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Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

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Buy Using a "Buy" Comment

Nathan Latka

Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

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20. Buy Using a "Buy" Comment

Lesson Info

Buy Using a "Buy" Comment

So what? We? The patterns I was looking at specifically with Kim and selling on Social. When eyeballs are all in one spot, you want to make the sale happen there if you can. And I think you know, just to degree that I should say this or not. I think Cheryl Sandburg, who's the head of operations at Heo, missed a big opportunity when she decided the way to monetize it was via an ad network. You know, she came from Google and understood ads, so that was natural for her. What Facebook had that Google never had is it's a social network. There's people shopping all the time. So a sale on Facebook should feel like when Kim and I visit each other in Tampa, Florida, and we go downtown and we're shopping for clothes and I pick out a T shirt. Kim's like, Yeah, you look great on the creative life stage wearing that. I didn't buy it like that. Corn. A quick comment she makes makes me by and it felt to me like that natural thing should happen. So what you're about to see is a status update. We ran w...

ith Kim and Kim. We're just gonna be silent when I move forward to the next slide and let the online audience and our in studio audience read the status update first and then we'll break down Exactly why it worked. Is that sound good? And we're gonna answer that question and we'll get to the online questions. Is the question I have? I just want to say that Kim, here's what we've done. I'll go ahead and let folks online read the status update that Kim posted to her page. And maybe what I'll do is I'll go ahead and read it aloud. Came on and you read it. It says I have built my community and email list over 30, this year because I have created Kick butt free offers that people can't wait to trade their emails for. I decided to put the exact strategies I used to build amazing free offers into a quick, easy to read an implement e book. Simply comment by below to purchase the E book for $27 learn how to double or even triple your email list with a kick butt free offer. And as you can see, look at all these buys. So we already have toe work really hard to get people to see the status update. Then we have to work really hard to make sure they click the link. Then John, like selling your chalk of ours. We have to make sure the product page converts well. What if the funnel didn't exist? What if with a simple by comment when Avery and Brandon commented by that sale actually happened? What if $29 or $27 the second, that by comment was entered, went right into Kim's PayPal account? And that was a sale, guys, that's exactly what happened here and going from zero sales in a month via Amazon and her website cam in a bit over 24 hours. How many sales did you dio? Um, well, the total sales was 1500 a little over $1500 and you should. That was in about what, 12 hours? I mean, but I kept saying, Can we just Can we extend it? Yeah, So Kim's Kim's comments me was what this is working so well, all the sun, all the comments that Justin made about boosted post on promoted posts. If you know you can boost a post for 10 bucks, and it's going to drive five more sales of a $29 product, yes or no by a show of hands. Do you keep that a team cranking all day, right? I want to cut Crystal Creek because I mean because I feel like your jaw just went to the ground and lift it back up. What are you thinking? And be sure to grab the mic before you answer. I'm thinking this is just a terrific strategy and a terrific technology, and I can't wait to understand what's next. So let's walk through exactly how this works by going back into the example. Just to be clear, for those of you watching online, and you may not understand what's happening, what we've done is we've eliminated the entire funnel right anywhere. There is a comment stream and people type by. The check out actually occurs. So on Facebook, this is fantastic. If you're like Ana or if you're in a B two B service and you're selling e books or fizz or digital products, the sales can happen instantly. When Gail puts in that by comment, the product has been delivered via email to Gail, and the money gets directly deposited to Kim instantly. So go ahead. My PayPal was just thinking it was and I didn't dio. I didn't have to deliver the product. The product was delivered directly to their email, their Facebook email, because that's how, um, how it's delivered. Incredible, right? So, Gina, everyone's kind of like wonder here, and John is just like freaking out. I've got to go to John John. What do you think is Yeah, that's great. That's a product. But there's ah lot of us who have bricks and mortar who have a product. How can I get $1500 extra with chocolate or coffee or GoPro products or skateboards? And let's walk through before I get my answer and shot more about with Carrie. Maybe. Is it related directly to John? Yeah, yes, So it it's the