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How to Discover Great Content

Lesson 9 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

How to Discover Great Content

Lesson 9 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

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Lesson Info

9. How to Discover Great Content

Lesson Info

How to Discover Great Content

Now let's get into the nitty gritty of how we remember we wanted Teoh. Figure out how we get the really good chum. Right? So now let's let's get into the nitty gritty of how we discover great content. All right, how do we discover content that news feed loves And just to remind ourselves, what kind of content does the newsfeed love popular? Recent and relevancy and popularity? What? What? What creates that? What What leads of that clicks, right? You want to get discover, discover content that's going to get clicks. So first thing to look for if you want. If you want to have ah, you wanna post something that's gonna be popular, you should find something that was popular in the past, which is really easy, right? We talked about coffee, skateboarding, you know, find a bunch of pages that are in that domain and just scroll down their, um, their news feed and see which post were the most popular. Which one's got the most shares? You can do that all day long, right? Or you can use Post Plann...

er, which will you could just put the feed into Post planner and it will immediately show you what's the most popular stuff, but you don't have to. You can just go to their page scroll down, see what's working for him. Any don't mean you want, right? So I mean, this is basic stuff, pretty much right. All I'm saying is, go to, Ah, Page. It's in your domain and see what's working for them and replicate it. All right, do something o r. Create something that's similar. So you're looking for past performance relevant? Well, you want to create uh uh, content That's really good for your particular audience. I know that Kim's audience loves it's inspirational quotes. They just It's a feeding frenzy. When she puts those out there right, she puts out these inspirational quotes. They get shared sometimes hundreds of thousands of times. They get liked, you know, thousands of times. And so Kim knows that her audience loves inspirational quotes on images. So what is came dio she? That's what she shares all right, because that's what's getting the clicks. That's why getting that's what's getting her fans to signal the Facebook and show me more Kim stuff. I love Kim stuff. Show me more of it, and then Kim can drop in that bait a hook, you click and go to a website. Become a customer change, All right? Yes, I'm kind of back on the curating on a point that Nathan and brought up to be in conversation before is how you don't like example in skating. I don't really have to be at the event, even be the main person. If I just go look at what's relevant, unpopular someone else's total and share all their information, I could be the best source to get all about event information without ever even being there. Exactly. That's super valuable to your fans. Right then. They don't have to do that work. They don't have to go out to all those pages and find that stuff. You did it for them. So for everyone watching that love, staying home, working in your pajamas, just doing ninja tactics. This is one of those ones. I'll admit I've done it. You sit home, you follow in event hashtag and you become the number one curator of that event. When you're not even there, it's great you're not run around trying to flog, find outlets for the plug. You're sitting there with your lounge jacket on, just hanging out, going almost like maniacally laughing because it's working so well. So you can do this. Anyone can become a curator from anywhere in the world for any events. It just about getting the right curation. Yep, for sure, and should be sharing that relevant stuff for your fans, right? And then we got recency, right? And how do you make sure your contents recent share it? Very often Because the life span of a Facebook post is longer than Twitter. A tweet tweet lifespan is like, I think, like measured in milliseconds, right. But a Facebook post has as a pretty longer life span, but it's still relatively short. Once you post that thing, it's gonna really be out of visibility unless it's super good and shared 750,000 times. But, you know, the average Facebook post pretty much disappears from visibility within, you know, three or four hours, right? So that means that if you want to be constantly visible in the news feed of your fans, you gotta be sharing stuff more often. One post a week does not cut it. If you post once a week, you're pretty much not posting you might. You might as well not even be using Facebook. Right? So you should be posting daily and you should be posting multiple times a day. All right, in my opinion, that's what I would advise everybody. Because if you're not, why even be there? Don't even be there. Right, Go big or go home, baby. Right? So before, before Josh gets into some examples in particularly one that was done again by Kim with 80,000 fans, 750,000 shares reached over 25 million people is really, really