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How was your summer people yeah I hope all of you out there had as great of summer as we had here in seattle we had very little rain I know everyone thinks this is a place that rains all the time but guys we had like two days of rain this entire thing three months of summer do we not it's going to rain today? So where the tan land but I have to tell you I think this is going to tie into my program well, I probably had the most wonderful summer of my life it was balanced it wasn't over working I had great time with my children we traveled we actually went to to amusement parks this year uh I was able to get some fishing time in the mountains effect that's why have a beard right now? I just spent the last four days in montana fly fishing on a river I found a place in my career where I have balance and profitability and things are looking up we've expanded our team in recent days recent months we have wonderful keira working for us we have audrey in a new intern sarah and this is where a ...

husband wife team catherine and I have started this company together gosh, right after we were married and we're we're right on fifteen years little history on me my first wedding I shot when I was cash let's just say this twenty years ago this month it was my first wedding and when it got seriously got serious after we got married and I became a commercial photographer and I thought gosh, I really love to investigate this world of wedding photography I like the adrenaline I like the intensity I actually adored everything about it so I kept kind of the genre kept my commercial work I started doing weddings and what of course happens after that when you're shooting weddings you become a family his heart for right fell in love with that too so we just do a little of everything and we've adapted our career as time went on we started in a similar way that I think many of us started and that has tried to get in and try to get business be isn't expenses that you can and over deliver delivered a lived of deliver and that's what I think the phenomenon that's right now taking place throughout the world especially in america is we are working too hard and delivering way too much for the money that we're we're making a wedding photography and I'm gonna talk about this today because I think I can really help you all out I think it could really help the industry up by sharing my experiences and the subtle adaptations that we have made to our business over the years the baby steps if you will that has led to extraordinary consequences great, wonderful consequences in a place where I am today and we're still looking up we're still moving forward in this economy sure it has affected us but we found a way around it, okay? We're more profitable no we've ever been and I want that for everybody this is a wonderful message because it could affect us all the bar can be raised together we can do this if we all sign on to this philosophy and these steps everything goes up and I know for a fact that it works because it's worked in different cultures that have impacted how weddings are done and I'm gonna talk about that today I don't want to get too deep into it, but first before I do, why don't I introduce our studio a little bit kind of where our work has evolved from in recent years but most importantly want introduce my wife through this video who's in the back of room today I'm not gonna bring up counter, you know, but I don't want to introduce our niche and how we have marketed ourselves through a promotional video that we did a couple years ago that has led to tremendous amount of bookings in recent years, especially which was unexpected destination weddings because this video you'll see a shot in tuscany with an italian at italian wedding um somehow this is channeled into we have begun to attract the type of couples they're having destination weddings in europe in california and and and we're also we go in hawaii this year I'm going to show you hawaiian wedding this video I recommend everybody does because it's the first line of defense against competition and so when we show it right now life is an experience everything we do everything we see everything we feel his moment in our life experiences way relished the goods and we learn from the bad way live for today's experiences and mississippi tomorrow over those experiences are merely moments and they're gone just in an instant there pleading so we live our experiences through memory story through injury thing I love the fact that he has on people it's beautiful image can light up somebody's face single snap and change the mood of a person from one emotions for the next because of their storytelling that hard for love to emphasize the experience are couples have on their wedding day will take my breath away to see what he's able to capture and I often feel huge emotion images individually are beautiful has so much more important to describe the experience and tell a story for the way that just able to capture them is truly has this amazing ability to connect with energy transforms into a place that you want to be you just wanted to engage with him and that's something that he's able to do every single time he's interacting with our clients it's really important that I have that connection I want to know them I want them to know me wait get to know what makes them tick and what that they find beautiful so that we can help translate that on their wedding day it all comes down to trust because they trusted to be able to be themselves and from the camera it's a sliver in life that will never be we lived I guess it's part of that fairy tale thing I work so well together they're just taking complement one another she sees things that I don't she picks up where I live off she is business I just take the pictures in a needing friend wonderful bad artist is just a great partner she really told us all together she's my life way do this together and it's a get life is a string of moments on decisions that creator like those experiences are merely moments cleaning way live our experiences through memory story for injury how will you experience life on how will it be remembered well I get like one of those every time I see especially front of people it chokes me I love you katarina thank you so many ways were looted compose myself so I just want I don't want a share a couple points from this video first of all, what is the first question of bride has about you when they come to hire you it's not your imagery guys you know, I think personally I think our brides when their moms for that matter we're going talk about every old genres of turkey today, but the person is hiring you is more concerned, especially in the wedding industry who you are, how you present yourself and do you relate to them more than your imagery? I believe that in today's world with internet and being bombarded by so many places you could look at see people's images I believe that our couples can't tell they're shooting a good photo and a great photo, okay, it's, who they're hiring that matters the most. Okay, that's the main point of doing this video, we're removing that so they can look at our images, put in story format and focused on the art delivery that gets us the fifteen thousand weddings that were booking right now. Now I'm going, if I could talk about money today and I know that we have different markets throughout the world and seattle's one particular market, but I want to just say I want to talk about this and with humility I'm not boasting or anything, I just want you to be honest with you guys about where I started and now what but how we're blessed in thiss new era that we've worked very hard to get to my first weddings, my first weddings were seven hundred dollars. Actually, my first one is five hundred dollars but it cost me seven hundred but oh, my goodness, that led the whole a lot more weddings back in that era I was a film shooter and I delivered all the images and four by six prints. Okay, that's must sound familiar to a lot of you because that's shoot the disc philosophy of today. Okay, I was inexpensive and I gave them everything. There was no art delivery it all. There is no product so sure I'd make an album if you paid extra for that there's going to be a very big difference between shooting for the art or shooting for the pictures here that we're going to talk about today very important. So then we were our lead by the roll seven fifty, twelve hundred dollars gosh, guys within two years, no kidding. We had sixty five weddings a year, we were so inexpensive and working so hard to get a footing into this industry, we got caught up in booking as much as we could and a problem happened shortly after we're known for giving away the house we were known for giving it all up and boy was our phone ringing off the hook and I'm telling you for every saturday every summer were season here is the summer months every saturday we had at least twelve calls inquiring about that oh my gosh. So