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Get Your First 1000 Likes

Lesson 5 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

Get Your First 1000 Likes

Lesson 5 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

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Lesson Info

5. Get Your First 1000 Likes

Lesson Info

Get Your First 1000 Likes

and the next segment, we're gonna focus on exactly what you need to dio to get your next 1000 likes Or for those of you just starting your 1st 1000 likes by show of hands. Guys in the audience. How many of you guys are under 1000? Still, you're just starting. Okay, Good. Good. Hey, own it. Own it. Right. That's good. That's good stuff. Okay, So what I want to do is again make sure that you guys are all here that you're checked in and ready to go. Said, Hey, oh dot com forward slash Check in to check in. Now, this is my secret way of getting you to turn your phone over and and push it away. Shut down your email clients. Put away Skype and focus in on what we're about to learn. Because these are the tactics you're gonna be able to use too quickly, efficiently and super fast. Get your first 1000 likes. So let's move forward right into the strategies. First, You know, you don't get what you don't ask for. So when you're posting your contents and your status updates, you want to make sure y...

ou're asking for the like. Jul asked a great question in the chat bar that Chris just talked about earlier and last segment, and Jill's question was, I've got 10,000 fans, but I've only got two people seeing each status update. One of the things that we want to do when you're building your pages okay is make sure that when you posted update, you're encouraging people to click the like button. Because if I get Leanne and Valerie to both click the like button, it becomes more likely that all of their friends like Sean and Angelina and Leanne see her up that update. So you want to turn your fans into a marketing force by asking for the like and guys, I'm about to move forward to some slides. The easiest way for you to consume these slides is gonna be for you to take a picture of them or a screen shot, and then you can feel free to retweet it. These are examples that you guys can use and actually copy and paste onto your own Facebook pages to drive engagement first. A great reason to ask for a like is to celebrate. How many likes you already have. I know it's really weird. It works, though, So if you're just starting, you might say we're celebrating or almost to our 1st lights, right? Comment below are click like below for your chance to be selected as our feature fan. So land you asked in the Q and A and last segment. It was a great question. I encourage you guys toe by the course. If you miss that content, it is a good question. LeAnn asked about ways we can use that thumbnail image one of the great ways to do it use it as use it as your give away. So for Chris, who's just starting out with this skateboarding company, Chris, you might not be able to afford to give away a brand new skateboard for a couple of lights on the status update. But every human wants exposure, So if you tell your your fans or even if they're your 1st 5 following you to click like for a chance to be the featured fan for the week, you can update that profile photo, get exposure because Facebook gives organic reach to that and get a great incentive out. You guys like that you copy and paste it good. All right. Next one, uh, use any day of the week as an example. This like, Oh, it's Thursday. Like like my page, right? It's a great way. It's a catalyst that you can use that it works around the world, no matter what brand or what fan page you have. But something like Click like If You love Fridays will pick a winner. 2 p.m. Eastern, uh, and and you'll get two free movie tickets your local theater to enjoy over the weekend. Now this was an example for a theater in Santa Monica, right? The two free movie tickets cost them about 15 bucks. This update ideally, gets them engaged with at least 30% of their fan base. So all of you guys, if there's something you can give away right, that's cheap under 10 bucks against a great way to leverage natural incentives in the status update. So if you're a software company likely an with offer vault, you might give away maybe 30% off the 1st 1st month subscription to your software. Or if you're Valerie, maybe you're working with a ah, a new again, a new ah mix that you brought in from Colombia or wherever you're bringing in the coffee from, maybe give away a sample to somebody. One of my favorite examples of this right now is I learned about through, Ah, great guy named Noah Kegan. And, ah, he's working with a company called Ah, it's a jerky company. And the jerky packs are very small, but it's a physical product with about three slices of jerky, and and it puts that status update. It says Click like for your chance to win a free bag of jerky costs about two bucks, maybe another three bucks to ship. And it's great. And by the way, I'm now addicted to this jerky. I can't stop buying. It's delicious. Okay. Do you guys want more of these examples? Yeah. Okay. What if I don't have any? We're good. We're good. We're good. We're good. We're good. Here's another one. This is great for all of you watching right now. Who are photographers or artists? This works like a charm, Angelina, when you're taking that photo of the island, this is a great example to use their people in their desktops trapped in their cubicles scrolling through their Facebook feeds. And when they see an image of this beautiful island, you've taken a picture of you could say Click like if you wish you were here, right? Or if you're an artist and your painting, you know Ah ah, wine country in Napa Valley, right? You might say Click like if you wish you on a wine tasting tour right now, right? So allow people to through a fiscal action