same. You still have to fulfill your product. But here's the magic. Can I jump in on the Magic 11 shares? People are sharing her offer. They're telling other people. Go by this, and every time somebody comments by or even asks a question, it gets shared with their network, so it becomes its own little viral thing. So you put your caramel koalas right to get that you put your karma. Quale is on their limited time sale, and they start buying or asking questions. The questions are gonna be magic, too. But the But then the way you set it up on the back end is it's gonna tell your fulfillment company or you in your basement with your little postage stamp or whatever it is is gonna tell you to fulfill it. So there is no magic between digital and non digital. A sale is a sale is a sale. And if you're a consultant or it's 1/2 bottle of wine, how does 1/2 bottle of wine even happen? I don't even understand. That s so. No matter how that happens, it's the same. The magic is in the share ability of the platform. The busiest stores are the ones where you go get in line to eat. You don't go to the parking lot that's empty. You go to the one that everybody else is saying. Hey, by that money is going into my PayPal account. And I have to like you said, Go then wrap up my little chocolate koalas there at your virtual cash register, right in this example was a digital product, obviously, So we delivered automatically just because of the nature of the product. But it could be a physical product as well. Yeah, eso, we firmly believe with this kind of technology, it not only works in a Facebook comment stream, but as you'll learn when Sue comes up in the next says and the next class Creativelive class works cross Instagram commenting Stream guys, it works online. On YouTube videos, you can imagine video sales letters asking people to comment by below. It works on linked in status updates, Twitter replies. We believe this kind of technology is ultimately what's going to make Amazon totally rethink its commerce strategy when people can sell directly in a status update. And frankly, I think all the social networks should be thinking about how to sell on their platforms using natural social right. Can you repeat that? Yeah, I believe that a social network should think about sales not in terms of CPM and CPI sees and collectors and sales, but a natural, organic way to drive sales because what this does and Kim alluded to it a bit, and so did carry is Remember how we talked about Ed Drank and the W variable? Valerie, you're shaking your head. What was the w variable of Ed? Drank? Um, there's Wait, there's, ah, relevancy and the time to K. OK, I'm impressed. Got off of the window. What makes up the weight? Well, it's it's relevance, and it's, ah, things that you definitely can appeal it specifically. Do you remember? It's the number of likes and comments and share, right? So if you're having trouble getting engagement on a status update, but you post something like this, you have to remember every time somebody comments by Kim. What's that doing? It's well, one. It's It's getting money in my PayPal account. Money. Part of it. It's so magical. Honestly, what it what it is. It's also feeding back into the news feeds. You know, it's getting in front of other people's communities, and there's nothing more valuable than that than that. It's like we all are. It's so funny because we all think we're not sales people, really. I mean, we all say I'm not a salesperson. The reality of it is we all are. We all make recommendations each and every day you go to a great movie, you go to great dinner somewhere. You tell your friends and family about it. That's exactly what this is. Accept it. You want it to be that organic sales funnel process without the funnel without the forfeit, because that's the part that most business owner struggle with is sending up that final peace. What does that look like? It's come the sales pages, a lead page. It's whatever it is. And yet Nathan has figured out a way to bypass that. Give you an opportunity to organically sell things on your Facebook page or Twitter or or YouTube or wherever all the social platforms, in fact, and then literally, the money just drops into your PayPal and you have the back in fulfillment of it. Is that not magical? And then Kim takes me out to dinner and celebrate so much more revenue now. But guys I want, you know, that's a great tip there, Kim and guys, I want to ask you to please help me think. Kim guards for joining us onstage again and just laying down awesome content. So if you're watching online right now and you're thinking about what's the first thing I could sell on my Facebook page? A great place to start again. Our products between $5.100 K If you've got an e book or an audio file or an image or we spoke more about John's example where you've got chocolate bars, that's a great place to start. And I'm gonna get into the how to of everyone watching right now exactly how you can do that, including the link to go to to literally cell tonight on your Facebook page if you'd like. Guys. You want that right? Valerie, you're like, right? So first things first, I wanted to re articulate again why this