what did people tell us at the time? They said we'll just raise your prices right? Raise your prices, you can double your price is you'll have half a cz many people enquiring and you'll make twice as much and shoot half assed much this wasn't the case. This was not true guys after that third year of doing sixty, seventy weddings, by the way, killing myself not having the life that I had now working every single weekend oh, my goodness! Time with children time with family, non existence it was work, work, work but the crazy part was I wasn't the lab at the time digital revolution hadn't hit we send our film up, we get back we take out the bad images we deliver for by six boxes sounds familiar. However, this is what's going on right now across the world except people who are shoot two disc are also the lab also managed the phones. They take out the garbage, they market they oh my gosh, the marketing that today's era is you guys are working twice as hard three times as hard as I ever did and you're being paid the same amount, ok, we were not profitable. The reality is we were not probable with our time so I'm going to dig into some slides today we'll have some fun I'm going to talk about some gifts I have for you all going to get you inspired about some some new products I'm going to inspire you to partner up with companies they'll provide products for you that will blow your mind and how that you could profit from these from from from the products simplify what you do I'm going I'm going to take your current work flow to shoot two disc if you currently are I'm going to divide it in half and I'm gonna give for you inspiration to create a product that has the potential of giving you weddings that are beyond your wildest dreams like three times what you're your existing packages costing this time you can receive by being product focus okay because how do experience life is the question and how are the moments remembered? I am telling you you will have great success if you start shooting his story and the moments put in a story for my have way more impact were to get into that today but first a little bit about us we are a team I talked about there's there's five of us right now we shoot over the years we shoot product I'm gonna go through these images really rallied relatively quickly because we're going to get to the meat of this program we shot food over the years of course babies came shortly after I didn't expect that but I sure love doing it I took a kind of a commercial approach to it that's my daughter gabriella um you know, I really love this interaction that inspired me I wanted to shoot in this manner just expression between people and that's translated right back into my wedding photography that what's happened between people more important than photographing who they are at that particular moment the experiences can we throw this word experience out a lot today somebody you're starting to get the word experiential wedding photography started kick in I know a lot of educators are kind of starting to talk about that form of photography where it's not about the people at the chutes of experience that they're having and that creates the expression the fun and once they see themselves in the photos laughing playfulness that intimate relationship amongst them that's when they find a value that's so far greater than individual images can ever produce uh of of portrait style just looking at the camera so family photos we got into seniors this year actually did a few previous years but I just love it it's a kind of a fashion e shoot it's kind of fun it could be location in the studio it could be a beautiful portrait it's it's adding diversity of what I do that translates back to my wedding work and as a group as a crew we just we just like the whole process we think seniors are really fun to photograph it's very very easy I have to say it's not the pressure that we experience on winning a is it a huge group shots that is a local jeweler and they do this every year and we also do their head shots so we are starting a headshot business by itself we're just kind of way we do a lot of headshots lit market ourselves and head shots ok, so that's a fourth genre that we're really getting into commercials about one third one third and this is this is both our time into it and revenue one third his family work portrait portrait work seniors, etcetera and one third is our wedding it really makes the days diversity fund so there's a kind of commercial stuff we dio local catalogs this is the local outdoor clothing company. This is their dealer catalog but what do we love so much? Why do absolute love weddings? I love it because it's really I love it because it's pressure to dread elin I love it because of the relationships that we have made over the years with the wonderful couples and we've gotten to photograph do I have those relationships to those people that I was photographing when I was doing sixty five weddings a year absolutely not unfortunately, but the ones I'm doing now and we focuses on fifteen weddings a year is the max that I'm willing to do considering all the other things to do in the dedication I'd have to my family fifteen's plenty and right now there's very few weddings that we will do me and there's all sorts of what his destination weddings in this backyard weddings, right? So right now because of how we've grown with the technique simon to share today our weddings started five hundred dollars when I lost seven fifty for a while went up to twelve hundred we just kind of raised our price a little bit edged up but the real magic didn't happen until I started story shooting and shooting for the art shooting for the book shooting for something of greater value than individual picture okay, this partnership is where the magic happened for me and when I dedicated myself not half heartedly not just every once in a while if a client is willing to purchase something everyone gets art from what we do every single client that comes to us will be delivered a beautiful a terror italian handcrafted album huge metal prince thin rap prince beautiful art for the wall everyone receives something greater than individual four by six okay, this is the bay photo according wrapped in amounts prints these air absolutely the answer to everyone's problem this is this industry okay, so we'll talk about that I'm going to give you the steps that we underwent over the years to slowly work your way into it now even a backyard wedding for a start around fifty five hundred dollars and works into with the art around ten thousand dollars on average okay, we just yesterday we had a and again I'm talking money because I really need to share this with you guys with humility. Yesterday was a fifteen thousand dollars signing of ah of an agreement for ah bride and groom getting married in seattle this is the kind of stuff that makes it really exciting for me. You could see how where I didn't have a life before now it's wonderful summer and I have to shoot less than fifteen in a year and half and plenty of revenue and guys it's not about how many we shoot keeps how many ways you should shoot seventy weddings like oh no it's about how much profit you have with each one its profit profit profit, profit doesn't come from picture taking it comes from art focus storytelling so let's get into that. So this is the wedding work that we like to do now big, deep emotional single images that tell a story or simple individual images put together in story format in these beautiful art books that tell a story everything tells a story now entire these are just some fun shots over the years huge bottle parties we get this might be a simple images image but it won an award for what it's storytelling ability okay array moody day here in seattle actually is beautiful I know we were talking earlier with this group will have a rainy weekend I want you to make the beauty out of a rainy day because your beauty and everything we have to know how to find it what's this story about I'm going to show this this story to you today okay what's their story about what's the smoke was the smoke coming from coming from a cigar that's earlier in their storyline different style of imagery we just this is the story inquired and show you a little bit ok just a little about this image people think it's done photo shop no I'm actually hanging a mon a pot out of the side of a helicopter with the fish islands this is the drastic falls they call it in quiet but an absolute real moment so does your do your images are they pictures or their symbolic for the storyline that's what changed with my thinking I'd be a picture take her picture take her picture taker I had fifty can poses that worked in any location and I would use them at cash on my work look the same every just different church you know what I mean when I started shooting in store, the magic changed, things changed in my mind, I needed to produce images that had symbolism. This is symbolic for them moving forward into their life together. It's pathway, right