it's going to look just like this is going to have this fund that button then there's the naked that's what I like provocative titles aside uh and this is going to take on the look and form of your website. So whatever your default headline font is whatever your body font is whatever submit buttons look like on your web site as you saw on my web site they have a distinct look it's going to take on the look and feel of that and so I recommend just keeping it very simple but you can decide what fields you want on here you can go to all fields and you can actually edit those fields in male chimp you could say I want to know people's zip codes you know that's relevant to your business I want to know people's you know whether they have dogs or not or whether it's not good for you, pierre whether or not they're married or not you know so you can segment that and that all goes in your database or you can keep it real simple and I only want what's required and really all that's required is their address on and then you can add or subtract to see when I add stuff things things come and go um and I'm taking it down to all that and then if you know you wanted to see that the width of something and if you had a certain web page and you didn't want to go wider than six hundred pixels or nine hundred pixels you know you could do that otherwise it'll just kind of fit the width of the window but if you wanted to you know, make it smaller and then you know, put it on the side or something you could do that anyway all that to say this right here is is your code and so if you wanted to embed this in your website you would then copy this and then you would go into the section of your website and I want to do this more in the mini course. I don't think a lot of time with this um but vasi html code and you would find anywhere on your web site where you could embed html code if you don't know where to do that then ask you know you're a developer here she probably does know that hopefully, um but if you're on wordpress any any page, any blawg post there is there too little buttons at the top of the window there's text in html um and you you go to the html section and you add add that so very, very simple on dh that's going to generate that that's going to look like that in the in the original section but then it's gonna look like this on your web site um and I recommend putting that in a number of places which I'll show you in a second but you put in your side bar you could put on your home page you could put it in a belong post of it makes sense, but the form itself needs to be in a very visible, stupid obvious place where people don't have to search for it and this is probably the biggest reason why people aren't subscribing to your list is they can't find your form and they're going to look for it like they're giving you something very valuable and they give you their email address you want to make it as easy as possible this is the equivalent of find the cash register were hiding the cash register so you can pay us money yeah does that integrate to pop ups? I mean is that you know that seems that same uh oh could work with pop ups? Yeah there's no question yeah that's part of the question and the other is I know we see them sometimes we click and get rid of them but do they work? They do work I mean it depends on the audience but it's a least worth testing you know, with your audience using a pop up they can be annoying there's lots of different ways to use use problems I think the most annoying pop of is the one that doesn't go away until you put the email in I mean that's intrusive, I think and then there are mean you conceal elect all of that but most pop ups there's a little exit pops up in the ex out of it and for a while they were really interested with mobile it was hard it went something popped up you couldn't like get out of it but I think a lot of those pop up plug ins and tools are catching up with with mobile tell you plug in would you select this over the male chimp plug in and word president at the same thing s o that's up to you and your comfort level I don't use the male chimp plug and I haven't used it but I hear it's great uh what I do is I copy this this code and I am about it straight into my website um and uh and I do I do walk you through this in ah um in that little mini course but yeah I uh uh I just I copy that that code in here which is a little widget I'm on wordpress and then I copied and pasted in here which is another widget and some and it takes on the look and feel of the website, which is why I like the naked form so that's, how you embed a form on your website, that doesn't mean we're going to sign up for it, right? So let's, switch back to the keynote now and let's talk about how to actually get people on the list and yeah, I guess we talked about earlier you might have a new email, it goes out when you blawg something specifically and then a newsletter, email. And so right now, with the way that we've set this up, I missed doing that person's going toe sign up, and they would get potentially both the blogged e mails and the newsletter e mails is that true? It's a good question, so that depends on how you set up your campaign, which will be the final part. And in this section s o that's up to you, all we've done so far is we've set up a list, and we've given people opportunity give us information on what we do with that information. It depends on us and the type of campaign that we create, and with mel chin you can create a number of campaigns, one is an r s s campaign that allows you to do we just said, where you send the email, it goes automatically every time you update you're blawg they get an email with that same content or you could send something like that we might consider more of an email