with the mouse button click to click like on your page to actually mentally put themselves in your photograph. And by the way, Angelina, What's that do for your brand, really? Not only him, but all his friends and talk to me about the important thing. What's it dio? It brings money. It makes them more likely to buy that phone, right? Right. Makes them more likely to buy that photo. We'll talk more about exactly how you can sell on Facebook in a segment coming up. So those are three examples of how you guys can use asking people for the like in the status update to boost your organic reach. Now here are three other examples that you guys in the live audience along with you guys online can use consistently day after day to get likes comments and shares on every status update that you post here it ISS First you can absolutely use fill in the blank. Any of you guys could do this. Anybody could do this. So let's let's brainstorm real quick. So, Chris, you launch your page. What's a status update where you could think of something where it's a film bling status update that encourages people to comment with the thing that goes in the blank as faras like them fill in the blank? So what set up would you ride at Angie's curves or whatever the skating races? Perfect. Okay, so that's a good start. But the key to getting the fill in the blank strategy to work is to make it a one word answer. Because people like Valerie, who are there toilets in the mornings going through their Facebook thing. She's not gonna type like seven cents. She look, you admitted it last segment. You guys should go rewatch that if you missed it. So I'm gonna use it all course I'm owning it. I toilet. You're owning it. I like it. You want to get a one word answer. So you might say something and it could be something easy, like you don't actually shouldn't actually test their mental like ability. It should be like the day of like today's Day of the week is blank like and let them all put Thursday because they all know it's Thursday. In fact, if you challenge that your fans mentally and they can't figure out the answer, they potentially being disassociated with your brand, right? I mean, look, the truth of Mother is as we all have busy lives. And when you're scrolling faster a Facebook news feed and you choose what you want to engage with, you're gonna engage with the easiest thing possible. So if it's a fill in the blank and it's a super easy answer that will help you get more comments quickly. Uh, Angelina, can you think of an example for your your photos of your What color is this water? Oh my. Yes, we're not array. So many different cultures, you know it's gonna happen, is you're gonna have all these because I think photographers and artists, especially because they understand color so much that will probably start a debate in the comments stream about like, is it actually teal or blue, which is great for you. You win, right? So, like, do that. All right. Next you ask for a number or a date. This is kind of like fill in the blank, except all have to do is type like 12 or 21 or whatever it is. If you want to test your fans kind of mentally make it more challenging. You might say something like, What year was our business founded in Right what your their business founded in. If you're trying to ask an update that secretly kind of cells your brand without being sales E, you might say something like, How many Fortune 500 clients have we worked with, Right? You're implying you've worked with a lot. And when people are guessing 5 10 15 20 somebody else views and they go, Oh, my gosh, he says. I've worked with, like, maybe five or 15 or 24 to 500 Brands need to work with him, right? That's approach to promote, right? We'll talk about that in a second how you get a big return on a dollar of Facebook ad spend the last is asking yes or no questions. This is really simple. We've built this into our content calendar. It's also great for starting healthy debates, so you could say yes or no. Do you believe Facebook will spin out groups into its own app in the next six months? Right. We just use this recently at a bunch of folks engaged. Typically, the more provocative your question, the more yes or no's you'll get right. So asking something like, you know yes or no is today Thursday. That doesn't work right? But like yes or no will x y Z win the election right? And then figure out a way to tie back in your brand in that conversation. Okay, Give me an example, Michael. You got to think of one and yes or no example. If you used any of these recently April 15th love it or hate it, yes or no? April 15. Levelheaded. I like that. What's another example, man for off of all, um, work from home or the beach? Perfect. Perfect. That's really good. Are we seeing any good examples or questions coming in about these kind of updates online? Chris Yeah, well, we had a number of questions. Snappy Gourmet posted this. And then we had a flood of other people asking something similar. Now they want to know. Is it true that Facebook penalize is post that have a call to actions, which is like, comment? Enter my giveaway? Are they trying to discourage things like this? Yeah. So this is Ah, don't be totally transparent. Guys, this is a big, big gray area. What I will tell you, and I don't want you to get this confused. If you're in advanced marketer Facebook, like gates in a application are not allowed moving forward. If you're watching this now, you know they go. They expire in a few days. So you shouldn't even do those asking for the like in this. And if you don't know what a Facebook app is, you want to keep watching. We'll get into that in the next set in a few segments ahead, asking for the liking, the status update, or telling people comment or share for your chance to do X Y z. You know, Facebook has said publicly they do discourage that, and you don't get the natural boost in the edge rank algorithm, which again