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Boost Facebook Ads with Justin Brooke

Lesson 13 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

Boost Facebook Ads with Justin Brooke

Lesson 13 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

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Lesson Info

13. Boost Facebook Ads with Justin Brooke

Lesson Info

Boost Facebook Ads with Justin Brooke

You know, if you're watching right now and you're an artist or your photographer, you're a lot like Angeline. We've got in the front row. She takes photographs of islands around the world. Maybe you're just starting on Facebook, and you're a lot like Chris. We've also got in the front row. Chris founded areas, thinking about starting zone skateboarding company. He also competes live. And Chris, you had an interesting story. You told me before he went live because you took advantage of what you learned yesterday and you executed. So again, you started from nothing. And Chris got and tell us what happened last night. Well, I already had the personal Facebook page, which I was using to prevent myself and kind of diluting my real friends from those friends. So to separate my personal and business, I went ahead and made the page like he suggested, and I just put it up last night. All I got to is a profile picture and the about I haven't even gotten to the cover image yet. Yeah, And just by ...

sending some of the invites to my friends list, I'm already a 25 friends, and I haven't even started. I haven't even sent out many compared to the friends that already had. So I love that guys give Chris a rabbit pot for executing. I love that those of you watching right now that missed yesterday and you're starting from nothing. Chris is proof that if you watch those segments yesterday and you do execute, you can start to see success very quickly. That's the goal. So today, what we're going to focus on is now we've got our pages launched, and for those of you watching that might have more advanced pages. You're kind of like Wes, who's joining us in the audience as well. He He's a small business. He's an entrepreneur. He's hustling every day selling IPhone gadgets. And West currently has 10,000 Facebook fans on his Facebook page, but he doesn't quite know what to do with them. He doesn't. He's not getting much engagement on each status update. And so this segments today and specifically the one coming up is gonna be just for those kinds of folks you've launched your page. Now we're gonna get into more advanced strategies where we focus on how to take those Facebook fans and turn them into email leads and paying customers. So without further ado, let's get into our first segment again. You guys can join the conversation on Twitter as well, because we're going to be covering a lot today. First we're gonna talk about in the first segment, had a supplement what you're doing on Facebook with ads. And I'm about to bring somebody on this stage who got addicted to this because he spent $60 on Facebook ads and turned that $60 into six figures. So he's gonna come up and tell his story in a second. After that, we're going to get into how to double your email list using a Facebook contest. Third, we have some surprises in this section that are gonna be unexpected to some folks because most people, when they think about their Facebook pages, they don't consider how to actually generate riel revenue from those pages. So if you're watching right now and you want to learn how to generate riel sales from your Facebook page, you want that third segment audience. It's about sales, right? We're all small. Business owners were fine. We're hustling. We have no time. We have families. We have kids of other priorities. If you don't know how and understand how to make sales on your Facebook page, he shouldn't spend time marketing and understanding it. So we'll get into that. And then, Lastly, for those of you watching right now online that are looking, maybe your freelancer and you're selling social media services to end customers, you're a lot like Ana joining us in the audience who has her own social media consulting company. The fourth segment. Today, we're gonna focus on how you guys can build a $10,000 a month social media marketing business. So you have all of that to look forward to. And without further ado, let's get into our first segment supplementing with Facebook ads. Now there's a lot of folks confused about exactly how to use adds how much they should use should they be optimizing for X variable or why variable? Well, I had the pleasure of asking, Ah, German to join me on stage. I'll give you some background and we'll introduce him. But, you know, I told you several years ago he had exposure in the ad space in general, he decided, take 60 bucks and try out Facebook ads, right? Maybe some of you guys watching have tried out Facebook ads with varying degrees of success. Now, what this gentleman did is he spent $60 and that $60 turned into six figures. And guys, we all know that if we confined a ratio like that, that works. What are we gonna dio, man? We're going all in, right? All in. So what I want to do is ask you guys to please help me introduce the stage. Mr Justin Brooke gusting on up. Thank you. You're gonna jump on over on this side and I'm gonna jump over here. Guys. Justin is his current business. He is the CEO and founder of a company called I'm Scalable. And he focuses on helping clients generate returns using their Facebook pages and Facebook ads. Ben. So if you're excited about this segment, please go to hail dot com ford slash Check in. That's your way of telling