newsletter where you're sending here's an exclusive update here's a bunch of links on stuff information that you can't get anywhere else you could do one of or both of where all of those it just depends on what your promises and what people are expecting and find value in but you could do all of that with one list if you wanted to or you could use separate lists okay and we'll go into that look yeah if if if you have more questions, we'll talk about that in a second great so to review we're going to create the form we're going to publish on the web site going to that form section in male chimp we're going to copy all that html we're going to embed it just copy that code and paste it into a plain text html portion on your website you all have what websites if you don't know how to get into that area the website um ask the person who built it I will say that if you're on something like wordpress dot com, you have limited options and how much you could manipulate you know the html but most websites especially self hosted websites are going to allow you to embed this code into a certain part of your website so when a potion website numbers start telling people about it so where we going put it on our web site and how we're going to tell people about it I think that there are three places that you could consider putting it that would be optimal places for people to find it and opt in first is the landing page in the landing page can be two things first that could be your newsletter landing page as I mentioned my block has a newsletter landing page you gotta goings writer dot com slash newsletter it's going to take you to not a block post but a page no comments no discussion the point of the landing page is to convert people email subscribers and so very simply it says uh hi I'm jeff coins hears all this stuff that you're going to get give your email on you can create lots of different landing pages for lots of different programs and products and they can all drive to the same list and you want to do that when you're trying to be especially relevant to a certain group of people to maximize conversions so for example every time I speak or write a guest post on another blawg or do like a podcast interview where I'm going to get in front of a lot of people that probably aren't on my list I will create a specific landing page that doesn't show up anywhere else on my blawg on ly when I give you the girl, I mean it's archived in the block content, but people are going to get it unless they have the girl, and I'll create a specific landing page for that particular campaign for that place. So, for example, if you had a goin brighter dot com slash creative live, you'll see a landing page that's tailored just for this audience that says, hey, thanks for having the incredible I've love talking to you when you send it from my email list, you're a few free things that you're going to get for me immediately, and you can tailor that in ways that allow you to give different things to different groups, or you could just kind of, you know, you could have a few things that you give away when people sign up and you just approach it, you know, from a different perspective for that audience and that that's what I usually do. So when you sent from the email list, you get a free e book on writing, you get a free book, I'm making a difference in the world, and then you get a list of a couple of really great articles I've spent a lot of time working on that are on my block, but you get direct links to a three part series and howto build an audience online. And so most people that I talked to those three touch points are felt needs there they're following me because they share my passion for making a difference or because they're writer or because they don't see what was what did I think thing was they want to build an audience they care about marketing and that's what I did for the creative live one so that's the landing page then there's the home page so this has become more of a popular things if you go to somebody's home page a lot of times what used to be a blogger is now just a big fat squeeze page it's it's a place where hey this is this is my blogged look at me there's a big fat place to give me your email and that's all it is both wanna go re block post go here because communicators marketers business owners air realizing the first thing I want before I want them to read any of my contents I want the regionalist so you could essentially turn your home page into a landing page and the uh I kind of do both as you saw on my block I've got what's called a feature box at the top of my top of my block and then there's content below it and I think one of the first people to do that really popularize it was my friend derek halpern and talked about him before and once he started doing that, I mean it's a it's a big fat box it's stupid obvious as I said and you can't miss it and because you can't miss it, people sign up people don't miss it and and eric saw how well it worked and lots of other people said I want to do that to it's a very effective way to get people on your list it's the first thing that they see but they can still go down and read more content so there's a home page on the last way that you could do it is to have the embedded form and that's what I just showed you how to do now understand that these air all indebted informs you could've been a form on your landing page you can embed a form on your home page, but if you want to put an embedded form someplace special like in your side bar or below your content or in the footer, you could do that and this is an embedded form so just finding creative places to put an email, opt in where maybe you're getting a lot of traffic and if you go to my blog's, you'll see that actually put