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Exponential Living

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What is Your Vision Statement?

Sheri Riley

Exponential Living

Sheri Riley

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17. What is Your Vision Statement?

Lesson Info

What is Your Vision Statement?

- [Sheri] So I want you guys to be very in tune to what is your exponential living vision statement? What is your exponential living vision statement? What is going to allow you to stay focused and eliminate the distractions? What is going to allow you to hold on to those takeaways that you've gotten today? What's going to allow you tomorrow to look back at your notes? Because how many of us have went to an amazing conference, had an amazing webinar, took some great notes, and that notebook is over in a corner somewhere and we never went back to it, right? Am I the only one? No, I'm not the only one, right? So we have to leave here with something. Something simple that's going to allow us to remove the distractions, that's going to drive us, pun intended, to stay in tune to those notes. That's going to allow us to commit to finishing that book, commit to that one hour, seven days a week, commit to continuing the journey of how you're going to serve. Committing, how do we do that? What ...

do we do? And I love what Rachel said about how simple, it's the simple things. So what is that exponential living vision statement? I'm going to share mine. Mine is, and please don't get caught up because it's way up here, but it is what keeps me focused, is, I influence influencers to facilitate transformation that changes the paradigm of this world. I influence influencers and I facilitate transformation. I hope that's what I've done today. Does anyone feel like there's been some transformation in any area of your life? To change the paradigm, how many of you walked in here with a different mindset than you're leaving with of this world? Because, Daniel, you're going to talk to someone and be influencing them based on what we shared and you are, and you. Everyone in this room, everyone online. You guys are online from all parts of the world. So what keeps me focused, what allowed me to come to work past my fears to be here today, what allowed me to work past the ceilings that I placed in my own life when my grandmother said, "You talk too much." What allows me to narrow those things down to those one, or two, three most important things is my vision statement. I influence influencers to facilitate transformation to change the paradigm of this world. Now, another vision statement may be, I am a mother who is always present with her children, and I'm an executive that's always present at work. Or it can be, I am here to serve through the art of diet, but the goal is to create whole people. I'm just pulling these from just some of the things you guys have shared. It doesn't have to be a paragraph. It could be two words, it could be a sentence. Whatever it is, it allows you to work…it's a compass that's always bringing you back to what your vision is. And it may evolve and you're not going to come up with exactly...well, some of you might come up with exactly it today but I constantly go back to it and make sure, is this still where I am? Is this still the heart of who I am? So, everything I do, whether it's through these principles, through this book, whether it's about my daughter's school, whether it's working with the kids, whether…whatever it is, my vision is, I influence influencers to facilitate transformation and change the paradigm of this world. How I want to show up, how I want the light to shine through me. So as you think about your vision statement, and it could be way off, but you do what? Make a decision, you do something, you rinse and repeat, you course-correct, you write down something, you jot down thoughts. So I want you to really think about, what is your vision statement? What is one word that you know will keep you focused? What is that idea that'll bring you back in when you walk out this door and life hits? And exponential living was…oh, yeah, I remember. I remember that at CreativeLive. What? Have we talked about...what? No, right? When you continue with your day. So, I would love to start with you. I would love to start with you and I will… It can be nothing that you're great at on, nothing that you've got to be (inaudible) tomorrow. But if you had to just think about your vision statement, and it could be as long and as broad as you can make it, or as simple and narrow as it comes out, What is your vision statement? - [Woman 1] Oh. I have to say it's hard in this moment to come up with really with the statement that could really bring me focus through all this. But, the project of feeling good inside so when we were talking about peace. So to get the connection with my truth, and this states that, this allows me… It's a feeling like to being loved, being in harmony with the universe. So, the thought to reach this state of peace, this is really what makes me push forward and focus on what I have to do to keep my vision, to make my vision real. So, the feeling of being in peace and happy with myself because this is going to also change my relationship with the outside world. So everything is just beautiful and run well if I feel good inside, if I feel good with myself. But if I don't do what I want to do inside, and then I'm not completely satisfied on my life, right? And it seems that I didn't get done what I wanted to get done, and so there is always something missing. And so focusing on this feeling of feeling so good and peace inside is… - And where do you want to go with your art? What do you want your art to bring to your life? - So, usually, I use my art to talk about... I did some work about global warming, I did some other work about women abused. So usually, it's about sharing my thoughts to the community, to the society to make people more sensitive about certain topics. So, for sure, I want to be able to show my work so everybody can see what I do and be sensitive to certain topics and open themselves to certain issues. - So through your love and your passion and your…that peace, that inner drive. - So I would like to serve the world. So I don't want to become rich or… - And bring... So you want to bring your art to the world to continue to stimulate awareness and conversation around those things that are important to you and to others? You all see how this is coming out? Yeah. Yeah. Do you hear how it's coming out and how it's warming? - Yeah. That's true. - Yes. And when you look at this vision, when you look at…you want to bring this gift to the world to stimulate conversation around important issues. Does that help motivate you in committing to that 11 to 12? - Oh, yes. Yes, you're right. - Yeah. Because not if… - Because if not, there's always something that is there like closing a box and I get frustrated that I cannot get it done. Yeah, and so… - And if you don't do it, we'll miss that part of the conversation because only you can bring that to the world. Only you can bring that conversation to the world and if you don't, what is that being? Selfish. So the conversation can only start from your perspective when you bring us that art. - Yeah. That's true. - Yes. Thank you. Thank for the courage to go first. - No. Thanks to you. - Thank you. Thank you. I'd love to have someone else share. Yes? - [Woman 2] To create intentional presence in all of my actions, to reach into my comfort zone and pull myself forward into courage. - Can you say that one again? That is really good. - To create intentional presence in all of my actions, and to reach into my comfort zone and pull myself forward into courage. - Love it. - Because I just feel like it's all about those…the keywords of taking action just really resonated. - Wonderful. Thank you. Thank you. Who else would love to share their vision statement? Yes? - [Woman 3] Similarly, I will be present in my tasks and relationships to deepen my understanding of others and build them up. - Oh, that's good. That's good. Yes. We have another? Yes? - [Woman 4] I'm here to serve…I'm here to nourish experiences to create community, connection, joyful movement, and whole beings. - Yes. Can you say it one more time? - I'm here to nourish experiences to create community, connection, joyful movements, and whole beings. - And whole beings. Love that. Love that. And when you look at that, when you hear that, how does everything that you have, because you've shared some things that you have going on, how does that keep bringing you back to what's important? How does that bring you back to your true vision? You... - [Woman 5] Are you talking about specific tangible granular stuff? - No. Just in general, how does that help you remove these distractions and bring you back to that? - There doesn't have to be one modality that I stick to because there's a lot of skills I have and I feel like, I was like, "Oh, I need to stick to this, or this, or this." But it could, in the end, just be the result that gets there like what I want people to feel versus having it to be just yoga, or just pilates, or just food. So… - The expression of all of those? Love it. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Do we have anyone else that would love to share, like to share, or just feel obligated to share? Yes. - [Woman 6] I said I use my creative and intellectual skills to my fullest ability to help others and I am present when I am with people. - Yes. Excellent. Laura, do we have anyone online? - [Laura] Not with their vision statements at the moment. Nothing to share from our online community but a lot of people speaking…oh, sorry. We do have somebody just as we spoke then. (inaudible) vision statement, "I will continue to search within myself that which will serve my true purpose and impact people in a positive way." - Excellent. So one of the things that I have found and we all know is not…this is not groundbreaking. This is not something that is like, "Oh, I never knew that." This is the commonality that we all share. Is that, the thing that will stop all of us from moving forward and all the things that we've discovered, uncovered, learned, experienced, shared, is that four-letter word. - Work. - And the thing about the work that's going to make us leave here with this paradigm shift, and then go back to the habit of working and getting back on the hamster wheel, and going back to the routine, and going back to the habit, is that other four-letter word which is…starts with an F… Fear, fear, fear. Fear is that thing that will lock all of us, put us back into the habit, go back to our comfort zone, even though it's uncomfortable, right? Fear is what causes us to self-sabotage. All of those things. But what I have discovered and uncovered about fear is what Marianne Williamson says in her amazing poem, "That our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us." We ask ourselves, "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?" Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about you shrinking so other people won't feel insecure around you. We were all meant to shine as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us and not just in some of us, it's in all of us. And when we let our light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. And as we are liberated from our own fears, we automatically liberate others. See, guys, our deepest fear is not failure. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. That's why peace is so critical.

