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Compositing: Final Touches

So if I want teo there is it's really really, really cool plugin from carell just came out it's called particle shop it's really fun uh I'm going to play with that so it works on ly an eight bit color which apparently is something that they're working on a three color sucks so I'm going to take this image here right because this is the correct perspective for me I'm gonna create a new layer control shift end I'm gonna fill it with black gonna fill that with black and I'm going to convert my image from mode sixteen but too a bit the filter painter prodigal shop and this is where I like to add stuff in there in my brain I live in a world where magic is real right there's still fairies I I believe in fairies fairytales and I'm cool with it it doesn't bother me at all so I'm going to go in here and I'm gonna make some magic you stuff so I'm gonna pick this flame it comes on the starter pack uh maybe not that wasn't quite right let's go embers that's kind of cool the color is sucking so let...

's pick something a little bit more colorful let's add some fluffy magic things that we can just stick in the air here and I'm totally guesstimating because of visualizing where she's standing it's going to draw stuff right push buttons squiggle doodle hit save gonna go control a copy their control a select all copy control c control shift v that's gonna bring this on top now if I use a blending mode multiply its going to get rid of all my black oops screen that's the one I'm looking for a screen the other button gonna ve to move this around a little bit and now I'm just gonna mask out the stuff that's driving me crazy so these guys here gonna make these a little bit more gentle I'm just adding little tiny pieces to the image that I think you're going to look good so look at this now I kind of like where it's going I have more time to spend on it. I would spend a lot more time on this but from here going to go into what's a plug in that's called nick software and I I ke software it's from google cheap dos um um I have it right here. I'm going to go down to my color effects pro for I use this a lot I love color effects it's really pretty so uh I'm gonna wait for a saloon, okay? So I like to use cross balance a lot. I think it's quite pretty I think it's nice maybe if you try something like this maybe a little bit too orange let's try something else and in the spirit of pushing buttons let's, try indian summer. This kind of changes everything to a little bit of a ready tone, I think it's cool, let's add some of that which is going to balance out some of the red that's in her hair, right figure add filter maybe let's try to cross balance in a little bit. So the blue I'm not really digging that's odd. Some more warm tones like this. So it's looking all right, I'm just gonna hit. Okay, wait for its load. Saturation on it is too much. Not a huge fan of that. So I'm going to go here to the little half circle of the bottom few saturation, de saturated, a tiny bit close it. I'm also going to go into a single color look up color. Look up also comes from little half circle. I play in this here all the time and there is a thing here that's called drop blues should look awesome let's see? Let's, just slide through these and see what looks good and everybody's gonna look at this and see something different. But I kind of just like futzing around with it that's actually not too bad not too bad at all and how I feel on a certain day will totally change our picture looks there I like that that looks nice so if I'm looking at this and I'm going well that's pretty cool it's nice I like it I'm gonna add just a little bit of it of a vignette to it which is another way that I'd like to do that is I'll take a picture of clouds I'm gonna open it gonna under expose it a tiny bit I'm gonna hit open image copy paste it and in this case I'm going to stretch it a little bit to fit I'm gonna put that blending what again on multiply and I'm going to create a layer mask and just slightly bring her out just a little bit more so now what I have is this kind of cool texture you looking vignette that's very subtle it's not this massive super super bright sharp obvious been yet but yeah that's in short a ninety minute version of how I do complies on location so it's pretty awesome I know we have like we have a time lapse version of another of another image that we did or that I did that is just exact same stuff that we just did a little bit more time spent in color and it's just a way more advanced version but the same steps over and over and over again just apply in a different way so that's already stuff quickly you guys have questions in here started like throwing away photoshopped um renee greatly I love your compositing it's so beautiful you had mentioned that like after year you know you sell your work and maybe you could share who who buys her work and who you sell it to book covers, album cover artwork things like that um some images get licensed commercially for, um ad campaigns or, you know, inspirational campaigns of rebranding things like that it's been really random yeah, I'd love to say a thing like this is my brand and this is what I do like I just do a lot of different things so far the rent still paid so chicken likes to push buttons at the end of the day how do you keep your models interested in focus when you're deciding what is working or what isn't working? I don't spend thirty hours on the shoot not now, okay, yeah, I don't like all those