will dissect a drink here in a little bit. However, we still see this work really well. So if you're watching online right now and you're one of those people that just commented in the chat that Chris referenced, I encourage you to still use these strategies. Track using Facebook insights how they work for you and make a decision about if you build them into your content calendar moving forward. Now if you're confused about how to use Facebook insights, you'll really like this segment at the end of the day today, where we dive deep into Facebook insights. But that's answer Chris to the question about Optimus optimizing for likes and shares. Great. Now, I mean, you may touch on this shortly, but are there certain times of day or days of the week that people are more likely to get more likes when I post something like this? Yeah, this is another great question, and the answer to the question is absolutely, Yes, So you guys are going to see that during certain parts of the day, there is more engagement. During days of the week, there's more. Engagement will get into that in a segment coming up when we talk about Facebook insights, Chris, anything else would you talk about right now? You know, you touched on this a little bit, but we had 14 people vote on this, so I want to call it out directly from Liz Abbott, who posted it, she says. I heard that you can't give away things in exchange for likes. You need to be careful with the actual giveaways and how those air orchestrated Yeah, well is, It's good to see you online. I know the name sounds super familiar, so I see you out there. I'm glad you're watching. It's a great question. So what? People, when people ask for the, like the comment or the share, there's the drink question you have to ask yourself about. Does Facebook actually given additional reach? I encourage you to test it yourself. It's worked really well for us. It is not illegal to give away incentives in your status updates. You know there are many retail brands that have built multimillion dollar businesses by asking people what kind of like shirt size they want or what style they like. In a status update, the person then chooses. I want that scar for that scarf and whichever scarf gets the most engagement, they give away one free to the winner and then move that scarf into production full time. So you know, David, you could do this for define wines. If you're thinking about two different labels to use, may be on the spring run for your packaging or our future run of your packaging, you might use and ask your audience what kind of labelled to use. So the answer to that question is, you don't always have to give something away, right? You can use digital real estate like featuring them in the fan page profile. You can give them influence over your business decisions, and I would generally recommend that you go that direction versus giving away something tangible or physical. So guys I love. What I want to do is actually show you guys a live example of how this works. So if you guys both watching right now and my studio audience, if you go to FB dot com. Ford slash heo. What this Lingle take you to is our Facebook page, and you're going to see in the upper right of the Facebook page. We've actually put in a status update that utilizes this kind of concept. So I want you guys to go experience that real quick while I walk through exactly how it works. So when you go there, this is what you're going to see. Okay, you're going to see here. It says we're almost to 50,000 fans and we're celebrating with a giveaway. Click. Like for your chance to win $30 in Facebook ad spend from HEO. I want to take note of the incentive that we used. You want to make sure you get your incentive aligned with the kinds of fans that you want to attract. In other words, if you're a brand like a photography brand or consulting brand or coffee brand or a photographer, and you're giving away an IPhone or IPad because you think it's gonna do well, it's really hot right now. Wrong strategy. You'll get a lot of engagement which might blind you, but you're not getting the kind of quality, likes and engagement that you want to try and pick an incentive in that status update that directly lines with your brand, the more directly aligned the more quality will get in those engagements. Angelina's That makes sense. Yeah, it doesn't make sense. You hesitated. What's your question? I'm not sure how how I would do that. OK, so let's walk through for you specifically and all the other photographers and artists watching. Walk me through what? You're getting stuck. Um, what could I give away that isn't physical. Okay, well, what do you do? Photographs and their digital. So I suppose I could give away a digital copy. I think you just answered your own question. That's exactly what it just didn't seem to me like. That would be incentive enough. I love that you said that as business owners, we always underestimate what we offer. Always, valor will think giving way coffee is really normal cause she just coffee all day. Landel think no one wants a 30% off subscription to offer, but I do that all the time. David will say, Oh, define lines like that's not that special. Like I'm around it all day. Yeah, but for the person that's just now engaging with your brand that just read a book about fine roasted coffee and found Valerie Valerie's offering to give a a segment of her new coffee blend to me at a discount, I'm really likely to engage. So, guys, this is a general trend to small business owners were building our businesses. Do not underestimate the value of your product. I mean, that's really what you want to be to the best. Your ability giving away if you're giving away something physical, a great thing to give away its excess goods inventory. So if you've got coffee that can't be moved or if you're a retailer watching you have old inventory for spring or summer, use that as incentives and