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“Sheri has been an instrumental part of my life. Her support and guidance of my personal and professional growth helped mold the man and artist that I am today.” —Usher, International Entertainer, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

Have you achieved a certain level of success, graduated from college and finally secured that dream job, yet you are not feeling fulfilled?

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Sheri Riley introduced the world to some of the most influential, multi-platinum artists of the 90’s including Usher, TLC, Toni Braxton, and Outkast. She rose to the top of her field, and yet she was miserable. Now she is an Empowerment Speaker, Personal Development/Leadership Coach, and Life Strategist. She works with high achievers to make choices that lead to less stress, more clarity, and internal peace.

Constantly striving to achieve one goal after another–and investing more in our careers than in our actual lives–have left many of us feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and disconnected from who we are—anything but happy.

Sheri Riley will share the secret that helped her regain her sense of self and purpose. In Exponential Living, she offers nine principles to help the busiest goal-oriented people integrate their professional success with whole-life success. 


Daniel Viscovich

This course is fantastic! I had the opportunity to attend in person and I will tell you that Sheri is the real deal! An amazing, insightful and inspiring presence on stage and a very down to earth, humble and caring person when I had the chance to chat with her. I have no doubts that anyone watching will be a person human being for it. She utilizes so many great reflective exercises and questions that really forced me to think about what I want out of life and how I define my success in life. A big thank you to the Creative Live studios for putting this together and to Sheri for an amazing class!

Tracy Washington

This was an amazing class. I have the book and it was great to hear the author teach the principles and share all the nuggets of wisdom in this Master Class. Thank you for providing such wonderful, relevant content that truly is life-changing that causes people to pause and reflect and question what success looks like in their lives! Great class and highly recommended.

Luwana Edwards

This class is one of the BEST classes that I've taken. I'm really excited about all of the great information that I am leaving with. Sheri's approach to teaching is refreshing. She is an engaging speaker who is passionate about her topic. She is very unselfish about sharing value gained from her years of experience and insight gained from working in the music industry. It wasn't just a list of actions to follow, so it was truly enriching. Anyone who is considering this class should know that it's a great investment of their time and money.