it in all of these places I have it on the home page, I have it in the side bar and then I have it at the end of every block post and I don't think it's annoying you know there's nothing intrusive about it it's designed well it works well with the website but what I want is every twist and turn of people engaging with my content I want to give them an opportunity to opt in and so if they've got to go back to my home page after reading an article I'm gonna I'm gonna miss some people that way you know and if they've got a scroll back up to the top I'm going to miss some people that way and so and if they never click an article and there's there's no opted on the home page going missing people so I wantto every twist and turn I want to give people an opportunity give me permission to communicate with them so we can take the relationship deeper or as silly little avatar jeff says well it's a no good if nobody's on it so you you want to be a little bit ruthless about this ok? You don't want to be shy you don't want to be g was about this because thiss is what will build your business this is what will build your brand or not or you'll just be throwing ideas out there as I did for I said I did it for months right? I started my blogging for months I don't have any mail list but the truth is that was the first of eight blog's the previous seven where failed attempts, right, never count, cared or try to build an email list. They all failed. And every time I blogged, every time I put a message out there, I felt like I was starting from scratch. Starting from zero and an email list is a great way to not start from zero it's an asset, it builds in value as you go. And so today, when I sent an email teo, my list, it is hundreds of times more valuable than it was three years ago when I was first starting. So you want to get people on that list, you want to get them signed up. So how do you actually get people on the list? You need to get sign ups, right on dh? There are we've talked we've touched on this a little bit, but there are three ways to do that. You can ask them, hey, would you like to be on my list? You know you can bribe them hey, I'll give you hundred dollars real what I what I mean about that is what we talked about before the bait, so sometimes people need a little bit of a nudge, and I know it feels kind of weird and smarmy, but it doesn't have to and in the way I think of it. Is as a reward instead of come on take you know, here's a here's a sucker and I'm gonna sucker you into this you're gonna get a bunch of e mails were gonna buy stuff from me another way to think of it is I appreciate that you were getting a lot of e mails in your inbox and I just want to say thanks and so I want to give you something for free just as a thank you for being a part of it it's like, you know, if somebody came, came and visited your home or your business or came and saw you speak or you know, any did anything nice for you where they gave you their attention, he would say thanks here's a gift there's a thank you card that's what you're doing here, you're just thanking me rewarding them and honestly, you want to keep rewarding them. You want to keep saying thank you for staying engaged and so you may have some sort of initial bribes and piece of bait, but one of the parts of keeping a list healthy, which we'll talk about tomorrow is continually rewarding people for staying engaged and there are some smart, effective ways to do that lastly, uh and this is why you start even with one subscriber is you want to encourage those readers that you have to share so when I was getting ready, tio do this class. I sent an email to my list and I basically said two things one hey, this is free. Check it out. Not a bad deal, so I'm continuing to reward my tribe, uh, and two if you know somebody that would love this, tell him about it and I even gave them a little tweet herbal link that they could share on twitter and when I asked my audience to do that, hundreds of people did it, and if I didn't ask, they would have done it, so don't take it for granted that justcause you have great content, justcause you're helping people that people are sharing it once in a while. It's good to invite them to encourage them to share. Think about it as a really cool club and he was a hey, this is free. I'm helping you, you know, you're getting value from this thai friends it's just a bigger, more fun party, okay? So lastly, and what? We're going to go through this quickly, I want to talk about delivering content so that's going address your question, erica and waken dive into that, so you've got a list you've got subscribers now, because you've got that form on your page, you at least have one person worth communicating with we already have a reason to send an email, right? We don't have to wait for ten or a hundred more. We know what kind of news letter we're going to send let's say we're going on a weekly newsletter, and maybe we even know what they were going to send it. And now it's, time to start delivering content so you go back to the monkey love that little guy and here's your dashboard. Okay, great still nobody's reading my stuff. All right, my average is zero there's eighteen s o I have good reason, teo, you know, get into the game here because I haven't sent anything, so an email list is no good if nobody's on it and it's also no good if you don't ever send to it, so we're going to go crazy campaign. And now you have a choice, right? Regular old campaign is just what we might think about as a typical newsletter and don't get bogged down by this idea. All this really is is it's like when you sit in front of outlook or apple mail or gmail and you know I'm gonna write a friend color and it could be five sentences or five hundred sentences, it could