Bonus Video: A Tip from "The Science of Getting Rich"


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Bonus Video: A Tip from "The Science of Getting Rich"

Hi I'm so bryce and I'm going to give you my favorite tip from the science of getting rich by wallace t wattles the tip that significantly changed my life and business from this book wass I am here to create not to compete for what has already created I feel like today in this day and age of social media our business is our personalities at work is all out there for everybody to comment criticized and see and I feel like particularly our industry is spinning all of the time competing against each other instead of giving service and creating amazing work for our clients we all seem to be trying to impress other photographers instead of trying to impress the people that are paying us and those are our clients I've bean in the photography industry for around twenty four years but I really only started to make money in in the last seven one of the hardest things was leaning to be self employed. I guess I spent most of my time looking for validation and trying to be important enough to be i...

n business and get paid instead of looking to create a product that people just really wanted to pay for once I learned how to do that it significantly changed how I got paid and then I started to really connect to both the purpose of what I was doing in my true path thin my business exploded this book significantly changed me because I feel like I really came back to creating as a photographer. As a business owner, is someone who gives service. And it significantly changed the way I do business and therefore get paid. It is an incredible little book on prosperity programming. Enjoy it. And I really hope it changes your world as much as it changed mine.

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What’s holding you back from realizing your dreams? Award-winning portrait photographer Sue Bryce will show you how to reconnect with your true passion and empower yourself to create a sustainable, energizing business. Sue will reveal her personal path as a photographer with 24 years in the business and show you exactly how she has conquered fear and self-doubt. After these 90 motivational minutes with Sue, you will be ready to revitalize your business and reinvigorate your mindset.


Whitney Krueger

OUTSTANDING!! Just a phenomenal presentation for any individual committed to standing in their own personal power and being accountable for creating a life they love. Sue is a powerhouse, and is the embodiment of authenticity, integrity, service, and passion. ☆☆☆☆☆

a Creativelive Student

I typically don't write reviews but I just have to say that this was worth every penny. If you are looking to re-energize yourself as an artist, photographer, business owner (any field you are in) who are looking to find what they want to focus on - this video will really inspire you to get what you want and work hard to attain it. Sue Bryce shared her challenges and inspiration, I'm truly grateful.