photos that we took I think we shot all of them in twenty minutes ish it's something like that I hate mosquitoes I was like let's, get this in and get this out so it's you know, being aware of what's going on in my head and paying attention to how I'm feeling, how the models feeling there's nothing worse than spending four, five hours shooting thirty thousand photos to get one that sucks that totally sucks right now and that will totally lose interest so it's being aware that you're not the only person know that somebody else getting chewed out by mosquitoes to write and they might not be as enthusiastic especially if they're not wearing boots, pants, long sleeve shirt whatever you know they might have ants crawling up their leg and they're being cool are not saying anything but they're really uncomfortable it's like being aware that there's a team it takes a group of you it's not just your creative vision because it takes everybody you are nothing without that person in front of your camera because they are just a cz important what resource is when you were starting out? Did you find our their resource is like if somebody wants to start their career today they want to start the career today rear and you're different yeah, well, just start creating images maybe yeah, so this is a good question actually on two fronts one is if you want to get into compositing where you want to get into photography in general there is a difference between being a photographer and being in the business of photography they're not the same, right? So ask yourself that question are you a business person who it just happens to take really cool photos? Awesome do it if you're a photographer but you have no business sense it's going to be a challenge, right? So full time photography or a full time anything creative isn't for everybody but neither is having a day job so it's but you know photography will become read a job and then you'll do creative stuff on the side so the second half of that question you're going to have to remind me wass resources that's right so one of the best resources that I found actually isn't around anymore they just disappeared one day and I was like no so it's just gone but there's also there's learn ph learn dot com aaron aces brilliant there's also tooth plus there's creative live there's youtube youtube is a great place to learn really bad habits but that's okay you're gonna learn the bad habits but really just put in time try stop and ask people right this is once again the age of the internet right you can find somebody in singapore because do really cool stuff who might be really open to saying hey I really love your work and instead of saying oh I want to leech all the information off of you which admittedly is probably what you want to do try to have something to offer in return and just say hey man I really love the work I find the stuff you're doing super super inspiring you know I recently was doing something like this and it's kind of along the lines of what you were doing here and you know maybe we could you know trade tips or something try to find something that you're not just take goal in time right because this is an industry we our community and you have to give back so that's part of the reason why th that's great so there's a couple things I want to talk about before we wrap one is your smugmug film yes mum I did about that tell us about that I watched it today it's awesome yeah did where can people find that so my mag does these amazing films on photographers around the world and if you ever want to be inspired flash simultaneously want to throw your camera goto smugmug films even go to youtube smugmug films and watch the syriza films that they have their recently did one on me which is crazy crazy crazy honor oh my god it's like I believe it it's really it's very nicely done it talks a little bit about how I started in some of the challenges it's more detailed than what I talked in today but they have the most incredible films and they have an incredible service as well I mean like on top of the fact that smug my films does these awesome movies they're they're an amazing company to work with I mean they handle all my print stuff they handle a lot of my web work they're just it's just a wonderful company to be associated with you know including creative live as well uh, so, if you're looking at selling prints or your if you are doing something like that, smuggling is a great resource. If you want to get inspired and you want to watch surfers in norway go watch arctic swell, that one's incredible. Oh, my god, the footage they got this is so, yeah, it makes me not want to do video like I could probably never do that. So I just I just love to sit back and just be inspired by it, like watching pro snowboarders and, like, just just watch it and be impressed. No, yeah, it's, definitely something to check out.

Class Description

Whether your photography demands that you create a dreamy image of a sleeping infant or multiple characters in an epic battle scene, the magic of compositing can make it happen. 

In Essential Compositing Techniques, Renee Robyn will take you through the whole process, from start to finish on how to set up composite poses. Renee will discuss working with layers, brushes, color manipulation, and masking techniques to create a mood or story in your image. You’ll learn about composting outdoor images and Renee will offer tips on things to keep in mind while shooting stock images for your artwork.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015