Essential Compositing Techniques


Essential Compositing Techniques


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Compositing: Liquify the Wardrobe

I'm using a screen recorded called camped asia so there's lots of free ones online there's lots of more expensive ones this is just one that I was recommended from other artists and people who do screen reporting software that I trusted so it's a little bit more expensive but it works for me and it only sometimes crashes so um so first thing first we're going to load up I haven't hit record yet because I'm just gonna get out of the stockholder straw file opening up in the footage shot all right so record so this is camera so if you are opening your raw files going toe boot up usually most versions of photo shop first thing I'm always going to check it I'm going to look right here since little blue line down here right that's a line that doesn't really mean anything well actually mean stuff so if we click on that you see here and I go okay I'm such a sixteen but channel three hundred pixels per inch whenever I'm doing post production I like to run sixteen bit channel not a bit channel c...

ould anybody here it's homely the difference between eight and sixteen bit color third thie intensity yeah just for a minute per square inch that you're dealing with three hundred pixels per inches the dots per square inch so the difference between eight and sixteen but channel and I'm forgetting the exact numbers but it's eight to the power of eight which I believe is two hundred fifty bits color range so our rainbow was like this of the amount of color that we can play with so if we're doing whatever I'm doing compositing, I'm usually like let's do purple trees and bluegrass right it's going to look a lot better if we're running sixteen but channel one two sixteen in the pyre of sixteen remember cut somebody is probably going to told me on the creative life chat room if I'm getting the numbers wrong but there's just a lot more color to party with you think is like thirty two thousand or something like that available color to play with our rainbow goes from this to this so we can push the colors a lot more so that's just something that I like to play with and I'm creating these images so I'm gonna hit okay camera you could spend creative life could spend a three day course on camera there's aton of stuff you can do in here so I'm not going to go through it all right now I'm just going to do really, really, really simple adjustments so that's case here hello, wake up um in this case here I've already edited this, so I'm just going to look at this and I go visit my base adjustments and I like the exposure I mean, I let it right looks fine to me so there's not a whole lot of adjustments I'm going to do sometimes it will do is we go over to hugh saturation and I'll jump into the saturation and sometimes we'll tweak it but with this image I'm going to do all the color adjustments manually right? So I'm going to change the color of her hair a little bit we're gonna liquefy stuff we're goingto do things and push buttons I had somebody told me once they e mailed me we're just gonna open image and they said how do I make my image is better how do I make them or what do I do? What is the magic? You know formula was like we'll have an answer for you there is a magic formula for you're not gonna like my answer he's like oh tell me tell me something I have to know I have to know what he's really really eager and I said do it a lot push lots of buttons don't take shortcuts learn all this stuff that you need to learn and enjoy the process of learning especially for your beginner and your new like your new believe are all news at one point I started taking pictures of flowers um we were all beginners at one point appreciate that bounce of greater learning because that first little bit here learning is going to be x exponentially bigger and bigger and bigger and the more advanced you get like I spent a year and a half trying to teach myself toe understand warm tone colors to me you're gonna have to get it I don't see color very well not colorblind but I'm like color ignorant so it took me forever to learn that so try to enjoy the process right? Like I said, we're not we're not saving anybody really were making stuff we're making memories were taking pictures you don't do that kind of stuff we just create these fantasies that these illusions and we express how we see the world all right? So start taking us seriously like take a breath, breathe enjoy it and take a lot of pictures I'm not cool screw up a lot to learn to love failure oh my god get comfortable with it okay, so I'm will rant a lot um so first thing I'm going to dio I'm gonna look at this and I'm going to go okay? I want to do some liquefy work on this so I'm going to duplicate my layer which is control or command j I am a pc user I can hear all the mac users online going like no pc for life first thing I'm gonna do it to liquefy this is I duplicate my layer and I'm going to call this layer delete queer like a fight all right, so we have our liquefy layer now I could just go into liquefy and bring up the entire image it's unnecessary I don't need to I don't need to bring in all that information so I'm gonna take my m which is my marquee tool I short cut photoshopped learning short it'll make your life so much easier if you'd just be like your left hand will be pushing buttons right? How will be trying stuff in the life will be great when you're short cuts it's cool and you can also customize them uh critique did an awesome workshop one crate of live called the our beauty and business art of art and business of beauty retouching it's awesome big of course and critique is great and one of things he teaches about its customizing your keyboard so that is totally applied because that courses awesome. So take that hey can teach you all about customizing things so I'm going to make my mark e which is going to highlight um this area control our command shift x like ex boyfriend ex girlfriend was gonna bring up liquefied so I don't need all the other information so I don't need my computer working hard enough to bring all that information up it's unnecessary so the first thing I'm going to dio is I'm going to take my nudge tool which is in the top corner right there and I'm going to make my pressure like eleven so what happens if I have my pressure like ninety and I go to make her smaller look what happens that's ridiculous right? It