that's what changed my thinking? Ok, creating single images that tell what I learned from competition like being a judge over the years is the winning image always that was a a single shot that had multiple stories taking place within, right? Very, very powerful. Well, it's there's so much going on in this particular image, right? We if we move to an art focused album delivery guys, we have the ability with our canvas not just picking pictures anymore, we now have a canvas that we could build simple stories onto that had the same impact is that award winning image that is a revolution in thinking, okay, that right there is something that could have extraordinary impact on your on your work, and so a lot of people do albums, but they create picture books, their album is a picture next to a picture next to a picture they don't enter relate they don't say one thing about they don't tell the story, I want you to move into real story shooting, I'm gonna give an example what a storybook looks like what's exciting is that is really easy it's really simple it's it's more easy to make it a story album than a picture book, and especially when your shift into the thinking off actually capturing those images in story. Wow, that was really simple. I just capture people walking in and out of a doorway, and then when you get back to your studio to do their album, you've already pre thought the spread thinking and story is awesome. Okay, this is very necessary image before they got and they get in the helicopter. This is the book I'm just about to show you before they get into the helicopter helicopter has to arrive, doesn't it just see what I'm talking about? You think differently. You capture different images. Each image has a purpose to the storyline wholly different way of thinking what happened over the years. It's magical to me, what's like I had no idea what was going on with my portfolio. It's exploding because I stopped using my campos is and I started letting things happen naturally. It's it's an amazing phenomenon. I'm emphasizing my program in just a minute here, it's an amazing phenomenon, this is zero photoshopped images separate. Saturation happenings here at city hall have you ever been down there guys that big red wall that was a wind moment I was wanting an expression to come out of this bride and I knew that wind hit it hit his wallet is going straight up as hoping her veil would fly up okay I was seen setting for a moment to happen to create expression that's different than posing very different scene setting is I wonder will happen if I have them all walk together or wonder will happen if I have her go over available fly everyone will laugh it'll be wonderful moment oh my gosh it formed a heart so that is the type of things that happen when you stop using what's worked for you in the past and you re invent you shift your thinking there's something fresh and this is what I'm hoping to share with the industry today and all you have guys a couple more shots I want to get into the the the needy greedy in how to do it so here we go so is our industry in decline I believe it's still this and I believe it's there's many factors economy still not good in america things hopefully are changing a little bit we personally are seeing a little bit the more spending and and that you know the group that we're working with us are starting to kind of be more relaxed about sharing sharing you know the income investing in photography great it's pushing us to work harder and sell it for less I believe the photographer's coming in and even some season photographers that used to be art delivery used to be a hundred percent are still have moved to a shift shoot two disc package to compete I believe the bar has been dropping because of that there's definitely more competition gosh you know seattle market used to be thirty full time shooters and a lot of periphery part timers now it's we share this with at least three thousand photographers want to be full time that's how the industry's changed that has led us to do a lot more destination weddings by the way on that video is very helpful but the bottom line is the bar is still still down there we did lift it up and this is a solution for you so gosh guys we were not photographers anymore I believe we are look at us today we're online right we are too tweeting we're facebooking we are busy busy busy with marketing, marketing, marketing to compete with the masses and remember I was I was bottom of the market to get started I think a lot of people are when they come in they go in cheap right? So you're not on ly remember I just dropped my film off and got it back and sort of the images out given the negatives which is shoot the disk and the four by six prints ok, same thing but I was in the lab we are now the lab as well were photoshopping gosh guys and I've done research over this I've asked a lot of tire first and I had this philosophy in the early digital era I would spend three, four even five days retouching images before I put them on that disk or posted them online and hoped for a sale or hoped for an album to view purchased it was a lot of lost time to see a lot of nodding heads right now it is not okay for you all to be spending all this time and push up photoshopped light room et cetera you should have a smile on your face it is awesome guys, don't we like cash to have a career? We get to be creating something I want you and I'm going to share with you the process that has got us to a place where every time I sit down huge smile I love for the photo shop because every time I'm in photo shop I'm making money in by creating art in these art books as well as our enlargements ok, I'm sure you today renewed great here's the deal is the truth ninety percent of the photographers out there our picture takers ten percent are our shooter's picture takers deliver on a disk and they photoshopped they have a larger workflow than the art shooters okay, this is okay the fifteen, twenty five even thirty, five hundred dollar range in american market in seattle market I'm particularly talking about and obviously you have people around the world watching right now it shifts but that space that they occupy okay, ninety percent of the shooters are competing with you there then there is this incredible gap that is so interesting that we don't lot of photographers don't realize it is a song a little little gap to the art shooters it's like guys fifteen twenty five, thirty, five hundred were averaging ten thousand dollars a wedding I want everyone to average ten thousand dollars of murdering please we need to get there together but the way you do it is you change your focus it's a reinvention it's not hard you just need to start channeling people to you you are you are attracting the type of bride who values art ok and since there's so many of us diluting the marketplace with individual pictures we've pulled a lot of art appreciated people down with us do you see how if we all change our focus? We all start our delivery we all raised the bar together and it's only ten percent occupying the space probably a lot less I think I'm being conservative here I think it's probably seven five percent of photographers in this era do nothing but deliver aren't the way I'm going to talk about today so bottom line is I'm here to help guys I'm here to help you guys can do this I'm going to share with you simple steps it's baby steps but within a three year period within a one year period of see huge results you need to get out of okay the type of people who are higher you right now are people that want what you did for their friends right but you can easily re focus into the type of brides who value art the way that they value are in higher us so we're talking about this so here's here's some facts about business I think we all agree upon that we should be creating art not pictures we must deliver art that has long term value if you plan on having longevity a creative field it has to have be beautiful to them in years to come right we've got to be careful with the trends we must properly identify our client their style taste in their vision true then why did mike I do can poses for each and every bride every every time I went to a unique wedding I was doing the same darn thing I needed to be careful I need to learn this I had to create images that represent our client okay way need our client to see themselves in the photos okay, not how we want to portray them, right? How can we do this? How could get to know who they are and for shooting sixty, seventy winnings here. Okay, let's understand how our client thinks on emotional level. What moves them emotionally right? What moves them emotionally? You see, if we could touch people's hearts price falls away. That's one of the most important things I could say today we used to vote our energy to the experience of the client. Okay, on the wedding day and beyond and that means their phone calls to you their initial meetings, et cetera. Do you see that opening video? The word experience