amazing. I want to make sure that all of you guys watching online have at least one or two ideas of status updates that you can use that directly relate to being popular, relevant and timely. So on a when you think about popularity, relevancy and also time decay when you're consulting with clients. If that's what you do for social media, what recommendations do you make to them about how frequent they should be posting depends on the client. But I would say like a good, good place to start is about three or four times a day, but I think that I tell them that bottom line Regardless, Um, consistency is in this important thing. So if they could only do it once a day, then they need to do it once a day. I do it every day. Absolutely. Be consistent. Great. And what about Michael? You obviously also run a really active Facebook page. What kinds of updates do you put out constantly? Specifically the ones that play to popularity, relevancy And obviously, you know, being time to K well, like Kim and Kim's, er wait group. So I follow her content strategy that she says, you know, tried to motivational a little bit of the own content, a little bit of recent news. So I do use that chart that she's always talking about inside of her group. But I do find for me personally I deal with a lot of small business owners, so I know what it's like throughout the day you were getting punched in the face is owners and those motivational quotes come pick somebody up during the day. So, for me personally, that first thing in the morning gets the most activity, likes comments and shares in the afternoon. I always do typically a video, and those actually might not get the likes of comments. But I actually get personal messages either emailed or messaged to me, asking for further help fascinates with the videos you've seen send to perform better in the evening versus that early post content that goes out. That might be a text with a link, cortexiphan image or even personal messages back to me, which is now starting that engagement. Great. So, Chris, are we seeing anything? The chat room are people understanding I drank and popularity relevancy in time to K. Yeah, I think people are getting a good grasp on something that we haven't talked about. I don't believe we touched on this yet, Jackie Omer and we had 10 other people voting on it. But they want to know how hashtags play into this when you're trying to have relevant content on Facebook. Any idea on how Hashtags playing to keeping things relevant are people searching for those on Facebook. You all are going to notice right now, your homes. If you have Facebook open, you're going to see on the right side a little section God trending through the way stuff gets into that trending category. It's hashtag that are being used. So when a current event happens, you know somebody dies. Somebody is born. Somebody wear something weird to some celebrity concert right that that hashtag wants. The volume of those hashtag start to increase. That's what makes it trending. And Facebook then gives that trend additional exposure over on the right side. So if you can create a trending hashtag in a micro environment like a single city, if there's a wine festival in Napa Valley for James and define wines or same Chris in an event that you're out, we're competing as a new skateboarding brand. If you can own that, hashtag not only will trend on Twitter, but you can also get it now to trend on Facebook. And that's because again, as Josh said, Facebook is really trying to duplicate and replicate what say the 10 oclock news had by bringing these trending elements to the top of the news feed. So you guys all engaged mawr and more frequency frequently, Kim, do you use hashtag and I'm a big hashtag fan myself. I search for content. I'm a rabid searcher for content as it relates Teoh, shortening my search time. So I leverage Hashtags on Facebook. Twitter? Um, all instagram, of course, is huge for Hashtags. But, um, you know, go need a hashtag. I love that term because you can't own a hashtag. It doesn't mean that that someone else is that using that hash tag. But if you are, if you are a constant curator and a user of that hash tag, then you are constantly showing up when other people search for that content. So they get to see you. They know you. They know that you you're providing relevant content around a specific topic. So I think you know, a lot of people are used to using hashtags on Facebook, but the reality is they drive a lot of search functionality and they drive the trending specifically on Facebook, and I think we need as business owners we need to start embracing them on Facebook. Yeah, I would highly encourage people to do that. And you know, if you guys want more really engaging deep content about hashtag strategy, what makes something trend vs not trend, you know, remember, Instagram is part of the Facebook platform. You know, you'll see this duplicated Facebook so moving forward Josh, Let's talk about some of these updates. That really did. Well, All right, let's do it. So, you know, this is how we find that content, right? We're going through the news feed. We're going through pages, wheat that are in our domain. We're looking for past