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Catching Your Audiences Attention

Lesson 4 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

Catching Your Audiences Attention

Lesson 4 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

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Lesson Info

4. Catching Your Audiences Attention

Lesson Info

Catching Your Audiences Attention

Chris, you're getting started with your page. What are you most worried about? Based on what you've already learned about getting correct or getting right, Um because most of what I do, because it it doesn't have a brick and mortar location, as you say, and a lot of it is traveling to various locations. I guess how to capture the attention while amount a specific event or a race. And make that localize toe. Add those people into the group. So you travel around the country when you go to the escape competition in Austin, Texas, next week, and you want to capture all the brands and sponsors that are there that would potentially sponsor you. If you do well, how do you get all of them on your pages? That the question? Well, because I already have sponsors, I guess how to get all those people at the event to take note of my page and basically become the person who's page they want to go to for that event information. Oh, I see. I see. A great way to do that is to find usually the event orga...

nizers will have a page set up for the event and a great way up to is to partner with that page. So say something like, Hey, event organizers. You're making sure that the schedules out properly, that your timing's out properly. If you put a status update on your page linking to my my fan page, I'll give the attendees a different viewpoint from a actual skaters perspective. And they'll appreciate that 360 degree coverage of the event and get you more exposure at the same time. That's like business development on wheels, man. It's a great strategy. Yeah, and what do you thinking? I'm thinking that he should get a shirt that says his Facebook page on it. And where it with your logo put on the back. Maybe. What is the name of your just like? Because I love this. What's the What's the name of the brand gonna be, um, as far as a friend that I guess it would be my my name because I'm trying to promote various sponsors within my own page. So my current Facebook profile Earl is Chris Kearns is so great you'd set up a new girl under your name. That's a business profile page work with on a get a T shirt going, And then when you're skating up and all the cameras are on you, he just got that logo blaring and people are gonna be following you. It's a good strategy. Had a lot of stickers. Stickers. Your sticker gun. Michael. Hey, I do love stickers. How? Tell me, did you have a sticker example for Chris? I mean, I would be handing them out around there, definitely putting them on the boards and everything of that sort. You know, people love putting stickers on boards. I mean, it would be everywhere. All right, Angelina hit me. Got going for him to go to your page and linked to their page on your page. Yet the cross promotions Dr Z is great. You with photography. This also works really well, because typically you have photographers who are nature photographers. You have photographers that maybe take pictures of islands. And you have people that take pictures of the crazy surfers that go to those islands to surf the biggest wave. Well, those three reaching out to those people that take photos of compliment Terry, things works really well when you start talking about cross promotional strategies, where you're linking to their pages and they're linking to your pages. Yep. Chris actually useful because one of the big issues I have with multiple different sponsors is, for example, I'll film a video with one, and they want to put it on their web page. So I guess a good way to do that could be put it to mine and have them linked through mine. So I'm advertising myself so that people can see all the people I'm associated with. Yep, That's great. Another thing you can set up on your page. I'm just remembering this because these great questions is online. Guys, when you're setting up your page in the bottom left your page, you can feature five pages that you also like as your fan page. So Angeline for you. That might be that that company that takes pictures of surfers next to the islands that you're taking pictures off, right? Or for Chris, that might be the sponsors that you're looking toe land, who you want a feature to get in their good graces to then propose a contract to them. Yep. Land. What do you thinking? So I had that question earlier. Is now a good time to me that from I'm so I just got this is, like, fantastic. I'm like, I'm singing these, like, notes coming down. This is This is really, really great. Okay, Land. What do you, 20 pages? 20 pages. So going back to the profile image and then the banner, which I forget what it's called. The cover photo cover photo. Thank you. How often can we update that? That's one of my questions. And then the other question is on a company page. I noticed that Hale has the logo. So do you still update that update that logo often or so we use the logo, actually very, very strict. Or the thumbnail. Very, very strategically. And I'll tell you why we're gonna get to later on how to build an email list, how to double your email list and also how to drive sales on your Facebook page and one of the easy things that you can do and the way to get that strategy right to double your listen drive sales is figuring out what to give away as an incentive. Ah, lot of times that digital real estate is a piece or is an incentive that your fans would fight over or love to be in. So what a lot of you guys a strategy you could use is post a status update that that says comment