you turned a waste product into a valuable product. The metaphor I like to use here is your essentially looking at your businesses of sawmill, right? And what look for sawdust that typically makes the best incentive. Every business has some kind of sawdust. Use that as incentives. The good thing about that is, then when somebody wants to buy your lumber, right, they're not gonna ask for a discount, or they're not gonna wait for you. Give away for free cause you never dio right. If you're Wesley and you're selling IPhone cases, don't ever discount to give away. Say the IPhone case. Instead, focus on whatever the ketchup is to the hamburger or the sawdust is to the lumber mill. Give away an ancillary product that directly relates to your business or your product. Good. You're selling, but not the actual product or good free shipping on the next order. Good example. Any other ideas, Valerie? Have any other ideas? Giveaways? Giselle. Correct me, guys. If I get your names wrong, you gotta, like, throw something at you. Guys should live audience to sell. You guys probably got it. She's like, Looks at me like this and, like, just correct me. So yeah, hit me. What exact? What would you do for your business? Perhaps a session. Okay. A free session. I will say we typically see with service providers. If they give away time, it typically doesn't do well. So you want to try and think of something digital? Maybe you've created an e book about your work. Or if you're a consultant and you have a maybe, like, a $20 special pen that used, like like to do all your writing and consulting with, maybe you buy another one of those pens and you give the pen away, but try to stay away from giving away your time because other people don't value your time like you dio Yeah, Chris, if you it's, say, the lumber to your sawmill. But it's a consumable goods, for example, in long board wheels set of wheels to experience writer only last a week or two weeks. So would that still be a good product? Or would you suggest more of a T shirt? Yeah. So first off, I can tell like you're really thinking about this because it's a great I mean, if something that you're selling think it's used and they have to come back and buy from you again. Potentially, it's worth discounting. The first thing you know, they have to come back and buy from you. Here's the thing. Everyone that didn't buy that first set of wheels at a discount will then wait for the next time you do the discount to make the purchase. So my recommendation would be you still want to go with the T shirt. Still, try and find the sawdust to the lumber mill? Yeah, sound good. All right. Good. Any other thoughts? There were Good. Okay, let's move forward. So again, you guys saw a live example of this and kind of how it works. You also want to make sure you say in that update when you're gonna announce the winner, right? People like the call your you know what if you put a give away up there, but then you don't say like how the winner is going to be picked. What's gonna happen is you're gonna get two points of engagement when they first engage, and then you're going to see a spike in the organic reach at 5 p.m. Pacific on Monday. Or whenever you say you're gonna announce the winner because people will be checking to see if they won. Right? So you're slowly creating an addictive personality to your brand of persona, your training, your fans to know when to come back and expect something from you. Okay, so next you want to make sure you develop a content strategy that's relevant to your audience. Now we use a lot of different tools that we like for content strategy. Before I move forward to the next slide and those of you watching online, you're not gonna want to miss this next side. So if you're distracted or you're in your email, come back to me. Keep watching Michael use a lot of tools. What do you use for your content management on Facebook? Specifically, I actually used on my Facebook page. I will do my post time food. Facebook itself. Okay. Through Facebook itself, on a what about you? Facebook itself? Does anybody use other tools to help them interests? And he's my blawg page from my website to feed back into Facebook. Okay, so you take content from elsewhere. You aggregated back into the Facebook feed. David, what do you use? Okay, use food. Sweet. Great. So these tools I'm about to show you guys are the tools that I like to use for content management on Facebook. The reason these tools are great is they help you manage again your updates without you having to be there in front of the computer every time you're posting the update. OK, so Laura Roeder is the is the founder behind Edgar. Okay. Edgar's a bit different than some of these other guys because it helps you understand not only what does well, but then how to reschedule that and basically keep using that post until it truly is not working anymore. It's and it has a very, very the u I on Edgar is really, really strong. I'd say it's stronger than hoot suite and stronger than buffer and stronger than social loom. Post Planner is run by gentleman named Josh. Josh Parkinson you're gonna hear from here in a bit, is a really, really smart guy. What Post planner helps you do is figure out what is trending before it's trending you like that. It's like you have, like, a little inside a little inside scoop, right? So he's gonna he basically as a tool. When he runs the analytics, he can say this photo is about to take off. You should post it quick so you can take part in the upswing versus posting at three weeks when it's three weeks old, right? You're not gonna get the organic reach. Um, you won't want to miss that segment. It's coming up next, and he again is gonna focus on how to get likes comments and shares on every update with some really great examples. You just mentioned Valerie that you like to use Pinterest or Instagram and repost into Facebook. This tool called if then