performance Post. They've done really well. We're customizing it for our audience, and we're posting a lot, right? Here's an example. Okay, So say that, um, my page likes I've noticed that the fans on my page, like, kind of funny, lighter stuff, right? So I could go do the buzzing community. Their fan page and I could scroll down their new speed and check it out and see which images have done well. Or I could use Post Planner and put the buzz in community fan page into my Post planner app and immediately Post final would show me what the top performing images are. Right? Well, this was one of the top performing images for this page. Now you see, I got 500 likes about 800 shares, which is a great performance. I'm not sure comments are cut off. Yeah, and lots of comments. But in the end this That the deal was that this photo outperformed all of its peers. All right, so in Ah, you know, in a certain population you did a bunch of experiments which are posts. You fed some post of that population. And what you got some data? Some results. And the data says A, This is the best image. All right, this is the one that worked the best. So if you're in that domain, what's the smart thing to do? Curate. Remember Angela? We talked about earlier. Curate that content. You get curated, and you could share it. As is. What else could you do? Well, what is this? What is the content here? Pretty much what it is, is it is a a picture of something. I know what it is. What is it? Con candy? Not my circus, not my monkeys circus. All right, Uh, and all this is a quote, right? It's just text. So we wanted. Why not take that text? No one owns it. It's actually a polish proverb. So the Polish people own it, right? They'll let you borrow it. Okay, so take that. Uh, that quote put it on your own image. maybe think of something that has to do. A circus circus is right. Put that in the background. You know, if you're really smart, you're going to put your brand on their All right, maybe down in the corner, you're gonna put your website. You are. L'd at the bottom. Because if this thing goes viral, you're gonna want all those people not only, you know, to see your brand in the corner to see your website, because then they know you. And then you even get in, you know, Mawr distribution. And Josh, I know one of people that does this whole branding thing very well in the images. And again, we're so fortunate to have Kim Garst in studio with us today. But those you watching online, if you haven't heard of Kim again, named consistently a top 20 woman in social media. When it comes to influence, she's a best selling author. She has another book on the way. I look for us to move for in the slides while we welcome Kim guards to the stage companies. Examples. So excited you're here. You jump on over here, jump over here and I know you're gonna move forward. No, I'm gonna drop the bomb right now. Ready? Booth is so, Kim. This did a really well, and you leverage the strategy that Josh just articulated about branding this at your own. Walk us through the thought process behind this update. Well, basically, I'm a huge fan of post Leonard. Guys, if you have not tried Post Planner, I would encourage you to go sign up for an account. Not that I'm like pushing it or anything, but it works. In fact, I'm one of their top users. Basically, I leverage it, though, for ideas. I leverage it to find out what is already engaging, Uh, people are engaging with as it relates to specific types of content. So I'm a big bucket person. I can I have. My strategy revolves around specific types of content. Whether it's humor, inspiration, marketing, biz tips. I'm you know, since I do social media, of course. Ah, lot of it, though, is not just social media, those of us in the social space. You have to have business sense. You have to have inspiration. You. It's my entire audience. He engages around a multitude of types of content. So I have content categories that I built out inside of Post Lander. And then I curate fan pages that are specific to those types of content. So if its inspiration, for example, I curate, um, pages that create awesome inspirational quotes. If it's humor, I have a humor folder inside of Post Planner for content that tumor based. Um, So I found this particular quote in fact, the exact photo that Josh just showed on a post planner. And I thought, Well, it's got a lot of engagement. Great. It's stinky, though, from a visual standpoint. So I'm like, I'm my background just to give you a little background on myself is I started in design, So I'm very particular about how things look when I put them on my social profile. Your lot you're a lot of like a lot of people watching right now that are have photography. Backgrounds are like Angelina. You appreciate a good aspect ratio when you see one right way. And there the reality is that people engage better with things that look good. I mean, looking goods, half the battle. So I took the concept. I knew it. It had performed well. I recreated it Um and it was a huge hit. As you can see, it's got my branding on it. People can connect with me, even if all they see is the photo itself over the graphic graphic itself. It was a huge success. You can't read this. This