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Class Introduction

So today we're doing a class on uh compositing on location so there's compositing is extremely complicated and you can spend a whole bunch of timeline you khun spend I mean teach weak on classes sometimes on compositing so this is what we can do in ninety minutes so uh yeah this is I guess we'll just jump into why you should listen to me I mean anybody care creative I was pretty awesome there's been some incredible speakers here so far so but why you should listen to me well you don't have to think the end of the day you don't have to listen to me you know it's totally fine but I love compositing and compositing is the thing that just kind of makes me twitch and I absolutely love it so hopefully I can spread some of that on with you guys and share the obsession and then you can get angry when you're thirty hours into an image and go like why did I start this so but I didn't always start I wasn't always a composite artist how I started we'll just ramble into myself here a little bit bri...

efly I started in macro photography so this is where everything started for me I came off of modelling career that we lost it well it's been seventeen years now but eleven years and I was kind of bored and so I decided hey let's try taking photos you know so it was let's do stuff has nothing to modeling which was plants and was like oh small things big that's, super cool and it's really, really interesting so it was very exciting for me too take these little point and shoot cameras I had a nikon coolpix and I borrowed a cannon g ten I think the head macro settings and I was like, oh my god the little flower thing that's awesome so it took a lot of photos and actually blew the shutter on both the cannon and then I can um and so from there I started getting into a friend of mine and I we bought a nikon deity and some crappy little lighting set from ebay which is great even you can actually get really cool stuff that might set your house on fire but um so I started assaulting my friends pets and my own pets and we just took lots and lots of photos and like all strobe lighting this school you know, this is really awesome I really got into it uh beyond that I also ride motorcycles so you shoot you know, when you're first getting into photography you shoot everything and you shoot everything that's available to you so these are some of the things that were available to me that I really enjoyed um so after motorcycles I also got into studio photography so I just watched my sister's face cringe because this is my sister so because the bonus of having a sister who models as well and she's my sister weaken slave labor each other so that's cool but this was my first second time shooting in the studio with strobe lighting and that's when I was like, oh this is this is awesome this kind of got me going like this is really, really, really cool a friend of mine let me get a studio and when its basement had this beautiful five point lighting setup set up and I walked in there and I looked at it, I took a photo and was like, I don't understand I don't know what's going on so to teach myself lighting I turned off all the lights except for one and and we shot this and I was like, oh, this is awesome but had no idea what blown out highlights where I was like, well, it's sparkly stuff on your face looks really cool yeah, I don't do that um and then I got into compositing a friend of mine is a digital artist and he kind of showed me a couple little things and I was like, oh this is this is awesome and then this turned this is where the obsession really got bad. This is my first composite I ever did um a friend of mine to my friends we shot it in the basement of the house with some paper and you know, it was it was downhill from there now I spend way too much time sitting go but what happened from there that face kind of funny and I do ride a motorcycle and what happens of most people in the ride motorcycles that they're getting crashes so I was hit off my bike and when I hit the ground I was run over and so now my life went from pretty easy to well, I'm at the bottom of a really, really, really dark pit we're at the bottom of a really dark pit and all the things that used to do which was dancing and driving and motorcycling and everything that it did involve my legs modelling was supposed to walk fashion week in three weeks what was gonna happen so my theory was, well, I have to pay my rent in three weeks what am I going to do? What can I do without my legs? And so photography was that answer for me and I've been taking photos I think for nine months at that point ten months ish so it was like, okay, we have to get really good really fast um and so the lesson for me was you don't follow that hard with other being something that good that can come from it. So, um, this is me on my first commercial shoot. Actually, this is how we shot for six months because it took me six months to learn how to walk again. So I was sticks in a backpack in the camera, and I'm very, very, very thankful for all of the people who helped me out in those early months because it could not have done it without any of them. I actually got my for a studio when I was still on crutches is in the basement of this really scary hold where house pretty sure it was haunted, the floor was really uneven, women in high heels were treacherous, but it was like for a studio is the first time I'd really accomplished something that I was super proud of in my life, you know? And so I love that space. I don't have it now, but I'm very thankful for the memories I made there, and from there we're going into fashion and I love this is another thing I learned like you when you're when you're evolving in your building, your thing, the stuff that you like, you just try one too stuff and it's like meeting friends. You walk into a room and then you pick one person in the room you like I like this one we can be friends it's kind of like that creatively for me is that you know? Okay, well you and I fashion photography and I you know we can hang out we're buddies it's cool and my obsession with digital are got way worse so I started doing more and more and more and more and sitting down longer and longer and longer which was the dutchman of my modeling career andan I also was started to get asked to speak workshops so in a former life story mom uh used to breathe fire and so this is one of the workshops that ben von long and I did in st louis on fire photography so I started speaking and things started to grow from there and my obsession with his war continued to get worse. So I started drawing in on the inspirations of things that I like. So I enjoyed playing video games at least I did before photography took all my time um I started making artwork that was hopefully inspirational stuff that people would look at and it would really feel something um from here once again it was taking the world and seeing it for what it was and seeing what it could be so I was out shooting mrs moline lake and jasper and there was a black bear in the area so we don't have much time there as we saw the cubs we didn't see mom so it was we have to run but I took this photo on a man that would be so cool this huge wave just falling over it and it actually photographed some waves in half moon bay at the mavericks in december so we're on this tiny little boat and we're should use fifty foot waves and a person with a fear of deep water that was claiming uh and then building more on color, building more on composition and storytelling and trying to evoke some kind of emotion in these images so my latest thing has been compositing on location and anybody who follows my work knows that I hate shooting on location I hate the bugs I'm tired of it from modeling I hate the bugs I hate people walking through the set I hate worrying is somebody gonna run off with my backpack with like a whole bunch of gear in it, right? It just kind of stresses me out, but my theory is that growth doesn't come and comfort zones, right? You never you're not going to improve in the areas of where you're super comfortable so well all right let's do this so once again enlisting the help of my sister she was dragged out into the cold on the radio day and we took pictures. So this image here, actually, we're going to do a time lapse. We're going to play a time lapse at the end. If there's, if there's time on, we'll just play through how this is done. So this is a complicated version of what we're going to go through today.

Class Description

Whether your photography demands that you create a dreamy image of a sleeping infant or multiple characters in an epic battle scene, the magic of compositing can make it happen. 

In Essential Compositing Techniques, Renee Robyn will take you through the whole process, from start to finish on how to set up composite poses. Renee will discuss working with layers, brushes, color manipulation, and masking techniques to create a mood or story in your image. You’ll learn about composting outdoor images and Renee will offer tips on things to keep in mind while shooting stock images for your artwork.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015