be one, five hundred foreign pieces I got today, it could be anything it's just content right? So you want to write content that's going to be relevant to that person just like when you sit down to write that email and gmail to your friends now the difference is there may come a day where you're running to five hundred or five thousand five hundred thousand of your friends and so it feels a little bit different but it's the same thing you're sitting down to write une email and so if you choose a regular old campaign that's what you're going to dio you're going toe click that you're going to say who do I want this to go to do? I wanted to go to joe or don't want to go to jeff I wanted to go to joe and eventually all of his friends now when you do this you can create segments uh this is all covered in the mini course I don't I don't mean to keep like pushing that or anything but there's a lot here is you can tell and so that's why we created that supplemental material so I want to I want to send it to everybody the only reason I would send it to a segment is if, you know, maybe I was I wanted to reach people that hadn't opened any of my e mails for a while you could do that really easily um I'm going to send it to joe and now I'm gonna go through on a name my campaign joe, I could be that personal can I one reader oh, I should mention here this is what the campaign is name this is an internal thing. This is not nobody else sees is so a common mistake is you say, oh, this is hey, joe, and then I forget to change this. This is our default thing, but I want to change this and say, hey, joe, you're cool, so usually if you're keeping track of things, maybe you've got, like, a naming system and you go, you know, newsletter one, and then, you know, the next one's going to and so forth. Okay, so what is this? This is my default from name if I wanted to change it, just jeff or, you know, awesome, dude, I could do that. But, you know, if you set this up, right and there's no reason to change this unless maybe you want changes to your organization name or something, you could do that here or let's say, you know, you work for an organization like you do, jessica, and you want tio like, you're not the only person is going to be managing email and you want to keep it personal, which I think is smart, um every you know let's say this week you're writing it but the next week ryan's writing it and this would be an opportune where you might change that and go ok this this one's from ryan but it might still be the same email address you know and that could be a person's email address or it could be you know, news or updates for you know however you want to do that this is where you personalized the two field if you unchecked this it's just gonna have their email address so I checked that then you've got tracking I want to track it all you know there's there's not a lot of reason why you wouldn't want to track what people are clicking what people are opening unless you just don't care but even you don't care I would encourage you to care for you business owners who want to eat use email to drive sales there some systems that you can set up here on going to talk about mohr later so I'm not going to cover that right now but don't I'm not going to rush over that tim's going to talk about that about how you can set up goals to say I want to sell this many books or I wantto I want to sell this many products and then track the whole thing so you go ok when we wrote about this we can't win this many sales this much revenue and those are the only goals you contract. You contract traffic to this particular page, or how many people go and click this link, you could track form sign ups where I go, I want I want to see how many people are going to apply for my marriage retreat. You could track all of that so that it's not just sales. And then if you wanted people to be able to talk about it on facebook, if you wanted them to be able to tweet out the campaign, it would. Melton basically creates a web page with your newsletter on it, and you can share that kind of as a separate piece of collateral. Um, s o you could do that as well. So that's, how you set up a campaign and then you would go next. Then you would design the email. And if you have pre designed templates that you or your web designer had designed or you just saved some templates, you could do that or mail ship has pre designed template so you can just drop here. You know your header in there and you're off to the races or you can design your own, and this is a cool tool because all of these this template builder right here is completely mobile, responsive, and so you know what that means is that the text you know when you receive a plain text email when you get it on your phone it looks readable right? But we've all gotten those e mails that aren't readable on our phones and you know, like, you know, zoom in and do that thing that that's not a responsive email and so when you create newsletters with this designer they're all responsive they're going to look the same as they do in terms of scale they're going to use readable on a desktop as they are on a on a tablet or an iphone or whatever so you create that they even have some templates for you khun you know, say ok, I wanted to one column to call him etcetera this is a really cool thing and you can you can change your you could change your text, you know you're fun types colors all kinds of neat stuff, so we're going to design that all right? We're going to click this, then we're gonna go next and we've got well let's let's create some content how so if I had a header, I would add that here for times like, I'm not going to do that and as you can see there's I mean there's already this is already an html for matt and you get different