says 758,000 shares, and this was several days ago, so it's probably close toe 800 now. But remember what we said before? It's how many people she reached. And it was in the million's again, the city of Tokyo. She reached every single person in that city and to I'd like to 0. other thing out. This was posted on June 23rd. This still drives engagement to my fan page today. Even today, I it would be interesting to go see because it's still still being circulated now. No, this is just the original post. And not to say you couldn't if it worked. If it worked once, it would work again. I have a feeling we're going to see this Polish proverb trending on Facebook in the next 20 minutes. Walk us through Kim because you did some design work here, right? You you found a quote that work to change out the background. You put you smartly. Put your logo there across the bottom. What are some of the tools that you use to customize its content when you find it? While until I found Can Va? Everybody's probably heard about Camba nail until I found camera. I used the old photo shop tool, which, unfortunately for many small business owners, they don't have that design skill set. They don't know how to use photo shop. So if you have not, um, learned or heard about Campbell yet, I think it's been talked about I'm a huge, huge proponent of leveraging Camba. Um, you can literally just pop your logo in their uploaded. You can start bringing your photos at the bottom using camera. Um, I know you can reach access can be inside a post planner at yes, great point. So say, for example, you see something exactly like this, a quote of some sort that really resonates with you, or you think it would resonate with your audience and it's been proven already. Teoh be highly engaging content that's proven popular within Facebook. Then you could just create a graphic right within Post Planner using the can Vettel um their photos air very inexpensive. Or you can use your own if you have your own photos. Many of you if you're in the you know if your photographer, if you are a photographer, you probably have some amazing photos that you could use. So it's also a great way to get your graphics out there in a unique and unusual way by just putting some text on them. If you were to post this text base, um, as just a straight up text, Um, what do you mean, Kim? For the folks that are just starting out when you say when they post this text base and we'll have a live audience out here, what do you mean to say Text based When I say, for example, you just took this quote you just posted as a straight up text your engagement ratio. I would bet you would be ice sliver of the engagement that you're going to get versus putting this into a visual format and communion actually writing this text in the description photo versus designing it into the photo in the comment box. If you were just opposed to straight up text comment and posted to Facebook. It would not get near the engagement, even though it's exactly the same. Burbage. Um, making it a visual. Making it appealing is definitely in relatable. I'm a big I'm a big proponent of that term. Relatable, Um is it's huge. It makes an incredible difference. I think it's also important to get into the head of the people who are potentially going to share that. I mean, just think this thing got shared 5 750, times. But, like, why? Why do you think someone's making a decision? 750,000 people are making a decision, right? The thinking. OK, they're going through this. It's probably really quick, but they're still going to a processing their head going. I like this. I'm gonna share it and what's going through their head? Well, they're trying toe be somebody right to their friends. Why do you share things on Facebook, right? I think it's important to get in the head of your fans and think, because the reason there's a reason why inspirational quotes and funny quotes do so well, it's because people want to be perceived in a certain way right when they share things because they want to be perceived in a certain way. And for wise quotes, you know they want to be perceived as wise, right? For funny quotes, they want to be perceived as someone with a rate great sense of humor s. So I think it's always important to get into the minds of your fans and try to share stuff that they're going to make that decision and share themselves. So as we make this relatable to you, guys will move forward now in tow. Live Life Q and A And we'll also potentially do a hot seat where we'll go deep on one of these. In fact, I love do that now. So So West. Let's dive deep, kind of on your on your gadgets, your IPhone gadgets business, right? And for anyone else watching that has a product or service that they sell, this will be really relevant. First, you had a question. Let's get your question answered. And they were going to some example. My questions actually about the Evergreen Post when you have ah, evergreen pose. Obviously I don't have the kind of fame based like she does But do you repost it over time, keep posting it and try to get that organic reach? Or do you just post the watts and boost that post at 11? You can do that. That's an option. But that cost him money. And for the 1st 1 