works Currently, when you look at your Facebook funnel, this is what it looks like. You've got your Facebook fans. You've got to kind of go to battle and use the strategies you learned in segments two and three of this course to get views on your updates. You then use others judges we've taught to get clicks and then eventually, you maybe you get a dollar in sales, right? You drive some sales there at the bottom What we've done is we've essentially eliminated eliminated the funnel. So now you post the figure, post the update, right? And all they have to do is type by something that they naturally do. Commenting is something they naturally do on social. You're not asking them toe go out of their element to your website. It feels very comfortable and organic. They type by and you're getting quadruple the amount of sales. Or in Kim's case, she went from zero to $1500 in sales. And so we're very excited about what this technology can do for all of you watching right now, whether you're a service provider, whether you have an online product that you're selling, maybe your your musician listening right now and you want to release a new addition of a six of a 32nd 32nd clip of a song you have coming up to release, maybe you put that in there. Or maybe you're watching right now. And you also saw the creative life podcasting course. Well, maybe you want to take a portion of your podcast and make it paid. Well, take that, making an audio file and sell it through here If you miss that podcasting course with John, do you want to go back and check that out? It was a really, ah, great course, but the point here is you've completely eliminated the funnel, and no funnel means maximum exposure for your sales. And this is how you get answering the question that one Facebook fan is worth X amount of money to my business. This is what validates you guys watching online, spending time building your Facebook presence. We finally have a way toe under stand sales on Facebook, and that comes along with some other organic benefits. Valerie just went through the drink algorithm, which we talked about when Josh Parkinson talked about driving engagement on your page. Go back and watch that segment of this slide confuses the heck out of you. You guys like that? Good. So, again, what this means is a quick refresher. This is essentially how Facebook decides where to show your status update in your fans, news feeds or the rank. They do it by multiplying the affinity or how close purple shirt is to teal shirt. The teal shirt is your brand multiply times weight, which is the number of likes comments and shares on your page times the time decay. So how old is your post? The older it is, the less relevant it is. And if you have troubles explaining understanding, Ed, drink. This is a great image to take a screenshot off and save for a rainy day. So moving forward before going to some questions for the online audience about this topic and before before that How to go ahead and tell me at heo dot com Ford slash Tell me and let me know what your number one take away is so far in the meantime on Oh, what is going to your head right now? Are you? Do you have an online product? You thinking you use this to sell? Um, I'm I'm like, you know, I think Heo just won me over. Honestly, I just I'm like, really, because I'm gonna look like a superstar with my clients. Well, and just to be clear, I appreciate that on us so much. This is we're gonna I'm gonna show you the link of how to use this in a second, and it's actually free to use. You can go in and test this out totally free. So thanks for that feedback. What? We're gonna sell the what's the first thing you want to test out? It is overblown. You're excited? Yeah. Sounds like the software you're selling. That is kind of a digital product, right? With the calling, Correct. That's for a client. So greatly. So those of you watching right now that are like on a your a social media consultant, right? This is the kind of idea you emails them and say, Hey, you should pay me more each month and increase my retainer, cause I've got some great ways for you to increase your sales on Facebook. Right? And you just use this as your secret ninja in your back pocket. Okay? So moving forward, Chris, I wanna go back to you real quick. What kinds of questions are we seeing online before getting the how to section? People were mesmerized by that little example and showing that the by comments. So that's really the overwhelming question. Just phrased differently. People want to know more about that, how they can implement that for their business. Well, guys, let's go right into that. In other words, how do you implement this buying strategy for your business. Let's now move forward into the how to. So the first thing I want to do is walk through the first example we gave, which was again using a status update and linking out through your website will use Chris. Here is an example. So let's say he's got a photo here of 1/3 place race that he ran several years ago. He's posted an update that says I ran into with third place at the SRF Challenge on my that fat deans. Some amazing my cool crowd going up. I'm feeling okay, Good. I'm gonna get