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Selling Through Facebook Stories

Lesson 19 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

Selling Through Facebook Stories

Lesson 19 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

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19. Selling Through Facebook Stories

Lesson Info

Selling Through Facebook Stories

I'd like your help. And introducing Sue Zimmerman to the stage, who not only is a small business owner out on Cape Cod in Boston selling dresses and fabrics and necklace and everything else, she's also done it. She's taught people, and she's I'm really fortunate to be able to invite her to stage now. Guys, please help me. Welcome to Zimmerman again. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. So we have a little bit of an interesting story, huh? We have a very interesting story. So what I want what I want to do is on the move forward. And, you know, I want you to have center stage here, and I want to walk us through Maybe the origin's of this image and how it all started. So I've known this young entrepreneur for five years. So when he was 19 in his dorm, I waas on Facebook as just like all of you as a small business owner. I have a store on Cape Cod called Sue Be doo. I sell You kind of got that right. Jewelry, clothing and accessories, all with a Cape Cod, Martha a, Martha's Vineyard, Nantuc...

ket vibe. And I wanted to increase my sales to. So I watched a webinar of Nathan. It showed up in my news feed. He's adorable. He just popped up. I clicked in tow. Watch the webinar. So you're saying my face is a high click through rate? Totally rock. Take it, I'll take it. Thank you. On he was wrapped in toilet paper like he made a tuxedo. I ah, bowtie. And I'm like, Who's this cooking? What is he doing? Hold on. If you look closely at the slide, you're going to see over my left shoulder. I do have extra toilet paper. This was in my dorm room back at university before I dropped out in, you know, surrounded by these cinder block walls. I did all my work under this bunk bed that you see there. And this is the first webinar scheme in the first video I ever filmed that I published to my page Cresson Angelina, you're just starting your pages. Look, your videos can't be worse than this, So just start publishing. It started But again Sue saw this image and I wanted the fans to be engaged, So I asked him on a video. I said, What do you want me to aware on the next segment, and they told me so. Wear a suit made out of toilet paper, and that's why I did it. So people still take me seriously. I want to put that out there. It was in 19 so taken seriously. So I watched this great webinar and I learned from him and I contacted him. We got on a phone call five years ago. I was in the parking lot at the grocery store and he was telling me how he was gonna be president someday. And it was gonna be running this huge company and he was going on and on. I said, I just really need you to help me build a store on Facebook. So he built out the back end of the store. What was that platform I was back then? Using custom coding on FB mlr Facebook markup language which now does not exist. So you don't want todo back in the day and we have this great store and I was making money on the back end for my business because, like everybody else with a retail store, you're trying to make money online too. So that was back then fast forward. Five years later, here we are. We reunited on many fronts way. We've got to take many up Selfies with your Instagram hashtags, right? And most most importantly, Sue. When we talk about sales and how they were done five years ago in sales, how they're done today, we're seeing some really interesting trends. So why don't you tell folks about some of just some of the digital products that you're currently selling and then we'll move forward. So we have some E books for my business suit, Zimmerman Enterprise, and one of those e books is what we decided to use to try to market through Facebook through Nathan. And so the reason I came to sue with this idea is because, like you guys and like we've seen in the audience, it's very difficult to get traffic to your website from Facebook. If there's a way and it sounds like you guys online are all asking about this because Chris is telling us he's getting a lot of questions about it. If there's a way to sell inside of Facebook, that would be the ideal. And so a little bit about Sue is what Sue is doing is suit. Want to tell everyone the name of the e book and where you were selling it before we started chatting? So it was they Do you have a slight? It was five online unexpected tools to make more money in your business and five unexpected ways to double your income. We have a couple of books, so it tends to double your income online. So we wanted to This was 29 99 download e book and we wanted to test it. Teoh to tryto sell it more than we were. Honestly. And how were you selling it? So is it on your website? A website and we were sending We were we were tweeting about it and we might have had a few Facebook update post with it through my business page, but we really weren't getting that much traction from the E book. And