then that is a really easy way to do that. Basically, what you do is you say, Hey, if it goes to Instagram, then posted on Facebook, if it goes to Twitter, then post on Facebook, you can set up a bunch of, if then statements so you only have to manage from one spot next time. You guys have used to it sweet before. Yeah, okay. A lot who use Hoot suite? I won't go into exactly how that works, but it allows you again to not only schedule those posts but also managed the posts and the feedback as they're coming in. Additionally, kind of right on hoot sweets Tales is a company called Buffer. Really, really sharp founders. What they allow you to do is essentially say, Okay, I am. Let me see. I am Valerie, Okay? And I know that most of my fans or online at 9 a.m. Noon and 4 p.m. Pacific. So I know that I want to post a status update at nine noon Pacific every day. But I don't want to have to find content at that time every day and manually posted. So what buffer allows you to do is kind of set up the publishing calendar. And then, as you surf the Web from where we know you like to surf the Web from, you can fill up your cue and buffer with a kind of leak out the content pieces you put in your cue based off when you said you want to post those updates is a really effective tool for that. Does that make sense? It's a very specific to the source. So where you get your information from, or can it be set up more about, um, so anything that has to do it coffee, for example, can I be very specific? And nose um, industry, like in terms of the content, you're finding a posting content on finding the content you're finding Post Planner allows you to find stuff in specific niches. Buffer is less about helping you find content and more about planning it. Once you do find that, okay, the last tool is called social oomph. Many people don't know about social looms, but I'll tell you, you're about to meet a really, really sharp lady in a segment coming up, Kim Garst, who is just crushing it on Facebook. She swears by this tool. So I'm gonna let her tell you why. And I do think it'll surprise you. So there's some tools that I use when I think about content creation on line and scheduling any other tools that I missed. Liane use anything at all for Ball Jahi's suit. Sweet, sweet Michael, you shook your head. You think I got emotional, you social to get more for a little teaser? Why do you use it? I use it more for Twitter because it I conduce. Yeah, I do a lot of quotes, inspirational quotes that today and it just you know, I have hundreds of quotes in there, but then into circulates and goes back to number one. Once it goes through, all couple 100 them. So why do you use a social room over buffer? Well, because buffer, you can't do that as far as a circulation after you exactly got it used. Buffer with feed Lee throughout the day for as I'm going through my feet to see what's interesting and then a buffer it will share throughout the day. Great, Chris, what are we seeing? Kind of in the chat room about basic tools in general or questions they have regarding which tools to use for which purpose is, well, we have another. Another question. About what face If Facebook ever punishes post that come through third parties. Chris L. A and four other people voted, They say, Doesn't Facebook punish these post if they come through third party platforms by reducing their reach? Because, it says Facebook allows for scheduling in advance as well. Are they trying to get people to use Facebook? Will they be punished it all for using things like this? Yeah, so Facebook Right now, when I get hit with these questions, what I like to think about is what is Facebook care about? And unfortunately, because well, or fortunately, because they are a publicly traded company and they have shareholders. They What do they care about money, Right? They hear about revenue. Facebook makes more money when more people are producing more content using the tool right Facebook, the tool. So in general, if they've got all these other ancillary tools that are helping people create highly relevant content, highly relevant is the key word, right, because what happens is if people are. If you guys are watching online right on your posting content, that's not highly relevant. You're right. If you're using an automation tool and you're spitting out junk, you're going get junking junk engagement back. So you do have to spend time like Angeline Curie. Eight. Curating the photos you're sharing or the text you're updating about the top 20 ways to take a good picture of an island, right? So it's relevant to your community. We have a follow up question along the same lines. They talk about how using automated tools could kill your edge rank. I know you mentioned Ed drank a little bit earlier, but maybe you could give some clarity on exactly what Ed drank is and how this could impact that at all. Yes, so the drink algorithm is essentially those you familiar with Google? Its familiar. It's like Google's page rank algorithm. Ed Drink is how Facebook decides as Facebook users. When we log on, what status updates are you going to see in your news feed? And there's three components to ed drink, which I'll just mention now, and we'll dive into when we get to that segment, which is coming up next, the first important piece and you guys taking notes, write these down. The first important piece is affinity, affinity, and Facebook defines affinity as how close you are to Michael's Fan page, right, or to David's Define Wines Fan page. The second is W. Think of it as weight and for our purposes. You can think of that as basically adding up. The total likes comments and shares on a status update. The more engagement you get, the higher your W variable is, lastly, is time decay. The reason we've spent time talking about win to do these posts is because a key piece of Facebook ed drink is based off. How relevant is that Post? And