we were better because it's cheaper. It's well, you might reach more people with the boosted post, right? It depends on, you know, again, it's really hard to predict what's gonna go viral, right? So, you know, posting an evergreen post multiple times over time, at least you're gonna get traffic coming back to your website every time. Like on the post Planet fan page, we get a knave ridge of 250 clicks on every link post we published. So at least two under 50 people are coming to our website every time we publish a post, right? So when you try to do this organically, it's the people that who interact with you the most that would see that post again and again and again. We're not necessarily because it's posting at different times of day, right, so it's might be posted to it to in the morning and remember all your fans air, not on Facebook all the time. You know, they're only on Facebook. Like when they're at the bus stop for at night or here and there you might post salary. Just check in just a second. Right. So you got to remember that. I just like to add to social media is not a once. As if it's all so things that we're sharing with you today, you're gonna have to experiment with and make sure that it works for you and your audience. So, you know, and you have to condition your audience. I think two to the types of content that you're going to share. So as you start to build out, uh, if you start to incorporate your bullet post on your fan page, for example, they're not may not be used to see in that. So it's gonna be and you may not get huge engagement off of it out the gate, but you just stay consistent with it until you start seeing more and more engagement on it. Don't just drop it and say, Oh, jeez, it's not gonna work for me. Give it a little bit of time and then condition your your fan base to start seeing certain types of content from you eso that they'll start engaging with it more. They may not be used to seeing content from you a block content piece of blood content from you. So I think it's going to be a process of you testing your audience and then giving value back to that audience in ways that they will engage with you. So blood content works for us. It works for many business owners, but you're just gonna have to test it and make sure that it's gonna work for you. The key is Teoh, I think, and this is Josh's point. All along was to If you post a blow post today, you know, maybe a small fraction of your your audience season. Three months from now, a very different set of eyeballs may see that blow a piece, so it's a consistently sharing content so that different people are going to engage with your content at different points in time. Sometimes somebody may see the same blawg post it. Maybe, you know, maybe 10 people out of 50 that see the block post may it may have seen it three months ago. They may see it three months from now, but there's gonna be new people that we're going to see that content. So sharing that content that evergreen content consistently and routinely, um, is going to drive traffic to your website. So West, just real quick. Let's go do it's gonna do a hot seat here with your brand specifically. So how many fans do you currently have on your Facebook page? Jews over 10,000 Just over 10,000 rate. That's really great. Yes. So the the average velocity that you post how many people see it? Do you know I get about 20% the most I ever gives about 1 to 50%. But usually I get about by somewhere between 5 to 10%. You see 500 to 1000 people on average seeing each status update, which is actually actually better than industry. You know, most folks that have tools around this, they're getting less than 2% reach, meaning 2% of their total fans see each status update. So, you know, Kim talked about how she uses post planning to create these content buckets. So let's go in again for your IPhone kind of gears back. I imagine you probably tell us more about the products you sell. And how would you think about the content buckets you'd create? Well, um, I sell just one thing, which is It's a gadget that, attached to the IPhone may allow the BRAC allow you to broadcast the music or sound from the IPhone to the radio. Oh, I see. Okay, Um and because off the nature of my business is I will related were actually smartphone related. It's easy for me to fight to curate the content because there's a lot of information out there about that. And over the last few months I did very well because of the introduction to the IPhone six. So I get a lot of that content from the pre release of that product. So I was able to repose, engage engagements from just releasing IPhone sex information. So that was how I was able to get that kind of engagement. But now, since I've been six is out, it's a little hard to find this information, but they're still out there. What, you're gonna call you gotta call those guys Tell me. Got released. Another phone Freaking page. Right? You're right West. You highlight a great example. The right playoff current events as a means to drive traffic back to yourself so that you did exactly what you guys were saying. Just basically, Feinman competitors competitors were related information and have them in my news feed. So what