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Exponential Living

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The 9 Principles of Exponential Living

Sheri Riley

Exponential Living

Sheri Riley

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5. The 9 Principles of Exponential Living

Lesson Info

The 9 Principles of Exponential Living

- [Sheri] The 9 Principles of Exponential Living. The 9 Principles of Exponential Living. The first principle is "Live In Your Power," and it all starts with a decision. It all starts with a decision. I did a national television show interview...Roland Martin on NewsOne...and he kept asking me, "All this sounds great, Sheri. I hear you. Peace, clarity, courage, power, exponential living. I hear you. All that sounds great, but how do you start? What do we do? What do you do? Give me the steps. What do we do? What do we do?" And I kept saying over and over, "It starts with a decision." We can't do anything until we make a decision. That's why the first question I ask you is, "How many people are saying 'I don't know?'" Because we have to start with a decision to do anything. Move forward. When you move forward, if it works, rinse and repeat. If it doesn't work, course correct. But it starts with a decision. The second is "Healthy Living is More Than Just a Diet." It's more than just a di...

et. And for those of you who do actually purchase this course, the workbook will include these in that workbook. And healthy living is more than just a diet. It's about our relationships. Most of us spend 90% of our time on our relationships at work, and then 10% of our time on our family relationships. And then if anything is left over, we think about us, right? No. Our relationships have to get in order. And the first relationship is whatever our faith is, and then with ourselves, and then with our family, then with our work, then with our community. And when we get those relationships in order, it allows us to thrive in every relationship and in every situation. The third principle is "Pursue Peace and a Positive Mind," which is about our attitude. Our attitude. "Have a Servant's Heart and a Giving Spirit." That's about service. We have to commit to service to others as well as service to ourselves. "Stop Working, Start Maximizing" is about achieving. "Happy is a Choice, Joy is a Lifestyle." That's about celebrating and gratitude. "Build Lasting Confidence." That's about being present. That's why I challenged you at the very beginning. Be present. Put the phone down. Online, get off of social media. Be present. Be present. Building lasting confidence. "The Courage to be Faithful" is about our healing, and healing isn't always from something traumatic. Healing can be just from those experiences that put a cap in our life somewhere. One of my clients, she came to me. We worked together for about 18 months, and when she came to me, she was the picture perfect of everything we want. She had married to her high school sweetheart. Married 26 years. Great marriage. A son had graduated from college. Another son was in college who had a scholarship. She had a multi-million dollar business. Early 40s. She was the picture of what we all are "searching for," but she came to work with me because she said, "Sheri, I am literally trapped in my life. I am trapped in this life." I'm trapped. Everything around me, great. Business, great. Marriage, great. Kids are great, but I am trapped. I want to have more spontaneity in my life. I want to do things. I don't even like my company anymore. And so we spent time together, and she was a weekly client. She was like, "I got to get to you every week because I am trapped." And as we began to work together, we tapped into where her wall and her ceiling had been created. When she was about 9 or 10 years old, her uncle owned a farm. And she was out on the farm, and it was early in the morning, and she didn't want to be out there. And so her uncle came by out of love. It wasn't malicious. He thought it was really encouraging her. And he said, "Hey, you want to eat? You like to eat? You want to eat? You like to eat?" She's like, "Yeah." He's like, "Well, if you like to eat, you're going to have to work hard," and right there is where the ceiling capped for her. That's what she uncovered. That's why she worked all the time. That's why working was supposed to be the means to the end, but work became everything because in her mind, "If I stop working, I'll lose everything." But it was work that was keeping her trapped from enjoying any of it, so she had to heal from that. That's why it really is a paradigm shift. She had to heal from that. That wasn't a malicious statement. That wasn't a cruel statement. That was a factual statement, but she had to heal from the fact that yes, you can have something in your life other than work. And we started on the journey after that to really help her unpack it, and what came out of that is she realized half her clients, she didn't even want to have anymore. So she downsized her business, and guess what? Her profits elevated because she was more strategic in her current client selection because before that shift, that ceiling told her, "You got to work with everybody in order to stay afloat." But when she got healed from that, peace, clarity, and courage told her, "You can be strategic and work with the right clients, and your company can prosper. You don't need all of the clients. You need the right clients." her company prospered. Her marriage prospered. And guess what she did, guys? When she came to me, she always wanted to take time off from her company. Even though she had a full staff, she'd never do it. Even though the company ran very efficiently without her, she'd never do it. She literally took a mission trip to Africa that she would have never done. That was her crowning moment because she would have never done that. There's things that we have to heal from, but it takes courage. It takes courage. And then the ninth one is "Exponential Living," which is peace. Which is peace. One of the things that my agent said to me, "How can exponential living be a principle? Isn't that where you're trying to get people?" Remember, it's not a destination. It's a lifestyle. So it's a part of the whole cycle of what I call "Exponential Living." There's a cycle to this. Exponential living is always within us, but there's moments in our lives when we really just got to focus on one. This morning, I had to focus on "Pursue Peace and a Positive Mind." Right? There's moments when I've got to really work on building my courage, and I also need to make sure that I'm celebrating, that I choose to be happy. And I know that joy is a lifestyle, and so I have to work those together. There's times with my clients that we've got to focus on two or three of them and times that we... It's a cycle. The other hamster wheel we want to remove. This is the hamster wheel that we want to start living on. This is the cycle in our lives that empowers us is when we stay committed to choices, relationships, attitudes, service, achievement, celebration, gratitude, be present, healing. Exponential living. It's in this cycle that our peace, our clarity, and our courage. Guys, exponential living takes courage as you'll find out throughout the day, as we're about to do in a few minutes. Transformation takes commitment. One of the things my mentor John Maxwell says is, "You can have a great idea in a moment, but transformation takes time." That's why I want you to write. That's why I want you to be in tune with your thoughts. That's why I want you to be engaged, writing down, and journaling because these are the tools that's going to just help you continue to grow on this cycle of the transformation. - [Woman] Can I share some of the stories from online as well? - Yes. - I'll just jump in here. Thank you to everybody who is contributing. So just some of the personal stories of people who are watching. "I, too, gave up a lucrative career where I was just burnt out and couldn't take anymore and left. So now, what if you no longer are a high achiever, but rather have lost your 'Why?' You don't care. You lack motivation. I'm not sure what to do next." That was one comment. Laura online said, "I also had a demanding, big job that was slowly ruining my life. For me, the key was gaining the strength to quit and embrace the word 'no' in every aspect of my life." One more person online here's saying...I love this..."I just quit smoking, and this is a great reminder that I'm a whole new being, and I have a whole new way of thinking. And so, Sheri, is that something I can say to keep myself on track?" I'm sure the mental mantra that you need when you quit smoking... It's a strong addiction, so some suggestions wanted there. And I'll just sneak this one in as well from LeAnne. It said, "I spent so much time creating a career based on stability and completely missed the creative life that I've always been destined for. I stopped paying attention to what fulfilled my creative side and instead, focused on my job career and the goal. After losing one of my best friends, I quickly realized that I wasn't living my own truth. I've spent a year getting to the point now where I'm mentally ready to cross that bridge and give up my comfort in order to move forward." - Thank you, guys. Yes. And that is a mantra that he can continue to have, yes. I have several of those that keep me focused, one of them being "Peace is through success." Just be owning those things. Yes. And we're going to actually talk more about that. Yes. So my promise to you guys today... I think you may already know this. My promise is that you will leave with a paradigm shift that those three simple things...they're very hard, but they're simple. Peace, clarity, courage. Peace, clarity, courage. Peace, clarity, courage.