looks terrible the whole point of really great retouching no matter what you're doing compositing beauty pets the whole point is that people shouldn't know what you did doesn't matter right? You want people to enjoy the experience of looking at your images it's not about what you did until you posted before and after and then you're basically just like yeah, this is cool um so I do also have my keyboard remap so if you see me pushing buttons that don't make sense I will explain it so first I'm going to do is this dress on her she's like a size zero she's really slender she's in great shape to the personal trainer so she's super fit this dress with the amount of fabric is going to make her look a little bit bigger this angle isn't the most flattering angle on her, but everything else is awesome so what can I do with that? Well, I can just snug in that little bit of dress right? And this is where people on the internet are like oh my god liquefying the double you're giving, you know, image perspective problems to all these young people look no, just educate them that dress may look that way yeah she's not bad she doesn't look like that normally write whenever we have a photo taken of us you want to be remembered for the best version of ourselves right? So when you're looking in the mirror and you're like yeah but I look awesome today right and then your friend comes up to you and say hey, you look kind of tired today you okay like you don't remember that tire purse you want to be remembered for how awesome is that? You look in the mirror that morning so that's my theory would look of fun that I just use it to make things like slightly more realistic in the body so I'm just going to start that in just a tiny tiny tiny little bit so I pressure's down at ten, which means that adjustment is going to be very gentle it's not going to look super hard core and it's not gonna squish pixels I'm gonna increase my brush size a whole bunch and I'm going to pull this skirt out a little bit more now the thing is this angle it makes you look really short which is what happens when you shoot top down on somebody they're gonna look short that's how it is right but she doesn't have to foot legs right? So I'm going to work with that illusion and I'm going to pull this out so I'm totally screwing up the grass around here and I'm cool with it because I can fix that so let's just pull up a little bit more make it a little bit bigger and we're just creating the illusion she's a little bit taller so there's grass right here is totally fried and that's okay because we can fix that so I'll show you guys how we could do that so just pull that a little bit it looks like we have a little bit of boeing going on right here with that bit of grass but I bet you this little bit along the front here unless somebody's really pixel peeping they probably won't notice so we're going to hit okay and now she looks a little bit taller so first thing I'm going to dio actually you know what I forgot to divert the fluff up her hair so let's go look a fire so I'm just re selecting that area went to my history right up here on the corner and I went back to liquefy as opposed to d select so I'm gonna go back into look if I which is control shift x so control your ex um just goingto make my brush a little bit smaller and so there's a little bit of pluckiness on top of her hair from like where the braid was in the wind caught her hair a little bit I'm just going to squish it down a tiny bit gonna make a bigger brush just make this a little bit bigger because big hair is fun that stretched ahead that looks weird so we're gonna hit okay already. So now I have this so the other thing that's kind of driving me totally bananas is this little black chunk of fabric you looks weird, I don't like it. So if I'm looking at the grass around here, the stuff that I'm going to have to fix is along the backside here and a little bit up around her head so if I turn on and off the visibility of the layer go before after fluffy nous so who tricked her face was a tiny little bit there with the eyelash, but it's not really super noticeable always going to who she is anyway. So, uh, what I want to do now is going to take my stamp tool, which is the letter s on the keyboard and I'm gonna go up here two brushes so brushes or something that I recommend everybody get really, really, really comfy with brushes are awesome! You could do so much with them, it's ridiculous. So whenever I'm trying to get rid of stuff that has a textured surface like this, I'm going to use a textured brush soft, round, others look weird and I could use like a tiny little brush at one pixel and just like do bret bit by bit by bit I don't want to so I'm going to go down here to use a brush here I use this brush all the time. It's fresh number fifty nine comes stock in standard and photoshopped it looks like this is totally on me and it works really, really well for hair. It works really well for grass. Looks good for all this stuff. So right now my stamp is set on current layer, which is great because I'm working on the current layer if I was doing something really, really, really complicated and I wasn't sure if I was going to get it right, I would work on blank layer and then I would be able to raise, delete whatever. But this is a relatively simple edit to get rid of this, so I'm just going to get a stamp gonna make sure no one hundred percent a hundred percent hold all key. Step here and start bringing this up. Zoom in nice and close. Bring that down. And the whole point of this is just to help people not notice that there used to be a huge chunk of fabric there. So please do not like this it's pretty easy to see that. Well, you know, we could sell the fake there's nothing super glaring tryto eliminate repeating patterns and that looks good

Class Description

Whether your photography demands that you create a dreamy image of a sleeping infant or multiple characters in an epic battle scene, the magic of compositing can make it happen. 

In Essential Compositing Techniques, Renee Robyn will take you through the whole process, from start to finish on how to set up composite poses. Renee will discuss working with layers, brushes, color manipulation, and masking techniques to create a mood or story in your image. You’ll learn about composting outdoor images and Renee will offer tips on things to keep in mind while shooting stock images for your artwork.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015