in the morning, I can go through everything that's related to it and just repose everything Great. Chris, Are we seeing any questions online? Yeah, we had a question from Ryan and we had seven other people vote on this, and he says it's been a long while since I posted on my business page any ideas and how to engage new customers after a long gap. And the idea is and how to distract people from the fact that you haven't posted in a while. I know. You said posting once a week almost is like, not posting it all. But how can you make up for that? This is Ryan. Ryan, Post this. Yes. You want to take a shot, Josh, You know, just just do exactly what we said in this entire segment. And who cares if you haven't posted in a while? It doesn't really matter. No. You know what? No one cares. Your fans don't care if you haven't posted in a while. You've been invisible to them. It's not like they've been Misseriya, right? I mean, hopefully they have. They probably haven't. So you should just start with this strategy that we outline and just go, you know, go full force and do it. And I love what Kim just said, You know, condition your fans to get used to the fact that they're getting this consistent content from you. And pretty soon they will be used to it. And your engagement will go up, Ryan. Also use that to your advantage. If you've been gone for a while, write him a letter. Just like you'd write that girlfriend that you've been chasing that you kind of left in the dark for four weeks or something, like, Hey, guys, you know, I really do apologize for being absent from our relationship for the past four weeks or four months or four years. Whatever it is, make sure the image you upload is a like a like a image of you writing like a love letter and be like I'm looking forward to reconnecting with you. I feel like we really had something. I want to get that fat right. In order to get that back, I'm gonna post great content to you about X, y and Z at 9 a.m. Noon and 3 p.m. Every day. Love yours truly, Ryan. Right? But the reality is a transfer totally be transparent. But the reality is a very few of your fans are going to see that post, right? So don't put too much emphasis on that first post because you've been invisible for a while. And so what of all your fans been signaling to Facebook? They don't care about you. So when you post after, like, a big blank spot, this is an advice, not toe. You know, leave these blank spots. Um, you're not going to reach very many fans, right? So start, go for it. But that first post don't expect big things. It's got to be consistent in order to get results. And on that note, if you haven't had unengaged audience for a lengthy time, you're gonna have to spend some money. You're gonna have to get back in front of your fan base. So I would encourage you to boost some post bison Facebook ads. Um, you know, you have to get back in front of the fan base that you have, and you have to have a consistent plan to grow your fan base. So you probably have to spend some money in all reality, and it will be good of money spent. Yes, absolutely. Chris. Anything else from the online audience? Yeah, well, we have one more here that I wanna touch on. Get your opinion on. You were talking before about how important the clicks are and try and get clicks on your on your post. So we had a question. Here we have eight people voting on this that they want to know if it makes a post. Better. If it's longer. Because they say that post that require you to click the show Maura part if it's a longer post. Does that count? As a clique of people are clicking the show more Sure. So should people try to have longer post then? In that case, depends. Nathan's an expert on this. He posts, um, epic, uh, out here. He listens in on the Facebook, uh, earnings calls and writes these epic of Facebook posts and tags. A bunch of people hate. What do you guys think? And they go off. So, I mean, you've done that quite a bit. Yeah, we I mean, and it came. I don't know. To what degree you use this as well. We've We've found it either the really short work well, or the really, really long, like engaging like Valerie for your business when you're talking about maybe an announced of a coffee farm to position itself as a thought leader going into overdrive like analytical, you know, paragraphs and paragraphs of text with some images attached does entice people to click that show more button. And and it does where it's worked well for us. Statistically speaking, though, most post or else the board will most analytics people will tell you that shorter Post will get more engagement. Um, but I think it depends on you and not like I said before. Not it's not a one size fits all, Um, what your audience expects from you and what value you bring. One of the things that Nathan, as Josh said, does very well is educating his his audience, and you can't do that in, you know, a little little teeny blurb of text. I think it's important that what he does is a process of what of the education piece that he brings to his audience. Um, and I think that's why it drives a lot of engagement. I think it could be true for any business owner essentially.

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