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Bonus Video: The Language of SEO

Hello, I'm blared, lavin felt, and I'm christi weber and were the owners of jim book weddings dot com we love helping people succeed in business, and we're here today to unlock some of the terms around search engine optimization so that you can find out how to drive more traffic to your website. We know that learning asio can feel like learning a foreign language, so today we're going to talk about five key elements of ceo so you can get started on your own website. Key words are the building blocks that all of us ceo is based on, and key words are the words or phrases most commonly used on your website to describe the different pages. Key words are used in the girls in your metadata page descriptions, image files everywhere, and the most important thing to keep in mind when you're using your keywords is that you have two different audiences you're speaking to you have your readers and you have the search engines, so you want to find that great balance and not use them too much. So you...

r website seems spammy or that's written for a computer that's a photographer you want to think about where your key search terms that you want to use throughout your sight, your primary key words as a seattle wedding photographer might be a simple as seattle wedding photography wedding photography in seattle or something a little bit more specific targeting in on the kinds of photography is specialize in or the town that you serve most often secondary keywords are things that you would use internally in your sight like on gallery pages or maybe in blood posts you also want to have smart girls and that means a keyword rich you earl that communicates what every page of your web site is about smart girls contain keywords and not numbers ah good you are all structure if you're abc photography dot com and seattle would be your business name followed by seattle wedding photographers for your photo gallery it might say your business name followed by wedding photo gallery what's not so good as if it says your business name and then it's followed by a string of numbers that means that your girl was probably just randomly assigned to you and that you haven't actually I thought about how you want your oil to work for you your page title is the first thing that is really behind the scenes of your website this is in your metadata in the code of your site ah page title is also called a title tag and it's the main title of every specific web page you have on your site page titled are seen in search engine results at the top of your browser and around the web when other sites linked to you like right here on facebook when you're sharing a link with your friends or your fans in html, your page title will look a lot like this you wanted to be written like the title of an article and in seventy characters or less you also might want to include your business name in your page title to have really good branding recognition and to let people know that when they see that lincoln search engine results that it's going to go to a reputable page you just wanna have a great met a description a meta description is simply compelling description of every page of your site written in one or two sentences I think of it as a sales pitch essentially so it shows up underneath the title which christie just talked about and it describes what's on the page of your website so for instance um you would see it like this on social media and in html it would look like this so for abc photography ah great many description might be award winning seattle wedding photographers abc photography are known for their creative fine art images and are available for destination worldwide. The reason I love this is it has lots of key words in it and it's written in one hundred sixty characters or less, which is absolutely crucial for writing your meta description image file names over, of course, a really keeping for photographers to think about the file name is the individual name of each photo file that you upload to your website. File names should be descriptive and include key words that describe what's in that particular photo, and we think that file name should also include your business name. This is a great to get consistent copyright credit and to ensure that if people do image searches for your business name, the your photos will pay here in conjunction with that. So they were speaking a little bit of s e o, and you can speak even more if you download our pdf that comes with this class. Of course, if you want to get absolutely fluent in search engine optimization, or learn anything that there is to know about wedding photography or any kind of photography. It's all right here on creative life.

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Your website and blog are the most powerful tools you have for marketing your business. This segment, taught by the co-founders of JuneBug Weddings, Blair deLaubenfels and Christy Weber, is dedicated to teaching you the most important things you can do to improve your online presence without spending all day in front of the computer. You'll learn how smart editing, savvy writing, and clear navigation can increase your sales and enhance your brand.