came up six, seven times and did you see me hug? I was hugging the groom was the groom was taking a picture of me and the bride. We were high five and we're just having fun that's how we need to portray ourselves as people who are concerned with the beauty of their wedding day experience. We are not at their wedding to have a photo shoot. We're there to help the day become even even more so beautiful and guys that's why we're hired right now because we were refer people come to us because they know, and they have heard that their wedding day will be even more special because they've hired us and we hand hold them through the process we want to become part of their inner circle when it comes to the decision making and that's why I want to focus on fifteen beautiful upscale weddings a year so and one more got creatively reinvent regularly or we're gonna fade let's continue good news, guys the good news is it's easy to change it's not a difficult transition into what I'm talking about right now pull industry needs to do this okay, we can do this together and it's not a competition thing now you'll see me up a time I get offered let's talk about this I'm going to jump at the opportunity it's something that we can all do together share with one another be the community that we're supposed to be we don't compete we help one another, right? If we can do that raise the bar so baby steps and that's where you talk about right now the baby steps it takes to get there and I have over the years first it was I'm gonna dedicate I'm going one album this year, okay? Wow, the results of that sale was big I'm gonna focus on three albums the magic started really happy when I said I'm going to do nothing but story album shooting in story format and deliver not a picture book but a storybook and then on ly shou story books to my clients okay and then they're hire me for that book a lot of people out there want to make albums but their clients ripped those album designs apart don't they? And they say well in that negative space right there fit in fifty more images I know I went through this process you need to remind them through great documents and communication skills that you're hired me for what I originally showed you okay? This is a story album book okay, I'm a show this to the second it's got single images with you got spreads with three to five images on average ok it's got a lot of spreads with only one image as a beginning middle and it's chronological in order it has a crescendo and and it drops you off wanting mohr but just going oh wow okay it is not a picture book and you need to communicate these things and I've got a solution for you today we put all of our documents and all of our tools all of our communication things that come with being a designer as well as a photographer on disk for you okay step we're going talk about how to get all of our products that we don't over the years I also have a video how you shooting story, how that translates in post production how your workflow khun go from three to five days retouching multiple images that you hope or purchase to photo shopping them on a spread all at once we could work flow watch this it could be three hundred images an album but I have thirty five spreads if you photoshopped them all at once in the spread I only have thirty five ri touches per client holy moly duchess sieved literally five months of labor I calculated by moving to story shooting ok, I'm going to share with you how I do this in this dvd later so I'll make that available to you all in the audience as well. Okay, so baby steps okay this year my reinvention is multiple volume books hey, I've got two thousand dollars profit in the album why don't I make double size books that's even greater and starts yeah and start showing that right and start showing those I know for a fact if you show it and attract your client to that they will want it correct it's kind of one on one and marketing so I said, well why don't I do a double volume book is my gift to this particular client? Ok then I started showing that I put it online gosh guys every everywhere and we shot this year is a double volume book now everyone this is my invention and not on ly double volume books huge enlargements very large cultivate sir with huge prints and multiple image art pieces guys it's really, really cool how this works every year add a little step mine happens to be fantastic but what's wonderful about this process. I want to show you this book here I'm gonna pass it around. I want to show you the power of being partnered with companies that provide for you the profitability that we all deserve. This is graphic studio our partner with and this is our wonderful lab. A photo lab. All right. And both must share with you their web sites and they have some things to share with you as well. But this is a double volume book. Okay? One of them is from there. Okay? A book and a half it's from their wedding day and the rest is the peripherals around it. The rehearsal dinner the extra time I gave for them as my gift to them. The next day photo shoot in their hotel room. The next morning I woke up in a candid ten minutes of photography form. All is my gift to them shooting time, wass because I knew they want a very large, very beautiful book. Okay, what's really need about these clients is they don't just want one book. They want a full size copy for each parent, okay, and if they didn't boy, we have this resource by the way online when you do that the online order form you you put in two or three when you says send the artwork and that's it it shows up you get three of them and guess what we sold sell these four it could be three thousand dollars each guys, do you see how this could be? Well, suddenly twenty five thousand dollars wedding because these people value the art that you do so much okay and this by the way it would be apparent size album for kind of somebody with more of a budget we sell this for seven hundred fifty dollars it's one hundred dollars cost profit, profit, profit and look att and this is a very simple design. Okay single images got it so and I have a formula my head everyone it's, it's, it's the same formula of what I need to shoot it's, just different players and different reactions within different experiences, different books every book takes on its own theme and not only the backgrounds and design, but about laying out how you know metal covers versus versus leather versus acrylic there's so many wonderful options at it is super fun and now I'm including these wonderful boxes with every book just to step it up a little bit I've added a boss logo to the back just to make it you know you're being delivered a piece of art that's a parent stylebook parent sized but right now every client is getting these double volume books and I love to create them I absolutely love my photo shopped time so let's get into this let me show you an album k so what I want to show you is that it is images put in a chronological order, okay? It is there's a clear beginning clear middle clear end there you introduce the players they'll be a bride, a groom obviously and all their family members and bottle party right? Each individual person needs to be celebrated individually and together you'll see instead of pictures of them looking at the camera, you'll see them interacting with one another very important story shooting yes, I still take pictures of you know ever imposed together looking at the camera but for the most part that doesn't go in these in these books they do but not often right you have to intermix stuff you'll see single image spreads you'll see some spreads with twenty images on them but it's not every spread twenty images have to heal the eye you have to heal the I go big and ease into the next experience okay, this is put together with music that is supposed to be impactful to the client we want them on an emotional ride that related I often use foreign language music because I want them to imagine themselves in the words okay, very importantly, impact them emotionally. We're talking about that right now, but when we watch this this and by the way, you're going to see the book and then you see the spread opened up. So the book is open and that's the album spread. Okay, wait. All right? Thank you. I can't take credit mean, work wise like you, the beautiful sunset and oh, by the way, make it so red that you can't even believe it you're seeing so it also helps. It also helps tio to have clients wanting to do what kind of visions about so let me explain how that works, guys, I've shown these books. This is the power of story shooting. They see these double volume books, they see the extraordinary images, and they want what they saw before the power of visually showing. And I want everyone to stop talking and start showing this is a creative world. Okay, visually, show what you want to dio stop, for instance, be careful, but I know that remember the ninety percent ten percent thank ninety percent of it harbors out there show their very best