below with your favorite brand of skateboard, right in whichever brand I like the best. I'm gonna feature the photo right of that person in the cover photo. So we've done that before. Hey, what works really well and Lee. And to answer your frequency question about do we update that every week, every day, every month? Well, heck of its working. Why don't update it every minute, right in moderation. So we recommend we updated about once every two weeks about once every two weeks. Chris blow my mind about this idea of these areas and communities and multiple pages, not just a single if you want to be a doing consulting work. And let's say there's a Chamber of Commerce meeting and that you want to become like a curator of that event as a way to provide a service as well as ah to develop some clients, would you suggest creating a page for that event? And then you could you could put pictures and videos of the various participants in that to create a community around that that event. Would that be good to have? If you did multiple of those? Would you? Would you create a separate page for each one of these for each event are gathering of other businesses for that specific example? Member. I talked about the events or the life events on your Facebook page life. That commerce meeting should be a life event on your consulting page. If you're trying to work with everyone that's going to that meeting is, what you do is in that one Life update. You can post pictures from the event and say something like Tag yourself if you met somebody new at the last Chamber of Commerce meeting. So then let's say everyone here is at that meeting. They tag themselves Well, then all their friends are going to see that they were at the meeting and tag themselves and drive more traffic back to you. Multiple meetings. They just become a conditional life events. When would you create another A page for an event I don't recommend. You don't recommend you creating a page for an event unless you're the event creator, and it's got some amount of momentum. Like, for example, well, you see all these brands right now that do like the crazy, like mud races and go through the jungle on like it electrified like I don't know why people do this, but they dio OK, those people, their whole brand is the event. Do not I mean, the whole brand is that thing, or I'm sure, Chris, there's been skateboarding competitions that are nationally known that are put on by big brands. Their brand is the event. So unless your brand really like is the event, keep it on your Facebook page and just create events on your Facebook page for those kind of micro events. Great. Does that make sense? Yes. That struck me. Getting that structure writes very helpful. So thank you. You bet. You bet. Yeah, Valeria, Actually, I'm viewing it on my mobile device. You know what? The life events I can't find where that would be. And I thought that would be something that sees easily accessible. So, for example, I'm here. My life event is Valbe Morris here with Heo and created a big life event. I agree. So How do I update that on my mobile device? Because I don't see anywhere where I could go. Yeah. Are you on the page right now? Yes. So, guys, here's one thing that's really important. We all understand the eyeballs, just like win the Internet boomed like back when I was being born, the twisted a little bit, Um, yeah, and everyone was, ah, lost material. Everyone was browsing Web sites, so people optimize their websites. When you guys go on Facebook, can I'll go back to the first thing you do in the morning. You're typically not navigating to fan pages. You're typically your thumb is going to the newsfeed. When you post a life event on your page, it will show up in other people's news feeds, and that's where they'll discover it, not necessarily by going to the page and finding the page. Is that helpful? Yes. Yeah, a lot of people make this mistake and, you know, on and Michael, I know both of you guys work with people that are trying to boost their pages, and they're frustrated with declining reach. We'll talk about that in a little bit. But what strategies, Michael, are you recommending to some of the folks that you work with to boost that reach, whether it's a life event Ah, cover photo update or something else. Definitely tagging. I think tagging other individuals in your post So is that they're going to now share it. Boosting your posts? Definitely. Um, and just young not always being promotional about your brand, actually, you know, interacting with people. Great. Yeah. Great tips on what about you? I would say, you know, plus one all that. Um in addition, I really like switching up, um, messing around with a lot of different photos. You know, 23 uploads at one time, videos just switching around your content. You like constantly iterating what you're doing and not just doing the same thing again and again. So, and things that catch people's attention. So, like, Valerie when I was sitting like this, like mimicking meeting on a toy, going by that picture for the life event when someone else is going their newsfeed, they're gonna stop and go. Michael, don't you dare. They're gonna stop and go. What is that guy doing? I'm gonna click on it. So again, things that catch people's eyeballs in that in the feed is where you're gonna get most. Your traffic. Great. Great question. Yeah. Chris, what are we seeing online? We have some good questions. Here is we wrap up this segment now we have one of our viewers. Who wants to know? What if you don't yet have a website? Is it a good idea to set up this Facebook page? Get exposure first, then launch a website? Or should you have the website before Facebook? Yes. So I am biased here. And who is that? Who asked this question? You know what they say? They just Yeah, they just had a vote on there for