they assume an older post is less relevant so time decay will be lower. But if the weight is high and it's getting a lot of likes comments and shares, they'll keep it high. That's a high level, guys. What Ed Drank is, and what we've seen is it doesn't necessarily matter how you're producing this content. What Facebook cares about is the content highly relevant and is it getting engagement? And that's the best answer that I've got for you about third party publishing. All right, great. So the last thing that you guys want to focus on when you're considering how do you get engagement on your Facebook page in your 1st 2000 likes is don't just limit getting your likes to your Facebook page. So think about asking for likes on your blawg, use your website and also use Webinars. I want you guys to keep watching because we've got a special guest is going to join us here in a second. That is really the master when it comes to using webinars or live events to drive engagement on your Facebook pages. You'll hear from him soon. But first, let me show you exactly how toe add the Facebook like button to your website or blawg. What you want to do for those of you watching online and in studio is you're gonna want to search Facebook plug ins in Google. Okay, the link is not a quick, easy one from your share. It's quicker to get to this way, and what it's gonna do is Facebook within. Lay out all of their social plug ins, their share buns. They're like buns. You can picture put people's up your fans faces on your block on a little side plug in. My recommendation is you. At the minimum. Use the URL toe like so basically, this like button will appear usually in the sidebar of your website or wherever you decide to install it. Now, many website builders, if you use WordPress or other kinds of themes, have this kind of functionality built in. If you guys right now are running blog's many blog's have plug ins like WordPress plug ins that you can use to get this like comment and share a cost each blawg post and you can use that. So, Michael, I know again your bog is hugely successful. What are you using? Another plug in our use flare use flare F l. A party of any use WordPress. I use word president on the sideboard in the widget area. I do have, you know, the standard, the Facebook playing great. So again, if you guys are WordPress users out there, flair is a great option to use their Okay, so what you want to do is again set up your basic outlines here, you know, you're you're with in terms of pixels. Your layout. They've got white on black, black on white. The action you're looking for. Do you want a like, a comment or a share? And then what it will do is it will spit out this code for you and you'll collect. Get code. Now you want to do any coding? Thank the Lord, but you'll get the code you copy and paste it right into your page. Okay? So, Angelina, you don't have, like, a PhD degree in computer science. Do you know anyone? I don't? Definitely. Don't they try and make this as simple as possible? Because just remember, if facebook and get you to install it on your page on your website, they're more likely engage on Facebook and Facebook makes more money that way. Okay, so what I wanna do is again. That was just what we went into all the different strategic things you can dio ranging from strategically asking for the like in the status update. We talked about the kinds of content to publish and win to publish it. And we also talked about again using these Facebook plug ins to get likes from other online sources. So I love to know from you guys right now. Especially guys online. What is your favorite learning so far? Goto heo dot com Ford slash Tell me and let me know what your favorite learning was so far in this segment. And you guys are reading your notes cause you know it's coming. And what was your favorite? Uh, I'm not really sure. You okay? So you're you're like, OK, I got multiple when they figured out I'll come back to in a second, Valerie years realizing that you're highly relevant content is probably going to be the key to driving any kind of engagement on your Okay. So you okay, So why why was that important for you? Well, because I mean and just to be honest, I was you posting coffee, relevant type contents, but not necessarily relevant to our brand, because we are trying to capture the higher end of that industry. So I think now I have to rethink my strategy when we do posts. Because we need to realize that what's relevant to our brand? Not necessarily. Just coffee and Gen General. Great. Angelina, what about you? Don't give away your time for free. A get an Amen. All right. Amen. Right. Hit me, Chris. Um, using the fill in the blank statements to get people talking because the more people talking on your page that more people are going to see your page. And the more likes you're getting it just naturally. I love. And I know a lot of guys online love those strategies as well, because there copy and paste and they work. David, what was your biggest take away from this particular segment? Um, I'm scrolling through the notes strong. I was kind of like in the whole sawdust analogy, Uh, on days like this artist analogy makes it easy. Good, good. I can't wait to open Twitter after this. There's gonna be like a lumber thing, like on my head. A lot of these means that are gonna be trending. And anyways, what are we seeing online, Chris? What are people enjoying? Yeah, I think people are agreeing with some of our students here. 3 18 Media says for service providers don't give away your time. It will never be as valuable to other people as it is to you. And that got Sameh. Men's in the chat room on and Kingdom Social media really liked giveaways, idea even something under $10 asking for people who like the page absolutely worth it, Lindo Cafe says, paying more attention to the status updates and being more strategic with those Great, yeah, all good feedback, guys.

