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Students Discuss Yesterday's Assignments

Lesson 12 from: Effective E-mail and Newsletter Marketing

Jeff Goins

Students Discuss Yesterday's Assignments

Lesson 12 from: Effective E-mail and Newsletter Marketing

Jeff Goins

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Lesson Info

12. Students Discuss Yesterday's Assignments

Lesson Info

Students Discuss Yesterday's Assignments

So let's say that you moved to new city and you want to throw a party how do you do it what do you do people first you gotta meet people first really? Okay that's interesting what else you have to d'oh I have to find a venue that's fine and then you okay yeah to communicate with him you have to communicate with them these air sort of like a loaded question uh not just random chitchat and what else? Anything else in order for you to actually have a successful party in this brand new city that you've just moved tio we have something exciting to happen at the party. Okay, good ask your other friends to move to that city so what you're telling me is it's hard tio have a party in a place where nobody knows you or your new and so yesterday what we did was we threw down some challenges I told you that you needed to leave here and he needed to set up an email list I know that some of you did that last night stayed up really late I was looking at some of your web sites which is awesome on then ...

to either schedule or send your first newsletter and you know to start getting people on board and maybe be thinking about ways that you can attract people teo you know that sign up form on your website so how did it go yes, hard. So I started with thinking about bait, thinking about what materials could I have? Because, um, I've been sending e mails with that bcc line. I've been doing it wrong or let's, just natural. Maybe I've been doing in normal, but I want to do it a little bit better. Now let me interrupt you because this is an important note that I wantto make as we talked about this yesterday off camera, but I want to share this with everybody here and everybody watching. So you were doing these marriage coaching workshops and you were just emailing your friends and you were doing a smart thing and putting all of their email addresses in the two line. We have this big long list of names you were bc seeing everybody, and that means blind carbon copy on, so it means that everybody got ah unique message from you, but they didn't see who else it was sent to, but you were sending it to, like hundreds of people at a time when two hundred people, right, right? And the reason that we don't want to do this is twofold. One will tell me, why would why would that might maybe not be a good idea to continue, you know, that is sort of a promotional strategy, lisa bcc numbers? Yeah. Kicking? Absolutely. Yes. So if you are sending tio more than a few people so it's ok the email you know, a handful of friends and say, I'm having an event. I just started a website. Go check this out, but when you start sending to twenty, thirty, I think anywhere north of fifty people, you really are sending a mass email and that looks like spam to a lot of spam filters. A lot of email services will flag that, and I'll go immediately to somebody's spam filter so that, uh, that reader doesn't see it. And so that's that's one reason what's another reason why that might be a bad idea, yet he may not have had their permission. That's, right? Right. So we talked a lot yesterday about what it takes to build an effective email newsletter list, and one of the essential ingredients is permission. People have to I ask you to email them, you know, it's not imply just because you know this person or they're your friend or they gave birth to you. You know, you you really have to have their permission to communicate with them, and we want to do this, not just cause we want to be sticklers, but because if somebody doesn't give you permission then they're not anticipating your message and therefore it's going to be a relevant, they're going to dismiss it. I mean, think about the kinds of messages or the kinds of things that maybe you order online that arrive at your door stop the ones that you pay attention to are the ones that you asked for. Think about that newspaper analogy that I had yesterday, where every day a newspaper shows up on my driveway and I ignore it because I've never asked for it. Now contrast that with the book I just ordered from amazon, I can't wait for that to arrive. I paid money for it, I value it, and I can't wait to open that box and read that book. I'm waiting every day for it and that's the kind of anticipation you want to create with your messages. You want to have engagement with your audience so that when your email arrives in their in box, they don't say what's this they say, oh, yeah, I've been expecting this so sorry interrupt you pere, but yeah, so I mean, those are two reasons why you don't want to continue on that course with you know, getting your message out the email because you're going to get caught in spam filters if you're sending it to a lot of people as you were and so I shared with you a lot of those people that you were trying to reach probably didn't get the message because you were bc seeing so many people and secondly you really want to get permission to do that so that you can, uh send them information that they've asked for and you don't feel like you're interrupting them and I don't know about you but when I'm interrupting somebody the way I approach that ask is apologetically I'm sorry to interrupt here, but if you don't mind please and it's very different from somebody inviting me into their home inviting me into their inbox and say I want to hear from you I can step into that situation with confidence and share what I have to share give what I'm going to share talk about what I'm going to talk about and I know that the person is ready to hear what I have to say because they asked for it right here back to you yes so that was last friday I wish I had this course thursday you know now that we've had that conversation so I went back and I started by male chimp page I've had a block going but it's with word wordpress dot com and dot com and dot order extremely different, and I didn't know that I learned that you can't use plug ins on dot com, so dot org's is going, I'm going to have to drop a little money to get a blue host server, so there's a lot of things there that even before I got to the bait, so I was losing losing times, getting late, and I realized, well, I can't write a book in one night, they can't put out a pdf or anything. What do I have that I can give away for free? And I realized there's some workshops I had done last year, so I turned those into pratt password protected pages, so I would put that in my thank you email and two people signed up last night on my male chimp, which is right, and the way that happened is I went the other way around ask permission on facebook from people who weren't already on my mail champ, but I think tomorrow I'll be sending out a letter apologizing to the people a bc seat on friday, reminding them they may have missed this may have gone into their spam, but having them come on board three male gym, you know, I love it, thank you, so I just want to point out a few things that pierre did really? Well, first of all, he did what I said, which is always a good second of all I see you got everything set up a second of all he didn't go create some new piece of bait, so one of the assignments yesterday was be thinking about how you can incentivize your readers to get on your list and going back to the party analogy, what we've realized is that just because you have a website and you have a newsletter list doesn't mean people are automatically going to sign up right? This is this is where the hard work begins I know yesterday felt like, oh my gosh, this is a lot to do, but we're just getting started in terms of how we're going to reach the audience now is a lot of the difficult technical stuff is over with. If you've set up your list, you've got things ready to go, you're headed in a good direction, but now the difficult relations process of bringing people on board your list begins and it is like moving to a new city, it is like throwing a party where nobody knows you, you've got to go meet people, you've gotta probably put a balloon outside your house, something to signal hey, by the way, here's the party as you mentioned lisa, you got to do something amazing, something worth talking about I don't. I'm not gonna have people come over and just sit on my couch. You know, it's gonna be fun. It's going to be interesting. I want people to come to this party and be excited to be there know who I am or know somebody who's going to be there. And I want them to know where it is. And so we have to be looking about how we conduce those same things with our email list. We're going to talk about that in this session. So what I liked about what you did, pyra, was you kind of say, ok, here's the party. You put it on your website, you said all right, this is this is where it's happening instead of creating something new which can feel burden some. You know, we were thinking about bait. You repurposed a piece of content that you already had, and I think you did it really well and it tied and really well, with your brand, you know, remind you guys period wants to get into more personal coaching and marriage count, marriage, coaching, and he does these workshops. And he had recorded a few these at conferences, and so he had these recordings already on his block, right? And instead of trying to create any book or trying to do something new he saw that he already had something of value and I think a great way to think about your bait the thing that attract somebody to sign up for email this is to think about what do I do or could I do oh what do I have already that I could charge for and then give it away for free in exchange for someone's email list we all know that we value our attention and everybody does that they value their privacy and more and more people are less willing to give up their personal information their phone number their email address their home contact number their address on so you're asking your potential reader for something of value when you're asking for the email address and so you want to exchange value so I want your email address I'm going to give you a bunch of great content I know that but you don't know that right now your skeptical and I need to help you overcome your skepticism by exchanging values you're going to give me your email address and that's immediately something of value I'm going to treasure that I'm going to take care of that on take good care of you but in the meantime I want to immediately give you a reward for that so you feel like there's an exchange of value that's why we do it we're not trying to bait and switch people into it I know bait is kind of a funny word uh it's just this idea of maybe a better word is treat here is a treat because we're not going to hook them and they're not gonna be able to get out of this they can opt out at any moment so you repurpose something period which I think is awesome she didn't have to stay up till three o'clock in the morning writing any book or something you had something of value and you put it on your own on your side of page I saw it and you said here's here's what you're going to get from me and if you send up right now I'm going to give you how many workshops was it? Two three workshops of mp three's pds power points that's amazing I mean I think you're talking about potentially hundreds of dollars worth of value for free and it's on brand because we know that you're you're going to be about marriage coaching for your readers and so when somebody goes to your block it's very clear this is what it's about so I go ok this is relevant for me and if it's relevant I'm going to keep reading and then I come to the point where there's the sign up page and here's this promise I'm going to deliver all this stuff to you all these tips and as soon as you sign up you're going to get this free stuff it's kind of an irresistible offer and what's cool about it is instead of going nbc seeing a bunch of friends what you did was you created this permission asset this opportunity of capturing people's information and then you went online and you started sharing with friends people had already given you permission to communicate with them on facebook right? You weren't emailing or sending messages to people that didn't know who you were you're saying hey guys I did this thing and if you want to go here and I think that's totally fine don't ever feel like that's spanning somebody to go on facebook to go on twitter even tio email a few friends and say I started this website or this newsletter and I'd love for you to hop on board or to tell people about it and pierre actually got creative and he went to a unique uh a facebook group where people are sharing all of their dreams and things that they're working on things that they're building other pursuing their dreams npr's a member of that exclusive group and he said this is how I am pursuing my training this is something that I've built and if you would like to check it out go go do it and and already got some subscribers as a result of it so awesome that is the way to do it guys

