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Experimental Portraiture

Lesson 13 of 14

90-Minute Challenge, Part 2

Jeremy Cowart

Experimental Portraiture

Jeremy Cowart

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Lesson Info

13. 90-Minute Challenge, Part 2

Lesson Info

90-Minute Challenge, Part 2

Yeah, we gotta entities, and then we'll see if I got anything. Good. Um oh, gosh. 50. Uh, yep. Or down. Letting We're just taking a look here. Doing a couple of computer wasn't so all these or download faster. But my computer's old. Unfortunately, so I have. How long it thank you, Anne. A big round of applause for anti bringing the water over any. Have you ever seen somebody handle about a wall of water like that? I don't think so. I beg to differ. It's ever again. We're all downloaded. Okay? So we can get a live on the computer and everybody can see what I'm doing here hard. You'll want to keep the countdown going. Craig, can we get when we get the screen up? There we go. Um, so we're I'm gonna sort by date. We have. Is it in reverse order? I'm really confused. Oh, there we go. Ok, cool. So this was the very first photo I took second, third. We'll start right there. Um, straighten out the horizon because I don't live up. Now let's see how that looks and expose it just a little more. U...

m, so I kind of like that it's fun. So we'll start that one. Here's where I was trying to figure out what to do with that sliver of light. Um, and then I was trying to mix the ambient light with the with the sliver of light. So actually, kind of like that's really, really dark. Um, actually think I like that on the best, because it's very mysterious. He comptel there's a body there. He comptel there's an arm. I kind of like that. I don't see your face, So I'm gonna go with that, um, up in just a lips. Don't do that when you're laughing at cancer. Um, it is a little bit weird that you don't see her face, but we're gonna We're going to go with it black and white. Um, but the contrast up and where is my hand tool it is. That might be cool. Or someone's gonna copy and paste the same settings. Straightened that one out. Okay, so we'll go with that one. You can see me exploring the shot. I wasn't loving what was getting yet? Just felt to felt too. Um and I wasn't getting it, but I like this. I just decided to go into a lifestyle mode and grabbed this shot. Um, I like the idea of playing on the floor like that, like we're trying a minute ago. But I like this idea of kind of a more happy, fun lifestyle shot instead. Um, see how that feels good to me. We're gonna keep that one. Um, I forget to start processing these full on. Who's We will call this 90 minutes, and we're going to convert these 2 300 d p. I on Mr Processing. And I've forgotten a couple, but I come back to him. I got a C J now. Um oops, Head. It is pretty cool. So been getting does with this, and I kind of like the idea of this one being a square. We're gonna change that. But I kind of miss the fact that we're sings in detail them by ground, someone to bring my been getting back in a little bit. So we will go there, and we will call that are shot. So next is there a little happy engaged photo? I'm going to get black and white on this one. And that's simple enough of my, um, love the shot of Becca. Very, very cool again, these colors. Who knows what this looks like on your monitors home? Um, but I'm I'm doing what looks good on my monitor. I'm only hoping that it kind of looks OK for you watching at home. That looks pretty cool on my end. So we will leave it right there. Here is Craig in our street light. Um, I got my coppery shows. Still it one by one. Nice work, Craig. So I like I like bringing that exposure a little bit, cause we get just a little bit of detail into that into that machine, whatever that thing is, and we'll go. We went on to create this, uh, shot right here. I was trying Teoh get the shadows of that fabric onto the wall behind her. Um, it's very light and summering. And she was wearing a lighter dress. Would be really nice. Kind of lifestyle magazine. You know, fashion shot was that subtle? Settle light hitting her in the background. It's kind of fun. Could have explored that more, but I think this will This will work. I'm gonna go on export that Here's where I burned the lens and the thing about doing that as every single millimetre of a C. There, you can see the bubbles where started, bubble up. If you look on the website, you can really see how that worked before. I mean, this is obviously we're running at 90 miles an hour, so this is a little bit more. There's Mm, Yeah, exactly. So this is what they're burned. Camera. I would go in and crop this. Her expression obviously wasn't, um, the best. I caught her in that between moment. But this is probably the best place where I caught the camera. And I mean, I can't explain how hard this is to do unless you try it yourself. Because literally, you know, 1/100 of a fraction of an inch if you move, the image completely changes. But you do see the bubbles coming up in this in this image. And had I caught her at the right moment, Um, you know, this would be really, really strong. I think one of these, you know, it's kind of fun to play with because every image gets really abstract. Um, that's true. Straightening this first. So it's getting very quiet in here, asking questions. Now you're getting you get, I'm gonna keep one. Eso Either one of those could potentially work. Um, that's obviously an ex very explored