like the sticker and everything soon, right? My fat jeans, Best wheels ever made. Let's say he now has crowd sourced or you have you bought from a distributor wheels to sell cause you have the distribution channel. You can then say Click here to grab your own pair and you'll start winning competitions to right. So you link through again. You've got a great image up there of you winning third place. So it's social proof. It catches people's attention. They go through and they purchase. So that's how you want to optimize. We're gonna if you're gonna link through to an external product. And I do recommend you use your website or an external sales page If you have a very complex product. The by comment works really well for simple, easy to explain products like a bar of chocolate or an audio file or digital file or something simple, low cost under $100. What we're gonna do now is on the next slide, you're going to see the link to go to. If you'd like to try this new sales technology So again, if you're hearing my voice right now, but you're kind of in and out and you've minimized me behind your email client, please open me back up. We're gonna go forward to the next slide now. And this is the link you want to go to to go ahead and try this out. And we can see all the audience members writing this down. We do anticipate people again making money, using this kind of technology almost immediately, especially for folks like Angeline in the front row and Chris that just launched their pages. Experiment with this and tweeted us using hashtag f b for S and B toe. Let us know how it goes. And what I would like to do is ah is, uh, bring one of my friends on stage is actually going to join me in the next segment. You know, I called her several weeks before the course and said, Oh, my gosh, I love for you to come up. You're gonna be a perfect fit. She is very hard to get a hold up, but she said, Okay, anything. I'll do it after some. Some are employing, but not on Lee. And she's been a mentor to me. She's helped me out early on the first people ever to help me out. Her name is Carrie Wilkerson and she runs carrie Wilkerson dot com. I'll tell you more about her. After you guys help me welcome her to the stage. Carrie, come on out. Jump up here. You're in the center stage. Sarah's brand. What's your brand? The barefoot executive to stick it up. Come on. Physical. The producer said you're up next. You might put your shoes. I love I love that. So you know, Carrie, what do you walk through a little bit? About how what you're selling currently in the content you're creating online. I might sneak behind you and grab the clicker while you do that. Okay. Perfect. First, I want to tell everybody listening. If you have the power with the thing that you're clicking, I'm okay if you minimize me. You just dropped me a note and I'll show you those areas that I want you to minimize. Okay. So online. I've kind of morphed. I've kind of evolved since we started working together. So I'll let you tell that story. I'm guess where are re telling the full story. Way to do it. We talked way. We'll tease it now a little bit, right? So we talked earlier about knowing your customer segment, and for us it was General, I'll tell you when I first started in my dorm room, 19 years old, 19 years old. For whatever reason, I quickly learned that, you know, a certain a certain age demographic really liked what I had to offer. And it it happened to be beautiful women between the ages off, you know, 35 35 55 you know, And if I had to put a name on it, I say Cougars just loved me. eyes target market He was choosing. So you know the story. And I played it up. I took a black and white cover photo. I worked my best come over. I had this cheesy little pose and I'm like, Oh, you know, these Cooper's gonna love me cause I loved Elvis and I look like maybe Elvis. Anyways, I knew my demographic and carry. We started working together selling on your facebook page. You know what we dio searching on Facebook for women in that age demographic that we're professionals to go hit up to become client? That's what I did. And he also used the word executive. So when you typed in 35 toe whatever, um when executive I popped up because you were in the barefoot executive who he started with this cheesy charm business. And I said, I'm happy to pass you over to my assistant. Nobody got time for that through this worked really well, though we had fun, and we've been in touch over the past really five years working together now. You recently came up with a really great piece of content that performed well. Tell us more about that piece of content how we made it an e book, and we're gonna walk through using at post on hale dot com that update and actually launching for sale on your page. Okay, so I am an at home business consultant. I work with people have small businesses either at home or out of a storefront, and I help them with growth strategies. I also do self development and motivation, so I do kindle and writing and t notes and consulting. So I've absolutely evolved. I did have a wide range of lower end products and for product, so he thought this was gonna be a slam dunk. We're just gonna pull