one of the viewers. They don't have a name on there. So to the Interwebs, one of the things people ask me this very frequently. I'm gonna tell you. My story, remember, was that I was in my dorm room and I was first starting out. I had no money, literally no money spent on books and a $200 drafting board for architecture class that I wasn't anticipating. I couldn't set up a website because that would cost 10 bucks right through some brand. I didn't have bucks it was free to set up a Facebook fan page owned by the way. Facebook also helped me get natural traffic. I didn't have to pay for right. So my recommendation would be to all the eyes watching online and those an audience for Chris if you haven't started a website, that should not prevent you from launching your Facebook fan page. In fact, my recommendation is you launch your Facebook fan page first. That's gonna help you inform how your website should operate and how your website should should react. And because you're gonna get closer to your audience faster, great questions or anything else for us. Yeah, we have another one here. We have a lot of people in our audience here who are artists were photographers, and a lot of them go by their their own personal name as their brand name. So we had a question here. Are you able to use your own name for the URL for both your personal profile and your fan page? Say, if you're a photographer who uses their own name? Is your brand great and someone agreed Land was Angelina. Yeah. So this is a good question, guys. What I did. On my page on my personal profile is its facebook dot com ford slash Nathan Latka. When I launched my fan page, I did facebook dot com ford slash Nathan W. Latka. Right? The only way, like and you're not that name the way you name it, you should not think about like Oh my gosh, it's not exactly my brand name. You should think about it like Angelina if she's at an event of people that are also taking these photos of related islands and things she needs to be able to in a conversation conference. A. Hey, Nathan, I'm Anjali and I'm gonna say, Hey, Angelina, I'm Nathan and she's going to say, Oh, if you want some of my work, go to facebook dot com Ford slash Angelina's photography right? That might not be your official name, but it's memorable, and it's quick, and you can say it fast. That's what's most important guys. When you're setting up that you are, l figure out something that helps you market it quicker and faster. Typically, the shorter the better. All right, we have another question here and says I have three separate business pages and I want to combine them into one page under a new brand name. How can that be done? So this is a great question if you have multiple Facebook pages and you're trying to fair how to roll them up. Two things. One. If you have under 100 lights on each page, I'd recommend you shut down those three or ignore them. Launch the new one than update the descriptions on those three toe link back to your new one that you're rolling up to. Now, if you have critical mass on those three pages, and it's risky for you to just kind of put them to the side, you can. When you click settings on your Facebook page and you change, update your URL. You can message Facebook and articulate. You'd like these multiple pages combined. And if you are your brand and if those pages are relevant, typically they'll roll them all together. So that's how you take multiple pages and roll them up are great. Now here's a question. What would you do if you are looking to create a multi lingual band page for people of different languages? Is that possible? Have one page in different languages. Yes, So those of you that travel the world aren't taking maybe photos or your artists that paint on different campuses around the country or the world. You can take languages and actually create fan pages specific to each language. In fact, many large brands if you convert your browser in tow like Spanish or something different, and you then go in and search for that page, they'll take you to the Spanish version of that brand page or the Portuguese version of that brand page. But I would Onley make those language updates if you feel like that's necessary for your brand. Otherwise stick with the one name and stick with the exact same brand so that your credit the most momentum around one. Cause all right now, this question comes from Jackie and five other people voted on this one, and there's your popular. There are a little confused on the difference between a status update and a lot of life event. Could you just clarify that a little bit more? Yep. So Facebook allows a lot of different things to go into the new speed. So when Valerie has something happen in our coffee company and she updates her Facebook page. Depending on how relevant that Facebook update is, it might show in her Facebook fans news feeds when they wake up in the morning and their schooling through their Facebook profile. So his status update is exactly how it sounds. You're putting in an image text with a link may be just a link, but Facebook also offers a bunch of different tools that you can use to get into the news feed, like updating your cover photo, updating your thumbnail, creating a life event you guys have probably seen. If you're like me, all my friends are popping out babies and getting married, all right, so I'm seeing all these people get engaged coming through my news feed, our baby pictures coming through my news feed or album updates coming through my newsfeed. What I'm trying to teach because I know it works, is the more variety you use in the contact your publisher on your Facebook page, the more likely Facebook is to take that and feature it directly in that fans, your fans status updates. All right, now, this question comes from Jill, and she says that I have been