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Interview with Jim Garner

We're excited to have him here in studio with us so around the world help me welcome mr jim garner jim, come on out you know so good to be there absolutely obviously the invitation we are excited to have you so is our first time sitting down together and very excited me too how you feeling today? I feel great gosh, I'm excited right now preparing for my creative live twenty four u twenty six eighteen hours with creative left team just coming up I cannot wait so before we get to that because I definitely want to turn it let's start out by talking about photo week experiential wedding photography tell me a little bit what does experiential wedding photography mean? Sure, the word experiential came from in college I was a psychology major and we study what is called experiential therapy it's based on really reliving an experience of your life to better understand it. So the root of the word is experience and that for our studio became a a word within our studio to describe the type of wed...

dings that we wanted to dio on. And that was by shifting the way the schedule unfolded in the day, adding more time to have an experience that allowed us tio create more stories, create more spreads and ultimately from create artwork for our clients so you really the root of this whole thing was seeing how other cultures celebrate their weddings and comparison how we did it here in seattle interested so I noticed with some of my friends work all throughout the world that their books their albums we're full of these wonderful stories where you know somehow they found the time to go toe to three locations perhaps somehow they thought found the time to like sit and enjoy a glass of champagne and I wondered how that would fit into the type of weddings that we had in america yeah so I wouldn't studied it went figured out that hey, this guys have you know, a couple more hours than we do in fact gosh look at the east indian culture is a weeklong wedding day huge event talk about experience right? So when we were able to come back and ask our clients hey, if we give you the free time to to do whatever you want with additional on the front end of your wedding uh after your wedding maybe the next day or even on engagement shoot would you be willing to accept that gift? Of course they would ultimately here's the exciting part ultimately it late leads to additional stores all of which need to be put in the art thie album which ultimate leaves two more profitability for your business and then it's this like inertia picks up you're known for the art that you produce you visually show this art to future clients and and this ball gets rolling and now we're aren't focused wedding photographers that sell the experiential style that's when my favorite things is when you can do something artistic and something beautiful in something that really enhances the experience for someone and also just happens to be profitable and help to run a successful business it's the perfect symbiosis that just will say that running I like that word a lot and I will use it my creative life program next week done yeah let's talk about that because this is huge we're really excited I actually I'm going to be hosting for you so I'm really having a great time could be fantastic. So what are you teaching what's what's the three day course? Well, of course we're going to cover the experiential styles a huge component of what we do, but this is really about helping the tire first get out of what I call the glut of of of photographers is taking, you know, many people entering the field a lot of them are competing over price and from my observations ninety percent of photographers out there are picture takers you know they may produce an album they may produce art for the walls, but they aren't dedicated entirely to creating art ten percent of the industry is entirely focused on delivering art conceptual art for each in each and every client now that's the distinction our producers provide art for each and every client no matter what their budget isthe right? So I want to help some people say it's a high end like add on that they can do it yes yes obsession exactly you're talking every single client every single client no matter what their budget no matter what package state they received from you will be receiving an archival art piece whether that be an album or these beautiful enlargements further walls or or whatever something conceptual from the point they're shooting to the delivery right? So this is really actually quite exciting because we're able to and we've done this over two seasons period we've helped many photographers through a mentorship program through a series of steps move their business out of the picture taking philosophy that into the art production philosophy and I'm here to tell you that the benefits are outrageous there's so many benefits including being able to incorporate that experiential letting style but its profitability being known for your art unleashing crazy of opportunities and I think it's rare that that it happens but I think it's rare that we have photographers who get into photography because they want to run a business but most people who pick up a camera want to create art want to really create something memorable, something exciting something that just invokes those feelings in this passion of whatever the the experience was the moment that it happened so it sounds like that's what you're focused on is making that type of photographer someone who is also profitable unable to run if everyone and there's room at the inn this ten percent there's the whole industry unfortunately bar has dropped significantly it's you know it's a struggle to be a full time photographer now and my goal is to help everyone step out of that place into a profitable workflow profitable potential oh my gosh on the subject of workflow many people think if I'm producing art for my clients I'm just adding work flow and you know the potential that my mayor may not be there right? The truth is and I'll prove this in my program that you your workflow will decrease by half and you'll you'll take your earning potential two three times what you're currently making love you'll work half assed much you'll make three times as much and you will provide yourself the opportunity to be three of your business and have life quality well, I'll speak for everyone out there that I'm excited to see how it because it sounds crazy to make I don't know about anybody else sounds crazy it's goingto come crazy that's really cool so that is next week starting next thursday through this saturday that's twenty four through the twenty sixth of april so go ahead and check that you can go onto the course page what's the title of the course totally forget the vital knows from images to art this storytelling philosophy beautiful I love it very excited about that so ah couple minutes here just very briefly let's talk it's tough questions now you are running a mentorship program and said, what are some of the more common questions that you get? Well, the main question is how do I become profitable? How do I get known for my art? How do I move from being kind of stuck in and delivering individual pictures and be known for the art be known for the get that upside potential really cool defined ten steps is ten steps over two seasons and you'll be there I love it I love that you've done it I mean that that you have that experience and can share it finally I think something that I've been asking everybody what are the things? What is something that you would want to have known when you got started? Oh my gosh is this this topic exactly? Yeah in fact I it's it's one of my slides had I known this when I started I would I would have not been stuck for so many years it was my fifth year in business that I hit hit the wall and I was shooting many, many weddings but I looked at my books at the end of that year and found out that I wasn't really profitable I was not making a living, and I certainly didn't have quality of life that I wanted, and so got inspired by my friends in europe, my friends and my now friends in australia. And how did they do it? And that's? What led to the experiential style? That's, what's led to the art focus and that's. What led to our commitment to what we're doing now and that's, sure, sharing it with others. That is beautiful. I love it. That's, what we're all about here in creative life is bringing in people who have done something amazing, who are working photographers and who are able to bring in and share that knowledge with everyone out there. Let's, go, and I can't wait to do it next week, very exciting, but we are excited to have you.

Class Description

Jim Garner shares his greatest lessons, tools, and techniques that have lead to his long and successful career. Considered to be one of the top commercial, portrait, and wedding photographers in the country, Garner shares his secrets to success in this dynamic program.

Jim will cover how to create emotional imagery, tell a mesmerizing story with photographs, and reveal the enormous benefits of taking the journey from being a picture-taker to art focused photographer.

Learn about Jim’s “story-shooting” approach to photography, which focuses on wonderful client experiences rather than traditional picture taking, which ultimately leads to spectacular imagery and more revenue for your business.