I think I marketed through instagram, um, way a little bit, right? So if you guys are watching right now and you're a freelancer or we've talked a lot about how B two B businesses should be using e books and things like that create thought leadership in the marketplace, right? If you're watching right now, this strategy applies to you. And here's the macroeconomics of what you're seeing with 1.35 billion people again, that's one in every four human beings logging onto Facebook each month. So they're spending most of their time in their Facebook news feed when they choose to log on. In fact, every person lands in their Facebook news feed when they first log onto Facebook. So the trick is, well, if that's where all the eyeballs are ideally, that's where we want to eventually get our product right so that there's no funnel. You want to click through something or add this ride that so Sue, what do you tell everyone? Exactly what we tested and the results you got in 24 hours? So we tested this e book. We started it in Instagram, and simply all we had to do is tell people what it waas and we had a hashtag strategy, of course, and we had to tell them the call to action was type by BU. Why, if you want this e book So we were seeing papal click through like notifications popping up very quickly and we were amazed and this started in Facebook. And then we had shared it, started an instagram, and then we shared it over toe Facebook because that's what you can do from Instagram to Facebook. And the notifications continue to pop up. So in, I think, 10 to 12 minutes we made $ this was in case people don't understand. What Kim what Sue did whereabouts invite came up to the stage. We can walk through a live example of this, but just like in re articulate what Sue did a super smart is she took the her e book, put it in a status update, featured the e book in the status update, and the call to action was comment by below for your to purchase this e book for what was the price we used 29 99 remember? Under $50 it was 29 99 guys, she did again over $ in sales in just under 24 hours. So we're gonna and compared to the sales you were doing on your website for this over the past several months, it was night and day, right? Right, we may be too. We maybe have still two or three. It was night and day. So, guys, what I want you guys to dio you heard a little bit about how Sue also use this strategy on Instagram. Please help me. Thanks Super joining me on stage, sharing her stories with us. Thanks so much. Appreciate it and what I'd what I'd like to do now is again reintroduce Kim guards to the stage. But before she comes up, I'll give a little bit of background again. So Kim is one of those people that eats the dog food she preaches, right? We've all worked with the coach or the person that teaches you one thing, but it's not doing it themselves. Kim does it. And in fact, it's very difficult to get her on a public place where she can actually teach what she does, because she keeps it to her exclusive D I y Facebook group, or she keeps it worth or close connections. So what I like to do is again re articulate that Kim is a top 20 influence on social media. As mentioned by Forbes, she's had huge success you heard in a previous segment how she had 80,000 fans posted an update that got 22 million impressions and 750,000 shares. And that's because Kim gets it. So, guys, please help me in welcoming Kim guards to the stage. Okay, so good to see you again. Jump up here. You're center stage. So it might be good to start off again if you want to do a little bit storytelling. So come on, Scoot on over. This way, we'll chat to the online audience in our live audience here. So how did we first meet and then kind of bridge that into how you're doing your online selling? Well, I first was introduced to Nathan through with my new speed, my Facebook news feed. So Teoh to sue. I saw all the amazing things he was doing. I'm always very impressed with young entrepreneurs. If I could turn every young person into an entrepreneur, I would do so. But he's a stellar example of amazing young man who's done incredible things. When we first met, you were the company that he owned at the time, which is since been renamed Heo was lesueur. It was a Facebook app. um, company. It's similarly as it is today, but we just continue Teoh Network collaborate, support each other, and it's been an amazing relationship. And Kim, before get into your selling Shah ji again. You've got a really, really mathematical approach. So how you do your content on your Facebook page? What do you re articulate that now and then? Specifically, focus on how you use your post to drive sales? Well, I have a very I have what I call content buckets. Eso I have, ah, very varied. We talked about mixed content yesterday. You know, it's not all about your product or your service. Most people won't, in fact, won't connect with you around your product or service out the gate. So I have content buckets that I have a strategy around, even the buckets themselves. You, Noah's faras quantity and time. And, um, your marketing message, of course, is just we've woven into the overall strategy. Um, eso. Ultimately, though, it's all about just