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a Creativelive Student

I really enjoyed this course. Jeff did and does a great job. Very nice flow and interaction with participants and questions, great content, relaxed yet authoritative. Jeff has a nice presence and his humility makes him easy to receive from. I was equally impressed with the general flow through the program. You could tell Jeff was well prepared, comfortable and believed in what he shared. I also want to give kudos to the CL team for being top shelf hosts and creating an environment conducive to this type of learning program. A great big thank you to the hosts, the team, Jeff, and the chat room facilitators! WELL DONE!! Kurt Poole

William Emmons

This is a wonderful course and enjoyed it very much. Covers so much material in an interesting and easy to understand way. Great for both the person just starting out and a great review for those more experienced. Definitely cover the A-Z of getting started and maintaining your mailings. Love the resources they talk about and recommend for getting started. Loved the interaction with the live inhouse group and also on the chat room. Great response. To sum it up in a few words.... RICH AND FULFILLING! Thanks to Jeff and CreativeLIVE for a job well done. William Emmons @

Jemma Pollari

I love Jeff's teaching style and applicable information and this course was no exception. For me, the set-up information was longer and more detailed than necessary, as I already have a list set up. The "effective" part of the course was much more useful at my level. I was able to get some good strategies to implement for my email marketing. This is definitely a great course to go with if you have no idea where to start with on email marketing because of the focus on getting set up from absolutely nothing. If you are looking for a more extensive pathway to success reaching beyond simply starting the email list and getting it going, I would recommend Jeff's course on here "Starving to successful: how to become a full-time writer." Even though the name talks about being a writer it's excellent info for anyone in the content creation space. Ryan Deiss' "Launch a profitable digital marketing plan" (also on CreativeLive) is another one I'd recommend as an excellent follow-on to more advanced concepts from this course.

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