Justin and I that you are here. You're ready to learn and you're excited about what he's gonna teach. Remember the house check Taiwanese for that conversation is hash tag FB four smb. So with that being said, Justin take it away. The stages years give you a little bit of context of the level of expertise and the expertise that I'm bringing to you. Last year I spent $1.1 million on Facebook ads. I drew 4.6 million clicks with that $1.1 million. My clients average 120 to 200% are why I'm about sales. But I've also about R o. I mean, for those folks joining it. Don't know what that is. Return on investment. It's, you know, we spend $1.1 million. We got to make that back. You were not in the the charity business. We're trying to make sales, trying to make money. Quote a man who knows in the charity business, right, right. And even if we are, we still got to get a return on that so that we can help those charities. So that's the level of experience that I'm bringing you here today, and where I come from give you a little bit of context. Now let's kick it off here and start talking about some ads. Strategy. No, I'm gonna really be looking for you guys. is engagement questions. You helping me with some questions that really drives the hardest part for me? I have all the knowledge in there. You guys helping me get the knowledge out of my head. That will really help us. Have a great time here. No pressure, guys. Remember, just raise your hand. If you've got a question, we'll go right to you. Yeah, absolutely. So the most important thing that you need to know is you making sure that you're choosing the right ad for you. There's a lot of different types of ads. That's where people really get confused with Facebook. Advertising is there's different placements for the ads, just different objectives for the ads. And that's there to help you get a better our allies there to help you. But it's also very overwhelming to know, you know, should my ads be in the right hand side er in the news feed. What about mobile? What about desktop? You don't do any conversions or fans, you can get lost in it. So that's what we'll dive into here and help you guys understand. So first, what you should understand is, um, the this box over here marked in red. That is your right hand sidebar ads. Those ads are. You can do a lot with those ads. You'll get a lot more impressions. With those ads you will. It's really good for branding. It's really good for something that you want to stay in front of the audience over and over and over again. And then you have desktop newsfeed ads. These ads get a massive amount of engagement. The right hand sidebar ads, everybody, our Facebook kind of knows that those are ads. Not everybody on Facebook yet knows that the news feed stuff is an advertisement. It's becoming more aware, but you know, you get a lot of engagement on the desktop newsfeed hats. But then you also have mobile news feed ads, and it's really important to know the difference between a desktop newsfeed ad and a mobile news feed at because of your check out process. If your website is not prepared for mobile traffic, if it's not optimized for mobile traffic, you want to make sure that you're not driving mobile traffic to your website. Otherwise, you'll be wasting money that right there is one of the easiest ways that I save money for myself and my clients is just making sure if they're not optimized for mobile, that we're not sending any mobile traffic or if they are. You know, sometimes you can get a really big competitive advantage by having your mobile site ready and being able to take advantage of the mobile ads, because a lot of your competitors are being lazy right now, and they don't want to do the work of getting that stuff in place. So there is just massive, massive amounts of mobile traffic, and it's a lot cheaper. So Justin, before you move onto the next type of ad type you guys remember in the segment yesterday when we had Josh Parkinson join and talk about how to get engagement in every update, and he broke down this science behind Why Facebook ed drink works the way it does well adjusted, just articulated. Where most consumers, when they see those sidebar ads, they're not necessarily engaging. What he just articulate about these news feed ads is Facebook is trying to help advertisers like you make these ads really really relevant so that when customers or potential fans or scrolling through those news feeds right and Valerie There may be interested in the coffee that you have to offer, or John are interested in the chocolate that you're that you're selling. When they see those ads, they're highly relevant. And those air high quality customers, ideally, that are clicking those ads. So if you miss that segment, you certainly want to go back and re watch to understand the importance of a newsfeed ad. Just real quick again before Justin moves to the next kind of Leanne. Have you tried any Facebook? Adds up to date? Oh, sure. Yeah, a lot. Which ones have you tried? I've done both the side ads in the news feed ads. And so how did those perform for you? So I had better luck with the side than in the news feed. I think I can do better with engagement. Um, yeah. Anyone else? Raise your hand. Is anyone had experience already using Facebook ads? That Okay, Just so you have I ran them for high school. Senior portrait. It's but I didn't get much response. The daily spin was going. The last at Iran was for free model sessions and I got all the daily clicks, but no one filled out an app. Why do you think that is, Justin, when you work with clients again, maybe they're photographers like Giselle, and they