font sizes and I just want to go I want to type weird things and actually there is a really quick question come in about designing the email newsletter I mean, I've seen this a lot out there where it used to be a lot of images a lot of beautification that went into that email process but it's really gotten down to really text can you talk a little bit about that? So I think that comes down to the rise of mobile and it is very hard two format beautiful looking emails for every dis ice every device uh I had this crisis a few weeks ago where all of my like quotation marks were turning into a weird character my analyst and so you know I mean because it was an html formatted smart quote eso there's just all kinds of issues that you have to deal with so a lot of people just simplified they go look, email is just text it's not it's, not about beautiful pictures it's about sending a message I think that's up to you and the kind of graphics and the kind of aesthetics that you need to get your message across. I think that there are times when it's okay to just send a text email and I think there are times when it's all right to send pictures and, you know, you know, html formatted email typically my rule for that is if I'm just saying I hear hey what's up you know, updates, then it's just gonna be a text. When I e mailed everybody said, I'm going to be incredible live! I don't need any pictures or anything. I'm going to be here. We're talking about this go, but when I sent out my block post, I do include a picture and the look and feel of the blood post looks like the blood because I want there to be some brand consistency there. But if you just want to make sure that the message reaches as many people as possible and it's as readable is possible, it's not a bad idea to stick pretty closely to a plain text format so here's my really messy thrown together, this is a headline, so I could write the importance of being awesome, uh, and then going to go into the message, but this is this is what I'm doing, I'm sticking with it, and there are all kinds of cool things here. You can add your social share buttons, you could just create a button that says, buy now, and you connect it with a link. This is a very cool tool, and I looked a lot of different email newsletter designers it's hard to compete with with this right out of the box, I mean, I basically I don't need to hire a designer to have a really nice looking email newsletter and once I designed this I can save it and I can use the template over and over and over again I can just plug in the text you don't have to redesign it every time so this is going to show you every newsletter is gonna have a plain text version and this is that so as you can see there's this little teaser thing that I didn't fill in here, I don't want I don't really need any of that this is if somebody wants just the plain text um deal, they can get that I'm going to take us on this stuff. So you got a preview what it looks like in plain text because even when you're writing a plain text, email, plain text, email there's still some html formatting it's going to create just automatic plain text because there are some email delivery services that won't read an html you know, formatted thing it'll convert it to plain text and if you don't have a plain text version will be blank so you want to have this all right? And then lastly, um, I just this is sort of a dummy check, yes, I'm sending somebody yes, I have a subject line yes, people can reply to me, I'm tracking stuff I do have an html email um, I didn't I didn't use the default header content, so that is basically what people see when they preview your email on their computer screen is it will say, um uh, this is about stuff, and so when somebody opens it on their phone or, you know, there's a little preview window where you're looking at it on your computer, that is it's going to say, this is about stuff as opposed to leaving it blank or just pulling the hey, dude, so it's an intentional waited to do that meet a question coming from alonso wants to know if there's a service to test how your email campaign will look on different email clients and web mobile, you can do that here. I skipped that because we're running out of time. Uh, yeah, you contest it. So here, right here. This little button right here. Previewing test. You can enter the preview mode. It'll show you what it looks like. Perfect. She's really need uh, you can send a test email to yourself or to your boss or whatever. You can push the militant mobile and they even have a run. This just what? It's? Going to look like a mobile? You can run an inbox inspection and it just got that takes about an hour depending on the email issue you want to do that if you have time and it's just gonna tell you here's some things that you could be doing better or that you know might land you in some spam filters here's how to keep it good so yeah, you could do all of that here. Great question I lost my house. Okay, so we are ready and if, uh if you're anything like me you don't feel ready at this point you go I got to read this ten more times and edit it and send it to all my relatives and the best thing to do is send a few tests and then ago and to breathe deeply seal even steven you know, freak you out with this little thing okay? You're launching the challenger, make sure you don't explode and then you send and you know, the funny thing is that went to joe puppet chief l I think I went to me anyway, we might just spam somebody. So that is how you send your first newsletter uh and it's scary every time and you will have typos and you will break links and you will say stupid stuff if you're like me and it's ok, because you will reach lots of people and it's and you will make a difference with your