technique or very abstract technique. So I'll need a little grace on that image. But here's here's John. Um, when I was trying to make the ambient light with Thea with the stroke behind him, I'm gonna say, Right there is where I kind of dig it. Playing with the white balance a little bit. Celeste, be warned. There are bad images because of because of what you're doing. But between your shots were really some fun moments of you. Like I love that. That's awesome. Uh huh. That's Thea Mischievous, mischievous look. But that's that's that's what happens with portraiture. You're trying to go for one thing, and in the middle of that you get, um, another image that works. So, um, this is actually good example of that. And there was one very abstract image. You don't see her face at all, but we did get like, I actually like that. You know, um, que with my hair. You see, so we'll say. Obviously, I could have kept pressing that and seeing um here's our to attaining shot different. I don't know why this made me think of Titanic. But the big hats? I guess so. I mean, all of these images, obviously wouldn't. You know, some are better than others, but I think you are getting the general idea. What we're doing next was Becca, and are Ringel again? Ring lights are kind of crazy. Um, you never know. I see. That's kind of based. My levels here. No, it's too quiet. Yeah. So here is Craig in our fabric. Um, how much time? 16 minutes. We were doing good. I like this blue texture that's picking up right here in the foreground. Kind of interesting. It's, uh, cool. Yeah. Um, so that's kind of fun on my add some darker than getting Teoh bring in those edges a little bit, just a little bit. And then this is our last chip shot. We just don't You know, I'm just at this point, I'm just trying to get one last image and because my lens was zoomed out, that's why extended her face in a weird way. Um, that's what I was talking about in terms of backing away from your subject. and then zooming in because if you leave somebody at the bottom of your frame, their face will get a wonky if you're using a zoom lens. Um, but it's interesting what's going on down here. In fact, I didn't keep my proper show just cropper out. I mean, I'm zooming way in, but I think this is just a more interesting composition right there. That's kind of fun. Um, maybe a cool black and white to someone was asking about black and white stuff earlier. This is a good example of thinking it looks cooler in black and white, so I'm going to go do that. And there's a few I forgot to export up here. I believe, however, these are my kids kids. I went all the way to the top, didn't on. That's where we started. I think we exported that. Mm. Okay, so let's see. Um, waiting for bridge toe. It's open. All right. Spinning. Peter will. We should have opened this up beforehand. But how's everybody doing? We're doing well. Internets going wild stone. Cool. What is going on? Oh, come on, Bread. She can do it. So I don't know that we get an entire portfolio. We got a good, what? 16 images that were. What's that? Yeah. Um, So here's Mormon advertising type by There's more of our dark. The beginnings of a movie poster shot. We could explore that more. Here's our lifestyle shot Crag. We also got some good ones of him on the floor that could have worked, but I was being picky. Dig this shot of C J. Here's a married couple Shot are high fashion are out at the, uh, streetlight shot. Um, our catalogue fashion shot with the subtle fabric on the wall, Um are our experimental TTV leading and camera on fire shot, uh, shooting straight into the soft box with a metal reflector. Um, and using Willie Nelson is our subject shot. I'm just kidding, John, you're much better than that. Glasses are awesome. Um, fund shot of Celeste and her crazy abstract here. We had this got a shot of Craig again with the cool pirates of the Caribbean fabric. And, um, since we have a minute, I wanted to give in, and a lot of times in Hollywood, they literally go in and add fake grains. So we're gonna add a texture overlay of gray. Um, I was gonna go add noise. I will say Can't. It's hard to tell right now and get 25%. And so you kind of see that gives you a nice film. Look, there it is within without the Internet. See that pretty decent. But when you zoom out, it gives it a little bit more realistic. Film. Then, while I have that layer, let's just paint for a minute, give her cheek and little extra kiss of light there dark in us a bit. Give her here a little more like I don't like that, Uh, and I'm in a cup that pull out. It kind of got weird. Do something that save close, and I think that's a little more interesting. So that includes our 90 minute portfolio. E. Actually, you're 81 80 80.5 minutes must have 10 minutes left. I didn't even know that we're good self portrait self portrait. What's that? Would you say? Said Self port. So oh, so fortunate. I totally forgot. Forgot the Internet did not get way. Speak for the Internet. What's that we represent the Internet really? Would do we really want a self portrait. If you want trying to think they're challenging the after that is, um give me a minute to brainstorm. Um, okay. I think I think Give me a tripod, John, wherever you are. Why not a sort self portrait? Um, Linda, you guys, you guys are too much. Uh, the internet. Um, Tripod reading. We on there, I'll let you make sure that Okay, I'll do a TV show. You get the remote. Thank you. See, I'm cheating because I have helpers. We'll try this one from