get a lot of clicks, but they don't necessarily the quality of clicks they want. Why does that typically occur? A lot of times what I see, I'm just going off of the limited amount of information I have right now on weekend. She is a good one. You can ask for more questions. She'll give you more context if you need it. Okay. So, you know, based on my experience, I would be guessing that you probably had either vague targeting or a lot of targeting set up. Maybe we're talking it down to girls 16 through 17 in the Zip coast near my studio. Okay, so age and zip code. All right, That's really engender. Okay, so that's still very vache. There's a lot of other layers that you could add on to that to make it better. And so that's why you were getting people. You're getting clicks, but maybe not conversions, because you're not necessarily targeting the right audience. You're targeting people who are in your area, but you need to you add other layers onto that like psychographic information, your past behaviors and stuff like that, that would really help you increase your conversions. And if you were hosting online right now and you hear psychographic information and your hair goes crazy, you want Sorry, it's good you this guy knows what he's talking about. So you wanna watch the end of the segment? He's gonna break down the kinds of things Giselle could do. Teoh Target even Mawr specifically. So if you're watching and you run an ad and it's gotten a lot of clicks but hasn't led to customers, you want to keep watching Justin, let's move forward to the next kind of ad type. Okay, Yeah, I want to dive in just a little bit more on to some of these. How you can use these a little bit more strategically, so it does kind of take some time and some effort to get your website to be mobile responsive. So how can you use mobile ads without you having to do all that work? How can you leverage that right now? A really good use of using mobile ads is using them to drive traffic to your blogged. Get some exposure to your blawg to get some likes for your fan page. Those things are already mobile optimized. For the most part, there's a lot of WordPress themes out there that Air Mobile that Air Mobile optimized. So that's one thing you can do there and Justin with those ads that you just articulated the mobile ones for Blawg Post. So we have. We have Michael in the audience. Michael runs a very successful blawg called self Employed King dot Comedies. Just launch a book called Connect That You Guys can All check out itself employed king dot com forward slash connect Now, Michael, have you tried Newsfeed's adds to maybe boost up a block post you've organically written, definitely especially for Webinars. Okay, And how did that work for you? Works great. So I'll do it for folks who have visited the Weber nor Page, but maybe not signed up. So we'll reach organ at back to them, you know, asking him to come back and signed back up again. We do it to remind people to come when the weapon or is about to begin, just wear in their news feed a little bit more aggressively we do to boasts our fans and then lookalikes. Great, really great. And another one. I want to give some good uses for the desktop newsfeed ads here. This, I believe, is and it's arguable, but I believe that this is the highest value real estate on the entire Internet. Is this Facebook news feed? You have the privilege and almost like the miraculous opportunity right now to use this real estate to start a relationship with your customer. One of the worst things I see people do is I get it. We all want to make sales will want to make money. But one of the worst things I see people do is they immediately jump into this news feed with, like, 20% off my product. They just jump in there with their product instead of jumping in there and starting a relationship. So another opportunity to put your blood post here podcast videos. You use this to start the conversation to kind of say hello, this is who I am. This is what I do and then you can lead them onto the sale afterwards, especially with the right hand sidebar ads is amazing for doing that part. So that's just some of the strategic uses for some of these ad units. All right, so the next one here is a promoted post. Now this is It's still in ad. It's going to show up in the news feed, and you can choose whether it's mobile or desktop. But what this allows you to do is kind of the biggest gripe right now. And Facebook is the edge. Rank the algorithm. You, you're posting content to your fan page. Maybe you're spending money to hire someone to do that. Are you spending your own time? It's very valuable, but it's only showing up to a certain amount of people. Well, I just pay. You can just pay a little bit of money and make your posts be visible to them and one like Golden Nugget tip I would leave you guys with here today is you can. If you go into the ads manager, you can create a targeting setting. You can save a target market, basically of who you want to target instead of If you just hit that promoted post button, it's basically going to go to your fans and then friends of your fans, so sometimes you could go to like your fans, moms and aunts and uncles. But if you say this target market, then you will be able to choose that target market. And when you hit promoted post, it will go to just those people. And that's where you get massive value, have a promoted post and guys watching online in our live audience. After we go through the strategies that Justin presenting will actually jump right into the how to of how you can set up that kind of target bucket of people you want to reach out to