message and you will build your business you will build your brand and people will read and share what we have to say and it is really exciting we go back to the key note you have a few more slides go I'm not drafting usually I do make my writing just inward first so when I copy and paste that are there problems that you would find and in formatting in such yes when you're working with microsoft word or a lot of difference ah word processors that aren't plain text you know what you were drafting uh document creators is it is there's html in that and so it will create funky code it will mess with things so the best thing to do is if you whatever word processor you like to write and right in that but then copy it to something like no pad if you're on a pc or text at it on a mac and that will either automatically convert it to a plain text version or there's a little button using the format where you can click it and say I want this to be plain text and it will look like ugly boring courier new text and then you copy that and then you paste that into male chimp good question so seven your first email just a recount you create that message you choose the list that you want and if you are just sending out belong post you would create an or ss campaign we talk about that more in the mini course but all you do is take your recess feed you plug that into that little place or says plugging our says steel and it will start sending out as often as you create content uh you just have to select the list that's a campaign that you set up once and then it goes forever until you pause it or stop it cancel it and number three right something amazing, no pressure and then do that scary thing that we just did of sending it to don't send it to joe bob zemel he's hate us I gotta send him an email so really quickly just final recap on this whole process of setting up the email list getting people on it and delivering constitute it's a law right it's a lot of stuff you will learn as you go okay? The important part is to start um but there are some things you want to think about as you start set expectations at the beginning because clears you can make promises and if those things change just communicate them but try to be true to what you said you were going to do don't bait and switch people I recommend offering some sort of immediate sign up bonus it could be nothing other than here the top five articles that have written on this subject that air, you're just sending people back to your block that would be totally fine. It could be a resource list it could be here are, you know, hears all what I recommend on, you know, the five different types of kayaking or is that you could use it could be anything deliver what you promised and, oh, yeah, be amazing, exceed expectations, blow people away, do something different I love when people replied on my e mails and say, yours is the on ly newsletter that I have to unsubscribe from because you do something different. I love hearing that and that's, not something that only aiken dio anybody who wants to wow their customers wants to blow away readers. They can do that it's just a choice, you know, we can choose to maintain the status quo. We could really serve our audience, and if we do that, if we take a servant posture, if we make it about them, I guarantee they will find ways to make it about you. They will make it worth your while.

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a Creativelive Student

I really enjoyed this course. Jeff did and does a great job. Very nice flow and interaction with participants and questions, great content, relaxed yet authoritative. Jeff has a nice presence and his humility makes him easy to receive from. I was equally impressed with the general flow through the program. You could tell Jeff was well prepared, comfortable and believed in what he shared. I also want to give kudos to the CL team for being top shelf hosts and creating an environment conducive to this type of learning program. A great big thank you to the hosts, the team, Jeff, and the chat room facilitators! WELL DONE!! Kurt Poole

William Emmons

This is a wonderful course and enjoyed it very much. Covers so much material in an interesting and easy to understand way. Great for both the person just starting out and a great review for those more experienced. Definitely cover the A-Z of getting started and maintaining your mailings. Love the resources they talk about and recommend for getting started. Loved the interaction with the live inhouse group and also on the chat room. Great response. To sum it up in a few words.... RICH AND FULFILLING! Thanks to Jeff and CreativeLIVE for a job well done. William Emmons @

Jemma Pollari

I love Jeff's teaching style and applicable information and this course was no exception. For me, the set-up information was longer and more detailed than necessary, as I already have a list set up. The "effective" part of the course was much more useful at my level. I was able to get some good strategies to implement for my email marketing. This is definitely a great course to go with if you have no idea where to start with on email marketing because of the focus on getting set up from absolutely nothing. If you are looking for a more extensive pathway to success reaching beyond simply starting the email list and getting it going, I would recommend Jeff's course on here "Starving to successful: how to become a full-time writer." Even though the name talks about being a writer it's excellent info for anyone in the content creation space. Ryan Deiss' "Launch a profitable digital marketing plan" (also on CreativeLive) is another one I'd recommend as an excellent follow-on to more advanced concepts from this course.

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