one of those and put it up there. And I said, Oh, Nathan, I've taken all those off the market. I've taken all my everything under, like, $500 off the market. So I said, Why don't you go? I didn't even know what he was working on. Go check out my blawg, go find the best performing block post and pull together some of my content that you feel like as a representative of me, right? That's exactly what we did. And we said, Let's make this an e book where we can try it on your page and see how it did. So what I'll do is point everyone now to the slide here. And what you see Kerry did is when she logged out. She went to post stott heo dot com when she clicked the log in or the try for free button. On that page. She accepted Facebook permissions, and her Facebook pages were then listed across the top of the screen, and she had a few, but she selected her Facebook page because that icon in the upper left, that is her page. So she went through Click to update and then put together this status update. Yeah, and I've edited a little bit since then. I actually dropped it to seven because I'm just testing. I've never, ever sold from my Facebook page before, except for high priced keynotes and consulting. So I changed it to seven. I also added, in there a note about exclusively here. You'll get an audio and video bonus from me this week. Can you tell why it did that? Absolutely. This is important stuff, So I put that extra line in there. You can see it when you go to my Facebook page online, I added in the audio and video bonus. Watch your email number one. Make sure you put in your best email because I don't want their Facebook email. How many of you raise your hands even at home? Have a fake Facebook email that goes to John Click the audience like they're heading something. Some people, so I don't want their Facebook email. I wanted their primary email that they're gonna run and go check. And also, I didn't you know when we're impulse buyers. Okay, ladies, we may do this worse than man, except maybe men with a gadget were impulse buyers. We also tend to be impulse returners. And so I didn't want somebody going. Oh, that wasn't worth that. Seven bucks. Eight bucks. 10 bucks. 29. And I thought there might be a high return rate. I'm a guinea pig. And this is why I feel like just think of it in all these rooms. So I offered the additional bonus audio and video. I didn't tell him what it was about. You'll see if you go, But they you know, they have to stay in good graces, right? they have to stay is a buyer. So I dropped the price point. I added a line about a bonus, and I told them to use their best e mail. So anyway, I'm We just did this a few minutes ago. We did this a few minutes ago. You guys can actually go right now and check out on Carrie's page. You can search. It's the barefoot. It's still called the Barefoot Exactly Executive and then Carrie Wilkerson. On the end of it, you'll see this post pinned to the top, and if you're watching us at a later time, you can still check out some examples that we have featured on the website of post on dot com. But Carrie, I think even before he came in, you already had a few sales trickling in, right did, and we had a few sales. Since we're testing the software, we had a few sales, one with a hiccup. Even that helps the programmers, you know, figure out better. What's going on. Yes. Oh, I love that, and it goes directly to my my PayPal debit card. So that's like even skipping the bank and skipping the IRA skipping everybody just go straight to spendable. That's straight to spendable. I like that. That's a tagline somewhere straight to spendable. So, guys, what I want you to dio I imagine I don't have to give you the cue to ask questions about this kind of technology via creative life. So, Chris, that the risk of going directly to you without without prepping you know what the questions are we seeing online about this? Well, we're getting lots of questions coming in. People are just They're sharing some of their examples of how they've been using Facebook for sales. Let's see what we're talking a little bit about wanting a little more clarity on when to use free trials versus when to actually have your customers start paying for things. People are starting to discuss this back and forth in the chat, so any any insight you can give on that carry. You maybe want to talk a little bit to that, and then if you want to throw it to me, I can add some more. I love free trials for software, and I like free trials for, um, product consumption. That's not edible. So, like wine free trial, you're gonna get taken to the cleaners on that but skincare gloss make any of those kind of consumptive. But as far as when to get your customer ready to buy, I would say the sooner the better, train them that you have something of value. I am not the girl that says You ever have to apologize for a sale if you have a solution to somebody's problem. If you have something great and a value that that's a great price or, you know, status E or whatever, don't apologize for it. Get them buying from you as soon as possible. So, you know, there have been case studies where people went from a $7 purchase up to a $7000 consulting