over and over again, no matter what industry you're in. So while again and live audience while Justin is wrapping up with the last type of ad before we get to the next strategy. Okay, the next type of that type here is a log out at everything I've just shown you is self managed. You can log in and you can create them yourself. Ah, log out ad is not available in the self managed platform that is a managed campaign where you have to have a direct relationship with the Facebook advertising reps, and then you can buy a log out ad. So if you want that that's available, there's a lot of traffic for it. I don't never log out of Facebook, but there are people that do that do that, and so that is available. But that's you're not in the self managed portion of it. Now share with you guys as well. You know, we had some folks when we're looking at the Twitter Stream with the hashtag FB for us and be some of you guys were tweeting saying You have pages that are really advanced, where you're already at 400,000 fans, but you're trying to figure out how to get more high quality fans. This ad unit potentially works well for you if you're much larger business. The remainder. This segment won't be necessarily focused on the people with 500,000 fans, but it would be more focused again on folks that between 500 say 1000. You're looking to continue growing that page. These ad units Justin are super expensive as well. I think the last the last number I heard on what these kind of audience we're going for was actually $750,000 because you had to buy kind of a bulk set to get this exposure. Plus, it's a lot of real estate right toe have on the number one social media marketing platform out there. So, Chris, what are we seeing? Any questions from a live audience that we can answer right now? Yeah, we have some people who are intrigued by this idea of having ads on Facebook here. Ah, lot of people haven't done this before, so we had a question. I know that we talked in our previous session about doing giveaways and offers freebies like that. So we had a question asking, What about freebies in a news feed? Add Is that something that you would recommend? Absolutely. Uh, you know, again, it's about starting that relationship. That's the best use you can use for that news. Feed ads to start that relationship, and if you can give them something free, a checklist, a mind map. Ah blawg posed to report anything like that that basically is. You treat social just like you would a regular cocktail part. You don't walk in there and jump in with your business card. It's kind of a high. Hello What do you do? Okay, great. And then it goes into about your business and stuff like that's the same thing with a news feed. This is why I like you. You talk about cocktail parties, analyses. I'm talking about barbecues. I must be a Justin cocktail party here. I had some questions, is here. Let's get one more from the online audience. Then we can talk to the students here, but you mentioned mobile on being optimized for mobile. Caroline had a question she wants to know. Well, how do you optimize for mobile? How can you tell if you're already optimized for mobile? That's a really good question. Um, so the easiest way is pull out your phone and see what your website looks on your phone. Ask your friends if you can borrow their phone. Pull up your website on their phones. Um, if you have an IPad or if you know somebody who has an IPad, just use these devices. That's really the best way. There are tools online that you can see what they look like, but I'm not, ah, 100% sure. They're showing it exactly as it should be shown. So I like to have the device and see exactly what it looks like in my hands. You turn it sideways, started this way and really see what it's like. And there's actually numbers out there right now that say that there's Mawr mobile traffic than there is desktop. So we all should really start developing our websites for Mobile first than instead of desktop first. That's here now. And Caroline, if you're specifically wondering if your Facebook ads or mobile optimized you're going to hear Justin talk about in a little bit had actually we're actually gonna go through the back end of creating an ad on Facebook. And there's a button you can click that lets you target mobile new seeds. Add specifically. So you have that to look forward to. Let me wrap up that question just a little bit more. There's lots of tools out there. There's lots of WordPress themes. Is plenty of designers out there in every single freelance marketplace that know how to do this stuff and then another way that you can do it. If if you're using the chrome Web Web browser, there's an extension that you can add on that will allow you to see what your website looks like in all the different platforms. And that's something that me and my team use. Whenever we're making an update to a block post or to a Web pages, we just you hit that little extension and see what? All right, come on. Just in your building. Us up. What's the name of this extension? Um, you know, I actually don't know that. Okay, well, yeah. Any known off the top of your head that you use for mobile optimization? You mentioned some other websites people could maybe put their content into to see if it's mobile. Optimized any off the top of your head. I don't know them off. My designer does. Your designer does that. Hey, guys in the audience Are there any tools that if you, if you have the answer, does raise your own any tools you guys used to check out? If your content, maybe Michael, your block content to know if it's mobile optimized Giselle, You grabbed a screen in the lower