mixing it up and coming up with a good strategy that works for you guys in that that is going to ultimately be, you know, just rollin era. You're just going to try it. So, Kim, you spend a bunch of time, you've got 80% of this content out. That's, you know, content focused on value. It's, you know, you're sitting at your death stop at your home office. Maybe you're in your pajamas. You're telling us. Sorry, Brace for success from the way I love that dress on the wait. Was it dress for success from your doing a Skype call? You have to have your hair and your make up in a nice shirt on. But has you could do the yoga pants and you're good. I love that. Well, you know, Kim was doing his building, her business, and she's sitting on her desk. She has gotten 80% of this content out, and Kim it comes. That moment comes right. You have to figure out, OK, I really want to ask for the sale. I think I have permission to do that cause I've given out great content. But if you're watching right now, you probably have the same anxiety. How do I ask for a sale on Facebook in a non sales? The way Kim, How do you do it? Well, honestly, it's It's again value based That's the way I approach everything. Ideo, if I feel like it is value based to the person, Ah, and I can provide value through the indicative in exchange for money. Then that's the way I approach it, and I always make it about them. So how can this help that person do something, you know? How will it move them forward in some in some specific way? And if you can, you know, approach it like that, people? It's not about you creating the cell. It's about them getting value back from what you're trying to sell them. So can you do it so well? I want to go in and do, Ah, real life example and maybe with Ana, because on is a lot like you, right? She is. She's doing a lot of social media consulting and years there smiling. You must already be connected. And her d I y group are, you know, we're not okay. All right, But we have connected here, say no honest connect with Michael and Michael's in your d I Y group, and you guys are all helping each other out. So on a what was the last thing that you tried to sell on one year, either. Your Facebook page, your clients, Facebook page trying to sell. Let's see. Um, probably a software program, actually. Okay. And tell us more about what this software program was. What did it help, folks? Dio helps folks make phone calls very quickly. So it's a power dialer. Um, it's great for, like, folks and real estate, mortgage brokers, those sorts of things. So you just focus on that message in other words, the time and that it saves them. And, you know, it's all about what's in it for them, not about the fact that you're ultimately trying to sell them something, make it all about what? The pain point that it solves for them. Ah, and that they have to have it and, you know, try. You know, you do that graphically. In fact, I wouldn't try to sell anything without a graphic Guys, you know, you could You could have somebody sitting there, you know, picture a woman. Honestly, women sale more products and services than men. So pretty smiling women work. So, um, you know, have ah, gal sitting there on the phone. Um, and, you know, save yourself. You hours of time make it about what's in it for them. So Kim, as you as you go in and you kind of again figure out this content mix and how to sell. Let's die, then to another example. So David James, with your wine company, define wines. Are you? So you know it's difficult. Obviously, you have to have licenses were selling alcohol, but walk us through the selling approaches you views on your Facebook page up to date. If you don't have any, you might be like a lot of people watching. It's OK to admit it. We're gonna go in and we'll talk through doing it for your brand. Well, I usually ask, um, you know, I imply a defining moments and celebrations coming up. Holidays is a peak season for us. Um, so asking, asking them, Do you have blind for Thanksgiving time? That's usually how I kind of roll with it. So And just to be clear, the person that's actually making the purchase of your define one you know the actual bottled line is that usually distributor that's been putting in their restaurant or to consumers buy directly from you. They buy directly from me, okay? And they can do that right now. Maybe through your website. Yes. Okay. Great. And let's go through. May be that the cost on one of these things. So Carrie could start thinking about profit margins on each bottle of line and we'll dive in next segment. What? The price of maybe one bottle of wine and tell us about the bottle of wine. We'll have three different products right now at 75 which is 1/2 bottle, which is $18 weight people. I have a bottle of wine. Yeah, it's We found it again, like the defining moments and all as a celebratory thing. But more of the impulse buy was under $20. Our 7 50 full size bottle is $50. So it was a little harder for people to justify a $50 purchase just like you were mentioning and then on. And then we also have We sell wine in kegs for larger parties and whatnot. So first off, I love how you literally edited your product lines that you had a product that fell