a table shooting into my burned lens. Here were burned failures. Can I get some more tape? Just a piece of tape like we did yesterday. We're gonna take this a little higher. I'm gonna come. I'm gonna come by and blue. Still in Magnum. It's gonna be Blue Magnum. What's gonna happen? Yeah, sure. Why not? Let me see the trip on school. How? This exact same trip. Except it's broken. It's that will be. Should be. It's good liking him. Oh, I knew it wasn't on there. Rocket first. Thank you. It's backwards. See, kids, I don't watch me put a camera on a tripod. Today's lesson Let's kill the overhead lengths. Do you? Where is John Now? We get a fund, John, Can we? And we can we get a strobe with the mauling way? Even the sun's fun. Sure. Its tether. I'm trying to get this within our remaining five minutes without. It will happen there when I need a laser pen. Of course. Beautiful. Oh, you know what? We're gonna need to move this. I can see it in my in my TTV. So do you see John there? That's a good start. Or you know what? We could, um, Let's just kill this and plug in that beauty dish from, like, back there and then consume a day. Please close the blinds quick. Okay. We need a wizard. Is it on beeping at me? These aren't the pocket wizard they usually use from a little and familiar with them. Some having my assistant's work with them because it's his pocket Wizards different. Different, um, style. Different brand or something. This is the really exciting part when you get the No, I'm actually pretty pleasantly surprised how few technical glitches we have had over the past two days. It's been it's been pretty great. Better is full. Do we have another wizard? So, what do we think? It's this one of the one that's on the path. It's Let's a beeping pocket. Wizards. It's a good time. You know what? Let's do this. Let's let's not even use the strips. Let's just use the modeling way. Um, Okay, so, um, there's John Heidrun. Oh, gosh, they're Carrot goes against kun it all up. Um, I'm gonna gonna raise my tripod up, okay? Jeremy, we're coming up on one minute. Oh, All right. One minute, 59. Where's the laser pen? Okay. Um okay, let me give me the thing. Okay. Any seconds. Okay. Turn the light off. Okay. Ready to in the letter. Okay. Move. John, get out. Your done. Okay, here we go. Was not it was a failure. 10 nine a seven six by Mr THING. It was a long That was fun. I'll give you one more. Well, I'm gonna have you turn in the morning. Late on, at the very end, I was getting outside. I was like, Are we really gonna do this? Um, this is just a bonus shot anyway, So All right. Uh, was just doing I need it longer. Okay, this is one You guys okay, Show that again. Now the pressure's off the tickers off pressures. Basically the listen to learn there is the building would have exploded because I didn't I didn't say the day. I am. No, MacGruber. Okay, here we go. Se Fuckin right money. I can't even you carry my name. But it's a good attempt, right? And it didn't work. You don't even see me in their suite. I was trying to be fancy Was a good idea when it Adrian steam. I guess it's from the the A kind of canary. My name was trying to spell jacare. Let's give it one more try just so I can deliver on my promise. And let's see, even get those blinds closed for their Or if somebody can grab a flag and just block all light hitting this camera, I think Flip it over. Yes. Just you wanna block all light from hitting this camera? I would actually know what Let me figure how can stand there too. Okay. Um show it one more time. Which ones of my laser pen back one. I'll be amazed if we can see me in this one. It's trying to spell my name. Just jacare. Oh, you can almost see me. It's crazy. Yeah, I'm gonna I'm gonna abandon ship right now. Uh, but at least you see what I was trying to do. Were it more and more? Um, yeah. I don't know what's causing all the chaos. Part of it is the burn spot. But I don't know what all the white stuff is when I scorched my camera. Is that what the problem is? Is the problem that I let my camera on fire might be the problem. Thank you for a 10 things. Thanks for humoring us. Thanks for humoring us, Jeremy.

Class Description

ex·per·i·ment (noun) - a test, trial, or tentative procedure; an act or operation for the purpose of discovering something unknown

How do you make extraordinary photos that surprise and delight? Join Jeremy Cowart and a lively mix of first time models in an exciting, eye-opening 2 day workshop. We'll explore methods and techniques to reveal, highlight, expose, enhance and otherwise present your subject in new and unexpected ways.


Lisa Carney

This guy is FANTASTIC. Creative and thinks outside the box. Totally had me rethink my shooting style. LOVE LOVE

a Creativelive Student

I almost didn't watch this one. It was a little slow at first, but once JC get's going it's a fun ride. He transitions from using $2k strobes, to using just a few dollars for lighting. This course opens a lot of doors and shows that it's ok to go against the grain and to think outside the box. Lots of good ideas to see in this one!

Mike Taylor

Experimental portraiture is just that. Experimental. However, I don't feel that JC was properly prepared. Shooting a single person with a 2400ws pack is simply overkill, considering that he wanted to be shooting wide open. A fairly simple solution would have been to use a few sheets of Lee ND filter over the light head. I do suppose this was typical of any shoot. Especially a shoot that I'm doing.