portfolio images online, don't they? The very but by I think you triple skewed music for the song that they've contributed for the slide show today very okay, the problem is you are attracting people that want your very best individual images, right? If you throw individual pictures online your best portfolio shots could you trying to find people that love your work guys, you you're going to get what you ask for somebody who values individual pictures and what they're going to want a picture book, no bias which in our third it's inert and our second in third package you get an album? Oh, good. I want that album and I want it crammed full of all the pictures right? It's pressure on you as well. That's, why you're stuck in picture books a lot of people out there listening right now like on stuck in picture books. Okay, first of all, you have a dedicated entirely to story shooting so everyone, no matter what gets it, the magic happens when everybody, everyone that hires you gets the art not on ly certain people who pay a little that's the difference and some of you are saying, how do I afford to do that? Well, I've just talked about how you've decrease your workflow by less than half wait, let me be clear we saved at the time of shooting forty what is a year? It was five months of labor win away when I started delivering above for each client five months of labor that allowed me to hire somebody to help and allowed me to market myself better advanced my other areas of shooting etcetera it's a powerful thing guys can we do not deliver retouched images in anything except for the output it was it was we were commissioned tio put it out for so we re touched in the album and we retouch separately for the enlargement and that by the way is really good understanding of how you should be photoshopping one image retouching be increased up to a four foot by four foot image that's bad photo shop that is interpreting off after you've done retouching you should re touch at the size of your output and that's our excuse story clients by the way and why we do not deliver retouched images. The retouching is reserved for the art out put it it's for italy and it's for bay photo lab you can't graphics studio art and bay photo labs art okay, so that ten percent that I was talking about earlier that our story shooters look at their web sites that you will see nothing but albums nothing but wall enlargements. You'll see stories just like I showed you just now they want to track people that value that so that's all they show so be very careful on that would be a great reinvention for a lot of you in the audience put your images his story format show what you want to sell and don't confuse your clients, ok? So got a lot to do today. I want to get into the psychology of emotional imagery. I wanted to discuss creativity, it's a really fun topic picture taking versus art focus story time, all right, there's a subtle difference and it's an awesome change that you can make. Okay, describe the transformation and super easy start shooting it story it's sze a lot easier to do then the campos is that your groom may growl issue about have you ever had that happen? Or how about when the bride says, hey, let's, go over here and do some pictures over here when they take direction. That doesn't happen when you aren't shooting restore shooting because every moments free flowing it's really fun, okay, the power of emotional storytelling and its effect to your future. Okay, how this understanding will guide your every move in your business every move. How does that impact you? Emotionally tools and techniques? I give you my tools and show you success stories tell this diamond so the big point is how the subtle trump's transformation can change your career. Ok, so I've learned I've learned over the years these air lessons I want to share with you twenty years of shooting weddings now. That I hope you don't have to learn individually, but I want to show you the solution and the repercussions of everything that I've done. So many shows a few important lessons over the years. These lessons you need to know um and this is just my opinion obviously there's many different ways that people go about their business but this is just for us. Okay? I'm hoping help, so if I connect the heart to the head amazing things happen in the beginning when I was delivering those four by six prints in a box with the film negatives shoot two disc equivalent of post your images online okay? Or providing for them just a disk of being done whatever. Okay, I never saw a bride crying never saw emotion when they picked up image I saw people go wow it's a beautiful shot. Okay, when I did my first album ok, let me tell you a story real quick. I remember and this is where really hit me that I was doing something in a probe for it. Okay for a client. When I was delivering those images in a box I remember ok, they used to come to our door and we give a big hug. We talked about the wedding a little bit would hand him too big bags of prince and they walk out the door okay and that was hey, you know, if you want us to do an album for you whatever we love teo you know, it was a film it was the their prints and negatives so we do matted albums for them. Um nobody took us up on it and he needed to in our tire era the entire era but here's what happened? So the bride takes off she leaves the door like walks down our stairs, disappears behind a fence, ok? And gosh, I go about my business do some things an hour later I'm up in our bedroom and we live off the street I look out the window hot summer day and I could look right in through the sun roof there was the bride sitting there by herself and she was doing this I could look right down into what that's how she was experienced her photos no emotion attached to that. Okay sad moment for me sad moment, guys that's the equivalent of what the online experiences about those galleries contrast that with this story that you just saw put together with emotional music there's a difference there's a difference and that's the value that we're talking about the gap between the ten percent and the ninety percent that's the gap okay, we need impact emotionally it was when I learned that it was from my first book my faith first design that I did I printed with graphic studio they opened it they saw it for the first time and finished format sure they reviewed it they sought to initial slideshow et cetera the mom and the bride were crying their emotional about this beautiful piece of archival artwork that they're going to take home and god I was sold it is no looking back that's when my transformation happened okay I will make I said I will no longer deliver individual images it's all gotta come as one package that's what I want for you guys so so if I see tears I've learned I've done my job I've done what I'm supposed to do as a wedding photographer that is our duty their wedding day is most emotional beautiful extraordinary day of their life okay they need to experience it again when they see york so think about that individual images you just oh cool picture cool picture cool picture you are neutralized as you go through that experience but boy do we have power if we deliver our so the negative consequences of being on the wrong path let me tell you what that experience was for us we were delivering what we have explained we've delivered into a pig pictures in boxes so we're attracting people that want to individual pictures in boxes and we got stuck in a place because we were referred referred and referred by people have that same experience we're cheap. We shot well, boy seventy one he's year mentioned you get pretty good taking pictures of weddings don't you right. So wear stuck in that rut we had to reinvent that's what? I'm talking about baby steps right now but first you have to commit to each and every client receiving the art receiving the book you could do that and then wow, your style changes because you're shooting and story wow, the heart shaped veils happened lightning bolts happen right? Oh my gosh, what is happening to my career? Oh my gosh. I sold not only one book but they ordered duplicates. Let me clarify what I was talking about earlier this maybe five, six hundred dollars item right here the parent book with the basic cover it's one hundred dollars additional oh, my gosh, that just bought me and I saw it for seven hundred you know actually think we're nine hundred now that's eight dollars profit with one click of the mouse oh, and hey, did you know this crafty studio? I will tell you how you get into this they're doing for every book you create with them right now you get thirty million books look at these little puppies that's the entire story line all your artwork is that awesome? This is the power of being aren't focused now I have business cards from the art that I created right I want to pass these around, I want you to see these guys take these looking, I'm you get so for every album until the end of the year that you have with graphic studio and for for those