in the price range where you felt like you could drive impulse sales around defining moments, which tags right and came with his brand of defined wines, which is fantastic. What other? What other strategies would you recommend to David? You know, wine drinkers drink wine each and every day, so I'd like you to step away from just defining moments. I mean, I know that's your brand name, so don't don't think are defining moment every night we're drinking wine guilty. In other words, it's still a party. These your brand eso. I'm not again stepping back from that and thinking about people have defining moments each and every day. You know, sometimes they may have a bad day and they don't want to feel better about themselves. So they pull out the bottle of wine. So, you know, don't think about it. Just pushing your product or trying to sell your product, pushing some wrong word, trying to sell your product around specific types of events. You know, like Christmas or Thanksgiving or whatever. Make it about an ordinary thing. Make it about, you know, um, you know, you had a great day that day or you've got a promotion or, you know, life things make it relatable to people because people during wine around, you know, great dinners or all kinds of things that you could theme all day long. I mean, I could if I had, like, you know, our I could help you come up with all kinds of ideas that would help you step out of just the you know, your normal thought processes on how people by wind from you. And if you're watching online right now and you're curious about some of the strategies Kim uses again, I told you she practices what she preaches. If you go to our Facebook page at facebook dot com, forward slash so Kim Garst with I'm sorry you're helping down. I don't even know my face dot com Kim Garst boom social And you guys can search and graph search Kim Garst and now insure that you find her. And she just talked to David about creating a catalyst. Ideally, every day, a reason for people to engage with your brand. Several people in the audience Kim you've coached and they engaged with your brand. Michael. We talked earlier about strategy Kim uses that works so well you've used it, and it has to do with a day of the week. Tell us about that example. Facebook Friday. You got it. Facebook Friday. I thought was great when we discussed Penning. Ah, post to the top of your Facebook. So we know on Facebook Friday. If you're early to the game and Kim is, you never know when she's gonna put it up on Friday. You're waiting for it, Are you? You gotta be up me along with thousands of. But if you're there earlier enough, you're gonna get probably 50 to 100 people coming directly to your Facebook page, which most don't, as we discussed there in the feed. So I'm going to see 50 to 100 people, pin it to the top, and then whatever the call to action is, maybe it's a weapon or whatever. So, Kim, you found a reason I see your post. You found a reason every day to give a reason to engage with your pages some other days of the week. What do you leverage? Marketing Mondays are huge. You know, every obviously it depends on your individual brand and what your audience is gonna engage with. But for me, it's business themed. You know, we're in social media themes So we have Mark marketing Monday, Facebook Friday. Facebook Friday has been hugely popular because it's not just again. It's not, honestly, guys on your fan page. It's not about you at all. It's about building community. And if you can get people engaging outside in with each other, not about just talking with you one on one. You want them to talk to you. But if there even engaging with each other in forming relationships and they've met on your fan page, that's what community is all about. So, you know, foster those environments where people can connect and form community around your brand. So let's go deeper now real quick. We'll go over to crest and see if we've got any online questions before. Can we go into some more examples? Chris. What is the online community saying? Jane wanted to know when a few people voted on this. They wanted to get Kim's take on affiliate income. Any part of your income that's coming from being an affiliate, anything that I love like Hey Oh, for example, I am an affiliate of Heo, and any time someone needs a service that Nathan provides, I highly recommend him I For me personally, it's all about two things that I personally use that I would recommend other people. I don't just get involved in an affiliate program for the sake of the money. It's about what I use in what I care about and what Aiken honestly recommend to somebody else that is going to benefit them. Um, I that's just my take on it. It doesn't mean that you can't get involved in if it feels good to you and you're OK with it. It's just my personal, um, stance on it. And for those of you watching online that don't know what an affiliate program is, essentially what? That is it? Kim loves my our product and let's say we charge $5 for the product making this up every person Kim recommends. If she likes her product, maybe we give her a dollar. So we're incentivizing on affiliate program means we're incentivizing people with money or revenue