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“Sheri has been an instrumental part of my life. Her support and guidance of my personal and professional growth helped mold the man and artist that I am today.” —Usher, International Entertainer, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

Have you achieved a certain level of success, graduated from college and finally secured that dream job, yet you are not feeling fulfilled?

Are you busy all the time, but not feeling satisfied with how you spend your days?

Do you know that there is a better way to work through your days?

Sheri Riley introduced the world to some of the most influential, multi-platinum artists of the 90’s including Usher, TLC, Toni Braxton, and Outkast. She rose to the top of her field, and yet she was miserable. Now she is an Empowerment Speaker, Personal Development/Leadership Coach, and Life Strategist. She works with high achievers to make choices that lead to less stress, more clarity, and internal peace.

Constantly striving to achieve one goal after another–and investing more in our careers than in our actual lives–have left many of us feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and disconnected from who we are—anything but happy.

Sheri Riley will share the secret that helped her regain her sense of self and purpose. In Exponential Living, she offers nine principles to help the busiest goal-oriented people integrate their professional success with whole-life success. 


Daniel Viscovich

This course is fantastic! I had the opportunity to attend in person and I will tell you that Sheri is the real deal! An amazing, insightful and inspiring presence on stage and a very down to earth, humble and caring person when I had the chance to chat with her. I have no doubts that anyone watching will be a person human being for it. She utilizes so many great reflective exercises and questions that really forced me to think about what I want out of life and how I define my success in life. A big thank you to the Creative Live studios for putting this together and to Sheri for an amazing class!

Tracy Washington

This was an amazing class. I have the book and it was great to hear the author teach the principles and share all the nuggets of wisdom in this Master Class. Thank you for providing such wonderful, relevant content that truly is life-changing that causes people to pause and reflect and question what success looks like in their lives! Great class and highly recommended.

Luwana Edwards

This class is one of the BEST classes that I've taken. I'm really excited about all of the great information that I am leaving with. Sheri's approach to teaching is refreshing. She is an engaging speaker who is passionate about her topic. She is very unselfish about sharing value gained from her years of experience and insight gained from working in the music industry. It wasn't just a list of actions to follow, so it was truly enriching. Anyone who is considering this class should know that it's a great investment of their time and money.