of you who are using graphics, you'll miss share with you how you can get to know them today, have a link to their web site and get to know you. This is these are the peripherals that make our business successful. Can you imagine a fish bowl of these at your favorite venue? Six seven albums that you've done at that venue grab a handful of as the coordinator early, you know, leaves a czar couple leaves the venue, you're just you're like promoting stuff so and it's already aren't working. You've done the work on, okay? You don't get this if your picture focus, you don't get these beautiful, beautiful things. So look, hundred dollars additional, not with the case, by the way, I just want to clarify that and what else we got here? Look at these guys. These are wonderful as well. That's the book that you just saw one volume of it by holding steady. Good. I want you to see that these guys I give always click the button the order these as well and gosh thirty these show up they end up in the broad sense we can give him his gifts or the whole bridal party could take home a copy and you just make sure you logo your work at the end of every book jay garner studios by the way if you want to look at our website it's the letter j garner g a r n e r photography dot com and click on the wedding section and just look where it's all on story format yes we have a third gallery it's the third one that's individual images like I showed you earlier individual pictures but it's the third option yeah they're almost the show I'd still want to know my portfolio my best images my holy cow moments wow that did that really happen lite able shot harsh a veil I want to show that stuff but after they see that I am story focused so again the million books are available for all books that are designed and submitted until the end of the year and I don't know they might even take it further this is such a great company I'm the sheriff you what they do um in just a little bit so I want to talk to you about this section because I was a psychology major in college university washington and I like how am I ever going to use that that major but I've actually found a really important place for it and I remember a couple things about the right brain emotional brand, the literal brand I want to share with you that today take a look at this person spinning now for some of us she's spinning one way to the left for other of us she's spinning to the right. This tells you where you are in your emotional if you're a literal, left brained or right brain, and you're visually viewing this yes, it's somewhat of a gimmick that doesn't work for everybody but it's true, I can if I had the time, I could shift it for you if it's moving this direction, you're in your left brain. This is the emotional side of brain. This is where most of our brides and couples who hire us reside if we're mohr this direction, it's a literal experience for us, okay? We're thinking we're doing the mathematical where we're calculating let's talk about the brain a little bit so the fun thing is I can shift that for you, but impacting you with music and imagery, I could shift it from literal too emotional, okay, for some of us, they could shift it on demand. They might be a center brand, you know, a lot of left, a lot of right, those people are very blessed. We as photographers and our clients are right brainers okay, take a look at the architecture the right this is just interesting I just find this interesting I think is really helpful if we get it so let me give you the skinny on each side the left brain is logical is detail oriented uses fax words in language okay? Comprehension is their order the pattern perception okay it's reality based math and science knowing versus believing in its safe versus risk taking science you know philosophy this is these are little brain things needs fax these logic ok, this is not the place we want to be with our business we want to hear right brain uses feeling okay this is the emotional side this is where we want to have impact with everything we do big picture oriented uses imagination, symbols and image get it feeling I get it symbols an image symbols are so important what we photograph the bride's walking down a path that I get it they're moving into the next chapter of the book the next chapter of their life the next chapter of the story I get it spatial perception fantasy based well, what is the wedding? What is a wedding it's life's greatest fantasy? Is it not guy's philosophy, religion believing versus knowing and its risk taking we only to be risk takers ok, interesting stuff. Very interesting stuff. So I have learned that if I want to be an artist, a successful artist, every decision I make should consider the emotional brain everything. Now, think about your price sheet. Think about your packages. Is it full of numbers? Is it? Have a b and c d e f g o add this. Attract this from it. Where do you put the viewer of this price sheet in their little brand of emotional brain? Literal. Great. Throw that price sheet up. Okay, what about the website? Where you're showing individual images? Do we impact their little rant or their emotional brand? We impact their literal brain with individual images. We neutralize emotion, right? So how about it let me share with you every other way that we overlook that's photographers? I mean, how we advertise. Do you put a price on our how we saw ourselves on price. Okay. We were using a lot of copy to weigh right sentences about what we do. How do we answer the phone, guys? How do we meet with couples? Is it in starbucks isn't in a coffee shop. Is that an emotional place or a literal place? How do we communicate with clients? Is it regularly and intimately how we help you or is it hey you know it's time for you to have swipe the credit card because I was getting two weeks before your wedding and we need to close out the account think about that how do we set up a present? How do we start our shooting day were how you start your emotional experience with your shooting you've got to be there emotionally to create something emotional you know we listen to music, we psych ourselves up, we get ourselves in a place that we could produce I listened like I'm not an opera lover but I listened to opera music in my head as I'm shooting something for the couple because I know that's the song that I'm gonna put their slide show to later does that make sense? It's a really powerful bit of knowledge to understand this okay how do we share our images? Do we share them with that website? That fulfillment website where you click in order or do they get a slide show put together put to music that's appropriate for just them and only them foreign language is what we use for later language music how do we set up our website? Is there section on how much we are or is their story images you guys are website starts with a slide show I started this program with which didn't talk about anything but who we are as people and our love and passion for what we do that's all I needed to do t book most of our clients. Okay, we do not do we have a general packages there's a good, better best and there's even a super way over here. Expensive one so I look at it this way. Good. Better best. And I call it the holy cow. And bambi taught me about this. The holy cow is reserved for maybe a destination wedding, but it's also to make the best seem attainable. Ok? And by the way, we give away a lot of stuff. We're very expensive in the time that the time for us is something we give away a lot. So I make it five hundred dollars per hour and I make sure that that gift they understand the value of the gift being five hundred dollars per hour. I'll photograph use my gift to you extra time before the wedding. The rehearsal dinner the crews they make may go on. Okay, this last, uh album I showed you all that helicopter stuff was done on the next day one hundred percent my gift to the couple all that time free, but what did they order guys, that was a twenty five thousand dollars wedding, a double voting booth for each ok, you give something, we have value, they value you for what you do, that you need to make sure that gift doesn't end up to be something you regret because you forgot to let them know the value of it. Okay, so our custom proposals or how we communicate with our clients now we find out what they want, find out what their budget is, work with him on how we could make our services work within their the frame of what they have available know that we could ship their mind into valuing art even more than purchasing more flowers. We know that we could do that if we show them and get them in that emotional place and create that custom proposal for them. We subtract the free stuff at the bottom that we're giving them three additional hours on the front of the wedding to go and drink champagne in a bar, ok, and do nothing but be together, which is how why did they should be not this photo shoot that time? Fifteen hundred dollars subtracted from the bottom line, they see that they