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How a Ski Resort Hit 30 percent Email Conversion Rate via Facebook®
How an Island Inn Captured 25 of its Facebook® Fans Emails
How Mixed Bag Designs Captured 582 Emails with a Facebook® Campaign
How To Craft the Perfect Facebook® Post
The Secret to Stunning Visual Content
What Do I Share on Social Media by Kim Garst

Ratings and Reviews

Polina Orlova

Excellent course; watching in 2017, and it is still very relevant. Nathan is a wonderful speaker - he limits his slides to actionable tips & tricks and dives deep into the nitty gritty, using real-life examples and constantly referencing audience members and their businesses. I find this so helpful! The audience members have vastly different businesses, so their input is varied and valuable. To put it simply - Nathan doesn't simply reiterate the information on his slides, which is a personal pet peeve of mine. It is absolutely worth your time to sit down and listen to him - he is concise, doesn't water anything down, and he is constantly engaging in a dialogue with the audience. For such a time-consuming course, I believe it is important to get enough value for the time spent - Nathan definitely delivers! I see many reviews here accusing Nathan of self-promotion. I do not find that to be an issue. Yes, he references his business, and hats off to him - this in itself is a wonderful example of marketing. He is not over-bearing with his promo, keeping it relevant to the topics he talks about. I am taking a lot from this course, even though I have already attended quite a number of other workshops and have read tons of literature on the topic. Check it out!


Nathan's teaching style is engaging, entertaining and extremely informative. This class is jam-packed with really useful, actionable steps and suggestions. Not to mention Nathan's introduction of some fantastic new technology that really knocked my socks off! Thanks you Nathan Latka and CL Team. REALLY impressive stuff!

a Creativelive Student

This program is fantastic. I've only watched the first two videos and, with the changes I've made to my Facebook page and profile, feel like I've already received my money's worth. Thank you!

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