shares to promote your product. Now that something with Kim is, she loves our product, and she won't let us like she won't take our money. So ideally, you get people promoting your brand at a phone in love with it. An affiliate program just becomes icing on top of the cake. Yeah, Chris, what else are we seeing online? Another question here from when you were just starting out the people in the chat room want to know when you were just starting? How did you go about finding what people wanted and how to give that to them? How did you engage with your audience To find out what you could provide for them? So, Kim, you want to take this one away? Those guys online are asking for it. You can just ask guys. There's two ways actually asking is a great way. Listening is even a better way. Um, you know, if you have, you know, one of my favorite tools and I do this routinely each and every day almost. I have certain hashtags that I monitor on certain, like Twitter in particular. I monitor conversations around certain hashtags and I pay attention What people are talking about, what questions they're asking, what their needs are, what their pain points are. Um, And when you do that one thing, you get a real sense for where people are from. You know, the very beginner Teoh Intermediate all the way up to the struggles for advanced people within your area of expertise. So listening is critical. And honestly, if you already have an audience, ask just put the question out there and ask. People love to tell you what's going on with them and what they need help with. So I think both of those are critical critical components of finding out what people want from you. For Angeline and Christa just launched your Facebook pages based off what you learn from earlier segments. You guys have it a little bit easier than people with 10,000 fans like West, because you only have six. You can have direct conversations you have T o Hustler's in the front row. So So you know, it's a message to them that says something like, You know, why did you like my Facebook page? What kind of content are you expecting? And when they say, Well, we're looking, we know you do Great Island photography work. We want to see more island photos. They're helping you figure out your content strategy that through the Facebook page or through email, because I'd have to go individually to each of their pages to send them the message. I mean, I don't mind doing that, but is that what you're speaking of? You can actually do all three. So you could actually posted on your fan page. You could reach out to them personally since there's only 6 16 of them now, a some point it's gonna be and it's not gonna be feasible to do that. Um, and I would highly recommend that if you have an email list that you let people know about your new fan page, um, and encourage them. Teoh, ask you questions there and, you know, proposed to threat at the very top that says in pennant, that's all about what you want to know from them. You know, ask the question. What are you looking for from me? And then share it every place, not just like your Facebook. Reach out to them directly. If you want Teoh on across platforms, you know tellers. Put it on Twitter and use the link to your Facebook. Ah, profile. So again, you know, leverage in multiple ways. And if you're watching online right now and you're like Angeline, you're an artist, a photographer and you're trying to figure out what is the first thing you want to sell on your Facebook page. You might post a status update that says, Hey, guys, um, what kind of photography would you buy from me? And they might say, Well, that island that's really exclusive in the Caribbean, that there are no pictures of online. If you've got a great shot of that, that's what I'd buy then that becomes your mission to go get that thing and sell it. So with that being said, let's move forward. And Kim, let's talk about a specific e book that you were trying to sell and walk us through how it was selling. I think you were selling it directly on your fan page on your website and on Amazon, right? We had an e book. It's all about one of the biggest struggles that I face when I'm working with clients is helping them build their email list, and it starts with a great free offer. So we built this, um, e book. That's all about how to build a kick butt free offer. And Nathan had approached me with this opportunity, and I'm like, Oh, yeah, I have I have this great e book. We're just starting to market it. And, um, honestly, I was a little skeptical. I will not even begin till I was. I'm not skeptical. I know, but is this something you should You should say that because, you know, you were the way that your marketing the book was using your facebook updates and linking to the Amazon Check out page court, your website check out. So before we talked, were about to get to the strategy of the by comments. But before we get into that, how many sales were you doing each month of this e book via your Amazon Check out page envy or your website? Nothing. Nothing. We just had started. And so this was a great opportunity, honestly, to get some exposure for the e book.

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