corner and you just start to minimize it. If the site starts adjusting the you know it's responsive. Yep. That's a great one, Chris. Anything else from the online folks before. Move forward. Yeah, we had a couple more coming here. Now I know that we are focused obviously on Facebook here, but the question has come up and people have been voting on it. They want to know your take on Facebook ads versus Google ads. Oh, yeah, I love it. Actually, you know that $60 just to correct you a little bit, that $60 I originally spent was on AdWords ads. Facebook, as wasn't around then Google ads is different from Facebook ads. They're not better. Each of them has their own. So with Google ad, it is an intent based searcher that person is typing in. Whatever problem you indoor, tomato growing or whatever, where Facebook. You're targeting someone who is interested in tomato growing. So it's a little bit different on the scale of how warm and how cold the traffic is, I would say in the warmer the traffic to better, you know, the best traffic would be word of mouth. And then the second best, I would say, is search traffic. That person is looking for what you're offering, and then right below that, I would say it's Facebook. But with all the targeting options that Facebook has and the custom audience features at all these different features they have, it really bolsters it up to be just a powerful. So, Justin, you have so much experience in this space with the ads been that you haven't very few people get the chance to learn from Justin's. I'm thrilled able to join us today. But if I want to ask you a question that it's a little bit gonna get your putting on prediction. So currently, Google's ad revenue is almost over $ billion. Facebook's total out of revenue is just over $3 billion. Do you ever see that shifting? Do you see Facebook building a. Get generating more revenue for itself ever than Google? Or, in other words, do you see people spending more on Facebook ads in the future than you see on Google ads? And you should remove any bias that is a Facebook marketing course, right? No. The only apprehension is if there's any Facebook reps watching this on, uh, please protect my account. We'll say this, um, Facebook actually doesn't have a massive amount of inventory, and that's why they are not able to spend or make a much as Google is. Your Google was smart and they invented the AdSense program, which is just basically. Every website was able to instantly monetize itself by putting these Google ads on their websites and then share some of the prophet that gave Google a massive amount of inventory instead of just search traffic, they now have that Facebook is working on trying to create mawr inventory. If you think about it, they have 1.1 billion users. That's in total. So then you break that down to like your market, your demographic. Your interests are actually only working with a couple 100,000 people, maybe a 1,000,000 people. It's just not a lot of inventory. So what Facebook is doing now is they're splintering off all the different types of their products. They splintered Facebook and messenger, and then they're gonna go with I think they're going to split their off groups, and so they're making all these other properties so that they'll have MAWR impressions so that they can sell more ads so it may get there. But that's where they're struggling. Great, but I was curious on your thoughts So we've gotta before move forward. Leon, you've got a question. You mentioned that you like to use the news feed ads to build relationships, and the side adds to make a sale. So what point do you actually collect the lead? Do you do first, give a block post? Do you put a little gate between it? How do you When do you do that? You know, I've got a little bit of, ah, quote that I like to use. You'll let our oi be the symptom, not the focus. And so I'm always about our why I'm always about making sales. I come from direct response marketing some of the most aggressive guys in the world. But I also have no have seen that marketing has changed. It's about it's more social. It's more friendly. So what I always lead with is trying to gain the respect in the trust. First, if I get that, I know that they will go and sometimes they'll go and google my name or they'll go Google whatever product that I'm talking about just to go find more because they liked that post. So if you lead with that, they will hunt you down and they will you'll turn the tables on them. But with that said, I'm always trying for you know, when I people see me advertising my blawg posts and sometimes they think I'm just like this cool guy giving away free content. My blawg is extremely optimized to convert that visitor into a lead. So I just and I can actually feel the online audience going through the airwaves here going. I just heard an amazing quote about our wife from Justin, but he said it so fast. I didn't get to write it down. I can literally feel it there. Wanted to tweet it out. Give us that quote again about R. A. Y s so let r y be the symptom, not the focus. Great. I love that. So go ahead and Chris it for good online will move forward. Yeah, absolutely. Let's move along. Okay. All right. So next, you know, just to kind of review some of the ads the classic at is the right hand side bar. It's called Classic. That's what they started out with when I started. There wasn't newsfeed at that was amazing when they offered that you guys don't know how. How good you got it. Um, Then you have the desk, the mobile news feed. Add the promoted post and you've got the log out at

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