able to get my page to have almost 10,000 likes. But my biggest problem are the post Now. This could be something that we get into a little bit later, but she wants to know that she's getting all these likes. But when she's posting its only showing to people who are actually viewing this and actually liking her page and she wants to know, how can I get my post seen by all of those fans who have already like the page? Well, Jill, I'm I imagine. And I think there's a lot of people watching right now in the chat room. A lot of people up voted that. How many of you guys in the audience that have your own pages are posting updates? You have maybe several 100 or several 1000 likes, but you're not getting any engagement. Raise your hand. Okay, this is generally frustrating, and the let me outline a problem first when you've got 1.35 billion people logging onto the same platform and we are all content creators, right? Michael uses pic monkey. We use words swag. We use can va. We're all creating new content, but there's a finite amount of real estate in our news feeds. So you have all this content happening over here that has to, like, squeeze and fit into the news feed right that ratio, and you guys can tweet this out. Facebook, on average, is deciding. Every time you log into your Facebook newsfeed, you're only going to see, on average 55 0 status updates or things in your news feed those 50 are competing with about, on average, 1500 other stories. Okay, you know when Giselle logs on and if Giselle likes my fan page, My update I put out is competing with Giselle's parents that just had an anniversary from Giselle's kid that just got an A in our on our paper, and she posted that from jealous friends are posting pictures from last night on the town. You're not just competing with other brands. You're competing with all the content creators. So the reason Joe, that you have that problem where you have 10,000 likes and congrats, by the way. But when you have 10, likes and you're only getting two views on each update, it's frustrating. We're going to focus on when we talk about getting mawr engagement with Sean Malarkey later on in the course Exactly how you can take on Lee to people seeing that update and shift it so that you're seeing 200 or 2000 people see your update. In fact, I'll show you a specific example of a page with 40,000 likes that consistently gets about people, or 10% of their fans seeing each update. And, boy, oh, boy, this is an art. But Chris will get to that later. All right, let's see now let's see, we had we had a question from people. You mentioned that there is a limit on the text that you can have in the cover photo on the cover page. Right now, we have some people who are writers who that's the prime objective of their business. Any tips for people on how to overcome that limit of the techs and how many characters you can have their? Yeah. So, just to be clear for all the writers watching online right now, that cover photo that text I'm talking about is that is the text you design into the graphic In the cover photo, you can put Stassen, Bates and texts in your and your essays and anything you're writing on your page. But in that cover photo, if you're a writer, what I'd recommend that works really well is take a picture of you. You know, you're probably you're probably in this setting like you have your desk set up a home with a great view of like, I don't know, something that inspires you. And you have, like, you know, your tea over here. And you know, your hardwood desk. Take a picture of you in your writing environment and use that as your cover photo. It tells the story of how you're doing your writing and maybe put text on it says these are These are where my best ideas come from, right? So people can feel like they're there with you as your writing. That content Chris did. That makes sense. That absolutely makes sense. And as we wrap up this segment a couple of minutes left, would you want to get this one question here from TCP Now, I know a lot of people here who are huge with Facebook. They love it, but TCP says What do you think about Facebook? Losing some popularity is it kind of becoming behind the times people take on new social media. Any any words on that? Yeah. So this is a question. You know, this is the question you get asked by those folks that are like, Well, they're not using Facebook. They've left their on instagram or something else. Facebook. Strategically, what they're gonna be doing over the next 3 to 5 years, their goal is to build individual platforms that reach a 1,000,000,000 users. Okay, so messenger, right? How many of you guys were forced into Facebook? Messenger happened. Guys were upset that you were forced into Facebook Messenger. Right. I'll tell you what. It's a better experience like you might not like it, but, Michael, you're saying it's a better experience. Additionally, they just released that one of things going to be focused on our payments via messages. So now it makes sense why they forces in the messenger potentially gonna compete with PayPal. So you've got messenger. You've got Instagram, right? Instagram right now is about 300 million monthly active users. You've got a WhatsApp, which is about it 600 million monthly active users. Right now, you've Oculus rift, which they've acquired, which is a very 10 plus year futuristic outlook. But their goal is to build 1,000,000, billion users on each of these APS. So my answer to that question Chris would be regardless of your using, you know, literally facebook dot com. Somehow people will be engaged with the Facebook ecosystem. Whether they're using Instagram, WhatsApp Messenger or any other acquisition that Facebook's makes, you must play in the Facebook ecosystem, otherwise you're losing out.

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