package. Or they handed that $7 purchase to somebody that was in a keynote, you know, a position to hire a keynote train them that you're not just handing out free things, that pan handling will be tolerated. You know that you are absolutely of value. Your expertise is worth something. Your product is or something. And hey, let's do business. So those of you watching online, that might be a lot like LeAnn. Okay. Where she does essentially, if aggregates affiliate offers for folks and you might have a monthly recurring business model getting giving way, that free version is a great way to start to kind of get them in your business. Or, as Kerry just mentioned, if it's something like they buy frequently are constantly a free trial is a great way to get folks addicted now carry. What would you recommend for people like John that have, say, a chocolate company? How how could get people hooked? You know, I think affordable sample pack, maybe a sampler pack. Or I keep thinking that you guys need to partner together for some kind of online offer wine and chocolate. You know that would expose you to all his people and expose him to all your people and to two great things that go great together. A defining moment. Every day is a defining moment if we're gonna go back to that. I was thinking, you know, one of my proudest moments this year was after a Little League softball game when baby barefoot, she had unassisted double play seven years old. That was a defining moment, right that deserve the toes. Now. I'm not personally a wine drinkers here on the sideline with Find a moment right there until what better way? But I think you guys could absolutely partner together, but coupons or, you know, buy one. Get one free anyway, to kind of get them hooked or free shipping tests over and over again as the number one trigger, especially for online female purchasers, free shipping is huge. For whatever reason, we hate to pay ups. FedEx and the postal say so if I sell a $20 product on this ship ings in Australia, on average about $78. Okay, so you just get into the cost of your product. All the pricing tests that we've seen, they're willing to pay more for the product. So 2095 shipping is free, but I already covered the cost of that carries it through the emotional impact of seeing free shipping is better than it. Yeah, digital products. And so you just gave me an idea. I wonder what putting free shipping on the digital product would if you're not happy, you're shipping is free. And if you return it, we won't. You know we'll have tea. I like Sorry. What happened. I totally took your stage. And I think the difference for selling a new product is there's no return. Most people aren't going to say Wait, we have. We have a rate of return. We have to deal with refunds and return. Yeah, absolutely. Well, I didn't think you back to return to you. I would have to box it up, pretend like I hadn't licked it and ship it back, Teoh Or you send half a one. Kill I block a chocolate. They can read it, use it, learn from it, copy it, and then still refund it. So we actually probably deal with that a little more than you dio on. Absolutely. I think. What? That's on you. Absolutely. You could do a consulting a social media check up 49 bucks, whatever. And then on the check out page, send them the link to your time trader schedule or schedule once or whatever smart tool you use for that. And for those of you online that are like John wondering about physical products, there's a lot of businesses being built right now where you actually you have a credit? Let's say that John got Carrie to buy a box of chocolate, right, and he now has a credit card on file. He couldn't actually proactively eat the cost and sent her a new box of chocolate. And put a note that says, Here's your free return address. Here's your fever turn label. If you don't return and choose to keep this, we'll call him Bill your card in 30 days. And there's a lot of brands building massive businesses on a subscription based selling of consumables or products that Aziz, long as they don't send that box empty, they won't do that model empty. Yeah, that have bought a fully empty bottle description is absolutely killer any model.

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If you’re a small business owner or creative freelancer, everyone you know has declared that you “should” be using Facebook® to promote your work. (After all, with over a billion active users, at least a few should be interested in what you do.) But making a page for yourself and getting a few likes from friends won’t do your business any good.

Learning how to take full advantage of the remarkable marketing power of Facebook can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Facebook marketing pro Nathan Latka will show you how to use this powerful social media hub to attract customers, turn them into fans, and drive sales. Focusing on the concrete, practical skills you need to harness the full power of Facebook, this course will guide you through setting up, optimizing, and monetizing your company’s Facebook page. You’ll learn Facebook marketing tips about:

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