feel that they go. Wow, they're really concerned with our experience, and then we give them that wonderful experience sure, it's time, not for a photo shoot it's time for me, too. Walk in click click click oh they just pop the champagne three klicks I just got a story a story is one double double page bit of the book okay are album spreads cost me twelve dollars per double double page we started at thirty dollars padilla page this is beyond their proposed prize the what's in another going to a lot of questions about this and I wish I could get more into it but beyond what they've agreed upon in the there um in our proposal we were thirty dollars per additional spread we keystone would remarked up from twelve dollars that made it super probable for us, especially when they order multiple books but each year this is the area I give myself a raise and give myself a race on lee in the art so now we're two hundred fifty dollars after all these baby steps were two hundred fifty dollars per additional spread beyond what they've agreed upon. I love giving those away too I can afford to do that that those margins as long as they understand the value of that gift otherwise it has negative consequences on you. Okay? Bambi calls it the gift that keeps on giving did you say that uh guys pictures are very different from art? We've established that today we um I really need to keep that in mind those pictures only have so much impact baseline but here's the thing I don't have to take perfect pictures anymore, this one I love because in the beginning it was very scary for me when I shop a wedding because I knew they saw my best images on my website and I had to produce oh, wow image for them. Ok, the power of delivery art is now I think, in story and the moments the big moments happened, they came ten fold that came naturally because I stopped directing so much. Yes, I do. You guys get together come over here perfectly click move on. But in between those gaps of time when the real stuff happens, the rial moments which enable them to see themselves in the photos even more but simple images here's here's how it works is simple images in story have more impact. Individual pictures I thought need phenomenon does a really think about it? Because here's the fact a preplanned will design albus but is as impactful if not more than a single ashot that's liberating that is liberating that's not this is an awesome phenomenon that frees you up from the stress of being a wedding photographer. You get to just show up and shoot story and not have this stress of all, we don't get him out that light I've got to do this my fifty can poses is what I used to do I'm going to my fifty can't poses no longer so I've been liberated liberated out having fun fun fun and everyone is different while shots all agree are elusive they're coming in expecting you can't o que the lightning bolt cue the heart shape bill uh so stop guys stop looking for them and start story she that is a simple reinvention simple I don't need to look for portfolio images anymore I do play on a couple each wedding I know that hey the sun's going to said at this time that scene setting by the way the sun will set at seven thirty tonight hey bridegroom list let's take it easy right now the lights going to be better later and we'll do some shots at seven thirty sound good to you perfect perfect knowledge just story shoot oh they're walking into the dressing room click click click click like oh there's a hug with dad just saw the bride click click click do you get it it's so much so much more fun ok so let's talk about picture taker versus storyshare picture taker captures images without design intention this is mi eight nine years ago now okay I didn't capture with design ok I was definitely picture taking their eye prompted many images in a short period of time here in seattle nutrition wass when I first started that couples didn't see each other beforehand and it was a mad rush to get shots of the couple together, usually about forty five minutes. Fifty campos is fit that fourteen minutes is go, go, go, go, go! Imagine the experience that couples had we prompt many image just a short period time angles, camera orientation, horizontal, vertical they weren't considered during the time of shooting my lighting consists consistency wasn't considered I was shooting flash sometimes. And I was I was other times I was his shooting natural light, other times a video like, ok, I deliver members on disk in little prince that's how you explain that are often relied on they can pose is that I talked about that pulled me through many images, if not most had subject looking at camera all right, picture taking felt contrived. I definitely noticed I got barked out a lot. I got bark that and you know, I think you everyone in this audience knows what I'm talking about, okay? My focus at the time was composition. Okay, let's, contrast this with story shooter so sure cabbage captures image with final art design in mind I think in spreads now a shot in quick bursts, then allowed client interaction angles, camera orientation absolutely considered I don't want to go I'm going to shoot the all the details of the bride today in vertical orientation gonna build that spreads all built in my mind but verb verb for and that I'm a shoot a horizontal shot of the bride looking towards the details it's all pre thought now ladn consistency all natural light all the time unless I need a flash okay and that's reception of photography for me I will move them the light guides every image now more important than anything else lights expression light and expression story okay I believe liberty amazon discs in the individual and into individual prints I give them all the individual images on retouched right out of camera put through light room at the very end of the process they get their fulfillment online gallery to they get all the dis dissing the image but they come to me for the art so I can do that you see how we could still compete with people to shoot two disc but we've attracted the type of people the value the art first okay I'll rely upon the experience of the couples to create the rial expression and fun the rial expression of fun so you let the experience happen and you get really you could not the fake stuff the real stuff and that's why they find value in images afterwards okay most images have a candid appearance subject looking away from I just the beginning I said don't even look at the camera I'll tell you if you need to and they go oh, you thank you very cool doesn't mean I don't shoot those images portrait images are very important okay at the altar whatever I still do that it feels fun and actually the subject it's fun unnatural to me too. Okay, I focus now on the feeling and emotion you guys so what I want to do right now if we have is really a question I can't answer right now we're in a ship forward a little bit let's let's go to the in studio audience we haven't done over here but you know, I know these guys have been their hands been popping up question jim, are there certain spreads that you found particularly impactful? Any tips any kind of go to that you kind of love that you found particularly that could draw that emotion and really got hit people in the gut? Yes. This type of spreads that really well people, in my opinion are the single image spreads after a lot of other activity happens a wow shot that just stops you turn that page and you are in a different place completely and you are overwhelmed by the simplicity of the image the image attacks you and there's no other distractions around it that's what's important to add to it so important to have these resting points in your story lines yeah, you've got a so I'm always with my stories are about to show you one more there is the the introduction of the bride and introduction of the groom you must celebrate the bride in individual image it doesn't have to be laughing it doesn't have to be like full of expression it could just be her nervous. I want her to remember how she felt at that point. So how much input do the bride and groom have in the book? You begin to see a comp beforehand or is it you make it and you just deliver? Yes, it's a great question I cover that a lot of these great questions in our dvd that are getting too in a second, but this is a really important thing we show our clients what are books look like? We re establish with them through the process that you're going to get a story book it's going to be beautiful these and we have them sign off on the type of design that we do three to five images per spread, a chronological order, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera all the things that we have documented we communicate through paper, they must sign it, I didn't understand that, ok, that way we don't get in that problem after the fact when the show them an individual image very impact, they fill it with fifty more images, right that's why the communications so important so to answer your question we get them involved but not too involved it's using the emotional part of what I was talking about a little bit you we want them to we want them to feel like they got involved but not too much so we give them a sheet of paper that only has five fifteen lines total with a very best, most favorite images with the right column which is the absolutely gotta use there's only like thirty, forty images on that page they feel involved they filled up the whole thing which emotionally says I'm really involved with that book but the reality is we don't give a lot of options and that gives us continue to control most of our clients to be honest in this era they say go ahead go ahead do what you do we trust you and we just make sure they know that we can make change his later so good ok, so I want to talk about my business partners, okay? Because I know there's a lot of questions out there right now about how you get set up to be an art focus to do it requires partners okay, my partners are graphic studio three from italy they do extraordinary handcrafted books their industry leader they are so great to work with ok, because the diversity of what they do and most importantly, the peripherals I call them to the work that we create our the majority of our marketing there's for one hundred dollars again that you get a duplicate album ok, the price points are from a hundred dollars and goes all the way up from there so it fits everyone's budget but this parent album wouldn't you put that along with these million books in all the venues and in the hands of all the coordinators you work with? Yes, this is when the magic happens, you've got to have good partners and you got to be shooting are so graphic studio um has if you go to graphics studio dot com and go to four slash clp w creative live put a week you will get the form that you could fill out to become a partner with graphia studio. Okay, what they will give you to help you is the most unbelievable sample kit that you could possibly imagine valued it's like a near thousand dollars guys of books with your images in him they make it so silly easy to do these books to this is one feature that could give you in this house. I mean, you think also complicated to do a book right now, it's not you just have to communicate with your client. You need the tools to do that you have your own albums remember if you want to sell something show it will help you get there but then what about the details would all the touchy feely stuff that you need to have you could get one of these sample but for two and that will make it so easy to communicate with your clients and order beautiful books for them and then the magic begins to happen. Okay, so take a look at that reminder you get these wonderful thirty million books with each book that you do it through the end of the year it's just in awesome process and boy they invested in us they bought this castle fuse back I got to go there and see this this is a small town in italy near their factory and they've put four five years in a rent a video it is awesome why they do this for educational purposes so people can go there and learn all of us will have an opportunity to do this like what they did in the inside. Wow is that awesome? This is a company that gets it about committing themselves to the success of the industry that's why I'm sitting here and out of the respect for our partnership and what it's done for my business I will scream top of my lungs on top of a mountain in fact this mountain to share with you the impact that they can have on your studio so look at this we're gonna have an opportunity to go there okay crappy studio copd the photo this is my lab out of san francisco ok there are extraordinary all right the products here's here's an example of what they do almost spilled out on the ground in a he's got these folio books are all my seniors get these beautiful books they're nothing but profit guys it's nothing but profit and I recommend that you pick a few things not everything pick on ly a few things that you focus on for us right now it's metal prints but they do metal prints find our cameras thin wraps press printed books wave accordion books hold still and they're all different sizes that the quality is unbelievable they are great company see the cases bay boxes it's just remember focus don't you don't have to bite off everything just focus on a few great products visually show it in your space usually show it on your online galleries and you will have people find value in that and and hire you based upon that get away from individual pictures okay and sell art show me what you want to sell it really works guys huge metal wall art pieces there's four panels there to cover an image of two heads okay that's a that's a thousand dollars a profit easily three ok here's another one the same family actually let's go big right with everything even the dog this our studio this is what we show this is our meeting area that's what? We just we just put it this little green he just put in this art piece as you enter the studio soul metal okay, this is this is our remodel in our basement she's being old studio to record there's the stuff you got to know about this is lowell geo one just came out it's ridiculous look at the hollywood beam I could put on the wall there ok at the same time I could spread it super wide. Okay, you will find this anna discount code yeah, just the power up and down to its amazing this is powering my business right now. I love it so that is geo one hot light dot com can be x two I'm a bag designer that's the company emerged photo with we're coming out with some amazing stuff guys this bag is awesome the old bota bag will be um let me just show you that the old moto bag botha let's bag that we created is now being done by brent haven so we're going to see the b x two pro shooter in the spring brand haven dot com forward slash botha and then here's the products that I have for you know, just a couple minutes to talk about it I have for you today the keys to success you're going toe get with this package what used to be individual items for us that used to sell one hundred dollars each but what we did for creative live of course he's put it all together in one bundle just take it all will make the whole thing under one hundred dollars for you. So what you get is the dvd, which is upwards of three and a half hours of content it's big and it is shooting a real shoot with the bride and groom followed by the photo shop time and we build an album together I just simply don't work. We don't have enough time in this workshop to really do this stuff. This is a great take home feature or take home um option to that you get our tools and documents were all our communication that helps retain the design that we want to dio our documents, our tools are contracts all that stuff's on this this regular ninety nine, but we're just bundle it mark into the storytelling studio regularly. One twenty five we're just going to give it to use bundle ok and are textures this guys, this is my my my this is my bed my best product over the year it's all of my action sets my actions on how to add impact your images okay so like this before after before after before after okay and we're gonna do is I'm going to give you your all? You guys can go there and you'll find all the other links, all the other tools that I was talking about on that list, ok? Because we wanted to consolidate the geo won the graphia studio, the bay photo lab, all those promotions basically confined on are linked to so let's give you that here's the bundle, obviously it's, we're making downloadable for all you in the audience. So you goto go botha, dot com ford slash creative, live dot html and I feel good about that, because then I get to continue the discussion with you work with you out there in the audience through the dvd, you get all our tools and documents and it helps you get started with both graphia studio they photo geo one and you get it? Oh, by the way, we're getting four full sets of the bread haven system vx two system away today, and just by clicking on that link and putting in your email address, you're automatically entered into that contest, so we're just trying to make it fun and give away some stuff my first time in creative live gotta have fun with it, right that's, right, that's, exactly right?

Class Description

Jim Garner shares his greatest lessons, tools, and techniques that have lead to his long and successful career. Considered to be one of the top commercial, portrait, and wedding photographers in the country, Garner shares his secrets to success in this dynamic program.

Jim will cover how to create emotional imagery, tell a mesmerizing story with photographs, and reveal the enormous benefits of taking the journey from being a picture-taker to art focused photographer.

Learn about Jim’s “story-shooting” approach to photography, which focuses on wonderful client experiences rather than traditional picture taking, which ultimately leads to spectacular imagery and more revenue for your business.